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Friday, August 17, 2007

Garden blues, vintage hat boxes, more soldered pendants and a give away!

In August I always get the garden blues, because knowing that the beauty of my little garden is going to be over soon makes me kind of blue, so today I like to share with you my dear readers and blogging friends some blue pictures of my August summer garden and seeing that most of you said that you like my mixed posts I'd also like to show you some vintage hat boxes I've recently got and my latest soldered charms and pendants, seen in the picture above as well as in the pictures at the end of this long post. I know it's a lot of pictures to load but if you refresh the site it loads faster, this is my experience and I promise you that you'll not be deceived! There'll also be a give away in this post for you!

The white pelargonia and the blue hydrangea are looking so fresh together:

Some late blooming pink poppies making a nice contrast to the blue glass ball as well as to the the blue watering can:

In the pictures below is deep blue Aconitum blooming in my big border:

And not to forget the beautiful light blue summer sky with fluffy white clouds over my little garden:

Now what is the red thing hidden behind my David Austin rose "Wenlock" ??

It is a beautiful vintage hat box from around 1920 and there even is an original vintage chapeau clac (Zylinder) hidden in the box!

And this is another gorgeous vintage hat box!

So how did I get those boxes? Well last weekend I told my mum about a gorgeous vintage hat box with a black chapeau clac which I had seen at the flea market but couldn't afford to buy, she went in the house and after a while came back with these gorgeous old boxes and gave them to me! She had them stored somewhere at her wardrobe. Woohooo! :D I'm such a happy bunny now! Thank you mum! After the garden photo shoot I've displayed them in my studio, close to my vintage mannequin. Click picture to enlarge and see more details!

Talking about my studio here is a shot of some things I've gathered for the soldered jewelry making which became my new passion of lately:

And here are my latest soldered charms and pendants, all two sided!

Did I mention to you that thanks to my dear blogging friend Ullabenulla I can now make these beautiful scalloped edges too? This is so much fun! Thank you so much Ulla! :D

Well and lastly I like to announce another give away drawing firstly because it's quite a while ago now that I did one and secondly because I like to thank you my dear blogging friends and readers for your friendship, inspirations and faithfulness for almost 2 years now! I started this blog in September 2005 and since then have made so many wonderful friends all over the world and I'm really thankful for this awesome blogging community that we are, it feels so good being a part of it! All you have to do is leave me a comment under this post and you're automatically in the drawing for one of my two sides pendants. I'll let you chose the one you like best! Good luck!!

Oh and I have another magazine swap to propose, I'm such an eye candy magazine addict (like most of you artful bloggers) and you US guys have so many gorgeous magazines that I see on your blogs and which I'd love to get like Artful Blogger, Somerset Home, The Foof-a-life and not to forget that Victoria magazine everyone is talking about and which is supposed to come out soon! So if someone of you would like to do a magazine swap with me I'd be really happy! I'll send you copies of our most beautiful German eye candy home & garden & craft magazines in return, or if you like I'll make you an art supply parcel with German crepe paper, Dresden borders and Victorian scraps. Just let me know what you'd prefer!

Have a happy and creative weekend everyone!

Hugs Carol(a) xox


Anonymous said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean about feeling blue. The past week I've started getting sad looking at my garden and thinking too soon everything will be covered with snow. It stays really cold here until the end of April :( The older I get the more it bothers me. I too collect old hat boxes. Yours are beautiful! Of course your garden is gorgeous and your art work is too. Your a busy girl!

Natalea said...

Carol, I'd love to do a magazine swap with you! Count me in for sure! Let when know when,etc...
Love the garden pics! I'm having a wine-tasting in my garden tonight so I'll take some pics of my garden and post them Monday! Stop by to see them! xo natalea

jenny holiday said...

Oh my goodness! Your blog is just brimming with all things lovely and colorful!! Incredible! Your garden is magical! So lovely and happy!! :)
Ohh and your charms!! So so fabulous!! Lovely lovely work!!!!! :) Thank you so so much for all that you share!!!

Happy Creating!!
xoxo Jenny

Tracy said...

Carol, your garden is looking lovely. I, too, get the blues right about now. The summer goes by too quickly for me. I love your soldered pendents. They look wonderful.

Sandy said...

You are so talented in so many ways!

Rosemary said...

