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Monday, February 13, 2012

❤ Will you be my Valentine? ❤

Sharing some Valentine's day Love with you today dear blogging friends and readers!

 These photos are from a friendship swap I recently did with my friend Anja of Matilda's Design in Munich Germany. Anja sent me her friendship swap parcel already last year, you can see a picture of it on my flickr photostream here. She made me a fabulous white plaster bunny which I will share with you as soon as I'll start my Spring/Easter decorations. She was so nice to leave me all the time I needed to finish her swap so I decided to make a Valentine swap parcel for her. Firstly I created her a trinket box which I filled with a tiny bouquet of pink vintage millinery bead flowers and some vintage German script from old sheet music paper. I soldered the box and gave it a coat of black patina for an antique /aged look.

 I love making pretty packages and wrapped all of her goodies in some of my favorite pink gift wrapping papers from Tilda and a waxed paper bag and embellished it with a sweet toile de jouy tag and a pair of tiny scissors since Anja is a talented seamstress. I also used a paper heart doily and a hand I made from vintage sheet music and the paper I once marbelized. You may remember from my last post that the tutorial for the woven heart Valentine came from dear Ulla over at her Ullabenulla blog.

I further sent her a vintage honeycomb paper bell in the colors of the Italian flag, which I forgot to photograph, since Anja has italian family and also a vintage velvet sewing box which I found on our local fleamarket and thought it should be for a seamstress. It's filled with old sewing supplies and I embellished it with a soldered charm:

 I had great fun painting one of my German paper maché heart boxes and embellishing it with old lace, a silver German Dresden border, vintage tinsel which I put into a heartshape and filled with a silver bird charm to hold the trinket box pendant I made her:

So what do you think, would you like to be my next Valentine? 
Today I'd like to wish all of you my dear readers a very
~ Happy Valentine's day 2012 ~

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Valentine creations & decorations, antique markets & my birthday!

Welcome back dear blogging friends and readers in February the month of Love and Valentine's day!
I love creating Valentines but my studio is such a mess right now, it's getting harder and harder to find something when you really need it:

So let's better concentrate on the pretties like my studio wall below, all decked out for Valentine's day

with pretty hearts & hands ~ a wall of friendship so to speak

including the studio chandelier who holds, belong other pretties, a heart from my cousin Stefanie and one from my good German friend Anita, as well as as a porcelaine doll legg and arm from my US friend Andrea and a sweet little spuncotton doll from my US friend Sandy:

I'm the proud owner of a vintage honeycomb paper heart from my Texas friend Ann Perry, which I love to hang up for February, I hung it over the vintage lace blouse from my German friend Al and right below hangs one of my friend Anita's lovely lavender hearts

I created the millinery heart candy box and lately the garland below with the sweet lace paper hearts I cut out of pretty patterned Tilda cardboard with my Martha Stewart heart punch

The fun this year was to decorate all the hearts on and around the chalkboard which I made out of an old kitchen cabinet door for my studio last Summer

 The pretty ruffled heart comes from my English friend Ginny, the sheet music paper hands with woven in hearts I made after a fab tutorial from my US friend Ulla, the vintage suitcase pocket with the paper hand and vintage brooch is another gift from dear Ann and not to forget the sweet dolls from my German friend Gerlinde (left) and my sweet US friend Paula (right) who is currently recovering from open heart surgery

Isn't Ginny's ruffled heart just to die for? 
A few days ago I thought the paper box heart is missing a cupids arrow to make it more special for this years Valentines, so after some serious thinking and trying out to make arrows for a while with no really satisfying result I suddenly came up with the idea to solder one and well this is the result you see above and below. What do you think, do you like it? It's made from wire, tinsel pipe cleaners and a soldered glass tip with Tilda paper inside:

The pretty white Valentine's doll is made by my English friend Niki and I recently got the antique coffee advertisement metal box shelf from my mum's best friend Sigrid, it has red heards on the sides:

I altered and embellished only the front door which was quite rusty and not so pretty anymore with Vintage sheet music paper, a fairytale silhouette and a gorgeous tag with ladies in top hats a gift from Petite Michelle Louise. I put my red and white twine in the glass holder on top of the shelf box for Valentines day as well as some old stamps on a vintage metal stamp holder and an old pharmacy bottle with vintage millinery flowers decorated for Valentines with a red crepe paper ruffle and a heart shaped keyhole:

I had this old tarnished, scrolly silver wire heart with a heartshaped crystal in the middle for ages and embellished it with silver tinsel lately and made a cupids arrow to go through it with a silver tinsel pipe cleaner:

 I also had fun to create and solder some pretty silver trinket boxes for Valentine's day. and hopefully soon to come Spring. When it comes to these boxes it is very helpful that I can now cut the glass myself in exactly the size I need. I thought for the picture they looked quite nice laying on top of the spun cotton snowballs I made last month:

Here is a close up of my latest creations. The one in the middle got one of my flickr friend Sandra's tiny crocheted flowers, the last one I had of these tiny treasures and a little birdie from my US friend Lorraine:

I made a tinsel heart for the trinket box on the right and now I can't decide which one is my favorite to keep, could you?

I also silver painted and embellished one of my paper maché boxes as a gift box for one of the trinket boxes I'll give to a dear friend soon:

It looks pretty opened and closed too:

Lastly I'd like to share some of my favorite antique market finds with you like this box of very small vintage German blown glass Christmas ornaments. Can you imagine how I look forward already to use them in my Christmas decorations for next season?

I also found the Perfect antique tin box:

Last Sunday was my birthday - see my birthday presents table in the last picture below - ( we also celebrated my daughters b-day in January so it was a very busy month) well and my dear parents gave me spending money for my fave Antique Market which was held exactly on my b-day, such a perfect gift for me he he :) I found another beautiful old silk top hat (chapeaux claque) in a square shaped box and pretty white leather gloves with white pearl beads sewed around the wrist, further more a vintage Marolin bunny and a pink vintage foil egg, a sweet silhouette picture and some pretty old postcards. My mom and daughter spoiled me with the pretty white pleaded metal barrel (under the top hat) and my mom also gave me the silver purse and lovely tulips and my daughter the silver German glass glitter. Anita sent me an old German book and a whole bunch of her pretty crocheted roses. My sister gave me the toile de jouy bed linen and the fabulous papercutting book and some spending money too! I had a really great day!

Now I'll have to leave you again and go back to creating and packing friendship swap parcels before the weekend is over and it's back to work and I wish you all my dears a very wonderful
month of LOVE ~


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