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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring is almost here and oh Easter too!

Temperatures are already rising up to 15 degrees celsius in the shade sometimes and clear sings of spring and Easter are to find everywhere around the house and garden here at Boxwood Cottage:

If you like to see more of my "creations under glass" like the one in the picture above please hop over to Pearl's blog: http://www.astorybooklife.com/
She has posted 2 whole segments about creations under glass from various talented blogging friends and I'm thrilled to be part of it!

I'm so in love with all shades of lilac, blue and pink in spring and the frilly pansies as well as the smaller viola cornutas are my all time favorite spring flowers, they are just so nostalgic and pretty that I can never resist them!

Doubleclick on the pictures to enlarge them (and then click again on the orange button which appears in the right bottom corner of the photo when you go over it with your mouse ) and see more details:

The little rusty bird is singing a spring song!

My favorite crocusses:

See the rusty iron thingy with the tea light glass in the next picture? It was a surprise gift from my friend Al aka Sigrun over at http://hillsidegarden.blogspot.com/ ! Thank you so much Al, I love it!

She just knows my love for rusty things in my garden!

I could already sit and relax in my deckchair a few times this year (with a hot coffee mug and lots of cushions and a warm cover of course) and I always enjoy this so much!

My sweet little friend Robin often comes by to enjoy the garden together with me:

Some glass eggs etc. hanging in my living room window:

I wish you all my dear readers and blogging friends a very happy Easter week with hopefully sunny weather to enjoy some time outside after all those cold, dark wet and windy weeks!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I would be glad if you enjoyed my photos!

Carol xox


Catherine said...

A lovely post! I love the the wooden box that your pots of beautiful pansies are in!! ~~I too love the shades of lilac, blue & pink~not just in spring but always!! Lovely photos!! Love your creations under glass! And the rusty items are fantastic! I am on my way to check out the links! Have a lovely spring! And a St. Paddy's Day! And a Happy Easter!

Naturegirl said...

Liebste Carola!
It is so inspiring to see you posting these wonderful photos of your garden space! Every detail so charming!So pleased that you are able to sit and enjoy blogging once again!
Thank you for stopping by my *2nd Blogiversary post!
YOU are one of the special people I speak of!
sunkissed from Arizona filled with enchanting blossoms! NG xo

**email me please as I don't have my addresses downloaded on this lap top.

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

Happy Easter to you, too! Your photographs are beautiful...very uplifting and give me hope for Spring!
Everyday Cookies

Caleen said...

your Photos are just beautiful. It definitely feels like spring.. You have amazing things in your garden and you put it all together so lovely. I wish you could come and put my yard together.. :) I love your
easter vignettes.. Thank you for letting me enjoy your blog..

Vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I love your photos, they're so cheerful. I like rusty things too. Love your garden.

Luna said...

Hallo Carola,
es sieht sooo frühlingshaft in deinem Garten aus. Die blauen Hornveilchen finde ich immer am schönsten. Ich hatte ein Jahr mal richtig Hängende, aber die habe ich nicht wieder bekommen. Meine Krokusse sind schon wieder verblüht. Die waren viel zu früh dran in diesem Jahr .
Du hast wirklich ein Talent für schöne Dekorationen. Nun kann Ostern kommen , aber der Frühling hat leider wohl erst mal eine Pause eingelegt, ausser in deinem schönen Garten.
Liebe Grüße

Daniela said...

Hallo Carola,
endlich wiedereinmal Gartenfotos! Bei dir sieht es ja schon sehr schön und frühlingshaft aus. Die gerüschten Stiefmütterchen und deine Hornveilchen sind wunderschön. Ich hoffe, dass es bei dir nicht schneit und die Blütenpracht zerstört wird.

Ein schönes Osterfest wünscht dir

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Liebe Carola,

It all looks like Spring, and beautiful! (I'm sorry to think of it under a blanket of snow right now!)
I hope you have a wonderful Easter, you lucky girl, you get TWO whole Easter days.(we have to make do with one) Wishing Spring comes back soon so you can sit in your chair in the garden again.
xo Lidy

mendytexas said...

