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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halloween swap preparations, painting activities and our new kitten

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers. Once again I have to apologize for my long blogging absence. There was so much going on at Boxwood Cottage I'm not sure where to begin. Well I guess I start with the activities in the studio. I signed up for a new swap through the Year of color blog, it is the Sweet and Sinister swap. Seeing as I'm not that fond of the color Orange and the Sweet & Sinister Swap is all about Black, White & Cream colors it is the perfect Halloween swap for me. I started by embellishing some of my little top hats and decorating them in the studio, but for now I can't show you more of the things I prepared because I don't want to spoil the surprise for my swap partner Heather of Speckeled Egg. One thing I can tell you is that it has a lot to do with Silhouettes, because I love them very much and so does Heather :)

I also soldered some pendants for Halloween that I'll show you in my next post, as well as what I sent to Heather. One thing I can show you today is my first pair of soldered earrings. I used small, old glass marbles and really love to wear these.

For the next finished project that took some time we have to go downstairs into the living room.
The painting bug has bitten me again. I remebered an old 3 pieces shelf lying around in the basement, which I had hanging in my former kitchen in the old cottage. I had not found the right space for it since I moved to Boxwood Cottage in 2005. Well suddenly it came to me that it would look great painted in white and I also had an idea on where to hang it up, so I started painting:

I also painted a brown letter white and placed it on the shelf and tried to hang it all on the screws from the mirror that hung on the wall before, of course that didn't work out lol

So I needed the help of my Dad to hang it up on the space over my willow sofa:

Thank you Dad for hanging it up for me! Then the fun part was to decorate it. I'm not sure if I'm done with it yet, but for the moment I think it is okay and I'm happy with the look of it. My eyes really needed a new sight in the living room.

Here is an over all look of the redecorated sofa corner:

I also painted the shutter in the corner beside the window:

You can even see the reflection of the shelf in the golden mirror over my faux wooden mantle (made for me by my Dad in 1999) which was the first piece I painted white in 2006. Since then I have to paint something more white every few month lol it is like an addiction.

Beeing in paint mood I continued and painted a small round wooden table, also made by my Dad and the little shelf in the shady corner, which was made by Dad too and the plant stand below in white and I think it was all worth the effort because it all fits together now. (Right click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the big version with all the details if you'd like)

So now we come to the little thing that took up most of my spare time since my last post. 5 weeks ago we got a new kitten. He was only 8 weeks old when we got him, but his mama didn't want her babies anymore, she was much too young when she got her babies, still almost a kitten herself with 6 month of age.

I present to you our new family member Riley. A few weeks ago he was not more than a hand full of fur:

But meanwhile he has almost doubled his weight. And he loves to discover the cottage.

Of course I made him a cosy bed in a basket, but he always prefered to lay in one of my boxes with craft supplies when he took a nap in the studio so I gave him his own cardboard box cover to sleep in and he loves it better than any other place lol

Thing is that at the beginning he used only half the box, but meanwhile he's almost growing out of it.

Say bye bye for now to our dear readers little one!
So what have you been up to since the beginning of August?
Today is a wonderful late summer day and I'll better go out in the garden now, before it is getting dark again.
Have a wonderful end of summer anyone!
xoxo Carola
Thank you all very much for the congratulations on my Artful blogging article, your comments were a pleasure to read and very much appreciated!! I further wish a warm welcome to my new readers , I'm so glad that you found me through Artful Blogging and I hope that you are here to stay and follow the activities at Boxwood Cottage!


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I am so pleased to see you Blogging again Carola. Riley has found a lovely home. I agree it is addictive to paint things white. xx

Lori said...

Carol, your new kitty is adorable...all of the pictures of him are so sweet and really made me smile...i am liking the peeks of your halloween goodies...black, white and silver are my favorite halloween combination...your new shelving looks great...i love your style of decorating!!!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carol! Thank you for you suggestions but unfortunately my plant doesn't smell of Vanilla! Anyway...you're always so creative and productive my friend! It's a pleasure to see all your creations! I'm a bit down in creativity...may be this long Summer doesn't help my energies! I like your shutters and the new look of your sofa...and the shelves! I like everything! Congratulations for the new member of the family...he's so lovely!
Have a nice creative time!
Big hugs

Marrissa said...

