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Monday, February 28, 2011

~ White angel wings ~ Black silhouettes ~ Soldered mementos ~

Can't believe today is the last day of the last Winter month February already and I didn't get around to do a new blog post the whole month long, well now I have to hurry because I promised myself to do at least one long blog post every month. I wish I could do more but right now to keep my self made promise already seems to be difficult.

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage my dear blogging friends and faithful readers and thank you so much for still coming to visit me, although I'm such a bad blogger.

So let's see what has happened lately, well as you can see in the first picture my antique dress form Rose got wings! My sister Cordula ~ a German paper and mixed media artist ~ made them for me and gave them to me as a Christmas present and last month I finally brought them up in my studio and attached them to Rose. They are made from paper pulp and wire. I hope she's going to show me how exactly she made them soon.

At the very end of January I got a year older again and I got some more beautiful gifts. I piled them on the dining room table and went to do some errands. When I came back home I found Riley right smack there in the middle of my presents looking at me as if he would think:
"See Carola I'm your cutest present anyway"
Of course I had to take a picture, or two.

I'm still so obsessed with silhouettes, especially really old ones, like the framed one on my birthday table, which I got from my dear mom, speaking about who is still going through a very hard time with chemo treatments, so to cheer her up a bit I made her a special family memento. The soldered and collaged house that you see below contains old pictures of mom's family the Nagel's, her parents and siblings.

I connected two houses with loops and hooks so that it stands alone:

Here's my little mom and her older sister, my dear Auntie Renate R.I.P:

Mom's dad was a forest ranger (Oberförster) and he's wearing his forest ranger uniform in the wedding picture, taken 1933:

I also did some soldering for Valentine's day. One of the soldered hearts is currently on it's way to Sue Kantola, a dear flickr friend:

It was so fun to collage and solder the house, that I had to do another one, but seeing that they don't stand alone I inventend a stand for it and was pleased to see that it worked out just as I had hoped for:

I love to incorporate silhouettes in my soldered pieces too as you can see, the pretty lady in the house above was in my may basket from sweet Tina last year. Well and being on a roll I finally soldered enough very small charms and game pieces for a full bracelet.

This is is the other side of my stand alone house. I love the picture of the boy with the top hat, which is a scan of one of my favorite old postcards purchased some time ago on our local Bremen flea market The house pendant below isn't quite finished yet.

Thinking about what else I could solder I came across altered bottles and this one was broken so I used the copper foil and solder to repair it and also to embellish it. I find the domed round glasses filled with 3D items like Sandra's gorgeous white chiffon flower do look great soldered on to the bottle:

I filled the bottle with some silver German glass glitter annd a love message on antique sheet music paper and I also soldered a bottle stopper from a broken glass crystal which I had lying around:

I further soldered some more charms and pendants:

And following my silhouette passion I framed a couple of new and also very old silhouette paper cuts in these pretty white Ikea frames:

The contrast between black and white just makes me happy every time I look at it:

Here is my new old framed silhouette picture of the old German aristocracy family Schaumburg standing on the frame of my new bed:

And the beautiful pillows that my dear friend Anita gifted me with also found a home on my new white bed. The pillow on the right is especially dear and precious to me because it is my grandma Elfriede in the picture when she was 6 years old over 100 years ago and her little brother on the old rocking horse. Anita made this very special pillow for my birthday and we designed it together. I was wishing for a button frame like I had seen it in a book from a swedish designer and author last year and Anita send me pictures on how the pillow would look like with the button frame, laying all the buttons around the photoprint until I really liked it and found it perfect, such patience she had and then she hand sewed over 120 buttons onto the cushiom for me. What a labor of love dear Anita and you can be sure that I will always treasure it as I will your friendship! Thank you once again! xoxo~ C.

So here is the whole new bed! The vintage linen bolster with the french lily is another special one Anita created for me and sent it to me for Christmas.

I can assure you that I have had only good dreams since I sleep in my pretty new bed:

During the day I can just put the bed sheets into the big drawers of my Hemness bed and voila the bed is ready made.

I did not regret taking apart and bringing down my old beautiful but huge iron bed in the basement for one minute yet because my bed room is so much bigger now with a smaller bed and in case I need a bigger bed, I can just pull another bed half out of the bedfastness. Great thing Ikea!

Well now I hope I made up again for the lack of posting during the last 7 weeks and that you wont be mad at me anymore, pretty please?

Coming up next are some friendship swaps and Easter crafs and hopefully some milder temperatures finishing this very long and cold Winter here in Northern Germany soon for gardening works again, I so miss my garden *sigh* and I also miss reading outside in my deckchair with the sun warming me and outdoor flea markets ahh I so can't wait for Spring! I bet neither can't you!
See y'all in March!

xoxo~ Carola

Thank you so very much for all your well wishes for my mom, it means a lot to me and it helps. I believe in the magic of positive thoughts!

