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Friday, February 06, 2015

Pretty neutral Valentine's day swap creations and an apology!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage in the snowy month of February dear blogging friends and readers, which also happens to be the month of hearts!
Since Valentine's day isn't far away anymore, today I'd like to share with you some Valentines I made last year for a friendship swap with my dear friend Julia of  the blog"Vintage with laces" which I'm sure most of you know. She received my parcel too late in order to share it before Valentines day (if I remember correctly it arrived on Valentines day exactly, but she had to pick it up somewhere and had no time to go there and get it on that day) last year, without spoiling her surprise, so I figured I better keep the pictures for this years Valentine's blog post and it looks as if this was a good decision, because things are not really working as planned around here. 
I think I told you last month about the reasons for my long blog absence and the new job that I started last year. Well the bad news for me is that the Greek manager of that company decided to just vanish (elope, bolt or however it's called), when things got a bit stressful, a couple of weeks ago and he didn't leave any money on the company bank account when he did so, which left the company bankrupt and me from February on without my new job *sigh* :(
So I really want to apologize for not getting back to all of you and visiting all of your blogs, also you all welcomed me back so very kindly, but I hope that you'll accept my apology and that you can imagine and understand just how stressfull these last couple of weeks were (well I better say still are) for me, because since I'm the only native German speaking person in that company I had to handle all the complaints and pretty much anything else, which left me kind of numb in the evenings and on the weekends with no energy for much else, than a bit of pinning or facebook.

 But now I don't want to bother y'all with these unhappy things anymore. 
Let's go back to more delightful things like creating hearts for example.
Julia wished for mainly neutral Valentines which was quite a challenge, but I tried my best to fulfill her wish. The pictureses above and below are showing a chocolate cardboard heart box which I embellished for Julia and then filled it with all kind of small things for her to create Valentines with. I also made these lumpy little silver solder hearts that you can see in the box and which are really fun to make. You just let solder drip on a heat resistent surface and then dunk the soldering iron into the drop while the solder is still hot to form the little heart.
 I was very inspired to create such a Valentine's day box by a pinterest photo of an etsy offering, that you can see here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/283515739015978628/ and I think it shows ;-)

The next photo shows a couple of Valentines that I soldered last year and the big silver soldered heart in the upper left corner also went in Julia's parcel:

 Below is another white cardboard heart that I cut out and embellished a bit from both sides and a card holder in heart shape that I formed (forged?) for her from smooth silver wire.

The sweet Valentine's flashcards are from my friend from Cari Craft's etsy shop btw! In case you want some too, here is the link to it: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CariKraft

Then I made her a tiny Valentine's day basket:

 that I filled with a birdie that I glittered and some old millinery flowers:

 I also embellished and old cabinet card for here, the one that you can see sitting on the old black typewriter in the picture below:

 Following is an even better/closer shot of it. I also cut out a cupid and painted it with black chalkboard paint as well as a formerly vintage green plastic flower frog in which I placed the cupid  along with the cardboard heart that I embellished and that you can see below from the other side with a lace paper heart glued on. I also soldered the scrabble letter LOVE pendant and that small filled glass vial for her and embellished a heavier glass heart as a paper weight:

The next photo shows the whole swap batch I think. I found that two turtle doves paper garland and had to buy it and include it in the parcel. Inspired from them I cut out a turtle dove heart from some old sheat music paper and glued it on the lid of the filled cardboard chocolate heart box the 
As you may have noticed I also created some love arrows, one silver glittered and one silver soldered and a bow and I also formed Julia's name with the smooth silver wire:

Lastly I painted some paper maché hearts with black chalkboard paint and wrote and drew on them with white chalk. Not sure if the one I put in the parcel that says "JULIA xooxox 14" has made it to her without the white chalk wiping off. I also included a cardboard heart that I glittered with silver glass glitter and another small cardboard heart that I embellished from all sides and glued some millinery flowers on top.

Well I think this that was it and I'd be glad if this would inspire you to create some Valentines for someone special or just for yourself :)

So in case that we don't speak or see eachother around again before Valentine's day, I'm wishing y'all a day filled with hearts, love and laughter!

xoxo~ Carola


Anne's Attic - Design said...

I love your beautiful displays. The scrabble necklace is one of my favorites. Jo

Jenniffer said...

Hi Carola! Beautiful Valentines and pictures- but my own heart goes out to you and hopes for good things to come right around the corner! I am so sorry to hear that your new job turned into such a stressful situation- I hope a wide window of opportunity and rest will open soon!
All the very best to you-
Jennie :)

Valorie Westberg said...

Your valentines are lovely and I'm sure Julia was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful package!
Best of luck with your job search. You'll land in a much better place...hang in there. V

Louise Oakes said...

So sorry to hear about your job problems and I hope you find another one soon. I know from personal experience what it's like to have a big loss of income.
On the plus side you do make some beautiful things, like these valentines. I quite like the idea of neutral valentines and you've interpreted the theme really well. I love the idea of solder hearts too, taking something that is usually masculine and changing it into something feminine.

Lululiz said...

What a dreadful start to the new year for you, losing your job and under such awful circumstances as well. Fingers crossed that something much better will come your way really soon.
I totally understand that you are in no mood for creating or blogging, but I am so glad you posted those beautiful photographs of the amazing things you made for Julia last year. Each and every piece is made with such care and love for your friend.

Paula Collins said...

I am sorry for your job loss. You are a very talented person with the things you make. I am sure you were just the same type of person at your job. You will be in my thoughts during this tough time. Hugs!

A Magical Whimsy said...

You are so creative! I love all of the hearts!
And so sorry to hear of the boss of the company you worked for 'bolted'. I hope he can be tracked down and held accountable in some way, lawyers, maybe? He owes a lot of people more than just apologies, big time. No time for having a job loss in this world's economic crises. So sorry.
Keep creating. Hope another job comes into your agenda.
Teresa in California


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