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Sunday, May 31, 2009

White cabinet, May basket swap, Roses & more Studio pics

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers!
Before my favorite month of May is over I like to share with you what's new around the cottage.
I better warn you that this is a quite long post again so go grab a pot of tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable in front of your screen.
I finally found some time to paint my glass cabinet in the living room white. I wanted to do this for ages and I'm so glad it's finally done and I'm very pleased with the result:

In the cabinet I stored all my favorite vintage rose dishes. I find the overall look very summery and fresh now :)

I think it matches so well to my white wooden mantle and I like the contrast to the dark vintage Adler sewing machine below, although I'm currently searching for a chest of drawers which matches with the cabinet and once I found it I'll bring the sewing machine upstairs in my studio.

The huge pink roses in the photo below are freshly picked "Constance Spry" from my garden:

If you click on the next picture to enlarge it (which you can do with all of my pictures as you might know by now) you can see the reflection of my garden in the glasses:

Talking about the garden "Contance Spry" an English David Austin climbing rose is now in bloom and I called the picture below "Heaven's gate"

My darling Eden 85 rose aka Pierre de Ronsard has also started to flower:

And the soft pink Clematis "Josephine" in the next photo is slowly fading, but still quite beautiful:

The soft purple Delphinium has also started to blossum in a pot on my deck:

And Geranium x magnificum is in full bloom in my rose border now:

The pink Lupine in the shady border of my backyard has just opened the first blossums:

This soft pink beauty is an historical gallica rose called "Belle Isis":

And lastly another picture of a "Constance Spry" flower close up:

I could show you tons of pictures from my flowers and cottage garden but I don't want to bore you with it so I better continue with pictures from the May basket swap (organized by Kari Ranstroem over the Year of color blog). Below is my gorgeous May basket from the talented Lorraine Lewis of the blog Paperbird. Lorraine and I agreed to give eachother some more time that's why we are quite late whith receiving our parcels. I told her that I'd love to find or get a Vintage sewing basket and I was so happy when I opened my parcel (a huge parcel btw) and saw that she did indeed find one for lucky me :) (click on photo to enlarge it):

It was filled with a beautiful whimsy Millinery nest with the most lovely Millinery and gorgeous pink wooden spools and sheet music paper in a roll tied with a bow and an enchanting rhine stone button.

I was literally in Paper bird heaven while I unpacked all the treasures dear Lorraine has gathered for me. Once again I was spoiled rotten by my swap partner and I'm so very thankful to Lorraine that she has made this swap so special for me, she really did an amazing job with it! Here is the whole swap content, which was hard to get in one picture and I love every itsy bitsy bit of it:

The parcel smelled divine from a parfumed soap wrapped in the most beautiful bird nest paper. I also love the pretty paper lace doilies, which I have never seen around here in Germany so far only much bigger ones and never in pink.

Lorraine also sent me this absolutely enchanting jewelry holder (I love the lil birds sitting on it) and aren't the Vintage book pages in the background just so delightful?

Part of the pretty bird images, seed packet and tags etc. seen in the photos above were in the pockets of this fabulous booklet that Lorraine created for me:

I also got one of her awesome collages with a more than fitting poem because I sure love pretty things and papers and ribbons better than diamonds! And it's so true about the collections and inspirations too!

Unfortunately I can't show you what I sent to Lorraine yet because she only received the paper part (I sent two parcels) of our swap yet, but not the parcel with Maybasket itself and all the German sweets - oh I forgot to mention, that we swapped German/American sweets too for our girls and my daughter was more than happy with the yummy US treats she received. I think the US custom office might have catched the parcel ( I had to pick mine up from the German custom office too) but I hope very much she'll get it soon now *fingers crossed*!

Last Sunday I was at a flea market in the countyside whit my sister where I found this sweet Vintage toy sewing machine as well as the other sewing items and turqouise tins, all for a bargain price. It all matches very well with the turqouise wooden spools which I purchased from Ebay lately:

To finish this post I have some more pictures from my studio. I always liked to decorate the sky/ceiling of my rooms too, so I took some photos of the decorated studio sky to inspire you, like the glitter star garland from my far away friend Madai for example with my old glitter moon. The moon and the stars are brighten up the night sky over part of my studio world.
(click on picture to enlarge!):

And the bird cage where the birdies can come an go as they wish because the door is always open:

And I also love to use umbrellas to decorate my studio sky, like this pink chinese paper one:

Or my so called grey Mary Poppins umbrella that I got from Lisbeth Dahl a Danish Designer.

