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Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st of Advent, first snow & studio news

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends, readers and viewers! I'm so sorry for the long absence again, I always have so much to blog about but so little time. Yesterday was the first of Advent, only 24 days left until Christmas and I took a few photos of my festive decorations for you.

I created 3 small x-mas stockings from another template out of Julie Collings book "Pretty little felts". They are made from felt of course and lace etc. and then my dear cousin Stefanie sewed them together for me, because I have no sewing machine. I'm quite happy with the way they tuned out and decorated them on my faux fire place/mantle, you can always enlarge my photos bei clicking on them to see more details.

This year I found 2 of the gorgeous cone candles and put them in my silver vases on the mantle.

Then I decorated one of my chandeliers with silver stars, diamond pendants and glitter snowflakes as well as a new pretty silver cone. I tried to get a good picture of it with the candles glowing and no flash, but they came out a bit blurry:

Here's a sneek peak of a parcel I send out to Cerri of the Little pink studio last Friday, hopefully she'll get it soon because I put all my favorite German Living and Crafts magazines, the Christmas issues in it:

Last Sunday (November 30) we had our annual Winter magic market at my friends cottage at the country side and my Dad was so kind to build me a Christmas tree from a broomstick. I used it to present all my pendants and ornaments and it is very useful in my studio too now to organise my pendants. Thank you very much again Dad! :)

This is what my little booth looked like. The horse stables at my friends cottage are such a beautiful surrounding for our Winter magic market.

In the next photo you see a close up of one of my new Winter/Christmas pendants/ornaments. Got the sweet wintery sleigh girls picture from a scanned old postcard from my friend Anita. I think the mica flakes really give the pendant the look of snow:

On November 22nd we woke up to a real Winter wonder land here in Bremen and I started taking pictures right away, it was still a bit dark outside, but everything looked so magical in my garden and I so like that you can even see the snow softly falling down in the pictures (click to enlarge the photos!):

Here's what my front garden looked like covered in soft new snow:

Of course when it's cold outside it has to be warm and cosy inside so I lit my red glowing candle glasses. The paper/cardboard cake stand in the photo below is one of my latest creations. I used 45 year old paper lace and silver Dresdens borders to embellish it:

Next is a photo of my latest Vintage Wallpaper Wallbox, this time I chose other colors than usual. It was custom made for someone in the US with the intials M S, but she couldn't afford it in the end, because of the high mailing costs to the US and other reasons, so it's still in my studio and I think I'll have to put the letters M S off:

Talking about my studio here is a mid November picture of one of my fave corners in the studio, although it's constantly changing, meanwhile it looks much more festive:

At the beginning of November I told my mum about an old paper cutter I had seen in the latest German Country Living magazine issue and showed her the photo and told her that I would like to find one like this fpr my studio too and then she said to me "wait a moment, I think I have what you search", went down in the basement and came back up with this beautiful old paper cutter. Score!!! She was so clever to save it from the bulk garbage of her neighbors a few years ago, which was my luck now :)) Thank you mum!

I decorated it with pretty vintage ribbon on wooden spools, my new twine holder and an antique Santa ornament:

Another peek in my studio. The small glass container is filled with pretty Yoyos I got send from my dear friend Anita of My Country Cottage Garden http://ein-stueck-garten.blogspot.com/ last month:

And lastly I leave you with a photo of some very pretty Christmas craft supplies I recently purchased from Brandy over at the Brandyvine boutique:

Have a great time at the run up for Christmas everyone!
Hugs Carola xox


Lis said...

Diesmal hast du uns ja ganz schön lange auf deine Weihnachstwunderlandfotos warten lassen! Deine Deko ist wie immer ein Genuss und erfreut Augen und Sinne. Besonders der Anhänger ist wunderschön geworden. Erst am Samstag hab ich einen der Anhänger den ich letztes Jahr bei dir gekauft habe aufgehängt und mich geärgert dass ich damals nicht gleich mehr gekauft habe :-(

Ihr hatte ja wesentlich mehr Schnee als wir hier, schon ungewöhnlich für Bremen! Hier regnet es seit heute udn will gar nicht richtig hell werden. Aber für was hat man Lichterketten, sie verbreiten Gemütlichkeit bei diesem nasskalten Wetter

LG Lis

LG Lis

Matilda`s Design said...

Sehr stimmungsvoll, deine Dekoration....den silbernen Zapfen an deinem Kerzenleuchter find ich ganz besonders toll, ist das ein altes Stück ? Hab ich so noch nie gesehen ? Ich wünschte ich hätte einen Kamin, oder den Platz für so einen Kaminsims wie du in hast, da kann man einfach soo schön dekorieren....

Bis bald !

countrygirl3031 said...

Beautiful pictures Carola...your snow wonderland is wonderful!


Lorrie said...

You have been busy. I love the photos of your snowy garden - I always hope we'll have snow here, but we usually don't have any until January or February and then for only a day or so.
Your Christmas decorations are all so pretty and full of light.

