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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Garden and other news!

Now here are the promised garden pictures.

This one was taken on sunny Sunday morning, but it's still that sunny here :D (click on the picture to enlarge it and see more details):

My big border , where everything is sprouting now :D

A close up of one of my big Allium Globemasters and my Sedum spectabile and more:

A close up of 2 blue Nepetas (cat nip) and a white Lupinus:

And this is my new potting table and space! :D I love it that I don't have to do the potting on the floor/ground anymore!

And this is a brand new visitor to my garden, sipping the sweet nectar of my Virburnum tinus is this butterfly called: Polygonia c-album

My comfortable garden shoes:

Then yesterday I've got 2 envelopes with lovely art from international blogging friends. This mini quilt tag is the gorgeous work of Cat from www.Baumcat.blogspot.com:

Thanks a lot dear Cat, I love it!

And this cute egg comes from the sweet and funny Tia over @ www.Mizsmoochielips.blogspot.com Thank you dear Tia!

Tia and Cath I've send off something for each of you last Wednesday! I just forgot to take pictures before I've send it off!

Lastly I'm glad to introduce you to the new Etsy shop of my sister Cordula. She is a german mixed media artist and is now selling her fab mixed media art collages at Cordi's art shop please go have a look and tell her I've send you!

Well I think that's it for today. Enjoy spring everyone! xox


Merci-Notes said...

Your photos of your garden are wonderful. The sun shining in on your spring day ! Love your new work also.
One of my sisters and her husband have German college students (one at a time) come and stay with them for just under a year. The organization has them go to college (university) for a term and then work a term, then they are on their own to visit the country with other students that came. They love the friendships they have formed.
With Kindness,

Merci-Notes said...

p.s I am going to learn to add my favorite blogs like you have, with their personal names attatched. I really like how you have done that. : )

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol, Your garden is looking gorgeous. Isn't spring wonderful?!! LOVE your new potting bench. I can imagine you working hard there over the next few weeks - enjoy!

You little gifts that you received are fab.
Niki x

linda t said...

Carol, Carol! As always, I can't get enough of your beautiful pics! I also can't believe what the color blue does in a garden! Gotta add me some blue!
Love your new potting bench!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a lovely post! You've brightened my day with your beautiful photos! And I love that potting bench..... I will have one someday, aren't they delightful? :)

Naturegirl said...

Carol what a breath of Spring to come by.. sigh!We have just had a few days of warmer temperature to lure us into the garden! Today I did a walkabout and yes there are some plants that peeking through the ground! Perhaps next week I can photo some blossoms! In the meantime I'll just sit on your patio lounge admire your oasis and drool over your potting table...very nice and love the way you have created a small vinette!Oh yes you MUST join the SOSF! hugs NG
P.S. insn't it a thrill to have one of Cat's originals! Both are lovely!

carolyn said...

Beautiful photographs, as always thanks for sharing. And what a talented family you come from! Congrats to your sister.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh what a beautiful garden you have. If you ever make it to my corner of the world you just simply MUST come create something magical like that for me!!! I'm going to go peek at your sister's shop! Such talent that runs in your family!!!

Mia said...

Carol, I love your new potting table! And your gardening shoes! I am just crazy for polka dots, and your shoes are ever so gorgeous! From your photos I can tell how much further your plants have grown compared with mine, but I am not complaining... We have had the warmest March "ever" and are enjoying a lovely spring. I just hope that it will keep up and that easter will be lovely too.

Betty Jo said...

Oooooo your photos are so gorgeous. I would love so much to explore your beautiful garden in person. Your gifts are lovely, especially the mini quilt with the daffodils. I see that artistic ability runs in your family. xoxo

Lallee said...

Carol, your garden is enchanting. I love all the colored glass here and there. Your potting bench is very nice, too. Can't wait to see everything in full bloom.

Carolyn said...

Carol, i's so good ot see your garden coming on again. Love the new potting bench and everything looks...as usual...just wonderful.
Its always so exciting to come stroll through your lovely pics and words.

Nadine said...

Hi Carola,

sehr schöne Bilder sind es wieder geworden.
Deine Geschenke sind ja traumhaft schön, besonders das gestickte Tag, das finde ich einfach zu goldig.
Congrats zum Shop deiner Schwester, die Kreativität liegt in der Familie, gelle?

Liebe Grüße,

Lis said...

Deine Fotos hab ich ja schon zum Teil im Forum bewundert, ich schaue sie mir aber gerne noch ein zweites und drittes mal an. Überhaupt stöbere ich gerne in deinen alten Posts, nur schade dass nicht mehr alle Fotos vorhanden sind!
Gratulation zu dem Shop deiner Schwester, ich wünsche ihr dazu viel Erfolg und gute Verkaufsergebnisse
LG Lis

monique said...

