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Friday, February 06, 2015

Pretty neutral Valentine's day swap creations and an apology!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage in the snowy month of February dear blogging friends and readers, which also happens to be the month of hearts!
Since Valentine's day isn't far away anymore, today I'd like to share with you some Valentines I made last year for a friendship swap with my dear friend Julia of  the blog"Vintage with laces" which I'm sure most of you know. She received my parcel too late in order to share it before Valentines day (if I remember correctly it arrived on Valentines day exactly, but she had to pick it up somewhere and had no time to go there and get it on that day) last year, without spoiling her surprise, so I figured I better keep the pictures for this years Valentine's blog post and it looks as if this was a good decision, because things are not really working as planned around here. 
I think I told you last month about the reasons for my long blog absence and the new job that I started last year. Well the bad news for me is that the Greek manager of that company decided to just vanish (elope, bolt or however it's called), when things got a bit stressful, a couple of weeks ago and he didn't leave any money on the company bank account when he did so, which left the company bankrupt and me from February on without my new job *sigh* :(
So I really want to apologize for not getting back to all of you and visiting all of your blogs, also you all welcomed me back so very kindly, but I hope that you'll accept my apology and that you can imagine and understand just how stressfull these last couple of weeks were (well I better say still are) for me, because since I'm the only native German speaking person in that company I had to handle all the complaints and pretty much anything else, which left me kind of numb in the evenings and on the weekends with no energy for much else, than a bit of pinning or facebook.

 But now I don't want to bother y'all with these unhappy things anymore. 
Let's go back to more delightful things like creating hearts for example.
Julia wished for mainly neutral Valentines which was quite a challenge, but I tried my best to fulfill her wish. The pictureses above and below are showing a chocolate cardboard heart box which I embellished for Julia and then filled it with all kind of small things for her to create Valentines with. I also made these lumpy little silver solder hearts that you can see in the box and which are really fun to make. You just let solder drip on a heat resistent surface and then dunk the soldering iron into the drop while the solder is still hot to form the little heart.
 I was very inspired to create such a Valentine's day box by a pinterest photo of an etsy offering, that you can see here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/283515739015978628/ and I think it shows ;-)

The next photo shows a couple of Valentines that I soldered last year and the big silver soldered heart in the upper left corner also went in Julia's parcel:

 Below is another white cardboard heart that I cut out and embellished a bit from both sides and a card holder in heart shape that I formed (forged?) for her from smooth silver wire.

The sweet Valentine's flashcards are from my friend from Cari Craft's etsy shop btw! In case you want some too, here is the link to it: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CariKraft

Then I made her a tiny Valentine's day basket:

 that I filled with a birdie that I glittered and some old millinery flowers:

 I also embellished and old cabinet card for here, the one that you can see sitting on the old black typewriter in the picture below:

 Following is an even better/closer shot of it. I also cut out a cupid and painted it with black chalkboard paint as well as a formerly vintage green plastic flower frog in which I placed the cupid  along with the cardboard heart that I embellished and that you can see below from the other side with a lace paper heart glued on. I also soldered the scrabble letter LOVE pendant and that small filled glass vial for her and embellished a heavier glass heart as a paper weight:

The next photo shows the whole swap batch I think. I found that two turtle doves paper garland and had to buy it and include it in the parcel. Inspired from them I cut out a turtle dove heart from some old sheat music paper and glued it on the lid of the filled cardboard chocolate heart box the 
As you may have noticed I also created some love arrows, one silver glittered and one silver soldered and a bow and I also formed Julia's name with the smooth silver wire:

Lastly I painted some paper maché hearts with black chalkboard paint and wrote and drew on them with white chalk. Not sure if the one I put in the parcel that says "JULIA xooxox 14" has made it to her without the white chalk wiping off. I also included a cardboard heart that I glittered with silver glass glitter and another small cardboard heart that I embellished from all sides and glued some millinery flowers on top.

Well I think this that was it and I'd be glad if this would inspire you to create some Valentines for someone special or just for yourself :)

So in case that we don't speak or see eachother around again before Valentine's day, I'm wishing y'all a day filled with hearts, love and laughter!

xoxo~ Carola

Friday, January 02, 2015

White Winter & Happy New Year!