Love those Hat boxes. What a great mum you have!!
Your flower photos are beautiful as usual.
You are very talented at the soldering!!
Let me know If I can help out with the magazine swap. I will be getting the new Victoria, but I have some old copies too!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

As always, your creations are gorgeous, your garden beautiful, and your pictures outstanding!

see you there! said...

There is so much to look at in your beautiful garden and then I notice some of your charms have a garden theme as well. Delightful.

I'd be happy to do a magazine swap at some point in the future. I have a few of the "old" Victoria magazines that I've been hoarding. Maybe you'd be interested. Let me find them and I'll get back to you later in the week.


Rosy Inspiration said...

As always, you garden pics are awesome. Don't worry, your garden looks just as great in winter. Wow! Scalloped edged pendants look so neat, I love the pictures you put in them, I especially love the ones with the foxgloves and lady, the Steele Briggs seed company one and the last one with the girl.

Naturegirl said...

Carol these blue images are gorgeous! I am too feel a bit blue in August knowing Autumn in on it's way.
Blossoms that we wait a whole year for are now gone..ie..lilacs casablanca and stargazer lilies.
You are doing so well with your soldering craft..Carol a new passion for you! (I love the one with butterfly of course)
Your creative spirit shines through these pieces!
It has been a wonderful journey developing our friendship through blogging! You are a true gem Carol in our blog community.

BTW you *did not* enter my *giveaway of the worry dolls* when you visited me...I would like your name included in my draw because YOU are the inspiration/friendship that I speak of so it is fitting that your name be there.Come back.
hugs NG

Lis said...

Puh, das ist mir jetzt doch ein bisschen zu viel zum übersetzen, aber deine schönen Fotos brauchen auch fast keine Worte.
Happy weekend Carol

Anonymous said...

*wow* so many things to comment on. 1. love your garden. I am still working on mine- every year I try to plant something new. It still needs to fill in in many places. This year was SO hot and dry that a lot of things just didn't do well. My little hydrangea bush is growing, but no blooms yet. Someday... 2. the charms are gorgeous- every single one of them! 3. WTG mom!! It's amazing what's tucked away in our parents' houses. It's one of the reasons I LOVE to go to auctions- a lot of the "old folks" have so many treasures stuffed away! 4. I'll happily do a swap with you. I just purchased Somerset Memories and Somerset Studio for the first time. My BFF had to go hunt up Home for me- our book store didn't have it. But, I'll go find some great mags for you. 5. Hope I win a charm!!


(I forgot my Blogger password...)

Cat said...

All so beautiful! From your blooms to your jewelry to your antique hat boxes! Your garden is always so lovely.
Your charms are beautiful, you add a lot of little detail that really make them unique. I've never tried soldering jewelry but used to solder for 8 years on a job - without proper ventilation - needless to say I blame all my forgetfulness on that!
Your blue hydrangea have such deep color to them!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Beautiful garden, Carol! Most of my flowers are looking tired now, but my andromeda bush has started blooming like crazy again for some reason - must be that baby we have coming soon to the family! =)
Your pendants are beautiful - look at the amazing talen you uncovered! I would love to enter your giveaway!
I have a summer Cape Cod magazine if you are interested. I know my mom would be overjoyed to read a German magazine!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm feeling blue about the winding down of the garden season too, but if I showed photos, they wouldn't be blue and pretty, they'd be brown and crunchy and dusty!!! Your garden is lovely, enjoy every last minute of it!

and please enter me into the drawing, your charms are lovely too!


Hi Carol: You've outdown yourself again with all of those beautiful charms. I love the flower seed images and the one of the girl - ah! I'd love to participate in your swap if you don't have too many all ready.

Dolly said...

Ohhh your garden looks wonderful! I am getting sad too...lately I have noticed my garden starting to wind down and get ready for fall!

Love love loooove those wonderful hat boxs!
Lucky you!

Your soldered pieces are soooooo pretty...what an inspiration! I'd love to know how you do the scalloped edges on your pieces!

Hugz, Dolly

ParisBreakfasts said...

Sooooooooooo many beautiful things!
It's hard to choose which to look at
merci :)

jessi nagy said...

carol you are so cute!!!
I love those pendants.
hey do you still need the foof a life book??? Let me know, i can get one and send it to you.
Jessi Nagy


Gena said...

