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So glad that you found me! My blog is about everything I love like gardening, decorating my home & garden and crafting. Although I'm from Germany I write my blog in English so that hopefully every visitor can read it. Hope you'll stay a while and will leave me a comment so that I know that you were here! xoxo Carola

Saturday, July 18, 2009

For garden lovers, vintage lovers and all creative people

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage everyone! I just realised that I haven't done a post in July yet, although I have so many new things to share with you. Last weekend I had my very creative 12 years old niece here for a sleep over and I thought I would teach her a few creative things but instead of it she teached me lol, at first how to make beautiful bead bracelets and then how to make fluffy paper pompoms out of paper napkins. I'm glad I had these soft pink paper napkins in the house because I think they turned out the most beautiful. Don't they look great hanging in my studio? We sure had lot's of fun making them!

I also like to share with you my latest etsy purchase. It's the wonderful wooden shoe form in the picture above. I'm so happy to have finally found one, because I was searching for it on flea markets forever and had no luck. You must know that my paternal grandfather was a shoemaker so I just felt that I had to have one, right?

Now to the garden. We have finally set up my new rose arc in the Boxwood Cottage garden, as you can see in the photo above. Next week we are going to plant the new roses and I hope it is already covered at least half of it with beautiful roses next summer!

The beautiful pink Leonardo da Vinci rose is already blooming beside of the new rose arc. I had to give her some hold with the scrolly iron heart, but I think it will need an obelisk next season. The beauty that you see in the photo below is my David Austin rose "Heritage":

Further I like to show you some beautiful bells blooming in my garden, like this wonderful Foxglove:

Oh and I forgot to show you my "Wife of bath" another English Austin rose:

But now back to the bells, I love this one, it's called Campanula punctata:

And my absolute favorite bellflower is this beautiful pink biennial "Campanula medium", for I so love her huge bells:

Our tomcat LV is also enjoying the summer in Boxwood Cottage garden. He turned one year old on June 29th and he's very proud of beeing a man cat now that can even climb up trees to see the foxgloves blooming from close up:

From one of my favorite places the garden we go back to my next favorite place my studio in the attic of the cottage. This is my solder work desk:

With a little help of Sally Jean's turtorial in her book Pretty little things I recently created my first soldered and collaged glass house:

Do you like it?

I think the Vintage Forget me not postcard is so enchanting from both sides that I just had to use it. I love the calligraphy script on it!

I rearranged a lot in my studio lately so I like to show you some more photos of it:

Here is where I'm happy!

You can see more photos of my studio in my flickr photo set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boxwoodcottage/sets/72157603980980932/
if you'd like to!

And lastly just a little studio vignette to finish off this post:

And by the way a big thank you to the over 70 visitors that came to my Mad tea party last month, my little mad hatter nephew and I were delighted to see all your sweet comments! :)
I hope to read you again soon here at Boxwood Cottage and wish you all very happy summer days!
xoxo Carola


Lori said...

Carol, your studio and garden are AMAZING!!! your flowers in the garden are so pretty, and your pictures are just stunning...i see a lot of things growing there that i have tried to grow without success...you must really spend a lot of time nurturing and caring for your plants to help them look so healthy and pretty...your studio...*sigh*...it looks like a dream to me...what a wonderful, gorgeous and inspiring place to create...i LOVE LOVE LOVE your soldered house, it really could NOT be any cuter...you did Sally Jean proud!!!
the pom poms you made with your niece are adorable!!!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful and long post. I love all of the photographs. Your pink roses are just so gorgeous and you did such a great job with your little collage house. It was nice this morning to get up with my cup of tea and be able to relax and look at your blog.

Charlene said...

It has been a long time since I have come to visit you! I found your site again & was very excited. Oh what wonders you have! Your studio & gardens are divine! Thank you for sharing! And... your soldered house is so wonderful!!!! Was it really hard? I want to do one(I have Sally's book too) but was afraid it was above my skill level.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Everything is lovely! I always enjoy *visiting* your garden; it inspires me!
I really like the pink pom-poms; they look so cute in your studio.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I'm so glad I came over but now I'm completely depressed. My craft room looks like a steamroller went over it compared to yours.
I love Sally Jeans book and hope someday to finally try soldering something as wonderful as that house. GREAT job!

