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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

About painting black & white, repurposing & crafting

Back in my May vacation I decided that it was finally time to paint a wall in my house black. You may have noticed (apart from the obviously white love) my love for black as in black chalkboards, black silhouettes, black birds and vintage black things like top hats, typewriters, telephones etc., that all makes such a beautiful contrast to the white walls and furnitures, so why not try a black wall? Well up to then apart from my very light blue bedroom all the walls in my house were white so black makes quite a difference and of course it can make a room very dark, so for the time beeing I just tried it on the small potruding chimney wall in my parlor.

It was quite a quick paint job that still brought a great change to te room which I like.
Actually it's not really black, it's called dark grey/gray, but against the white wooden mantle and in the evening light it looks very black and I find it quite dramatic looking, don't you think?

I'm probably going to ad some kind of a closure edging to it soon. 

The fun part of course was decorating the mantle and surrounding so that it's all matching to the new black wall.

I found this small chalkboard in Sweden last August in a great shop called Granit and think it fits perfectly into the small corner between the mantle and the old armoire. The small old black travel typrewriter was another flea market find and fits on the white painted plant stand which once was orange lol

My bargain crystal chandelier ( a flea find for 5 bucks) also looks great against the black backdrop and adds to the dramatic feel.

Isn't it beautiful? I thought of painting the golden brass over in white quite often ever since I bought it but somehow couldn't get myself around to do it, would you do it?

 I'm still so glad that I bought the pair of huge wooden pine cones, many years ago when I still lived in my old cottage. They always fit so well on the mantle edges which ever style I decide to decorate it and in this case I think along with the black wall and the chandelier they give a eal classical feel to the whole vignette.

And I'm still fond of my 3 compartments mirror another bargain flea find (20 bucks) and the reflections in it, in the above photo it's the old transom door on the other side of the room with my antique black silhouette collection inside of the single windows.

I added the letter C to the mantle since it's my initial and the numbers 6 and 3 together are giving away my birth year ~ oh well.

And even my old black petrol stove with the silver accents matches very well with the black wall and white mantle.

When you stand in front of the mantle and look to the left side there is my dining corner and behind the dining table hangs a glass cabinet which I painted white from the outside many moons ago but never found the time to paint it from the inside too. Well that I finally changed in my May vacation too and painted it from the inside which looks so much better now. Meanwhile I have also painted the wood of the old Adler sewing machine table below the glass cabinet in white. Now in the dining room corner there are only the old chairs left to paint white one time.

I also put out my collection of antique rose coffee and tea service for a change and brought it in a cupboard down in my basement. The pink roses didn't suit the new feel of the room. Instead I added some of my old and new jugs as well as old and new backing moulds and also the old soup toureens and pudding moulds.

Next thing to paint are my Ikea cabinets and drawers like the ones of my kitchen island that you can see in the photo below. Actually we already started doing it last weekend and I'm quite excited of the change it will bring to my cottage :)

While grocery shopping two weeks or so ago I came across the fabulous clothes hanger for skirts that you see below and instantly knew that it would make an awesome inspiration board:

I pinned all kind of things that I found in my studio on it with the existing brackets and added some more things with small wooden clothes pegs and black office clips. Then I hung it on the handle of one of my attic windows for now. 
Btw. that sweet open bird book with the waxed pages was a dear gift from my creative blogging friend Lisa!
I also started to punch out sturdy scalloped cardboard circles and then painted them with black chalkboard paint and wrote on it with white chalk like the "Happy Day's" "Boxwood Cottage" and "Summer" signs.

Another hanger that I repurposed (meanwhile replaced with a white one) is the belt hanger below. It's great use for hanging all kind of necklaces and soldered pendants from it too, but in this case I used it to hang the wire ribbon holder on it and the Atelier sign and slate heart that I once got from my dear friend Anita.

The last thing I wanted to share with you today is the little wire bird cage that I saw in a German magazine from "Land Idee called "Wohnen und Deko" lately and just had to try to make one:

For a first quick try I think it turned out quite pretty, non?

So now I'll go back nesting, but not inside the house yet, nope the garden is calling!
A big thank you btw to all the kindred souls that commented on my last XXL garden post, it was a pleasure to read you!

Wishing you happy late Summer days my friends
xoxo~ Carola


Ivy and Elephants said...

Dear Carola,
I am always excited to see your post pop up on my sideboard! I love the dramatic look the black brings to the wall, so sophisticated! The five dollar chandelier is amazing! I like the extra bit of sparkle it brings and adds glamour, too.
I love it all! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Carolyn said...

Your cottage is just beautiful! I love all the creative ways you display your treasures. The chandelier is just perfect, lucky girl!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

So beautiful! Don't paint the chandelier...brass is becoming more popular.

Michelle said...

I do like that pop of black on the wall.

Veronica said...

Una idea fantatica Carola, el fondo negro, enmarca la chimenea.
Un post precioso!
Saludos veronica.

Los Mundo de Nika Vintage

Rachel said...

Your new black wall looks gorgeous. I love everything you've done with it.

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Oh, it's just perfect. The black wall really makes all the white pop. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Ivy and Elephants. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/08/make-it-pretty-monday-week-9.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Suzy said...

Hello Carola,
Just joined/follow your blog from Pinterest. I've been following you there. Love the black wall, it makes your white mantle pop! Love the decor around the mantle as well. You have a beautiful home and blog. Thanks for sharing!
Suzy @ breesmimidesigns.blogspot.com

chateau chic said...

