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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter eggs, decorations, swaps and spring garden pictures

Fröhliche Ostern, happy Easter dear blogging friends and readers!

I made these vintage inspired foil Easter egg using a papier maché egg container. At first I covered it in foil paper and then I embellished it with paper lace, fabric lace, Dresden foil paper trims, vintage millinery etc.pp to my hearts content. I embellished the inside too with 45 years old vintage paper lace and a vintage German paper scrap. This scrap with a bunny driving the egg carriage inspired me to make my own bunny egg carriage.

Here you can see how it turned out. The Dresden bunny is the proud driver and the carriage is pulled by the sweet lamb that I got from my dear friend Madai:

My mum loved Madai's sheep so much that I had to get her one too and I also made her an egg carriage with a bunny for her b-day at the end of march.

I wrapped all the presents for my mum's birthday with my favorite papers, tags and millinery and gathered them in a vintage basket to give them to her. She loved it all :)

I further created the charm bracelet in the next photo for a private Easter swap with my blogging friend Anja from Matilda's Design in Munich:

And it was a pleasure to wrap all her swap goodies in pretty pink Easter style. Of course she got
a foil egg too!

Another thing that I created lately is a little reliquary shrine with a tiny frozen Charlotte doll:

Well I think you know me good enough by now to know that I just had to embellish the back side of the reliquary pendant too. I like that like this it looks pretty even when the pendant turns around which happens quite often when it hangs from my neck.

The garden season has fully started here in Germany. Since the beginning of April it's getting warmer every day. Here is my Easter vignette on one of my garden tables on the deck:

LV our little tomcat and I are enjoying the warmer temperatures and to see how everything is getting greener and more beautiful every day. This is my littel potting area, as always you can click on all my photos to enlarge them and see all the details:

For my last birthday I got a Camelia from my mum. It's a wonderful plant with large pink filled blossoms that are in bloom now:

After a hard spring rain shower lot's of flowers fell down and I gathered them to lay a Camelia heart on a garden table:

Another fave spring flower of mine it the filled double narcissus tazetta. Doesn't she make you thing at Vanilla ice cream with passion fruit sorbet too?

Everything is growing so fast now and coming along nicely in my big rose border. Not long from now and all my beautiful Allium bulbs and roses will be in bloom again:

LV has found his favorite spot in the garden. He loves to lay in this huge terracotta pot and I call him my little pot flower when he lays in there:

The white star magnolia is also blooming in my garden at the moment, white perfection, wouldn't you agree?

Lastly I like to show you my Auricula in bloom, I'm totally in love with her!

Well my friends, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting Boxwood Cottage and if you even take the time to leave me a little comment so that I know that you have been here, I would appreciate that so much in this busy world with new beautiful blogs popping up every day.
Have a happy Easter everyone and a beautiful spring time!
I'll be busy in the garden now Oh and I have to prepare the maybasket swap!
xoxo Carola


starsfault said...

Your flowers are so lovely and make me long for our planting days to arrive. We won't plant until the end of May... sigh. I adore your little potted kitty. Mine love to hide under the branches of the roses and ferns, then spring upon me when I walk by!

Your little reliquary and the bird charm are so nice also. I have wanted to do a bit of soldering myself, but have so many other projects/dreams in my head, I don't dare start something different!!

Blessing ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,

eeekk cuteness!!!
happy Easter!!!


The Whispering Poppies said...

What beautiful Easter creations, Carola! Your egg and bunny carts with the sheep are so cute! And your frozen Charlotte pendant is just lovely. And your garden! WOW! It is so lush and beautiful! Your kitty looks sweet sitting in the big flower pot! Have a joyous Easter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Carol. All your crafts are so lovely but my favourite is the charm bracelet -- very nice. And of course your garden; gorgeous as always. You always seem to be a good 2-3 weeks ahead of us in growth. I'm quite anxious to get going now in my garden. There are a few things sprouting up but not nearly as green as yours. Love your Easter garden vignette -- especially all the various shades of purple. And the flowers... okay I'll stop now cause I could go on and on. All the best, TWT

KatCollects said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Carola. I LOVE the camelia heart, so so pretty.

Lori said...

Carol, you DO make the sweetest things...i am just enchanted by your darling egg cart...is is precious...i love the little frozen charlotte shrine too...Have a Happy Easter!!!

Diane said...

How beautiful everything is, Carola. It ALWAYS is. Your work is lovely.
I truly enjoyed my visit today and it made me chuckle to see LV in the plant pot! ;-)

LiLi M. said...