I'll be linking up this post with Kathleen's ~White Wednesday~ again over on her blog Faded Charm and
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Vickie said...

Very nice post! I love all the black and white contrast! The little charms and houses are so sweet. One of these days, I'll have to pull my soldering iron out and try it.

Anita said...

Oh wow, your new bed looks just wonderful!

Claire de Lune said...

I love that bottle....you are amazingly talented woman. What a delight for me to see all this beautiful stuff first thing in the morning....Inspiration for the rest of my day.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

You are very talented. Love the bed. ~~Sherry~~

oldgreymare said...

So happy to see you here today! Your room looks fabulous.
I have missed you.
I continue to hold your Mom and family in my heart and prayers.
We'll catch up soon.
Hugs to your DD

Ellen said...

It is all so beautiful, love the bottles and the nook! Perfect!


Formerly known as Frau said...

I love your style so much....silhouettes are so pretty and mix with music sheets just beautiful.

Dorthe said...

Hallo Carola ,
hier bin ich- and I hope you stay in my bloglist for now, looks beautifull as alwayes.
Hugs , Dorthe

paperbird said...

As always Carola your art is so lovely and I think your little cottage home is adorable. I don't thnk anyone considers you a bad blogger- somethimes life just gets in the way- right? I have not posted for two weeks because life has become so busy. Thank you for the beauty that you share her- I always enjoy my visits here!

Bjoerndalen said...

Hallo liebe Carola,
Dein Post ist wieder soooo wunderschön!!! Deine Charms sind einfach ein Traum und Dein neues Bett sieht einfach umwerfend schön bei Dir aus. Da hast Du mit Sicherheit schöne Träume!!!
Viele liebe Grüße Barbara
PS. Warum Du jetzt mit Deinem neuen Post nicht angezeigt wirst, weiß ich leider auch nicht. Ich habe so das Gefühl, dass Blogger manchmal spinnt :0(. Ich werde aber weiterhin bei Dir gucken!!!

Fran. said...

Riley is as adorable as ever!! and right there in the center of attention!! Your charm bracelet rocks Carola!! Your house is so beautiful! That's a pretty neat new bed too! I will keep your Mom in my prayers. I love the family pictures you made. Great healing for you. Family keepsakes are the best. Take care it's good to see you back!! XO LOve, ran.

June said...

I could never, never be mad at you dear Carola.
It has been so wonderful looking at all the beautiful things you have been making. I adore the beautiful collaged house you made for your mom. I actually love all the soldering you have been doing.
The new bed is beautiful and so is th entire room!
I love Rose's new wings.
Keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

Yes I will be in an upcoming issue of WWC. Jo hasn't told which one yet, but it will late this year.

sending hugs to you...

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Hi Sweet Carola.
So good to hear from you again. Sending good wishes and thoughts for your mother. I hope everything will end up fine.

Love all your soldered pieces. The gift for your mom with the stand alone house are perfect.
Your dress form looks awesome with the new wings and your new bed is so pretty too. Love all the linen and the pillows Anita made for you are perfect on it.

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend.

Sandra Evertson said...

Ao very lovely! Love the B&W it's so clam and serene!
Best Regards,
Sandra Evertson

Recycled Rita said...

I am so glad you posted again! I love your blog, you always inspire me! Best Well wishes for your mom, my mom is a breast cancer survivor of 14 years and is doing well but I do remember well how hard the chemo and radiation were on her.
She is lucky to have such a sweet daughter to make precious treasures for her! Hugs! karen....

linnea-maria said...

Oh god I love it all!!! Everything is so beautiful! /Therese

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carola, I was happy to hear from you again! What a dull and cold winter it was but now...the snowdrops and the helleborus are doing what they can and even the winterviolets have recovered from snow and ice. I just bought a tray of pink violets, such a beautiful old color and when I planted them in my french garden vase it fell apart... :-( probably frozen to pieces...

Give my best wishes too your Mum. I too believe in the power of positive thinking, so I am sending her lots and lots of positive vibes, make sure she catches them!

Love that Ikea bed. My daughter has it too and my son has the black almost similar version, they are ideal as you say!
The soldering and the silhouettes are all gorgeous, you had some lovely presents for your birthday too, belated congrats from me! And Anita did a splendid job as well. So inspiring.
Well Carola, hope I haven't forgotten to mention anything, have a great time this beginning of Spring and take care of your mother! xoxo LiLi

Naturegirl said...

Hello Carola! It has been some time that I have stopped by! Like most life has a way of taking us away from blogging. Oh well as long as we are in one another's heart that's what counts.
You my dear Carola have my daily prayers for your dear mother and you. Faith not fear remember that.
This is what got me through my chemo jouney.
I wish for you and your mother a day full of sunshine.Waving from the desert in Arizona..
hugs Anna xo

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Carola...

