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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My visit at Mor Agusta's garage in Sweden ~ Gúa's wonderful sanctuary

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blog friends! 
Well I wanted to show you some beautiful and inspiring photos from my garden today, as promised in my last post, but sadly the weather is not cooperating with me. Since yesterday it's grey and rainy outside so I didn't get around to take pretty pictures of my cleaned & pruned Spring garden yet, but since it occured to me earlier today, that I never showed you pictures from our vacation in the South of Sweden last August I'll share these with you today instead and I promise you that' you'll not regret your visit because I'll show you my favorite place of all I've seen in Sweden and I know that many of you know it already from the beautiful blog Hvitur Lakkris (translated White Licorice), it is Gúa's Mor Agusta's garage and the next photo is the first thing you'll see of it when you arrive at Gúa's shop in Harlösa:

Öppet means open and so we stepped into Gúa's wonderful sanctuary named "Mor Agusta's Garage" because before Gúa and her husband transformed it into a beautiful shop it was a garage and Agusta is the name of Gúa's dear mom who sadly passed away early last year before the opening of the shop. She told me that she can feel her momma's spirit living in the shop and that she can even talk to her, isn't that beautiful?

 Gùa is a natural talented interior designer and she arranged her shop of vintage treasures and finds like a home with a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom and that is exactly how I felt in there right at home!

The table was laid as if she would just await her guests. Well kind of she did, because she knew I would come for a visit that day with my mum, daughter and sister because we emailed before so that I was sure that Gúa was home and the shop was open.

 Isn't it gorgeous how she filled the glasses behind the bathroom door with old lace?

I was so excited to be there in person that my camera was sometimes shaking a bit and not every photo came out crystal clear, but I had to share this idea in the picture above with you on how to hang a chandelier on a door if the ceiling is to high.

See everything get's really used in Gúa's shop like this kitchen sink and that is why you feel so homey there. Below is a picture of a lovely old wash stand in the bathroom.

To proof that I was really there and had not just dreamed it I took this photo of me in the bathroom mirror:

I had an instant crush on this huge pair of scissors:

 My sister cheking out something in the beautiful living room area:

I asked if it was okay to go outside and look at her gardenhouse which is right beside the shop and at her lovely garden and sweet Gúa said of course it is, so come along with me because if this is possible at all it get's even better outside:

Isn't this a wonderful paradise?

 I totally love Gúa's gorgeous garden house outside as well as inside:

There is a very cosy vintage living room like corner at the right side when you come in and a great outdoor kitchen corner at the left side and a daybed right in the middle:

Real grape wine is growing inside of it and you can litereally pick the grapes and eat them right from the gardenroom ceiling. The old transom windows and views are all spectacular. Notice how gorgeous the clear glass bottles in the window do look in the sunlight:

This is the view from inside out in Gúa's fantanstic white garden and we where so lucky that late August day that we had the most beautiful warm weather and sunshine:

Inviting isn't it? I could have stayed forever just sitting there and soaking in the serene and calm atmosphere and all the beautiful inspiration around me. It was also laundry day and of course Gúa had only the most beautiful white laundry hanging from the old fashioned white wooden drying racks:

My sister took this picture of  dear Gúa and me before it was time to leave. See how happy I look with lovely Gùa at my right side and my beautiful pair of huge wooden scissors in hand to take home with me?

I'll sure never forget this wonderful visit with Gúa. She is such a sweetheart inside and out and I was so utterly excited the whole time I was there and just wish that one day I can visit her and her sanctuary again. Gúa has plans to transform her shop into a holiday home if one still far away day she'll close her shop and I told her that I would love to be the first to rent it! She even gifted me with a large beautiful embellished papermaché egg which I'll always treasure.

Above is a last photo of the side garden of the shop with hollyhocks in bloom.
Just this last weekend Gúa celebrated her 1st year as a shop owner with a loppis which is the swedish word for flea market or brocante. My how I wish I could have been there *sigh*

If you should come to read this dear Gúa I'd like to thank you again for beeing so warmhearted and for all the love and inspiration you give and share and I wish you all the best and good luck for the years to come!

Well my dear readers what do you say, was this post worth your visit here today?
I hope that you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring or Autumn at the moment and I'll be back in May with a garden post. I'll be off  work (vacation) almost the whole month of May and I'm looking forward to spend most of my free time in the garden if the weather will allow it.

Happy Spring day's wishes you
Carola xoxo~


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