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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Delightful summer pinks and purples & an art party!

Hello again dear readers and blogging friends!

I know that I have promised you a garden photo post today, but I have to make this a devided post now because I also like to participate in Artsy Mama Kari's "artful blogger party" which she is hosting over @ her blog today, open for artsy bloggers from all over the world! So stay tuned for a very long blog today lol!

I recently made a few things for the "Marie Antoinette Swap" (hosted by my finnish blogging friend Delila from Sepia Art Studio) which I like to show you today:

First there is this Marie inspired collage hanger made on a one piece cake paper plate which I've painted in my fave turquoise color and glued a pretty paper on, then I've glittered the edges and lastly I've embellished it with golden Dresdens papers, charms, bouillon, brads, a mother of pearl button and a millinery flower.

Then I've made a box for all the goodies I've gathered for my swap partner because I so love beautiful packaging and think it is as important as the gifts itselfs:

I chose a picture of Madame de Pompadour for the box because I find this especially pretty:

Another thing that I made to put in the Madame de Pompadour box is this soldered Marie-Antoinette jewelry pendant which I've already showed you in my last post:

Well that's it about art blogging for today but now it's time to go back to the garden!

My Garden is literally full of pretty pinks and purples at the moment which I like to share with all the garden lovers amongst you:

Above is a tiny pink carnation and below a pink Hibiscus syracus:

A purple bird ball on the table and pink is my pink pot ladder with a pot of pink flowers of course lol

Purple Petunias in a hanging basket above and Pelargonium with Heliotrop on one of my tables on the deck:

The purple Heliotrop is also called Vanilla Flower here in Germany because it scents so wonderfully Vanilla like hmmmmm

In the picture below you see one of my Phlox flowers:

And in the next picture you can see my purple grapevine. The grapes are already ripe now:

This pink beauty is Anemone japonica:

I have planted pink Diascia in the the turquoise pot, because it is on of my fave color combinations:

This is a deeper pink Diascia in a clay pot on my potting table:

Then there are more different Phloxes blooming right now:

And snapdragons in different pinks too:

Lastly my provence rose "Elle" is blooming in a gorgeous pink right now, sometimes they are more orange, the colors change with the weather:

And last but not least the pink Cottage rose is also blooming again:

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my summergarden pink and purples and will come back visiting me again!

Carol(a) xox


Miss*Laurence said...

Loved the flower pictures! They are as much an inspiration as the art!

jessi nagy said...

ooh, aah! wow carol awesome pics!!!!
jessi nagy


katydiddy said...

Thank you for your sharing your garden! It's lovely! Your art is beautiful as well. You have a very lucky swap partner!

Sugar Bear said...

Stunning works Carol! Just breathtaking.

BonnieRose said...

Hello to you.. so happy to meet u, ur pics are so beautiful! love your garden!!!! hugs

dede warren said...

Oh My heavens your garden is beautiful. makes me a bit ashamed of my few flowers. perhaps today because of your garden, I will spend a bit more time sprucing mine up.

NOW for the real gems you shared... oh why oh why didn't I see about this swap featuring the fab M.A. I am working on a Marie Antoinette project myself and just love all you did for your partner. If you'd like to possibly do a swap, I'd LOVE to!!! Let me know!

Donna O. said...

I realized I was not breathing when looking at all of your photos!! OMG!! Everything is OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Fiona said...

I've been reading your blog for a while adn joined the Christmas swap you organised last year.I love your garden pictures. They are so inspiring. I now find myself drooling when I see David Austin roses and buying more interesting things to put in my garden to make it more artful too. Keep up the inspiration

Rosemary said...

Lucky swap partner!!
I am in pink garden heaven. Thanks so much for sharing with us today.
Have a great week and weekend!

KagedFish said...

You must spend a lot of time working in the garden!!! How beautiful!!!!!
Marie is cute too!!!

Cre8Tiva said...

what wondrous marie a pieces...and the flower photos are amazing...the colors so lovely...i can almost smell them...i will be back often......blessings, rebecca

Laume said...

I know I'm supposed to be here for the art, and your swap items are lovely, but I have to admit I had the most fun wandering about your beautiful garden. Thank you for all the flowers and greenery.

Twinkle Pink said...

Oh my oh my that Marie Antoinette swap is fabulous and it seems Marie Antoinette is top of the projects list for lots of us at the moment as I am doing a project about her too. I LOVE the jewellery too. Then the flowers - ooooh they never fail to please.

What a great post, it's great to be back and what a great party to come back too:)

best wishes Ginny

Alison Gibbs said...

Great creative work. Love the garden photos.

wanderlustNpixiedust said...

I love to visit your blog. Always such lovely sights and plenty of inspiration!

Contessa Kris said...

OH my word. Your Marie Antoinette pieces are so beautiful. Your flower pictures are exquisite! I'll be back to visit again!

nicol sayre said...

Hello Carol
Your garden is always so inspiring!!!

Anita said...

Hey Carola!

Sehr hübsch wieder Deine Basteleien - aber am besten gefallen mir heute die wunderbaren Bilder aus Deinem Garten! Bei mir blüht zur Zeit auch ziemlich viel in Pink, eigentlich ganz unerwartet, weil ich doch lieber die zarteren Farben mag.

Im letzten Jahr hab ich Eure Herbstanemonen noch bewundert und jetzt freue ich mich über die ersten Blüten auch bei mir.