Lastly a picture of the flea market finds from my last post which are now incorporated in my studio too, like the small chest of drawers from a watchmaker. I filled one of my tophats with pretty paper rolls and a millinery flower. Can you feel my love for top hats? I'm going to fill the other one with the pretty bird nest I just got from Lorraine in our swap.

Btw I opened 2 new flickr groups this month one is called "Vintage inspired studios/craft rooms" and the other one "Cottage gardens" both groups that I missed on flickr so far and that are sure to inpire you with all the gathered beauty, have a look here if you'd like http://www.flickr.com/groups/vintage_inspired_studios/
and feel free to join if you have something to share as well.
I wish you all a very happy pentecost weekend and a fabulous start in the month of June!
Until next time at Boxwood Cottage
xoxo Carola


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Every little detail in your home is just fabulous. You have some amazing collections!!! Totally lovely post.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there cutie,
what gorgeous flowers you have!!
and your studio and home are to die for!!!
hope all is well


natalea said...

Carola, your photos always stun me with their beauty! That clematis is amazing- I have three different clematis(es) but none of that particular variety- just gorgeous! I love your home...everything in it is so pretty- and your capture it all so wonderfully. Hope you had a nice weekend. xoxo natalea

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carola! What a faboulous post!!! You made a great work painting your cabinet white! I like it whith the lovely china inside!!! Your garden leave me always without words (this happens very seldom!!!)...just stunning!!! Your flowers are...perfect!!!! The May basket is fantastic...so many lovely stuffs!!! What can I say more??? I'm happy to see you're so much creative and full of nice ideas!!!
Have a nice week!
Warm greetings

Rebecca said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I can never get tired of looking at them. I can't wait for more pictures of your lovely house and garden. What is the name of those pretty pink roses dishes in your white cabinet?

KatCollects said...

Your roses are so pretty. I love all of your swap goodies, and your cabinet turned out beautiful. I hope you are having a great start to your week.

Vickie said...

Such beautiful roses! Your flowers always look so stunning. I love the white cabinent too! Your home just looks cozy and inviting!

Lori said...

Carol, your home and garden are both amazingly beautiful!!! i am jealous of your pretty Lupine, i cannot get that plant to grow in my yard, and i think it is so lovely...LOVE your goodies from Lorraine, she really spoiled you right...everything looks wonderful...lucky you:)

Luna said...

Oh, die Vitrine sieht ja toll aus in weiß!!! Gut, dass du sie angemalt hast.
Ach, und du durftest mal wieder zum Zoll ;o)
Aber es hat sich ja echt gelohnt für so schöne Sachen.
Deine Rosen blühen so schön. Schade, dass ich es nicht geschafft habe, dich im Mai zu besuchen.
Werde mir nun deine Flickr Group ansehen.
Liebe Grüße

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carol! This is another post filled with the best eye candy! Your new cupboard is lovely! And your garden...this is the most lovely spring we had in years so I knew that your flowers would blow me off my feet and they do! That clematis!!!! Your photo is too good to be true. I think you must think that I have gone nuts because I cannot stop talking in superlatives. But I'm just talking the truth! That swap is great too. I love everything. The millions of bird pictures, the self made book you have been spoiled but I'm sure that Lorraine will have a lovely package too! Your flea market finds are great too, I often feel that I am in the worst part of the world regarding to flea markets. Your studio is soo beautiful with all your new bargains! By the way are these little top hats sales men samples? They look so good.
I do hope we will have lots and lots more of this lovely weather! Enjoy!

ps I will post a few photos on your flickr groups soon, time time time...that is the one and only thing that lacks me...

Mia said...

Your garden is just as beautiful as ever, Carol! I love, love, love all your roses (I do have Constance Spry in my garden too, but it is nowhere near to flower yet), in your garden and in your lovely home. The cabinet turned out just beautifully in its fresh new white paint and shows off your lovely rosy china even better than before.