Little Riley is just the cutest thing and he looks so perfect in your home! I love your decorating style, the new shelves look great! Here in Australia we don't get much into Halloween (in this town anyway), its a shame - it looks like so much fun! Take care :)

LiLi M. said...

Hello Carola! The start of your post already brings me in the mood for Halloween, though it's great that we have an Indian Summer, don't you agree? This year I didn't sign up for any swaps, as I am sooo behind making things just for me and which is worse, I still owe a couple of people 'something'. Right now I'm finishing the give away that my blogging friend Michele won beginning of June (blush), well I had to gather some vintage things that cannot be bought at every corner of the street but still...
You did some marvelous decorating too. I love all white shelves and those shutters...tdf! But the best part is of course that you have a new kitten. Is there anything more sweet than a kitten? Unfortunately my daughter is allergic (and she is such a cat lover) that after the death of our cat we couldn't take another one :-(. Your Riley is such a cutie! And did your really expect him to stay in a basket when he is in BOXwood cottage hehehe!
Don't stay away too long this time, promise? As soon as Heather has her package you are going to show us what you made, please??? Have a great Sunday!

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Carol
I have been reading your blog for years and I think I have read every post you ever wrote. You are the first blog i ever read.
I love your new baby kitty. He is such a cutie~pie. I so wish we could get a new kitty, but hubbie won't let me get one until we buy a house. Oh well. When we do buy a house I will have a whole farm with lots of animals.
Don't stay away too long. I am always waiting for you to have a new post with pretty photos of your home and your beautiful garden.
♥ Rebecca

Diana P. said...

The kitten is adorable! We recently got a new kitten also. Aren't they such a joy?

June said...

Hi Carol,
You certainly have been a busy girl. What wonderful things you have done in your absence. I LOVE the shelving unit above your sofa. Your cottage is such a beautiful place to get to peek into. Riley is so darling and lucky to have you.

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

Congratulations on your Artful Blogging publication. I was at Barnes and Nobles tonight and saw it. I LOVE your soldered jewelry pieces! I went to Art and Soul Retreat in may and took a class with Sally Jean Alexander, and I learned how to Solder. I'm hoping Santa Claus will bring me a soldering iron for Christmas!

Currently I'm "Bon Blogging", a self-guided search through the OWOH list of 911 blogs in 90 days--inspired by watching the Julia/Julie movie. After seeing your work in Artful blogging, I wanted to include your blog in my journey. Come visit my blog
I write mysteries and make jewelry.
My mystery features a Madame President and is available on Amazon.

I'm going to add your blog to my "blogs I follow" list and will write a review on it on my FAcebook.

Happy Bon Blogging!

carola said...

Hi carola,
ganz ehrlich, ich habe lange nicht geguckt und gelesen . . . aber jetzt sehe ich das katzenkind . . . süüß.
und wo ist eure "alte" ?

und schön sieht deine weiß-malerei aus!! da bin ich ja auf die diesjährige weihnachtsdeko gespannt . . .

aus berlin

white-vintage said...

Hallo Carola ;o)

jetzt war ich wegen dem englisch erst ein wenig irretiert...*lach*
dachte, ich hätte mich verlaufen ....

einmal die adresse bitte wegen dem magazin: white-vintage@arcor.de

grüßli tine

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Good morning, Carola! Thank you for your comment on my new blog! Your kitten is DARLING!!!! We will be choosing a new kitty soon as well (our 18 yr old kitty passed away at the end of the summer). Your Riley looks so very sweet! And your cottage is so delightful. Have fun with your Halloween swap!