Carol I would so love to learn how to make those pendants, I may look on amazon and see if there is a book I can get in order to learn how! I doubt I could make them as well as you do though!

lindaharre said...

Oh Carola......how generous of you! Please put me in the drawing:D I will be saving magazine for you....I can't believe I just took a bundle to Goodwill:( Sorry, I won't do that again......hugs, Linda

marga said...

Your garden is looking soo pretty, love the pics. Your pendants are beautiful too.

Inspired Tokens said...

How lovely the garden pictures are. Would love to be there now sitting, just day dreaming. How nice it must be for you to enjoy! I can see why you will miss it when the weather starts to change. Your work is also rilliant...thank you for sharing your talents. Came via Tongue and Cheek...please stop by my blog if you can. Would love to hear from you!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Carol, Pictures of your garden make my face smile...I love the colors!perfect!

I have entered you in my give away drawing, Carol. Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Hope you are having a great "summery" weekend!!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what wonderful hatboxes..and how sweet that your mommy had them AND gave them to YOU!!

and I love your charms..I think my fave one here is the old shoe ..five pink roses!! so FUN

smiles, Deena

** I have OLD Victorian magazines..but I don't think I can part with them** giggles

Jojo said...

Hallo Carol, es ist immer wieder ein besonderes Erlebnis, Dich zu besuchen. Leider verstehe ich ja nur einen Teil Deiner geschriebenen Beiträge, aber die Sache mit der Hutschachtel und dem chapeau clac schon. Übrigens hab ich in einem Buch von Hans Fallada mal eine lustige Geschichte über einen Chapeau clac gelesen.
Deine blauen Gartenbilder gefallen mir sehr - man möchte sich am liebsten zu einem Päuschen mal mitten hinein in die Idylle setzen und hin und wieder den Blick zum Himmel wenden. Einfach herrlich!!!
Ich wünsch Dir einen schönen Sonntag - liebe Grüße, Marlene

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Carol, I know what you mean about the magazines, when I read the scandinavian blogs I want their magazines too (Vakre - is that the name? - I love the look of that one and a Danish (?) book by Franske Stemninger (french atmosphere).

I've ordered Victoria - I hope it will be as good as it used to be.

Best wishes Ginny

carolyn said...

As always Carole your blog is a real treat to the eye.

crafty said...

Hi there Carol,
I've kinda of adopted your garden as I don't really have one and I don't have green fingers .........everything dies on me. Having a wander around yours really gives me a lift and cheers me up. I just close my eyes and imagine that I'm there....pity I can't quite figure out how to actually be there when you're doing your soldering !!!!! LOL will have to work on that one...maybe meditate more...
just luv those soldering works of art, keep up the greyt work
crafty joan in italy

MariaJ said...

Carol, I was at the summer cottage at the weekend and just opened my blog. I certainly take part of your give away!!! Oh I DO understand your blue feeling. I have it a little bit too but not too much yet cause the weather has been fine and many of my flowers are still blooming nicely. Your vintage hat boxes are TOOOOO pretty. I really would like to have these too if I ever see them here. Your photo of that blue hydrangea and white pelargonia kills me! Ohhh..and your soldering things....just wait and see that someday your very famous!

Pat Winter said...

I always said everything happens for a reason. This morning I was browsing blogs and wandering into new blogs when I came across yours. It is very nice and I love making pendants under glass too, only mine are crazy quilt bits I make up. Anyway, yesterday I was wondering how I would go about fins=ding someone to swap magazines with me from a different country. An "eye candy" magazine. Well, I'm game if you don't have someone yet. I live in Indiana,USA.www.gatherings.blogspot.com

Deb said...

Beautiful pictures as always Carol. Your garden is still looking amazing with all your treasures among the flowers & you pendants are fabulous.

Meg said...

Your creations are charming. I don't know how I found your blog but I'm glad I did! Now to look at more of your lovely pics. Regards, Meg Jewell

Kylee said...

Every time I visit your blog, there's always something new and positively charming!

Those vintage hat boxes are really special!! I especially like the red one.

And that butterfly pendant! Just beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

So lovely to see your new jewellry and of course your lovely garden.
I am anxiously watching my tomatoes as we have some cooler than normal weather and rain.
Thanks for your blog, I always check to see if you have posted a new post. Your blog is a delight...........please enter me in your giveaway.

dorothy in bc by the sea in canada

Lallee said...

