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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So many things to show

Hello dear blogging friends!

I'm still alive, just very busy and the day never has enough hours for me. To make up for my long blogging absence I brought you lots of pictures that will hopefully inspire you!

This is my inspiration jar or like Janice from Paper Valise called it an inspiration terrarium .http://papiervalise.typepad.com/scissor_variations/2009/03/inspiration-terrarium.html It works like this, you grab a glass container and sit down at your work space. There you just grab all kind of things you find around you in your arms reach and put them in the glass container and là voilà your inspiration terrarium is ready. I thought this was a great challenge, so I happily played along. Have you discovered Janice's blog yet? It is so ivery nspiring, she is full of fab ideas and I just love it! Go discover her here and tell her that I send you over: http://papiervalise.typepad.com/scissor_variations/

Some more photos

from my inspiration jar:

So have you finished your Easter decorations in your home yet? I started to decorate 2 weeks ago, here are some photos of my Easter home. The next photo is huge and you can enlarge it by clicking on it:

A close up from the things on the mantle:

Sweet LV, our tomcat, is quite confused what the black iron bunny thing is doing on his window sill space lol

Now we go upstairs into my studio, this is just a pretty vignette sitting on one of my desks:

And I finally soldered a 3D reliquary, which I like doing so much that I can promise much more of these Reliquaries to come this year:

I also soldered a few Easter pendants, like this one, with a Dresden bunny sandwiched between the glasses:

Here are some more of my latest solder works. The bunny pendant is sold to dear Kathy in the US and the Girl with the dove pendant to the lovely Katja Fliegenpilz in Lübeck:

Another thing I always wanted to solder are houses. This one is my frist try:

And I also did some spring inspired bird pendants:

The beautiful Ledger paper which I used for most of my photos backgrounds are a purchase from a very nice Texas gal called Jamie, the sweet baby cabinet card is also from her etsy shop called"shoparteology" I found her through sweet Lori from http://myfaeriewindow.blogspot.com/ :

Lastly I like to show you a gift container made for a friends b-day. It's an embellished German paper maché cone.

This week I embellished lot's of German paper maché Easter eggs that I will show you in my next post, or if you are curious you can alread have a look at my flickr photostream that you can always find in my sidebar http://www.flickr.com/photos/98632037@N00/
I also have lot's of my spring garden photos to share in my next post so stay tuned!
Until then I wish you all a fabulous spring time and hope to be back soon!
xoxo Carola


LiLi M. said...

Whow Carol! You might not post that much, but when you do I'm drooling over my desk! I love everything; the inspiration jar, I'm going to play too and tell 'paper valise' you send me. I know the shop, but I haven't heard of the blog, bis zum jetzt! Thanks for sharing!

You did a great job working on your Easter decorations. I'm looking forward to new garden photos! Your pendants are fantastic, as always and I think you did so well trying new things like the house and the 3d reliquary pendant!
Thanks for sharing the secret of your beautiful ledger paper. I'm off to Flickr, now or after my lunchbreak, I don't know yet.
Enjoy your weekend, here it was rainy all week, but last weekend the weather was so nice. Let's hope we have that this weekend too! Don't wait too long to post your garden photos!

Anonymous said...

Your terrarium looks beautiful--as do all your other yummy photos!
Thanks for sharing~


paperbird said...

Wow Carola, you make such pretty things. I love your bird pendants. I am your partner for the May basket swap. I am going to have to really work hard to surprise you. You are a great artist!

Cedric said...

liebe carola,

du zeigst uns wieder traumhaft bilder...
ein schönes WE und liebe grüße

KatCollects said...

Hi Carola,
I love your inspiration jar. And I LOVE my bunny pendant. Everything you make and design is so creative and fun. Your Easter decorations are beautiful!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Carol, I must say never seen so many inspirational things in one post, you are so talented. It's is pure joy to read your blog.

Have a great Sunday.

LOLove Tyra

Lori said...

i am laughing at what LiLi said...she got that right...where is my napkin? i am SO glad that you had fun shopping with Jamie...that is my very favorite ledger paper that she sells, and the baby cabinet card is adorable...i LOVE your inspiration terrarium...what a fabulous idea...yours is stunning!!! you really make the prettiest things...i love to see what you are up to when i visit!!!

Ellen said...

So glad you updated your blog :-)) Love your bird pendants and the inspiration jar , your home looks beautiful with al the easter beauty's.
Thanks for sharing it was a lovely visit.
xoxo Ellen

Catherine said...

Everything on your blog is so so pretty!! These I absoulutly Love!
The house pendant~WOW thats my fav!! Look forward to seeing your spring flowers!
Enjoy your week!

Tommie Jo~TJs Sweet Home said...

Such pretty things and a lovely blog you have!

Naturegirl said...

Carola: I've been by to check on you and it is wonderful to see all these lucious photos of your home and all that you've been creating! I can see your garden in one of these images..soon you'll be out there snapping photos of your precious peonies and roses!!!
Happy Spring my friend!! hugs NG

starsfault said...

Oh, I really like your inspiratin terrarium.. So pretty and you could change it out easy, its not so big to make a mess. Hmmm.... maybe I will try this!

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there have been meaning to ask you for a long time now if you sell your lovely soldered pendants? Dex X

Diane said...

How beautiful everything is!

beth said...

I enjoy your site and visit often.
Thanks for sharing your pretty things in your garden and home.

Annemary said...

hello ou trouves-tu ta petite bordure argentée ou dorée pour mettre autour de tes créations ????????merci de me répondre bisous à+metat

Mrs. Staggs said...

Your soldering skills are coming along so finely. I'm so proud of you for working so hard to acquire the skills to make the things that you "see" within you. They are all lovely.


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