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Monday, January 27, 2014

It's that time again ~ first Valentines and frosted garden

Yep it's January, almost February so it's time for creating hearts and other Valentines, but first of all welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends!

My friend Julia and I agreed to do a friendship Valentine's day swap some time last year, so right after I had put the Christmas stuff away I pulled out all things Valentine and started creating

I was indulging in reds, pinks and silver mainly, because Valentine's day is not for neutral colors only for me, it's the one time in the year where I really love reds and pinks, so in that spirit I created this heart box for example:

But then I got an email from Julia telling me that she wishes for white Valentines only because she's not in the spirit for reds. Dang! So I had to restart and rethink all the things I created and wanted to make for her, but of course I'm always up for a challenge :)

And outside it's cold anyway since we are in Winter and the garden is supposed to be either frosted or covered under a blanket of snow, well that wasn't true at all here in Northern Germany until last week anyway. These frosted garden pictures I took back in November already on a magical sunny and frosty late autumn day:

I loved how everything looked covered in the blueish frost

and I really looked forward to many more of such beautiful Winter days, which until today never came again. We had a lot of stormy and rainy Winter days and many just boring grey sky dark Winter days but no more frost and no snow at all not even a tiny bit and that while you guys in the US have record breaking cold Winter days, even in the Southern States - here it was rather warm at least for Winter that is

My beautiful last blooming Eden rose frosted in November 2013

The garden view from my bedroom window:

And a closer shot of the back yard area with my new old white garden door that we installed last October. I love the frosted glass of the big red lantern:

Well that was pretty much how the garden looked all those weeks since October/November until January 20th, but Winter can't fool me in thinking that we'll have an early Spring, not here in Germany. I'm born at the end of January and on my birthday it's always cold and I knew the cold would come sooner or later and of course I was right. Since a couple of days it got colder and the frost is back, not as beautiful as in the November pictures above, but much colder this time and since 3 days we even have a bit of snow and tonight it has snowed again so today the garden is covered under a thick blanket of the white stuff. Winter has finally arrived here too now! Sorry no pictures of the snow yet, but I hope that I'll get around to take some later if it isn't going to melt before lol

Now I have to finish my friendship swap parcel for my dear friend Julia. Julia if you should read this, I'm almost finished, but had to mix black and silver into the whites, because without them it was just too boring, hope that's okay with you!

This is just some wall decor in my studio but I'll share the Valentines I made for Julia in my next post, when she got her parcel.
Until then I wish y'all a great start into the month of hearts!

Happy Winter days my friends!


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