Carola, Your cottage looks so lovely. The black wall looks stunning with all the pretty whites. Can't believe you got such a beautiful chandelier for $5. I would leave the brass because I think it shows off the crystals better.
Mary Alice

einfallsReich said...

oh, deine fotos bzw. die eindrücke aus deinem haus machen mich sprachlos ... so soooooo soooooooo wunderschön!!! unglaublich!
bewundernde grüße & wünsche an dich
amy ;-)

einfallsReich said...

ich war wirklich grad sprachlos ;-)
also, die schwarze wand gefällt mir seeehr, kleine veränderung, groooooße wirkung! den kristalllüster würde ich nicht weiß streichen, ich mag das goldene, es sieht edel aus zu weiß und besonders gegen die schwarze wand gesehen!
alles liebe

lynn said...

i love the black wall, carola:) we have a black wall in our last house, and i just loved the way the whites looked with it!

the hanger projects are so clever and look wonderful! loving your fabulous birdcage, too! enjoy your weekend!

Mollie@Organization Accessories said...

Black wall looks great! This really gets my attention and inspire to make it in my office room, your inspirational board. This will inspire me to work every single day. thanks for the ideas.

Carole said...

Oh Carola your new chances are just perfect. I love the black on the mantel wall it really makes it pop. Makes it look very classic and elegant. A visit with you is always just eye candy.
You are a great bargain shopper too....a $5 chandelier? WOW I think the brass is perfect just as is.



Oh Carola

I adore your black (but not really black) painted wall. It is stunningly elegant. Well done. And that chandelier is gorgeous..I can't believe you picked it up for only 5 bucks! That's terrific....I have my mother's old brass chandelier..and yes, I painted it white for my house...but for some reason...I love the way yours looks just as it is. It is so charming, let me tell you!

and now....I absolutely have to tell you how much I love your inspiration board/hanger. It is genius. All of the cards and pretty things you have adorning it are truly an inspiration to behold.
love your birdcage too...it's funny because I've been thinking of making one..but keep putting it off. One of these days.

thanks for sharing your space....it was a beautiful treat for the eyes.

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Free digital images said...

So beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Belladonna said...


Luna und Luzie said...

WOW, das sieht ja klasse aus, Carola!!!
Ich hatte mich schon gefragt, wann man bei dir den neuen Schwarztrend zu sehen bekommt ;)
Ich finde es mutig, denn es ist bestimmt nicht einfach das so perfekt zu streichen, aber es hat sich ja gelohnt weil es toll aussieht.
Die Idee mit dem Hosenbügel finde ich auch super. Sieht schön aus bei dir !

Viel Freude in deinem neugestalteten Wohnzimmer.
Liebe Grüße

Junkchiccottage said...

OMG!!!! Thanks for coming by my blog because now I have found you. I love love love your blog. Wow your home is beautiful. I am linking you to my blog list so I can follow you.

Laurel Stephens said...

I think your inspiration hanger is super and have featured it on Friday Finds with a link back.

Dewdrop Gardens said...

I actually love the black wall, didn't think I would like black on a wall but the way you decorated really makes a big difference. Love all the white. And your inspiration hanger is so cute! Great idea.
Saw you featured at The North End Loft.
Debbie :)

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Yes, Carola, I love the little bird in the whimsical cage you made, it's lovely!

I wouldn't have thought of black, but I love it - it totally works there and all your beautiful accents around are perfect with the black.

I always feel that I want to move in your charming home when I visit, it's so inspiring - thank you for that!

Have a great weekend and thank you for your nice wishes/comment on my porch. Can't wait to see your garden post below too... on my way!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The black wall is stunning...
Love the little birdie in the wire cage too!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Carola,

I have been in love with your blog for years...I haven't left a comment in a long time though. I always enjoy sitting down at my desk to read your lovely blog and see all your beautiful photos.


Elysa @ Stampington said...

Hi Carola! Thanks so much for visiting Somerset Place. I'm loving your collection of chalkboard projects. Very impressive!

ShabbyTräume said...

Liebe Carola,
endlich endlich find ich mal den Dreh zu schreiben. Dein Wohnzimmer finde ich total schön, so viel gibt es darin zu entdecken und zu bewundern. Dein Kamin hat mir vorher schon gefallen aber mit der schwarzen Wand sieht er noch echter aus- sehr gelungen und sehr edel. Finde auch die Idee mit dem aufgehängten Sprossenfenster gut. Will bei mir und auf der Parzelle auch eins einbauen, mal sehen, vielleicht häng ich es auch auf, geht schneller ;-)
Wollte dir schon lange ein ganz großes DANKE SCHÖN für deine lieben Zeilen zum Garten und zu Fienchen sagen. War so lange so sprachlos, aber hab mich soo gefreut und war soo gerührt.

Ganz liebe Grüße

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Dear Carola, I love the black/grey statement wall. I have a few dark walls myself. It adds depth and constrast. I also love the chandelier you found, what a bargain and I'd probably keep it as is...Hope you're having a lovely week. Sharon x

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Carola,
You have so much energy and passion...it is inspiring! Not to mention, all the beautiful projects you have completed. Your cottage is lovely and I think the black and white color scheme is stunning. It really sets off all your collections. It was wonderful to visit here tonight and see your lovely home...thanks so much for sharing. Hope you and your family are all well. Take care, Laura


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