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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tea party ~ Happy St. Valentine's ~ & Early Spring garden

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends & readers! Today I'd like to invite you to a British High Tea party. Now isn't that fitting for St. Valentine's Day? Well actually this was my birthday party a bit over 2 weeks ago. My daughter made all these delicious little treats for us.

Since they're not only extremely yummy but also look very pretty I thought I share some photos of our tea party treats with you today

Don't they look mouthwatering? And everything is/was vegan of course! :)
We had scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and I love those and thought they were my faves but to say the truth I had to try the berry tartelettes and the lemon bars and chocolate strawberries and lavender shortbreads and of course the sandwiches too and I loved every bite of every piece and can't tell anymore which my favorite was.

And I also like to share with you this pretty creatively wrapped gift parcel I got from my sister and my daughter. Are you curious what is in it? It's a really awesome gift, just click here to see it: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/283515739015468974/

But now I'd like to share some Valentine vignettes I snapped around my house and garden with you to celebrate this special day. Let's start with a black chalkboard heart in a soldered glass box:

and some spelling of Happy Valentine's day with flash cards from my friend Cari Kraft:

Then there is a rusty and scrolly iron heart hanging in the rusty chandelier a gift from my dear Auntie which unfortunately is not with us anymore:

 and below hanging from another iron chandelier my for red beaded fabrics hearts that I purchased many years ago. The red color is not so mine anymore but to celebrate Valentines I find them really great:

Another black chalkboard heart and a soldered arrow (both made by me) in one of my old typewriters:

And in the following photo are some Valentine pendants which I created and soldered last month:

Below is another vignette with an old postcard in an old flower frog and a new soldered arrow:

After I finally put the snowflakes down out of my old room divider and put in some hearts instead:

Close up they look much better in photos like the glass bead heart below:

or this crystal heart:

and then there is the crocheted heart in the next photo, that my friend Julia sent me last year. Initially I had planned to share Julia's and my Valentines friendship swap with you today but since both of our parcels have not arrived yet (although we know that they are already in the respctives countries for days because we have sent them registered mail and can check where they are- slow postal service I can tell you!) this has to wait, probably even until next year, because I don't think people are interested in seeing Valentine's once the day is over, although for me February is the month of hearts and I will have mine up at least 2 more weeks :)

In the next photo is a silver glittered heart that I once got from my friend Madai:

And here comes another heart that I soldered a few years ago:

But now follow me outside because even in my garden I have some hearts like the galvanized one you can see in the next photo:

or the twine one which sits in my rosemary topiary:

We are very fortunate here weatherwise because since that short Winter intermezzo last month the weather is rather early Spring like as my garden thermometer shows you with 11°Celsius plus in the shadow:

So I was brave and bought a few spring flowers like daisies and primroses already and put them outside on my deck and I really like the springlike view. Winter doesn't have to come back now because I would be very happy with such an early Spring for a change!

 I know some of you are still having Winter storms with icy rain and heavy frosts and snow at the moment and I hope these photos will give you hope, hang on my friends and Spring will be there soon!

Love the soft pink of the primrose below:

And here comes my wish for you today:

Happy St. Valentine's Day dear blogging friends and readers! 


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