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Sunday, January 02, 2011

~*~*~ Happy New Year ~*~*~ and a white holiday recap!

Dear blogging friends and readers here's wishing you and your families good luck and good health and lot's of happy moments to enjoy in the new year 2011!

The last weeks were quite hard for our family here with my mom getting diagnosed with Leukemia (CLL) and we all hope for better times to come again in the new year! So personally my biggest wish and hope for the new year is that my dear mama will feel better again soon!

The last 10 days since I was off work for the holidays we did a lot of cocooning over here

Poor Riley had kind of a hard time too because with all the wet snow and the freezing cold outside he was housebound and very bored.

 and we really had a lot of snow in December, more then ever since I can remember here in Bremen.
This was the view out of my front door one very cold December morning:

 The beauty of snowy and/or frosty branches of trees and bushes never fails to amaze me:

Seeing that I had a deep need for relaxation after a very stressful pre Christmas time, I kept indoors most of the time and got busy crafting Winter decorations and Christmas ornaments:

  while we got more and more snow outside every day we came near to Christmas day

The snow inspired me to create snowman ornaments, like this snowman mitten for my mom:

And I made lot's of these little spun cotton snowmen that I glued on Christmas tree candle holders so that you can easily attach them everywhere you'd like to. I put them on my sisters Christmas presents too.

I also started to make old script baubles from blue glass ornaments that I did not like anymore:

Then I was on a roll and glittered more of the paper maché balls that I had painted white before and embellished them with green and red millinery:

I think they really do look like snow balls

and outside it snowed and snowed with no end in sight so we were definitely in for a White Christmas this season which was a real treat and so festive!

Some of the balls and pinecones I painted and glittered hanging on my crystal chandelier to dry:

And while I was at it I also painted and glittered wooden fir trees that I had found in our local arts and craft store and I made some more spun cotton snowmen that can stand this time.

And of course one should never forget to feed the garden birdies while there is so much snow outside!

I took this photo through my kitchen window and the next one too. I always had cosy candle lights burning in the cottage.

Then I tried something that I wanted to try out for a long time and that is making vintage inspired spun cotton icicles, so fun, I just tried it the way I thought it would possibly work, with no tutorial at hand, and was quite thrilled about the outcome:

They look great on the tree and are glistening beautifully in the candle light, meanwhile I made some more for next season already, although I think they belong to the more Winter than Christmas related decorations that can still stay out for at least over the month of January if not February too.

So this is my Christmas tree of 2010 only lit by the deep standing Winter sun in these photos

My flickr friend Marcie pointed out that in the photo above it would look as if the tophat is magically floating over the tree

I think that with the old tophat as the tree topper and the vintage black baby boots underneath the tree it looks as if the tree would start nodding his head and kicking his feet and dancing every moment. Can you follow my imagination or am I the only one seeing it?

Oh and I shall not forget that there was my dear friend Anita's birthday a few days before Christmas and I sent her a parcel with the decorated vintage enamel soap and brush tray above. Anita the sweet heart that she is sent me a Christmas parcel before she left for her annual Christmas vacation far away in the warm sun.
She made me the wonderful bolster cushion out of vintage linen and lace and hand stamped with a french lily and also the enchanting banner made from old postcards printed on fabric:

The next photo I took on Christmas day with all the wonderful gifts my dear family had showered me with put on my round dining room table:

Thankfully my daughter Roxanne made it home from her semester abroad in Buffalo NYS USA on December 23rd and she brought with her the most beautiful Christmas presents for the whole family (in the closest circle with my parents and two sisters, their husbands and kids we are 11 persons). She spoiled us all and my mom and me even got a feather tree something we were both dreaming of for a long time! My parents spoiled me too with some wonderful antiques like another old golden trumpet, a beautiful oval cream colored frame and print and a white vintage ironstone pudding pan

and another big surprise for me was the wonderful old tinsel star my mom found for me (before she got ill) knowing just how much I love old tinsel:

I uploaded some more pictures of the Christmas tree and my Christmas presents etc.pp over at flickr if you are interested in seeing them you can just hop over here.

We had a beautiful family Christmas all together, one that I'm very thankful for and which I will never forget.
I hope your's was wonderful too!!

Now let's see what challenges are lying before us in the new year and let's hope for a good one!

xoxo~ Carola


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