I will probably win the price for the fewest blog posts ever in 2014, but one of my new years resolutions is to do more posts in 2015 so I think I better start early in the year :)
I'm so sorry for my long absence dear blogging friends and readers. 
Oh well hopefully there are still a few of you out there? 
I had a terribly busy second half of 2014 which included a big vegan event that I organised in my city last summer as well as a new job that I started in September and the move of my daughter as well as the opening of her vegan coffeshop also in September and then work, work, work and work until I finally got a few days off last week and this one.

 Can you believe that I started to decorate for Christmas on the very last Advent Sunday only? Readers and friends that have known my blog for the last 10 years (yes you read that correctly since I also missed my 10 years blogiversary in September 2014) also know my love for decorating and especially at Christmas time and I usually start with it mid November already, so this season I was really late and decided to do more of a Winter theme than a Christmas theme, so that I can leave it all out for a little longer without getting sick of it already a week after Christmas. I didn't even get around to buy a Christmas fir tree this season, which wasn't too bad, because we celebrated in my sisters and parents houses and in my daughters Café this time and the other good thing of it is that the putting it all away is going to be so much faster without having to put all my antique glass ornaments off of the tree and back in their boxes.

The Winter theme of course includes lots of whites and silver glass glitter and tinsel as well as snowflakes and snowballs. I decorated my little feather tree again with the white cotton batting ornaments that I made and collected over the last few years and my favorite antique tinsel star tree topper (right click to enlarge the photos):

Apart from my mantle I always love to decorate my old transom window/room divider with snowflakes and I also used the dripping snow border that I created last season (with a tutorial for you) on the bottom of the window and really love the look of it so much better than when I put it on the mantle last year.

And as you can see I also had a little fun with the chalk writer on the window panes:

Here is the whole window in all it's Winter glory (right click on the photos then click on show graphic and on the pic again to enlarge them, if you want to see more details):

The basement door got a few adorments too:

One of favorits is this simple french Christmas cone:

The last days were quite dark here, around Winter solstice, but I quite like the natural light in the next shot:

Following I share a few more shots of my Winter mantle with the old Dresden cardboard sign (saying "Schenke und Erfreue" which simply means Give Joy) which I found last year and the crocheted snowflakes garland from last season which I still both love:

The white star pillow was a self made Christmas present from my sweet niece who`s 18th birthday we celebrated just 3 days before Christmas and the wooden Antiques sign is a Christmas gift from my dear daugter. I like the look of the wooden logs in the old wooden crate with the twinkle lights on it that gives the impression of fire in the mantle.

On top of the mantle as always I like to decorate symmetrical and used pais right and left of white feather trees, white bottle brush trees, mercury glass trees, white snowball candles, white deer and so on and on:

It's shining and twinkling and glittering all around here and since outside we had no snow at all so far this season at least inside the cottage I get a feeling of a snowy and frosty and still cosy Winter :)

The Merry Christmas glitter sign that I bought from Andrea Singarella in the US when she still had her fab online shop is still one of my favorite festive & glittering things :)

And I also still love all the bottle brush trees that I collected over the last 10 years and my little Putz village:

and a bit closer:

For new years eve which I spent at home with my daughter and out frightened cat Riley ( he hates the fireworks and is kinda panicking, especially around midnight when it gets really loud) I made this Happy New Year garland:

And for the new year 2015 I'm wishing all of you very GOOD LUCK with the last photo :)

Btw did anyone out there missed me at least a bit while I was away from my little blogging space for 6 whole months and wants me to keep blogging or am I all on my own out here by now??

Would love to catch up with you during the next few days though!

xoxo~ Carola

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creative spaces bloghop winner and "Where bloggers create"

Hello dear blogging friends and readers,

welcome back to Boxwood Cottage and just a short post today to announce the lucky winner for the Creative Spaces Vol 3 2014 blog hop and my participation in the 6th annual Where Bloggers Create blog party, which is this Saturday already! See Karen Valentine's pretty announcement button above and in my side bar. I'm frantically rearranging my studio right now so that I will be able to share something new with you on Saturday and I hope that I'll get it finished until then. July is always the hottest and most humid month around here and you can imagine it's not really a pleasure to work here upstairs in my rooftop studio because I have no air condition other than opening the big rooftop windows on both sides of the room. So I hope to see you here again on Saturday! :)

A big thank you to all the bloghop visitors and participants who left my such kind comments about my studio under my last blog post and now without further ado the winner of the Creative Spaces Vol. 3 magazine chosen by random number generator is comment number 31!

Congratulations Karrie! :) 

Please e-mail me your address, so that I can get the magazine that you can see in the picture above send off to you! 

