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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~ The lushest July Mid-Summer garden I ever had ~

Seeing that I have not done a garden post since May I think it's high time to share with you my dear blogging friends and readers my "mid summer garden". 
All the pictures in this post are done during this month ~ July from the 6th until today. 
I left out June because I showed you my June flowers ever so often over the last 6 years and don't wanna bore you. June is always pretty in the garden with lot's of roses, foxgloves, bellflowers, alliums etc., but I was forever a bit sad once June was over, for in July I found my garden well let's say a bit less flowery and I worked on changing this ever since I bought the cottage in 2004 and moved in here in 2005. Back then the garden was a - by the past owners - so called "evergreen garden" with almost no flowers but, at least in my opinion, too much hedges, bushes and trees for such a small row cottage garden. You must know that my whole lot is only 120 sqm and that with the house (don't ask me what this is in square feet because I don't now, but believe me it is very small.) Well now after 7 years and lot's of changes and removing of some not flowering bushes and trees the garden is finally blooming through from early Spring until late Fall and I'm really enjoying it!

The hydrangeas like my sweet white Annabelle above and the pretty blueish one below are blooming so prettily right now!

And the phloxes are wonderful this year too. I think the garden likes our weather this summer, it's not hot ( we only had 2 or 3 hot summer days so far) and it is also not raining too much either.

Above the purple phlox in the new border, which I started last year after removing two large bushes, is blooming together with high purple Verbena bonariensis,  Lavatera olbia and white Echinacea and below the deep purples phlox is also blooming in this border but between the high Leonardo da Vinci rose and the also high butterfly plant.

Below you see another pretty hydrangea which is blooming  in my front garden:

You may easily recognise my love for purple and blueish flowers as you also see in the Thalictrum blooming behind the pretty apricot colored Rokkoko rose in the picture below:

The Lavatera olbia Barnsley a mallow plant which I planted last fall and it growed into a bigh flowering bush already:

My pink Echinacea also is a dream this year and the bees are loving it as much as I do:

Blueish Clematis are also still blooming, like Prince Charles on my rusty rose arc:

Another lovely true blue flower is my gorgoeus Agapanthus (African Lily), growing in a large pot on my deck right now:

Oh and the hollyhocks are blooming beautifully too on my deck:

I love the pink filled one above but also the not filled soft cream yellow one which is blooming under my living room window every year:

The bumblebee below is enyoing herself imensely in my Verbena bonariensis:

My old border on the right side of my little garden is still blooming with pretty campanula varieties:

and Alchemilla and Achillea

A close up of the gorgeous Prince Charles clematis below blooming together with the blue Buddleja (Butterfly plant):

Another sweet Clematis is Piilu blooming in my little crap apple treeL


One of the rare warm and sunny Sunday mornings on my deck with Cleome spinosa blooming in the mosaic pot on the small blue mosaic table in front:

My wonderful Eden rose started blooming quite late this season. Here I cut some flowers for a petit blue enamel jug on my deck:

More "Eden85" rose blossoms:

A view from my deckchair:

It feels a bit as if I would live in a flower nursery sometimes lol

but i so love it and apparently our black neighborhood cat Tommy is enjoying it too:

While our own Boxwood tomcat Riley usually prefers the front garden. 
Below is another close up of a pink Echinacea and the white Echincea just starting to flower in the background:

Comes sunset the ecofriendly solar lampion lanterns are starting to glow: 

which has something quite magically for me

Above is my favorite summer evening picture so far!
Below are the smaller solar lampions glowing in the grape vine which grows over my living room window:

Another view from the deck down in the new flower bed:

The shady seating area under the maple tree in my back garden I did not need so far this Summer, because it just wasn't hot enough. See how the wind blows in the table cloth? We had quite a lot of overcast and windy days and really hope for more warmer Summer days ahead!

This is the view from sitting on the blue backyard iron chair looking back to the cottage:

The garden is so lush and green and flowering abundantly if you look close enough like we did today

I better stop here and hope if you are still with me, that I did not bore you too much with all these garden and flower pictures and that hopefully you did enjoy it a bit with me? I'll promise to get back on crafting and decorating in my next post. Today is a beautiful sunny day and I'm looking forward to some deckchair summer reading in the late afternoon.

Sending very happy Summer wishes to all of you!

xoxo~ Carola

Thursday, July 14, 2011

~ Where Bloggers Create 2011 ~ 3rd annual blog party

Welcome dear blogging friends, readers and party visitors to the 3rd annual "Where bloggers create" blog party hosted by Karen over at http://mydesertcottage.blogspot.com/ and welcome into my roof top studio in Summer 2011. It's the third year in a row that I participate and play along in Karen's fun and inspiring blog party:

I shot some fresh photos for today`s party and would be thrilled if you'd like them.

Since I just did a huge studio post after my latest studio cleaning and rearranging in May (click here to view: http://carolsgarden.blogspot.com/2011/05/celebrating-the100th-white-wednesday.html)
I concentrated on the parts of my studio which I rather left our last time. I could have just linked up the May post today, but I thought after almost 8 weeks new pictures would be more fun.

My vintage studio dressform dressed up especially for today:

and I think I did not show you a close up of my vintage writing collection either so far:

I love to leave the huge roof top windows open in summer and let a breath of fresh air into the studio:

Under the window you'll find some of my studio storage which i love to rearrange from time to time:

 In this case I decorated the wooden storage boxes with the glass lids with some of the altered and soldered  bottles I created this year and the glass box I soldered last year:

on the round white table in front of this shelf stands one of my studio bowls ~ a vintage soup toureen ~ filled with supplies to create with:

Talking about creating I thought you might not only want to see the cleaned up studio but also a bit of the mess I make while pulling things together to create:

If you're new to my blog you might not know what I like best to create so I'll show you some silver soldered trinket boxes I finished lately:

The one above is quite huge and hangs on my old dressform. The ones below are smaller, more like pendants to wear:

It's fun to fill them with vintage frozen Charlotte dolls, vintage rhinestones and other small trinkets:

This one is a see through box made entirely out of cut glass which looks good from both sides:

In the next one I used a tiny crotched flower created by my talented flickr friend Sandra Blanks:

The one above got some vintage bling and silver wire boullion on old German sheet music paper with the German word Traum which means Dream and the box below I called "Oh Tannenbaum" the scene shows a child which peeked through the keyhole the night before Christmas and seeing the already trimmed Christmas tree it just had to sneak into the festive room:

I also cut my first bird shape, soldered it and gave it some lace wings:

This is my solder desk where the "Magic" happens:

Well dear visitors and party people I hope you had some fun visiting my studio and found some inspiration here then I'll be all happy today! And my wish for you - I wrote on the chalk board in the picture below:

Now let's go and visit all the other fabulous creative bloggers and the spaces where they create!
There is a long list from A to Z of WBC party participants on Karen's blog in the the right side bar.

Happy partying everyone!

xoxo~ Carola

and here:

and if you have a vintage inspired studio that you would like to share with kindred spirits I'd be thrilled if you'd become a member of my flickr group here:


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