Mary Green said...

What a wonderful post! You have such a lovely studio! Your soldered house is beautiful and I love seeing your Heritage roses - they're my favorite.

Sylvia said...

Love, love, love your garden and glass box house. Mmmmm....Your garden must have some awesome fragrance to it.

Caleen said...

Your studio is amazing and beautiful and filled with so many wonderful things. It looks clean and organized to me. Don't change a thing. You are so talented and to have learned how to solder?? I love the little house. So beautiful. Soldering scares me.. I love your special creative space and I can see why you get so much creating done. I love all the "Top Hats" you have and Dolls.. It is just "Pure "Eye Candy"!! Thanks for sharing!

Martha's Favorites said...

Love your garden! Your craft room is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Martha

The Whispering Poppies said...

Hello Carola! I haven't been blogging this summer, but I just happened to visit your blog today and saw the shoeform... my paternal grandfather and great grandfather from Germany were both shoemakers! =) I have a shoeform, too, as a little loving reminder! =) hugs to you!

Ellen said...

What a great time I had visiting your blog. Beautiful garden en stunning room. You inspire me girl !!
xoxo Ellen

Annemary said...

encore plein de merveilles !tes maisons sont magnifiques BRAVO bisous à+

Annemary said...

oh j'aime vraiment beaucoup ton style d'atelier !!!!!!bisous à+

Mariella said...

Hi Carol, do not do much visiting. Pleased to see that your garden is blooming again, winter is still here ... and you miss the spring.


TinyBear said...

oh - how I love to look at your studio - it´s amazing.
Definately going to visit you blog offen. So inspiring.
~ Tina

LiLi M. said...

I love everything, as always. Your garden is so beautiful again this year. I should have read this before; both my roses broke off, because they had no support and I had to cut them down and loose all rose buds :-(

That glass house is gorgeous! And I can never see enough photos of your studio! I will be back in your flickr album. Have fun today!

Cindy said...

This is my first visit, I'm with Karen. You must do amazing things. I really love the glass house with the post cards. I think I've seen those glass houses before. Gotta get one. Thanks for the inspiration.


Terri said...

Great photos terrific space to do your art work and fantastic pieces you have shared with us! Hope you are enjoying the blog party!

a woman who is said...

I think I am in love with your Wife of Bath...

in love with D.A. roses myself

DeeDee said...

wow I love it here..your style is beautiful...thanks for the invite to your beautiful space.

visit me at: deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com

paintinpatti said...

Oh my gosh - all I can say is - it is wonderful for me to see your creative space and gardens. Sooooo many ideas! Wow - you are a creative genius! Blessings - Patti

Art Studio 522 said...

Carol, your studio is wonderful! I love the pink napkin pompoms. You should post how you made them. I would love to make some and I am sure other people would also. You did a great job on your soldered house. Saw you in Artful blogging. That's how I found you. I also love to solder and that is what caught my eye in the article.

cindy said...

What an absolutely dreamy place to work and create! Lovely light and such wonderful "toys".

yapping cat

sashagirl said...

Hi Sweet Carola, Oh my, your studio is heavenly! I enlarged every photo so I could see all your beautiful art and treasures up close! Your soldered house is gorgeous and I love the postcards! I have recently ordered soldering supplies from a fellow artist and I have yet to even open the box of goodies, I don't know one thing about this craft and there are no classes available in my area, but after seeing your beautiful creations, I want to learn this art form so badly! Wish me luck, I will need lots of it, haha! You are so inspiring!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

June said...

Hi Carol, Your garden is an inspiration to me as is your beautiful studio. I just love meeting other gardeners and getting to look at their lovely Edens.

Jamie said...

I am so happy to find your blog!Such creativity and inspiration! I noticed the dresses on this post and had to tell you that we have a little group creating these dresses (one per month) for the whole year! You can see the January entries here - http://aliceandcamilla.blogspot.com

I definitely will be back to visit your blog! Jamie V in Montana

(my blog)

Debby said...

Hi Carol, I love your blog, everything is so amazing, so happy to have found you.


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