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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wallpaper creations, new pendants, new supplies and some garden photos

Welcome back to the home, garden and studio of Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! Today I can share with you some new crafts, amazing parcels that I got in the mail with new supplies and treasures and some new garden photos at the end of this post.

After I had so much fun creating my "Vintage wallpaper wallboxes" from empty cereal boxes like the one in the first picture of this post, I thought about something that I can do with my empty "Café Latte" card board boxes and so the idea of a "Vintage wallpaper desk box" was born. I embellished the ugly cardboard box from all possible sides and now it sits on my desk holding scissors and brushes, as you can see in the photos above and below. I had fun using some of my new supplies for this little project, of which I can show you more photos later in this post.

Click pictures to enlarge and see all the details!

I also worked on some new soldered pendants this month:

I made a whole collection of Toile de Jouy and Marie Antoinette inspired pendants, of which you can see more pictures on my flickr page.

Lately I love using German scraps with glass glitter for my pendants too, like on this sweet Victorian girl:

The double Marie Antoinette pendant in the next two pictures was a custom made order for Dorthe from Denmark:

I also had some beautiful parcels in the mail in the last two weeks, one of these parcels came from my sweet friend Madai over at Wren Cottage and was jam-packed with the most wonderful goodies :D

Madai spoilt me with lot's of lovely papers, scraps and stickers and divine smelling tea dyed papers as well as a gorgeous vintage rose tin box and other lovely bits and bobs.
I love it all so much!
She also was so kind to make me a silver glitter "Boxwood Cottage" garland which I think came out simply fabulous and that I hung on my mantle, doesn't it look fab there? Madai is currently working on new glitter garlands to stock up her enchanting etsy shop Wren Cottage!

As always please click pictures to enlarge and see more details! Btw, the 3 beautiful soft colored and with french lavender filled hearts that are also hanging on my mantle piece are all handmade by my friend Anita over at My Country Cottage Garden and she just has a wonderful new collection of summer hearts for sale on her blog and I know for a fact that she is already working on more gorgeous rose hearts so if you like them too, head over and see if you can get one here: http://ein-stueck-garten.blogspot.com/!

Above you'll see a postcard of Madai's enchanting table setting at Wren Cottage which I put in a vintage wire frog that Madai also sent me, knowing that I was looking for them out here for month and not finding any. Thank's again for all the treasures you sent me and especially for your friendship dear Madai! :) xox

In the picture above I show you my new sweet Vintage Baby doll head that I ordered from Cerri Campbell's gorgeous Little pink studio shop along with all the lovely velvet posies and soft pink lace borders. Cerri is always stocking up on new and vintage treasures to decorate your home and studio or to craft and make art with, so I can only suggest you to have a look in her shop if you haven't been there yet http://www.thelittlepinkstudio.com/ ! Your baby is having a good home here dear Cerri don't worry!

I have already used some velvet posies and pink lace on my "Vintage wallpaper desk box" that I showed you at the beginning of this post as well as pieces of the beautiful Vintage wallpaper in the next photo, that I got send from dear Donna Layton over at Under the red roof blog last friday. I so love the collection of papers you chose for me Donna, thanks a million!!! You can get your own Vintage wallpaper packs in Donna's etsy shop in case you don't know. Donna owns an amazing collection of the most gorgeous Vintage wallpapers and I'm so very happy that I also got sheets of the flocked wallpaper now for the first time! :))

And lastly I like to share some August garden pictures with all the garden lovers among you.

This wonderful scenting rose is blooming for the first time this season. It's David Austin's St. Cecilia:

I also love the look and scent of Phlox in my summer garden:

My sweet multi colored "Augusta Luise" is having her second flush of blooms now:

and on my patio I have the English rose Wrenlock rose blooming along with Zinnias and Cosmos in matching shades of pink and not so matching a soft yellow Hollyhock in the background growing directly in front of my living room window:

One of my faves at the moment is this delicate and feathery Thalictrum sin. delavii below:

Thank you very much dear readers for staying with me until the end of this long post that you hopefully enjoyed.
Best wishes for some more happy summer days sends you
Carola xox


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Carola...I absolutely love all the things you've created. You are so very talented. Thanks also for the link for Little Pink Studio..I found so many things that I need to buy from her!! Your garden is gorgeous...such pretty flowers!