My friend, you have created some really beautiful soldered pieces of art and jewelry! I love the little house that you made for your dear mother...I bet she was just thrilled to receive it! I am sorry to hear that she is having to go through chemo...I will certainly say a prayer for her! I also really like that beautiful bracelet with all the pretty solder pieces that you added to it...it's gorgeous!!! Well my dear lady...I sooo enjoyed getting a peek at all of your beautiful silhouettes as well...they are soo pretty! You have a beautiful home! Love your new bed and pretty linens! Ohhh...and Rose looks fabulous in her new set of wings! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing all of your pretties with us today!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Gypsy Fish said...

Well, no wonder you haven't had time to post...you've been busy making magical things. So pretty.
Thanks for linking up to Silver Sunday.

The Vintage Attic said...

So creative...the charms and bottles are just fabulous.
I stopped over from Gypsy Fish Journal, have a fabulous Silver Sunday.


Johanna said...

Hallo Carola,
da kann ich ja auf deutsch schreiben. Deine Sachen sind wunderschön. Scherenschnitte haben schon etwas faszinierendes an sich und die romantischen Bildchen gefallen mir auch. Aber am aaaaaalllerbesten gefällt mir dein Silver Tabby! So ein schöner Silver Sunday Beitrag!
Schöne Grüße, Johanna

Susanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you. You do such beautiful work, I especially like the house memento you made for your mom, what a sweet gift.

The 6-S Ranch said...

Hi Carola~ I recently discovered your very beautiful blog and have been spending the last week or two reading it from start to finish. I found it through
Laughing With Angels and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it because you have a truly inspiring garden and cottage...my idea of perfect! I also want to send my best wishes to your mom on her treatment and recovery. ~Cassandra

Sherri said...

Carola-Happy Belated Birthday! I love all your silhouettes! I have a few very old ones and some silhouettes from the 1950's that have painted picture backgrounds and then the black silhouettes are painted on the convex frame over the picture on the reverse side. Have you ever seen any of these?

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

So lovely to see this post, Carola! Your bed is just gorgeous... what a beautiful space-saving idea! And your soldering and silhouette artworks are just stunning. You always make the prettiest things! I send my loving prayers to your dear Mom. xo

Jem said...

I am always so excited to read your new posts as they are so full of beauty and magic! Your soldered pieces are gorgeous, so beautifully done that I would love to have a go myself one day. I am sure your Mum will love the house you made for her as it is so personal and pretty. I hope she continues to battle on and I send lots of positive thoughts to you both!

Jem xXx

littlethings1 said...

Love your precious kitty Riley , how adorable, fits right in with all of the treasures ! All of your soldering projects are awesome , I would love to solder some house's, your mom will treasure your creation ! Pray she is doing well.
The Little Things

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post-and I love the bed..everything is just beautiful! Diana

Twinkle Pink said...

So glad to see you appear in my sidebar showing a new post, now all I have to do is do the same and we could be up and running like the old days :-)

Love to see all your creations, and the ones of your family are really lovely. I have one of your spring creations hanging up in my bedroom. I love all your work and must get back on flickr too. I am missing so much.

best wishes always Ginny x
(in the UK)

Paula said...

Hello sweet Carola, It is always lovely to find a new post from you! I love every gorgeous photo you shared and reading your sweet words! Your sister is so talented and creative… just like you! I love the angel wings she made. They are perfect on Rose! Riley looks so handsome amongst all of your lovely birthday goodies! I hope your day was wonderful! I love all your beautiful gifts! The soldered house you made your mom is gorgeous, so special and meaningful with all the old photos. I am praying for her! I love all of the soldered things you have been creating! Your are an amazing artist dear friend! The stand you made is wonderful. I love the altered bottles and how you use gifts from dear friends in your creations. The silhouettes you framed are gorgeous and I love the pillows sweet Anita made for you! Your bedroom is gorgeous and the new bed is fabulous! I love how you have this whole area decorated! It is such a happy and cheerful spot! Have a lovely weekend! Love and hugs, Paula

Oxana said...

Beautiful blog!!! and I love your creations!
Have a nice weekend!
(PS I am your follower now)

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Your bedroom looks so lovely! I love all the pretty buttons and lace and gilt and iron together, especially with that pretty blue wall color! Lovely!

Oh, and I love that bed, too. We have the same bed in our daughter's room and we're working on fixing it up right now!



MaygreenFairies said...

What a beautiful post, I love visting your blog!! I have an old siloutte piece that an Antique Dealer friend of mine gave to me a while back amongst a batch of Euphrema. I would be happy to post it to you as it's not a piece I would use at all in my art. Just drop me an email with your address details and I'll get it posted off. Hugs, Mandy x

Linda @ It All Started with Paint said...

So pretty! Just love your new bed. So romantic and cozy ...


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