Viele Grüße

P.S.: Ich hab mir letzte Woche zwei Rosen gekauft, jetzt hab ich schon zwei Sorten! ;-))

Naturegirl said...

Carol it took forever to download your site but well worth it!!The art is wonderful I can see that you found
your passion..well besides gardening!
Lovely images of your charming garden
delightful! hugs NG

Simply Me Art said...

Simply Beautiful. your Artwork and the Garden is Amazing, Especially this time of year. I love every visit here. Jamie

Leslie said...

Hello Carol! Your garden is always fresh and inviting. Why does mine look so tired?
And I love your Marie Antoinette work! Beautiful!

Kimberley said...

Hi, Carol!

Please see my post at Tallulah House of 9 August ;)


Allison said...

Carol, the Marie Antionette hanger, box, and soldered piece are all soooo beautiful. I love them all! You did a great job on them. Also, your garden is always spectacular. You are not only gifted as a gardener, but as a photographer as well!!! And artist! Don't want to leave that out. All so pretty Carol.


Jill said...

Oh mY! How I would love to visit you beautiful garden!

Lis said...

Beneidenswert! Du zeigst uns die herrlichsten Fotos und wir saufen hier bald ab! Alles lässt die Köpfe hängen und ohne Gummistiefel kann man die Beete im Moment gar nicht betreten. Ich bin so gefrustet, da kommen deine Fotos gerade im richtigen Moment.
Happy weekend!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I did enjoy them and I will be back! You have a magic touch on everything from photography to gardening and crafts!

Jojo said...

Hallo Carol,
ich bin schon seit einiger Zeit regelmäßige Besucherin in Deinem schönen Blog und war sogar so frech, Dich in meinem Blog zu verlinken (ich hoffe, Du hast nichts dagegen!?).
Ich kann Deine Texte zwar leider nicht im vollen Wortsinn erfassen, weil ich der englischen Sprache nicht so "mächtig bin" (ein etwas ungelenker Ausdruck). Aber ich finde, die Bilder sprechen für sich, sowohl die aus Deinem herrlichen Garten als auch die von Deinen supertollen kreativen Ideen.
Ich bin immer wieder begeistert.
Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende - liebe Grüße aus Berlin von Marlene

stadtgarten said...

Carola, sind das wirklich aktuelle Gartenbilder? Kaum zu glauben, es sieht so richtig nach Sommer aus! Hier bei uns regnet es seit Tagen und es war zwischenzeitlich schon so kalt, dass wir beinahe die Heizung angemacht hätten!
Da tun Deine Bilder so richtig gut!
Ein schönes Wochenende, LG,Monika

Gena said...

As usual your garden is delicious Carol! but what I really want to say is how utterly clever you are at making those pendants! wow! I would not know where to begin to learn to solder! they are absolutely stunning!

Carolyn said...

Carol your art work is stunning and as always your garden a dleight to walk through with you and see all yoru pinks nad purples! Here on the Eastern seaboard of America our gardens are about to fry with unbelievable hot waether for days on end. Wish us some good rain and reduced temperatures.

Ulla said...

Totally dreamy art, and beautiful garden!!! My creative wheels are spinning dear Carol!!! Hope you are finding lots of inspiration with my 'secret tool'!!! Hugs

Dawn said...

I do soooo love your garden photos, Carol.
Your swap partner is blessed with such a perfect package!

carolyn said...

As always your garden is beautiful as is your artwork.

paige said...

wow--breathtaking images from your garden...i honestly think i can smell the flowers now!
the marie swap is fabulous & i agree that the packaging is often times more wonderful than the actual gift.
ps- you left my very first comment on my blog long ago...i have since "caught up" and added many posts...come visit!

Amy P said...

I'm still trying to get to all the blog parties, thank you for the beautiful garden tour! Your work is beautiful as well! TFS!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

goodness gr4acious...it's all so gorgeous!

Mary Isabella said...

Ooooo my what beautiful pictures I could spend hours looking at them.

MariaJ said...

I'm back but I'm speechless! Your crafts and bloomings are just too much for my heart haa! (So I just whisper WOW!)
It was good to hear your Italy plans for the next summer....and its funny that we have thought of the Tuscany too next year!!! (renting a house with our friends for two weeks) Lets see whats gonna happen. I hope our dreams come true!

Barbara said...

That Marie inspired collage is just amazing. You are so clever and artistic

Natalea said...

Carol, I can't tell you how gorgeous and stunning everything in this post is! Wow- absolutely fabulous! I tried to email you to let you know that your package was sent on 8/13 (so keep an eye out for it) but my email was messed up! Hope all is well! xo natalea

Kerri said...

Carol I've so much enjoyed looking at your beautiful pinks and purples. What a wonderful display the Diascia makes in the turquoise pot! I love it! I have the same two colors in it. What a pretty, delicate flower it is.
I also absolutely adore the Japanese Anemone! It's one of my favorites.
Your grapes are looking delicious. We have some ripening too.
I tried heliotrope for the first time this year. Yes, the scent is wonderful!
You've been very busy creating your beautiful trinkets I see.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Your garden is just amazing, I could linger on these photos for days!!! The hat boxes are darling too, I just love the red one!


Scheharazade said...

I love the kawai box with Madame de Pompadour !^-^


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