Take care and hugz,

Anita said...

Oh, what a lovely little tour accross your creative world! It looks so beautiful at every courner of your house & garden! Your vintage wallpaper wallbox (VWW) is such a clever idea!

And of course, thanks a lot for your nice words on my handmade lavender hearts! ;-) Yes indeed, I am working on a new cottage rose collection! ;-)

Have a great evening!

XoX, Anita

Lis said...

Oh, das weiß man ja gar nicht wo man zuerst hinschauen soll! Deine neuen Anhänger sind wirklich toll geworden, aber dein Atelier ist ja auch eine riesen Fundgrube für dekorative Ideen.
Ich hab auch wieder mit Karten gestalten angefangen, die werde ich demnächst mal im Blog zeigen.
Und wenn ich Glück habe, werde ich in nächster Zeit ein paar meiner Herzchen los. Eine Blogfreundin hat sich angeboten sie für mich auf einem Markt zu verkaufen. Ist doch nett von ihr, oder? :-)

LG Lis

Jean said...

Carola, all your treasures are wonderful, and again your flower garden is an inspiration to me. I am getting my gardens in shape and enjoying sitting in my summerroom once again. You gave me the inspiration to work hard and do this. Thank you for the beauty you create in your craftwork and in your gardens.
Jean in Virginia

Sandy Michelle said...

Girl I just love your jewels and your latest decorated cereal boxes. How clever! You may know me from flickr; I'm sandbeech. You have a lovely blog!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh, Carola! Such beauty surrounds you, both inside and outside of your home! I see the pretty Boxwood Cottage banner from the darling Madai! =) And your Marie Antoinette pendants are just gorgeous! =) hugs!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

PS - My mom sent a letter to my Tante Vera in the Black Forest recently. Mom translated it into German using Babelfish. Well, Tante Vera had a good chuckle when she read it, as the translation wasn't as good as we had hoped! I guess there's something to be said about relying on Babelfish! heehee

Wren Cottage said...

Hi sweetie!! Had to come and visit you :) LOVE, LOVE your new creations, you have such a touch to adding beauty even to the plainest items! I love your wall box and the desk box, it's giving me ideas on how to use all the beautiful dresden you sent me...
our "friendship" swap was so special and fun! Thank you so much for everything, you are so special dear friend...
and your garden is looking lovely as usual!! I went to a botanical garden yesterday and took pictures of a really cute garden full of zinnias. I'm going to post some soon!
Lots of love to you ~ have a beautiful week!!
xoxoxo Madai

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carol!
I'm just back in town and already feastening my eyes on your blog! Oooh your pendants and those wallpaper boxes are great too. I can understand that you love all your mailboxes and especially the banner, what a treat. I have to catch up a lot so I'll stay here short, I have to tell you though that your garden looks still so lovely! Chat soon!

Ewa said...

I love your roses - and the newcomer is also very beautiful.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Hello, My name is Ginger and I just wanted to let you know that your blog was the very first blog that I looked at. I didn't even know what it was or what a blog was. All I knew is that I was so afraid I was never going to find it again so I booked marked it about 3 times. Well that was over a year ago and I have been blogging ever since.I look at your blog all the time but I have never left a comment, I'm not sure why, but I just wanted to tell you my story as I looked at your blog tonight. The purple flower is beautiful. What is the name if you don't mind me asking? I am not good at crafts at all but you have many talents!! I love to garden, your garden is so pretty. Thank-you for sharing it with us.

Natalea said...

The inspiration never ends over here Carol! What a ton of gorgeous pictures and goodies and garden shots!
Stop by to pick up a blog award I'm sending your way!

xo natalea

Raby said...

Cool and colorful collection of Pendants.

Swetha said...

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