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a lovely post... so much beauty to see. I am in love with your new "kitteh" hee hee

One of the prettiest Tabbies I have seen. I have such a soft spot in my heart for gray tabbies. My heart was broken at a very young age over my beloved kitten who only came to stay for a couple months then ran away. I have never forgotten her and how she would fall asleep on my lap with her paws straight up in the air.

I can't wait to see more pictures of your new baby and how she grows into a gorgeous cat.

Have a great day!!


Michele said...

Oh Carol ~ I'm so glad you're back...your posts were truly missed!

Your little precious kitten is just too cute for words...I wish they could always stay little like that!


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Greetings Carol~I'm finally back from my summer long blogcation...just in time to meet your precious Riley. I adore kitty-cats. My kitty came into my life at two days old, weighing in at 4 ozs. I still can't believe that was over 16 years ago. She is my joy!

As much as I hate to see the summer close because it's so fleeting in the PNW...I do like Fall and the creativity that comes with it. Your soldered pendent is so wonderfully whimsical.

I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
Sweet wishes,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Deine Regale sehen toll aus und passen so gut ins Gesamtbild! Auf Deine Halloweenkreationen bin ich schon sehr gespannt. Riley ist ja so ein Süßer, einfach unwiderstehlich! Liebe Grüße, Julia

Alicja said...

Hello dear Carol,
I just want to say once again that you are a great artist! To visit your blog is a pleasure!
I hope you've got my former mail.
I'm sending you a lot of warm hugs from Poland!
P.S. Your cat is soooooooo sweeeeeeet:)

My home said...

Hallo Carola,
Deine neue Katze ist ja sooooo süß!!!!!! Ich war jetzt schon lange nicht mehr bei Dir im Blog und habe wohl viel verpasst. Deine weißen Möbel sehen einfach wunderschön aus!!!!!!!! Und auch Deine ganzen selbstgemachten kleinen Dinge sind soooooo schön!!!! Dazu habe ich aber eine kleine Frage, woher bekommt man diese kleinen Rahmen, die Du im Post vom 4. August hast? Ich suche schon ganz verzweifelt!!!!
Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Restwochenende. Das Wetter ist ja gut und Du bist bestimmt in Deinen wunderschönen Garten!!!
Ganz liebe Grüße Barbara

TinyBear said...

Looks like a great swap. I would have loved to sign up for that too, but just couldn´t this time.
Love you new display shelfes in your livingroom.
~ Tina

Jen Kershner said...

I Love everything in that room. And that kitten...you're killing me. I want one so bad but with 2 cats at home I don't think a third is a good idea.

Merci-Notes said...

Congratulations on your article!!! I will have to find i t... I have been very good and have stayed away from the bookstores! :( Is that a good thing? ehehehe
I love how the light comes in onto your newly decorated wall... it is so peaceful and tranquil even though you have your treasures around :)
That kitty!!!! I am telling you , it is a good thing that I am staying away from the pet stores...oohoh, have to go save $5 on an order of 10 at the pet store! they have adoption kitties there!
I used to foster kitties for them, the last two i named Henry and Henrietta....they were brother and sister and they sere adopted by two beautiul little girls who promptly named them Bert and Ernie!!!

Thank You for stopping by, I have been trying to get back to visiting and posting better myself! :)


Wren Cottage said...

Hi sweetie!!!
Had to drop by and see what you've been up to :)
And OMG!! I LOVE the white shelves on your wall!!! They are beyond adorable!! And I love the way you arranged them on the wall and decorated them, how sweeeet of your dad to help you, you are so blessed.
And well, you know I love that sweet little girl with her tophat, soooo darn cute! The top hat itself is awesome!
and your sweet Riley, oh goodness, what a cute baby he is!! byebye, little one :)
Thank you for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments, they so made my day, my sweet kindred spirit, you have always been so kind to me.
I have been working on your little parcel but going at it a slow...
but it will be ready for shipping by the first week of November, hope that is ok?
and last night I was trying to change the template on my blog and lost all my widgets...ohhhh, dear me...I knew I should have left it alone! At least I didn't lose the posts or comments, that would not have been good.
Have a great weekend!!
ttys ~ xoxo ~ Madai

Inspiration i vitt said...