Have a great summer week everyone and hopefully until Saturday!

Happy birthday wishes to my dad whose 81st birthday is today! :)
Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag Papa! :) 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Creative Spaces Vol. 3 blog hop & magazine give away!

Welcome to the Creative Spaces Vol. 3 blog hop dear blogging friends, readers and new readers!

I'm very happy to reveal and share today that my studio has got published in this beautiful magazine:

along with a lot of other bloggers creative spaces like Cathe Holdens wonderful vintage inspired and neatly organised barn studio, which you can all visit through the blog hop by just clicking onto the following links:

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You can find all the pictures from my rooftop studio used in the article on pages 34, 35, 36 and 37 in my following blog post along with many more pictures that are not in the article:

If you don't like to click the link, here are some of the pictures from the above post for the 5th annual "Where bloggers create" blog party 2013 (and yes I'm planning on participating again next month for the 6th time in a row) and some of these photos also got published now in Creative Spaces Volume 3:

About the picture above I must point out that I haven't collaged the inside lid of the suitcase myself as Jennifer has stated in the article. Jennifer couldn't know that this old suitcase was a gift from a dear blogging friend Ann Perry of The Tin Rabbit. Sweet and talented Ann (who owns a wonderful creative space herself btw) sent me this old suitcase, filled with vintage gifts (they are not in it anymore), for a friendship swap we did a couple of years ago and I treasure it ever since!

If you want to see more pictures of my creative space and the descriptions please click here the link from my Where bloggers create post 2013 contains about 30 photos and many detailed shots.

I'd like to thank Jennifer the Editor of Creative Spaces for asking me if I wanted to be published and for this great oppurtunity to share my studio and blog with an even wider US audience and of course for the beautiful article she created from the photos I sent to her and also for making this a very pleasant experience for me :)

Jennifer has sent me two magazines of which I gladly share one with one of my lucky readers. To win it just leave me a comment and a way to reach you and tell me what you like or don't like about my roof top space and I'll use the random number generator to find the winner. Good luck!

And now I wish you all a very pleasant blog hopping! http://www.papercraftsconnection.com/?p=24021

See you again soon with another magazine article reveal (yes how lucky am I to get published in two different beautiful US magazines in the same month) this time it's all about my garden and I'm also going to share a bunch of new Summer garden photos with you :)

xoxo~ Carola

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wonderful April review & Happy first of May!

We had the 4th warmest April since the beginning of statistical weather records in 1881 and that really shows because nature is 4 weeks ahead of her time and everything is green and lush :)

We had so many warm and sunny days with temps over 20°C/68°F

I just love my purple tulips :)

The lilcas are in bloom

and the spanish Lavender in a pot:

 Don't you also think the clematis montana rubens looks quite similar to the flowers my sister had once painted onto the pottery ball below?

The Spring flowers in the wire basket in the next photo that I planted in February are beginning to look a bit sad by now, but I do still love them:

And here comes the April view through my two rose arcs with the boxwood roundabout

It's so good to see the blue sky and the Clematis montana rubens in full bloom with the lilac tree in the background. It's one of my favorite Spring sights in the garden:

 The whole garden looks very lush and green and all trees got their foliage early and many are still in bloom. It's an especially wonderful April this year! Feels a bit like Summer in April sometimes :)

 Forget me nots are blooming in abundance in every border this April :)

The daffodils in the big border above, planted last fall came out so pretty!

Of course since this year Easter was very late on April 20th there had to be a bit of Easter decor here and there in the garden too:

We spent Easter Sunday at my sisters home in the countryside where the geese are running free in her orchard:

As you can see in the photo above Easter Sunday was the most wonderful warm and sunny day and we had the Easter "egg"(free) hunt as well as our vegan lunch and coffee and cake in the afternoon outside in the garden, which was such a treat especially compared to last year, were we still had frost at snow at Easter, although it was early in March.

Some beautiful April garden blooms close up. The purplish auricula above and the pure white bleeding heart below:

 Following are the buds of my Eden rose, I can't remember of ever before having had such big rose buds in April, so they will start blooming this week already :)

Happy first of May dear blogging friends & readers - I hope a few of you are still outside there, also my blog is still not updating in the side bars of blogs were I'm linked up with :(  - and I wish you all a wonderful & happy garden month of May! :)

xoxo~ Carola

I'm sharing this post with:

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