OH...your pictures are so lovely and magical! I love your surroundings! It is already in the 80's way over here...muggy too. Have a spectacular Easter!
:) Mendy

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carol!! I'm so looking forward to our swap, though I'm a bit nervous as well...Your pictures are so inspiring!! Today I have worked in my garden too, thanks to you and I even made a 'garden'post but I have to work very hard, to get even close to your result!! I like your 'under the glass art' very much. I will email you one of these days. Hope you are feeling well again!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol,
Such beautiful photographs and creations - I enjoyed looking at them on Pearl's blog too (I have now added her to my side bar - thanks for the link.)
I hope the weather isn't set to change again at the Easter weekend - Like you, I'm enjoying the spring sunshine just now....
Take care of yourself Carol,
Niki x

Rita said...

Liebe Carola,
ganz lieben Dank für deinen Besuch bei mir. Ich freue mich wieder von dir zu lesen, habe deine schöne Deko schon immer gerne im MSG-Forum bewundert. Deine Dekorationen und dein Garten sind traumhaft schön. Wie Bilder aus Wohnen & Garten.
Liebe Grüße und weiter Gute Besserung.

Ida said...

Lovely! :)
Beautiful pictures and flowers.
Your blog is a treat!

Natalea said...

Such perfect, gorgeous pictures as always Carol!!
Also, I tagged you on my blog... come over and visit!
Happy Easter! xox natalea

stadtgarten said...

Hallo Carola, Du bist wirklich zu beneiden, dass es bei Euch so warm ist. Hier ist der Winter doch noch einmal zurückgekommen und im Garten erinnert momentan fast gar nichts an den Frühling.
Du hast wieder sehr schön dekoriert, das macht wirklich Lust auf Frühling und Ostern.
Ich wünsche Dir schöne Feiertage, liebe Grüße, Monika

Lis said...

Welche Freude an einem so trübseligen und kalten Morgen so tolle Fotos anschauen zu können. Ist es bei euch tatsächlich so warm? Letzten Samstag hatten wir hier auch schönes Wetter, aber seitdem ist Tristesse pur!
Deine Frühlings- und Osterdeko sieht wirklich toll aus und ich nehme mir auch immer vor ein bisschen mehr zu dekorieren. Meistens bleibt es bei den guten Vorsätzen, aber ich habe halt auch nicht so einen schönen Ausblick aus dem Fenster wie du!
Jetzt wünsche ich dir und deiner Familie ein schönes Osterfest, egal wie das Wetter auch wird!
LG Lis

Anita said...

Yes, a lovely Easter post indeed! I always so much enjoy looking at your wonderful pictures, you really have a eye for catching the beauty of your garden & home! ;-)))

Your panies and violets are just darling!

What a pity that we have this rainy and rather cold weather for Easter!

Ein frohes Osterfest für Dich und Deine Lieben!

XoX, Anita

Dianne Adams said...

You've been given the "You Make My Day" award.
Check out my blog for more info.

Wren Cottage said...

Hello dear & sweet Carola!!! Your garden and your decorations are soooo beautiful!!! I feel like I just went on vacation :)
Adore your choice of flowers, such beauties!!!! and yes, please if you have seeds for the frilly pansies I would love, love to have some...maybe we can do a little private garden swap :) let me know what you think... my schedule is really hectic right now but things should calm down around May for me. I've been making a little pile of thingies for you anyways ;)
Back to your blog & pic's, you have a beautiful space here, you've done a spectacular job and I'm really inspired... I can only hope to have a green thumb like you!!
hugs to you my friend!!
xo Madai

Wren Cottage said...

oh, one more thing :)...I'm so inlove with your bunny silhouette in the bottom photo and your gold bunnies under glass are fabulous!!!!!! you have such great taste ;) xo me

Nan said...

I LOVED your photos - you have a beautiful blog and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, I just ewnjoyed your blog so much! Your garden looks lovely and I am ib awe of the bird king and LOVE LOVE LOVE the garden thread tin. Your blog is always a treasure to me to visit. I'm finallt having my eye surgery tomorrow and can't help but to ask you to send a litte prayer off for me. Much love to you and never stop with the garden pics, they always make my day.
Carolyn of tumbleweedsandthyme


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