Hi Carol, thank you for vicit me, I be so happy.
Your brown shelves that were white were so nice and the little cat was wonderful.
Have a wonderful week, hug / Ingela.

Sandra Evertson said...

Congrats on being published in Artful Blogging!
And Wow, love the marble earrings, just fabulous! AND your new baby is Darling, I bet he will love your amazing garden in the summer!
Sandra Evertson

Naturegirl said...

Carola! How busy you have been since I last visited! Oh my congratualations on being published in Artful Blogging! You well deserved that as your blog is a delight to visit and you share so much of yourself and your garden. Now about that newest member of your family!! Totally the sweetest...=^.^=
Purr-Zzz...Congratulations mamma!
love and light aNNa xo

Household 6 said...

Congratulations, Carol! It's been too long since I've stopped and chatted here - your little furry babies are soooooo precious! How are things in your world? Many hugs

Mitzi Curi said...

Those kitty pics are so adorable! I also love your redecorating. Aren't dads the best? Mine has always been very handy too. Love em!

rochambeau said...

Dear Carol,
Thank you for celebrating LiLi today. She is such a good lady! And you are too!! Adore these photos above, but ESPECIALLY of your little furry baby. Congrats on your article. I will look for it!
Have a creative evening~


Vickie said...

The kitten is so adorable! Kittens are always so much fun to watch. I wish hubby weren't allergic. I love what you've been doing lately and can't wait to see what you soldered, it's always very pretty.

The White Bench said...

Hello Carola,
your kitty is a cutie!! Love your new shelves too, and the soldered earrings look divine!
I've enjoyed so much visiting your cottage today.
Have fun with your swap, and Happy Fall!

Birgit said...

Hallo Carola, Euer kleiner Riley ist ja wirklich zuckersüß. Habe ihn eben schon bei Stefanie bewundert. Es gibt (fast) nichts goldigeres als Katzenbabies, Babies überhaupt. Deine Ohrringe sind ja super geworden. Ich habe auch vor ein paar Wochen angefangen zu löten. Macht riesigen Spaß, finde ich. Außerdem hat man dauernd schnell Abnehmer ;-).
Ja und Deine Regale sind ja der Oberhammer. Sie sehen so toll aus über dem Sofa. Gefällt mir ausnehmend gut Deine schöne Wohnecke.
Liebe Grüße

Nicole said...

Hallo Carola, haha der Weiß-Virus hat dich voll erwischt ;-) Steht deinem Cottage aber super, dein Wohnzimmer war schon immer so hübsch anzusehen und jetzt finde ich es noch ein bischen schöner. Die neuen/alten Regale machen sich echt gut. Ganz liebe Grüße und knuddel mal dein süßes Kätzchen, Nicki

cupcake studio said...

Just stumbled upon your blog this evening...so glad to have found it. Your kitten is oh-so adorable!

Diane said...

What would a cottage be without a kitten!
I love what you've done with your decorating.

Eileen @ Star's Fault said...

Your new shelves and little table are darling and look really special in the room! Riley is so precious and I bet you are having a ton of fun with him. Baby kitties are wonderful, aren't they? I just love how they'll find a little spot to curl up in and sleep ever so innocently.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Maureen said...

I just flipped over from flickr and the pics of your garden - now, here's the thing - I'm fighting back the green eyed monster because I have just got a garden, oblong of lawn, and I want to make a garden like yours.

problem, I have no imagination and I would love to know how you started!

Caleen said...

I love your home. It is so pretty and full of beautiful pretties. I love the white. Your mirror above the mantle is gorgeous. Love all your soldering.. Wish I lived closer so you could teach me.. :)
Your kitten is so sweet. Love the Halloween Hats. So festive and fun.
I really love your blog. Thanks for inspiring me.

Gypsy Purple said...

Hi there...I`m back in blogland and catching up on all the 100`s of fabulous posts I missed out on.....and here you are still making lovelythings...--Gypsy Purple -Chamara


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