Your garden looks so lush. Mine is outside panting in the heat. It's all I can do to keep them watered. I love the two hens and chicks hanging over the edge of the pot. I love the hat box story~even better that they came from your mom! Please do enter me in your giveaway! Still loving your new solder adventure!

Cerri said...

Hello Carol!
I love the charms you have been making and would love to be entered in your drawing!
~Cerri xoxo

cari said...

What a gorgeous garden you have, mine is all puttered out although the Galdious are starting to bloom...YEA! They are kind of the wild ones in my garden, I think everyone eles's are done. We have a mole who likes to dig tunnels under the flowers looking for yummy grubs but he is tearing everything up. That could be why they are all puttered out!! Love the charms, so very beautiful!!! Nice work girlie!!!

carole said...

Hi Carola:
Your photographs are always so lovely!!!
The charms, with their scalloped edges divine!!!
Thank you for the e-mail and please enter me into your swap. I will e-mail you more specific information.
Have a great day

Kerri said...

You're not alone in your blue mood, knowing that autumn is fast approaching and all our lovely flowers will be gone. I want to slow time down and enjoy the warm weather and blooms, green grass and trees...everything about summer, for a much longer time. It goes so quickly!
The blue Aconitum is new to me. I'll have to look that one up and hopefully find some to plant. I love the color. Your sweet peas are gorgeous...as are all your beautiful blooms. Your garden is a delight.
What a sweet gesture to have a giveaway. Thank you! This blogging community is a wonderful place indeed, with so many fascinating and caring people.

Brenda said...

So happy I found you! Your page is awsome.

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Carol,
I too feel blue this time of year knowing that all the summer fun is drawing to a close. Doesn't it go by too quickly?! I love all of your garden photos and your charms are perfection! The scalloped edges are beautiful. You are very talented.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I always love looking at your garden photos and have referred several friends to your blog. Please enter me in the give-away and if you haven't heard from anyone about a magazine swap, let me know.

Laume said...

I love blue in a garden. You have some wonderful blue accents and blue flowers! It's so hard to find a true blue, not purple, in flowers. Some day I want to attempt to grow those blue poppies - from Tibet or someplace like that.

I've been noticing all those soldered jewelry lately and want to learn to do it too. Maybe that's why I kept that box of microscope slides all these years.

*Heidi* said...

Hi there! I've found you through the comment you left on Jenny's blog (Everyday is a Holiday). I'd love to be entered in your drawing, if it's not too late! I would love to learn to solder like you have! I bought the book by Sally Jean, but haven't tried anything yet!

Oh, and I'd LOVE to swap mags wiht you! If you let me know if you want and email me, I'll send an email of some I have to see if you want any! (hwoodred@aol-dot-com)


Vickie said...

I love your garden. I really understand feeling a bit blue but I enjoy fall too. I like the idea of nesting in. The pendents are beautiful!

Vicki said...

Count me in. Have you ever done a soldering tutorial? I would love to learn. I just posted about block printing at Hollhocks.typepad.com Leave me a comment any time if you'd like to swap. I can get our US magazines, English and French. Please pick me!! I would love to see your "local" magazines.

Cindy In Carolina aka Shoo Shoo said...

I love, love, love your pictures !! They cheer me up while I'm sitting behind a desk all day long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics - I'm staying with my son and DIL for a few weeks and they don't "do" flowers - so I'm missing the beautiful garden colors - seeing yours made me very happy.....
As Vicki said - I would love to learn the soldering also - maybe some helpful hints from you?

michelle said...

What lovely pictures and creations! I love your charms! Hope I am not too late to enter!

Dawn said...

A trip to your place never disappoints...
Love the beauty of your garden flowers...and your new art form - those fabulous pendants!!!!!

Mia said...

Your garden is looking as beautiful as ever, Carol! I do love all your blue flowers, and the lovely blue sky!But I am feelig a bit blue myself, since the gardeining season will soon be over (here in Norway, at least). And I still want to keep going. At least I can enjoy the beauty of your garden. And your wonderful jewelry and pendants!

jeanninecook said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad I found your site!

heidi said...

hi carol - your garden "blues" are beautiful! i know what you mean, we too have a very short season here in new england (usa.) xo

nicol said...

Your lovely photos always make me want to run out into the garden and play! I Love those hatboxes...lucky you!!!