Enjoy this precious advent season.


handgemalte Herzensträume said...

hallo carol,

meine GROßE bewunderung !!!
alle deine arbeiten, von dennen ich begeistert bin, deine tolle deko und traumhafte fotos, das alles verzaubert mich und bringt in andere welten !

schöne adventszeit wünscht dir

Jenni B said...

What delightful photography! I love your Boxwood Cottage banner!

Pop over to my blog to say hi and enter to win a fab giveaway! I'm giving away some of the ornaments I had on the Martha Stewart Show with me last year (which Martha actually took home with her)! - www.jenniboriginals.blogspot.com

Jenni B

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Everything looks so wonderful, Carola.:) Your Mom gives you the best treasures!!
Hope you are enjoying a happy week in Bremen.
xo Lidy

Alice W. said...

It's all so beautiful and inspiring!

Daniela said...

Hallo Carola!
Du hast dein Haus wie jedes Jahr wunderschön weihnachtlich dekoriert! Deine selbstgemachten Filzstiefel sind total schön geworden, genauso wie deine Anhänger!
Wie gerne wäre ich zu eurem Weihnachtsmarkt gekommen. Ein herrliches Ambiente im Pferdehof! Dein "Stand" sieht sehr hübsch aus, da hätte ich mir sicher so einiges mitgenommen. Schade, dass du so weit weg bist.
Ihr hattet ja auch schon so viel Schnee heuer. Dein Garten sieht einfach zauberhaft aus und das obwohl ich Schnee eigentlich gar nicht mag ;-)

Ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Adventswoche und sende dir liebe Grüße!

p said...

how absolutely cool
love looking through all your creative stuff!
Xmas mini album contest
mini album blog

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Every single picture is just full of prettiness!!!

M ^..^

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Carola!
I am still here also... busy helping daughter for her big Christmas show this weekend.
I love your booth at your Holiday Craft Mart! (i may have the name wrong)
I actually LOVE all of your photos. You have made your home so warm and welcoming! each time iyou remind me to slow down and enjoy! did you know that!?
Your photo of the falling snow was amazing, i can not wait to show my son!
Christmas dreams and peace to you!

silvermoon said...

wow, so ein schöner Blog mit so vielen wunderschönen Dingen! Darf ich Dich verlinken? ;-)

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz

KatCollects said...

Hi Carola,
The pictures of the snow at your house are beyond beautiful! Wow, so so pretty. The tree your Dad made you for display looks perfect. I so love the pendant and the ornament you sent me, they are so special. And I loved looking through all the beautiful German magazines. I hope you are enjoying the ones I sent you. Sending a hug your way.

Ute said...

Das sieht ja aus bei dir, wie im Weihnachtswunderparadies. Einfach traumhaft. Es macht Spaß, sich alles anzuschauen und das werde ich jetzt gleich noch einmal tun.
LG von Ute

The Whispering Poppies said...

Dear Carola, your house looks so dreamy, especially this Christmastime! I recognize the sweet banner Madai made! The tree for your pendants your Dad made for you is wonderful. Everything is so sparkly and lovely. You do have a most beautiful home! hugs to you!
(I've had a blog change.) =)
PS - incidentally, my new blog name came from something my German great-grandmother did after she moved here (it is explained in my very first post at my new blog). =)

Mrs. Staggs said...

You always have such lovely ideas, and decorations, Carol. I love your studio too. That paper cutter is so cool. How very lucky it is for you, that your mom had one of those! Both of your parents sound so very nice.

Happy Christmastime to you!

LiLi M. said...

I love your newest creations! And give my compliments to your dad too, that broomstick tree is gorgeous. You are lucky with such parents (your mother has always these surprises, I remember reading in your blog about these hat containers whow!). Enjoy the preparations for Christmas!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carola! You've been absent from your blog, but you've been very productive!!! What wonderful Christmas decorations you made! nd your tree with all your pendants! I'd have liked to be at your friends' cottage!
Have a nice week end and go on being so creative!

Joy Zaczyk said...

Wow, everything looks magical Carola! :)


Lynne said...

Lovely pictures. How surprising is your mother. I think your garden looks wonderful in the snow.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I just adore all your decorations. They are lovely.

tiffany ~ shabby scraps said...

just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us!
xoxo, tiffany

dollybelle said...

Wow! So inspiring! I would love to dive in to your crafty bits! What lovliness! xoxo

Cathy said...

Hi Carol,

Just stopped by via Heather's Holiday party. I absolutely love the jars filled with the beautiful yoyo's. Stunning and a wonderful present from a friend.

I really enjoyed this post. I wish you and yours a very happy holiday.


Coastal Sisters said...

Carola...your home is enchanting and I loved the photos of the snow in your garden.

I hope you have a lovely holiday,

Miss Sandy said...

Christmas at your cottage looks divine! Love your studio space! Have a Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

Carol, your Christmas decorating is just gorgeous!!! you have so many lovely things to make your holiday merry and bright...thanks for sharing your pretty little Christmas!!!

John said...

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texasdaisey said...

Wow, your pictures make me want to just jump right into them. They are all so beautiful. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

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