Your garden looks lovely as always!
Do you leave all your glass and stone ornaments in your garden all year long?
I would love to do that too but I'm afraid that because of rain, sun and frost they soon will be broken.

Sugar Bear said...

I love your potting table! Your garden looks so lovely and so very relaxing.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Carol,

How nice to see how your garden is doing. These last few days we have had lovely weather. I hope it stays that way for a long, long time.

How very handy to have your own brandnew potting table, much better for your back!

BTW I love your polka dotted garden shoes, very stylish! :-)

Shop girl said...

This is my first time to your blog. I love your Garden, it is really special to see. I have a cottage farm house. I love watching everything come back to life...spring is food for the heart.

Ingeborg said...

Your garden looks so inviting! I wish you were my neighbour ;-)) Really beautiful to see everything sprouting and the lovely decorations you have. Very inspiring too! Enjoy this season!

Greetings from the Netherlands

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Carol- It's all lovely. Those gardening shoes make me want to paint polka dots on mine! I am totally coveting your potting bench, you lucky girl.

Shabby in the City said...

Always love your garden! The new bench is great. I'm heading over to see your sister's shop :)

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Missy Carol! Thank you so much for the beautiful egg!!! (and the gummies also!) It arrived in my mail yesterday and I was just tickled to death that you even personalized it for me! You're such a love. A dear beautiful lady!

Nimmi said...

The pictures of your garden are incredible. I wish mine would like this ... but it's a long way to go there. Thank you very much for inspiring me. I will have a look soon again.

MariaJ said...

Your garden plants are growing so much already! I can see only the top of my leaves here in my garden.
Your plotting table is very nice! My husband built one for me also last summer...and then you got lovely greetings from your blogging friends. Your sister's art is lovely, I like her style a lot maybe you remembered that. I've started my springholiday today so I promise to show you some new photos soon. The weather has been soooo beautiful here also that I havent spent much time here on web. ( Oh that butterfly is familiar to me also) oxoxoxo

~~Mikki Jo said...

What a wonderful place to visit! I just love your blog. I found my way here from another one but can't remember which one right now. I love your garden, what a peaceful sanctuary it is. Have a wonderful day.

tongue in cheek said...

I love wathcing spring bloom in your garden!

Cute shoes, and lovely art by Cat!!

Cat said...

Hi Carol! I received your art heart today- I'm thrilled, it is so beautiful! And 2-sided! I didn't notice the 2nd side for a bit, so what a wonderful surprise it was!

Thank you! It reflects you and your love of the garden. I will treasure.


MaryB said...

Carol, Thanks for stopping by my blog for the B-Day Partay & well wishes that MizSmoochie surprised me with.
Oh I could only dream of having a garden 1/2 as lovely as yours, a green thumb I don't have. Yours is breathtaking, and you seem to be quite the photographer.

magicalmuse said...

Wow thanks for sharing your garden photos! I just found your blog and it's beautiful. I like how you combine the gardening and crafting together. I should do more of that :) Have a great day.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your new potting bench. It will be wonderful to stand there instead of bending over the earth!

Happy spring!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that is your garden in March! Amazing. And I love your potting table and the way you have organized it. My husband made one for me at the end of the season last year, I can hardly wait to use it. Is that a real butterfly? It is absolutely exquisite. I have never seen one like that in our neck of the woods. TWT

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your garden is so beautiful all year round.
I love the blues.

Anita said...

Hallo Carola!

Meine Globemaster sind auch schon so groß, ich bin schon so gespannt, wenn sie endlich blühen!

Ich habe meine weissen Tagetes Anfang der Woche auch ausgesät und hab heute freudig festgestellt, daß sie schon keimen im Frühbeet! Ich hoffe, bei Dir im Frühbeetkasten keimt es auch schon!

Hab einen tollen sonnigen Sonntag!

Kerri said...

Wishing you a very happy spring Carol! Your garden is looking so pretty and what a great new potting table you have. I can see you've been very busy. Your photos are wonderful as usual.
Enjoy the sunshine! xox

Birgit said...

An Deinen Fotos kann man sich, wie immer, kaum satt sehen. Einfach toll, man möchte sofort das eine oder andere umgehend nachdekorieren. Glückwunsch Deiner Schwester zum neuen Shop und ganz viel Erfolg damit.

"Maggie" said...

I love, love your Easter decorations, especially the bunny with his ears straight up, just adorable.


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