Fluitenkruid said...

Love every detail of your house and garden!

Chrisy said...

The white paint looks fabulous...the whole effect is so lovely...and matches the garden...and the studio pic...heaven!

KatCollects said...

I love all of your beautiful flowers. And your basket swap looks wonderful.

Altes Haus mit Seele said...

WOW!!!! I love your blog!

Deb said...

Gorgeous post Carol! Your home and gardens are beautiful & I love the reflection of your garden in the cupboard photo :-)

barbaras countryhome said...

Hallo Carola, Deine Posts sind einfach traumhaft schön!!! Ich gucke sooo gerne bei Dir. Dein weißer Hängeschrank sieht wunderschön aus und passt sooo gut in Dein Wohnzimmer. Dein Garten ist ein Traum!!!! Die Constanze Spry habe ich auch in meinem Garten und sie blüht wirklich sooo reichhaltig. Wirklich tolle Fotos, so richtig zum genießen!!!
Ganz liebe Grüße Barbara

Wren Cottage said...

Hello Miss Carola!
Wow!! What a treat to see so many beautiful pictures from your garden and home!! You surround yourself with so much inspiration and give me so much too!! I always feel like running out in the garden after reading your posts and looking at your pictures and working really hard to make my garden and home better, but I think I will look at all your eye candy again, lol!!
Loved all the goodies you got in your swap, the collage with that adorable quote is really sweet!! I'm sure she is going to be thrilled when she gets yours, I know :)
Sending you lots of love, your far away friend that thinks your the BEST, xoxoxo Madai

Aspiemom said...

Your cottage is just adorable!

I wouldn't want to dust all of that, though. Do you have a secret in that department!

Very charming!

Gattina said...

I read your comment on Steffi's blog, apparently you know each other very well. So I just came here by curiosity.
Ich dachte immer bei mir wäre viel Dekoration, aber bei Dir sieht es noch "schlimmer" aus. Nur unsere Farben sind anders bei mir ist alles in rot, orange und helles beige. Ich lebe schon seit 50 Jahren in Belgien und kenne nicht mehr viele Leute in Deutschland aber mehr in Köln und Frankfurt.

Rosy said...

Beautiful beautiful post, no, I don't think you will ever bore us with your garden pictures, the more the better, they are simply stunning. I love the way the cabinet turned out too, so fresh and you have set it up well; especially love the look of the scale and the birdies hanging down from the chandelier.

Builders victoria said...

so uniquely beautiful flowers you have here...

Fliegenpilz-Gift(s) said...

Liebe Carola,

danke für Deinen lieben Kommentar,
nein, das ist nicht bei mir zu Hause, sondern bei meiner Mutter, auch wenn es bei uns sehr ähnlich aussieht... ;o)
Wunderschöne Impressionen habe ich mal wieder bei Dir vorgefunden!

Liebe Grüße

Cathy said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Absolutely stunning. Each and every photo is a feast for the eyes. Love everything.

Wow, wow, wow!

xo Cathy

Boracay accommodation said...

What a wonderful flowers you got here..

Anne Marie said...

I saw you at Laeriss's blog, and so glad I did - your blog is lovely!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Oh my Carola! This post is GORGEOUS! Your home is so romantic that I wish I could just move right in! (heehee) And your flowers are beautiful as always. Such a rainbow of color you have! We have had too much rain this spring, and no summer weather at all yet. Two of my newest rose bushes have buds, but with the lack of sun and too much rain, some buds are becoming moldy and don't open. Hopefully the sun will return! That postcard link you sent was too sweet! Thank you! And I'd LOVE to do a swap with you someday!!! My kids's last day of school is tomorrow so things should quiet down here once they start into their summer routines. Lots of love to you! =)

boracay condo said...

what a lovely shop!

Furniture movers said...

Your house is so beautiful..

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Carola!
I love this post!
I am coming back to re-read it again, maybe more than once.
Everything is so so lovely!! I love your dining area! Your garden flowers are gorgeous!!!
so I HAVE to come again especially to this post :)


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