Hello Carola, I just kept thinking of you today with the beautiful weather in the garden. We are lucky girls aren't we? You did some terrific jobs creating again. I love the carriage you made for your mom and I love the foil eggs too. Your pendant shrine is too precious.
I have a new Camelia too. And it is at its best right now. Your magnolia is so beautiful too, it's one of my favorites. Have a nice Easter Monday!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Happy Easter, Carola!! Everything looks just so wonderful, what you made for your Mutti is just spectacular. Love everything. Your garden also looks so happy, and I'm so glad you have sun and springtime, too.
xo Lidy

Luna said...

Happy Easter!!!

Hi LV, nice to see you walking in the beautiful garden!!!
Great place for a nap in the flower pot ;o)

Diese kleine Osterhasenkutsche ist zu süß. Der Anhänger mit der frozen Charlotte ist eine hübsche Idee.
Wünsche euch noch schöne Frühlingstage im Garten.
big huuuugs

Ulla said...

Wonderful Carola! Your reliquary is a delight and the bunny and wagon so inspired! Now you'll have to tell me how you made those amazing wheels! they look like velvet???
I hope you had a delightful easter my dear!

Cedric said...

liebe carola,
dein garten blüht ja schon sooo wundervoll!
und die oster-geschenke...ein traum!
ganz liebe grüße

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, I Love your paper Easter eggs! Especially the one with the chocolate bunny and the little wooly lamb! And your garden is Fabulous! Happy Spring!
Sandra Evertson

Anita said...

Oh, what a wonderful Easter photo album! I especially adore the garden pictures and your cute cat laying in the flower pot!

That pink heart is gorgeous!!!

I guess we both love the same double narcissus! My favourite ones look the same and they are called "Bridal Crown".

Yes, the countdown for our allium magic is one! I guess they will bloom earlier this year due to the warm weather we are enjoying these days!

Have a great day and enjoy your vacation!

XoX, Anita

P.S.: By the way, I am currently hosting a spring sale for my lavender hearts on my blog! ;-)) Come along when you have a minute!

Deb said...

Everything looks beautiful at Boxwood Cottage. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Carola.

paperbird said...

Hi Carola I also am in love with your Auricula- so pretty, the color is amazing. You have a lovely garden, I can't wait for green buds to sprout here in Utah- snow is coming tonight so I am a little sad about that :(
thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

Pussycats and Angels said...

What a beautiful post, I really enjoyed reading it. Lovely blog. Look forward to your next post.
Warm Wishes

FredaB said...

I really look forward to seeing what you create for every holiday. Your Easter cart and eggs are just wonderful. Your garden area is beautiful and I don't know how you keep up with all this and working too. You are a very talented gal.



Ellen said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog, you made such wonderful things nd your garden is so so beautiful, have fun with all the things you do.
Hug, Ellen

Bellamere Cottage said...

LOVE the camelia heart! How clever!

Bless you!

Le_Vintage said...

Oh my goodness this blog is just too cute!!!! I love it! especially those beautiful purple eggs! stole my breathe away

natalea said...

Carola, these photos are all so beautiful- and I LOVE the one of your cat in the pot! you should frame that one!
hope you are well my friend1
xo natalea

Naturegirl said...

Dearest Carola it is always a pleasure to stop by and see all your lovlies! How wonderful is that Easter basket that you prepared for your mom!!
Your garden looks stunning already!! So festive and inviting!! Nothing blooms here as of yet. No buds on trees and my tulips are just coming up!
This visit was delightful as usual!!
hugs NG xo

Hillside Garden said...

Die Ostersachen sind wunderschön, Caro! Du bist ja unermüdlich in deinem Tun.
Sind die Hostas durchgekommen?
Bei mir nicht alle - leider.


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Beautiful Easter crafting Carol..... You have such creative talents and I admire the detail in each of the embellishments. Your soldering crafts are wonderful too, I particularly like the necklace with the bird pendant...... and such a lot to see in your garden. Lovely, lovely post Carol.

Thank you for your recent good wishes.... I’m happy to tell you that the cyst was benign. With love - Marion

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the Star Magnolia, and the primroses. Auriculas are so old fashioned, and pretty.

Your bunny carriage is amazing. I am in awe. The wheels are so cool, too. What a wonderful creation.

You are so talented my friend, in every little thing that you do.

Castle in the Air said...

The garden is astounding!
I've enjoyed catching up so much - looks like many wonders are blooming!
With best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by your lovely Easter creations, and enjoyed seeing the photographs of your garden and flower pot kitty! I was also delighted that you are from Germany, as I lived there myself from 1987 until 1990, and enjoyed it very much! Wonderful blog!!


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