Naturegirl said...


Leslie said...

Hi Carol, Your garden still looks lovely. I'm afraid mine is looking a bit tired in places. It is sad to think that all that beautiful color will be gone before long. Love the hat boxes too, and the charms. So pretty! If you haven't found folks to trade for all the mags and books you want, count me in! I know I'm probably late for this one, but if not. . .

Daniela said...

Hallo Carola!

Wie immer tolle Fotos aus deinem wundervollen Garten! Auch deine neuesten Bastelarbeiten finde ich toll.

Liebe Grüße

PS: Ich habe dir in deinem MSG-Blog schon einige Male unter "simslady" geschrieben.

paige said...

beautiful charms!

Carol said...

You have a beautiful blog. It gives one a serene feeling. Those hatboxes are gorgeous. Enjoy!.

Julie said...

I hope I am not too late. Please enter me in the drawing for one of your amazing charms. I love them!!


Deb said...

It's always a treat to visit your blog, Carol! I love the soldered jewelry and am determined to learn how to do it someday.
Have a great weekend!

Soleil said...

Every time I visit your blog, I am amazed at all you seem to accomplish. The garden is amazing and you are constantly crafting some new, gorgeous treasure! I am in love with the soldered jewelry, and am wearing three pendants on my necklace right now. I need to learn how to make them. Sally Jean is coming to my area for a workshop, but I was unable to get in, because they are full. Darnit!

Thank you for all the inspiration!!
Michigan, USA

EVA AGNES said...

I adore your blog. Your pictures are so lovely. They go directly to my heart.
Eva Agnes

Cathy said...

That is a beautiful post, with all the pretty pictures and creations. You are so very talented.

Elzste said...

I just love your pictures. You have a wonderful garden and the pictures inside your home is awsome.
Have a great weekend.
Love Elzie

Cindy said...

You always have the most gorgeous pictures on your blog! I feel as if I'm walking in your garden. Your pendants are beautiful... love them all.

I'm sure you've gotten offers on sending magazines but if not, let me know. Or if there is ever anything in Florida that you are yearning for keep me in mind.

Carolyn said...

Carol, oh I always have late August blies too though I do have a wonderful fall season to look forward to at work. Changing my coop over now to the next season,buit saying goodbye to summer is hard for me..always. Your pics are wonderful and love all your new pieces you have created also. Happy Everything to you dear Carol.

Carol said...

Thank you all for playing along and for your sweet comments! I'm going to print them out now and will anounce the winners sometime this week!

Carol said...

Oh and I forgot to let you know about the magazine swap. Unfortunately I can't swap magazines with all of you, but I thank you very much for all the kind offers!:) I have now picked a few of you and e-mailed you and will probably come back to some of you others soon! Thanks again! What a pleasure! Carol xox

Regina said...

Es macht immer wieder Spaß deine Seite zu besuchen.Leider verstehe ich
nur ein Teil der Anleitungen macht
nichts.Deine blauen Dekosachen gefallen mir sehr gut.
Viele Liebe Grüße Regina

jen said...

Hi Carol! I haven't been over here to check on you in a while! Not surprised to see you got bit by the soldering bug ;-) I love that too! I have looked high and low for those round glass discs. Would you drop me a line and let me know if there's an online source? Thanks! Your garden looks WONDERFUL as always. At least you know you have next year to look forward to it 'waking up' once again. Take care, and enjoy the Fall!

She'sSewPretty said...

always enjoy visiting your blog. I have an extra edition of Romantic Homes Collectors Edition. Let me know if no one else has offered it yet.

TiffanyJane said...

Wow! Wow! Beautiful pictures!!!! The hydrangeas are Beautiful, lovely color too!!! And I love the hat boxes, esp. the Paris one, LOVE it!!!!! And your soldered charms are Beautiful too!!! They are are so lovely, but I esp. like the butterfly one! Everything is just Beautiful!!
Tiffany :)

Melissa said...

As I was looking for some new ideas for my gardening, I couldn't help myself but to stop and enjoy your beautiful flowers. I really enjoyed seeing how gardening has embraced your talent of charm making. I look forward to seeing more.

~Becky said...

Could anyone be more creative than you are?? You inspire me each time i come to visit.

oldgreymare said...

Your Mom has a secret magic closet where she has treasures squirreled away. Lucky You!



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