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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A giant Cottage Garden post April to July 2012

High time for a garden post I'd say! It's my first one this year so I have lot's of pictures to share with you dear blogging friends and readers, so you better make yourself comfortable. The first photo is an up to date one taken a few days ago but I want to start back in April when the garden really awoke and then going forward until today.

April still had many overcast days and yet I like the photo above. You can see the early clematis montana rubens in full bloom and the high old lilacs of my neighbors blooming in the back as wll as the pretty broom beside of my white scrolly iron table.

I love it when the soft pink clematis montana rubens blooms especially on a sunny day against the blue sky.

And I bought another early Clematis this Spring, it's the gorgeous white one in the photo below . It has meanwhile found a new home at my new fence, but more on that later.

Another favorite Spring flower of mine whas this beautiful soft creamy pink ranunculus:

I also started potting summer flowers for my patio in April like the pink Diascia below:

and hanging baskets always are a must:

I further finally found an affordable french bottle drying rack from a Dutch blog and online shop called Fort Lapin. I use it as clay pot holder in my garden for now:

More garden accessories are in my vintage garden tool corner:

that I installed between the old ladder and the iron shelf on the patio wall next to my deck chair:

The deck chair is my favorite relax and reading spot after work. On the white painted flower shelf I potted 3 gorgeous thymes. The high blooming one is my fave:

Another plant that moved into my garden this Spring is the red broom seen below, which also meanwhile has moved in the new garden bed under the new fence:

And here you'll see my little garden helper Riley sitting on his favorite garden chair, photo taken through the parlor window:

A little bit closer:

Now comes the merry month of May in which I had 3 weeks off work and 24 free days in a row alltogether, so no wonder that is was my favorite month of the year so far. To celebrate my vacation and the beautiful weather I hung the fabric bunting which my dear friend Anita made for me a couple of years ago under my white garden umbrella/parasol. See how it is lit by the evening sun and kinda glowing?

It also looks very happy when you look from inside my parlor outside on the patio:

And notice the gorgeous clematis montana rubens still blooming beautifully in May:

Another May beauty and absolute favorite of mine is the elegant chinese snow ball shrub:

and of course and always the Alliums:

In the next photo the lovely May evening sun has lit my garden chandelier:

and then it also shone on my snowballs and gave them a gorgeous glow too:

It was a true magical evening and when it got darker during the so called blue hour of the everning my solar light lampions began to glow:

and everything was literally bathing in a pretty blue light.

I really love all these solar lights from Ikea attached to my grape vines, the little balls as well as the birdies:

Don't they look pretty?

Then came June and with June not only the beautiful roses but also the rain:

In June all my alliums and roses and foxgloves and bellflowers etc. were on it's best but exposed to the constant rain not for as long as they should have bloomed.

I had all colors of foxgloves this June and especially loved the white one. Hope it will selfseed well!

The pink peonie Sarah Bernhardt in the photo above did not like the rain either.

And neither did the pink bellflower Campanula medium.

I left the parasols open to protect at least some of my patio plants like the pelargoniums on the table from the rain.

More pretties in pink above and below:

The rain is dripping from my lovely Constance Spry rose on the scrolly white rose arc, forcing the flowers to hang their heads down:

There were not many dry days in June, especially not at the weekends, but on one of these rare days I took the next picture of my beautiful Constance Spry:

This wet beauty is called the Queen of Denmark:

and the next one is another long time favorite of mine the Eden rose:

Here is a picture from the right side of my garden in a wide angle, so that you cannot only see Constance Spry heavy of rainwater more hanging then climbing in my white rose arc, but also my my new fence on the right. Unfortunately the willow fence I had there before did not hold together anymore so I had to look for a more sturdy compensatory:

Also in June I purchased the pretty wooden seed trays and a new wooden round clay pot cleaning brush which were nice additions to my garden tool corner:

And now we are finally here, welcome to July!

I do not only have a new garden fence, but also a new garden border below it and both, the new and the old border got a new edge for easier mowing and I think the red edging stones do look very good and they also match with the red brick stones on my patio/deck/terrace however you call it lol.Wait, I'll give you a better look from above:

See my new mow edge border around the border under the right side rose arc and now also around the new garden bed under the new wooden fence? On the left side of my small garden the bordes have a natural edge from boxwood hedges. I really think that both edges are giving my garden a better structure.

The birds eye view above taken out of my attic studio window shows very good how well the new red border edge stones do match with my patio bricks. 
If you have followed my blog for some years and are an observant reader you may also notice the new parasol over my patio table. The old one got so dirty over the years that I had to have a surrogate. But I didn't just throw the old one in the trash, no I gave it a new job to protect my black french iron table under the maple tree from bird's dirt and droppings:

This is the shady space right at the very end of my yard where I sit on hot summer days when the air is just getting to stuffy on my patio. I still love the white gravel here but it is also a curse because you can't just clean it with a broom stick, nope i have to bend down and pick up every single leaf falling from the tree by hand.

And for those of you who a fairly new to my blog and still didn't get while it's called Boxwood Cottage I took these pictures of my freshly cut boxwood hedges above and below:

I also took gravel on the ground here a few years ago when we installed my rusty rose arc and I'm still trying to grow another, smaller ball on top of the the big boxwood ball on the left in the back.

Next you'll see a close up of my left hand border behind the boxwood hedges and see the rusty rose arc from the side. I still had no luck with roses climbing high enough to cover it yet but at least the blue clematis is doing it's job now.

Phloxes and pink cone flowers Echinacea and Agapanthus have started to bloom now in this border and below is a picture of my sweet scenting sweet peas which are growing in a pot on my patio right now:

We just enjoyed a full week of really sunny summer weather over here (it's back to rainy days today though sobs) so all the flowers are doing well now:

Abraham Darby an English David Austin rose blooming in the foreground and my garden window in the back and here more close and personal with my sweet terracotta girl peeking through it:

Another star on my July patio so far is the true white Dahlia that I planted in a white enamel bucket. It kinda glows in the dark:

Oh and takling about stars on my patio I'm now finally coming to the very best to me and that is my new pair of old blue shutters salvaged for me by my darling sister while I was at home and couldn't make it there quick enough when my parents called me to come over to save me a pair of shutters because my daughter was away with my car. They are from an old cottage across my parents home which unfortunaly got teared down a few weeks ago.

I just love their color and they match so beautifully with all my patio pot flowers don't ya think?

On the right side of my patio are more blue flowers in bloom like bellflowers, Verbena bonariensis, Allium Christophii, blue hydrangea, Delphinium and more:

And now I'll finish this long post with one last shot of my favorite Summer flowers (annuals) and my old blue shutters in the back, then I'll let you go ;-)

Thank you my dear readers, who made it all to the end of this very long post, for staying with me through 54 photos which was my longest post up-to-date, but I really had to make up for not posting any garden pictures earlier this season. I hope you enjoyed this post and liked what you saw and will perhaps even gain some inspiration from it. 

So now you please tell me what's new in your gardens?

Here is wishing you all a fabulous high Summer time!

xoxo~ Carola


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