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Monday, October 31, 2011

About Fall & Halloween party preparations for tonight

Welcome back to my spooky cottage and the Halloween party preparations for All Hallows Eve!
I found these cabinet cards at the flea market last year and immediately saw the witches potential of these old ladies also I had to alter them a bit he he he
Aren't they spooky?

We are enjoying a wonderful Fall over here in Germany so far with lot's of warm and sunny days and the garden is not looking spooky at all but still blooming beautifully in pretty shades of pink and purple:

I started with my fall decor back in September by picking flower bouquets from the garden to dry like the Annabelle hydrangea and hens & chicks as well as by buying the first pumpkins:

We went to a pumpkin farm festival in September and my pumpkin collection started to grow, I was lucky to find the beautiful cream white and green pumpkins this year:

Then on a very warm and sunny September weekend we had a family pumpkin carvin feast on my sisters porch and this is what came out of it:

My daughter did our house number in a huge orange pumpkin which came out really great I think and I did the owl  in a smaller white pumpkin, my niece, nephew and sister did the 3 smaller ones. You can see that my nephew loves NewYork.

 And this is what my owl pumpkin looked like when I brought it home:

Unfortunately our carved pumpkins didn't last any longer than 2 weeks because it was still to hot outside and the little fruit flies came to munch on all our carved pumpkins until they started to rot and decay :(

 So we had to come up with some other ways for this years Halloween party decor. I started to paint some pumpkins black. A real one and a faux one and even the real one in the picture above still looks good.

 I printed and cut out lot's of templates and pictures that I found through Pinterest and through Karen's Graphics Fairy blog and framed them in black oval frames which I bought in Sweden this Summer and I made black cardboard bats and crows and a garland.

I painted a plank with black chalkboard paint which I had cutted for my old window and then added some spiderwebs to it, chalk ones and wire ones. Of course a bowl of treats is very important for tonight and my daughter baked some yummy peanut butter cupcakes yesterday which I still have to take a picture of.

 In my room divider transome window I hung lot's of crows and bats, a moon face and the two cabinet card witches I showed you close up at the beginning of this post.

Bats are also flying from lamps and cupboards and so on around the house:

 Here is a close up of my table decor:

I found these old apothecary jars at the antique market yesterday morning and thought they'd add some magic to my Halloween decor:

Bat's flying from the stairs:

 I saw these google eyed pumpkins on Pinterest two days ago and since I had found the chocolate eyeballs in our super market last week (note: It's not so easy to find special Halloween sweets, treats and decorations over here since Halloween is not a German tradition) I just had to try them out on one of my last bigger pumpkins, doesn't he look cute?

And some of the eyeballs I put in my wooden hand for a hopefully more spooky effect lol

Well now we are all prepared for our little party tonight and I just hope that the kids ( my niece and nephews and neighborhood kids) are going to like it, what do you think?

Wishing a fun All Hallows Eve to all of you my friends!

I'm already all in the mood for Christmas decor now lol especially after we had the switch back to Winter time yesterday and it is getting dark at 5 pm now plus I found some gorgeous vintage Christmas treasures at the antique market yesterday morning and now I can't wait to start decorating.

I'd also like to thank all the lovely blogging friends and readers for the warm welcome back comments on my last post. It's fun to be back on blogging! :)

xoxo~ Carola

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back on blogging & rearranging & a winner!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! I really didn't intend to stay away from my blog for over 2 months, but sometimes life just got it'sway, doesn't it? 
Well to explain my long absence, there was a beautiful family vacation to Sweden for example with my mum, sister and daughter, some big birthdays to prepare for, voyage to and celebrate (not my own though), a sad funeral of a dear aunt with a family gathering, a big move over several weeks with lot's of work - the company I work for moved in a new building which had to be furnished and set up - which was also fun btw and I got a brand new shiny office which I just about finished, then there were some sunny day's to spend in the garden, rather then sitting in front of the pc too and I started to going to the gym with my daughter 2 -3 times a week and we also changend our nutrition from vegetarian to vegan, which involves more grocery shopping and fresh cooking only every day etc.pp..
It's quite overwhelming to start blogging again after such a long absence and I don't really now where to start. I have lots of Sweden pictures to share, especially from my visit at sweet Gua's Mor Agusta's garage of the beautiful blog Hvítur Lakkrís, Garden pictures of course and Autumnal decorations, but I think today I start with some rearrangements I did in my living room after I came home from the inspiring Sweden vacation at the beginning of September. 

See the beautiful black botanical chart in the first picture, it's one of the gorgeous things I brought home from Sweden and it was the first thing I had to find a place for in my living room when we came back.

 It fitted quite well in the corner beside of my antique transome door and I think it also matches well with the black and white accents of the silhouettes and the old rusty military metal box below.

I also moved the white plant stand from under the window over here:

Below is a picture of all my lovely Sweden finds, we went to 2 crazy Sweden flea markets over there which was quite an experience and so different from ours and of course we visited some great shops too.

The first Sunday after our return from Sweden there was already the last good outdoor fleamarket of the season in front of our city hall, so of course we had to go and just look at all the treasures that I brought home :)

Double click on the pictures to enlarge in full size for more details. (Update: Looks as if I was gone for too long, the double click brings me too a site with all my pics from this post. Is that a new blogger feature?)

The vintage travel typewriter was one of my finds from that day and I decorated it for the Fall & Halloween season with a pumpkin that I painted black and a black crow of course!
If you should be in need of some more inspiration for Fall & Halloween crafts and decorations, then visit my Pinterest board over here: http://pinterest.com/boxwoodcottage/fall-halloween/ You are sure to find inspiration overload!!!

Another fab find a family friend who cale along to the flea market with us got me was this sweet vintage box camera:

I also moved my old french iron children bed from under the 3 parts shelf to under the window:

 I put my white foldable table under the shelf instead.

 And did you notice the glass box on the table under the shelf? I found it in a gorgeous shop in the artist village of Fischerhude which is close to my home town this Summer and decorated it with lot's of vintage tresures and some of my soldered jewelry inside and on top I put my three favorite vintage alarm clocks.

What do you think, like it? 
Well some of you may probably think "Her home looks more like a shop to me" 
Oh well I hear that a lot and think I will just have to live with it ;-) 

I like the day bed much better now, standing in front of the garden window.

 Oh and I don't want to forget to thank all of you kind souls and friends who have commented on my last post and shared the joy over my publication in the Italian and French Brocancte magazine with me, it was so much pleasure to read you all! *smiles* I'm a bit sad, that I never got a copy of the french issue though, so I only have the italian issue to give away but I'll add a copy of the beautiful Scandinavian magazine Vackre Hjem to the give away. And lastly I finally have to announce the winner of my magazine give away:

tadaaaaaa ~ and without further ado the lucky winner is:

~June~ of the blogs Laughing with Angels and Grace gardens.

Thank you for your lovely comments dear June and please e-mail me your home addy!

See you again soon dear readers until then I hope you can enjoy the beauty of fall!

xoxo~ Carola


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