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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A good mixture!

Oh my goodness like every time I can't decide what to post on my blog. I'm torn between pictures of my garden, decorations, swaps and crafts. What is it that you like to see best/mostly? Well for this time I decided to make this post a good mixture out of it all lol

Okay so I've started with a decorated corner of my deck in the picture above!

Followed by a photo of a wonderful royal mail parcel that I had in the mail last weekend from Chantal of the blog http://celestinemusings.blogspot.com/

Chantal e- mailed me through flickr that she saw a comment that I made weeks ago under someone elses picture of a book called "The Country diary of an Edwardian Lady" and that she had a spare copy of that book which she'd like to send to me just because she loves my blog and cause she wanted to share it. Wow random act of kindness (RAK) or what? Of course I was delighted and I still am! :D Thank you so much Chantal, you and another kindred soul have made my weekend! I was suffering from a bad migraine and couldn't do much, so your parcel was very soothing for me!

It is such a beautiful nature diary through a whole year with the most enchanting pictures of plants and butterflies etc.pp all hand painted by the author Edith Holden back at the beginning of the last century. Im so happy to have my own copy now! The gorgeous foxglove below is just one example of the prettyness of the pictures, I'll sure post more pictures out of this treasure book from time to time:

See the beautiful metal birds in my fave colors hanging from my blue parasol?

Well they came in another wonderfully lavender smelling parcel last weekend from my dear friend Nature Girl from Canada. We had a magazine swap and the sweet heart that she is she has popped some more goodies in the envelope. I love everything but the birds really make me happy! I so love birds and she just knew it! Thank you so much NG! xox

Click on picture to enlarge and see more details!

Further I like to share with you some pictures of what is blooming in my little garden at the moment:

Above you can see "Lavatera arborea" a real big plant, almost to big for my border, but it has so many beautiful blooms!

Above is Clematis "Cardinal rouge" which is still blooming pretty as well on my blue trellis and my "Augusta Luise" rose in the photo below is still having pretty flowers too:

Then there are the magnificent sweet peas blooming in my border close to the rose arc now:

The collage on canvas below I've made for Jenny's bits and pieces swap. It's going out to my swap partner Anastasia in Sydney this week. If you are interested to see the collages of all the other participants of this swap go have a look at the flickr group here

See a bigger more detailed version of the picture above here!
And I made another crown, or this I think it became a bit more tiara like. My swap partner Ele had the choice between 3 crowns now and has decided she wants the golden King crown I've shown in my last post though. I'll show you pictures of what I'll get from my swap partners when I've received their parcels. There is also a flickr group for this swap of Holly Doodle, see here

See a bigger more detailed version of the picture above here!

Lastly can you spot me in the next picture?

Sure you can lol

Have a fabulous summer time everyone oh and winter time of course for those of you living down under! And leave me some comments please so that I know that you were here! Thank you and see you in July!
Warmest wishes

Carol(a) xox


jessi nagy said...

simply FAB! i love everything! those metal birds are to die for. so cute!

Your gardens are glorious! I feel so relaxed.

RAK. so very cool. there are so many wonderful people out there in bloogerland. have a wonderful week.

jessi nagy

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

It's always such a treat to come here and visit your blog! It's like taking a stroll through one of my favorite little shops or something :) And I always love coming here to gather garden ideas too... I love the little peek of your face through the mirror picture!

Rosemary said...

Your blog is pure eye candy. You are such a cute lady!
How nice that you got so many wonderful things from your blog friends.
Love your gardens too!
You have a wonderful summer as well.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Carol.
Your garden is such a heaven. I always love to come here.

Sandy said...

I love to see it all! Crafts, garden, antiques, all of it! You are so talented & creative & your photography is wonderful.

lauren said...

Carol dear, you can post photos of your garden every single day and I, for one, would be thrilled to see them!
But, your creations are so fun to see too. I love your collage you made for Jenny's swap. So fun. And your crowns/tiaras too!
Oh, but that blue trellis--makes my heart skip a beat with those beautiful clematis growing on it. I keep trying to get my garden more and more like yours, but it's still not there yet. Thank you for all the inspiration though, I love yours so so much.
And sweetpeas too!! sheesh...
Well, you know what happens next for me after I look at your garden--computer off and out I go into mine!


MariaJ said...

Hi there! It looks like we both share the same time-table cause I just updated my blog today, just like you! Well, well, well, where to start! How amazing energy lady you are. It looks like that you work 24 hours per day! The result cant be any better or it would be spoiled like we say here in Finland. That book...oooh I can almost touch that drawing...Is that Lavatera arborea the same like Malva moschata which I have? It looks like it so much and it can have white or pink blossoms. I have this plant too. Your tiara looks like caramel...hmmm so delicious! Hugs M

Sugar Bear said...

I love ALL of your pictures, not matter what they are of! Your garden is so beautiful and such an inspiration to someone like me who is trying to get their garden started. Your packages and goodies are so lovely! I love the birds.

Deb said...

Wonderful garden photos & treasures from your friends. I especially love the metal birds you have hanging down from your garden umbrella.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

okay, despite the beautiful BLUE trellis, and the clematis, roses, birds (very cute!!) and crowns and glittery stuff...it's the sweetpeas that are making me hyperventilate.

Carol(a) ~ !!~ :) ~ everything you post is wunderbar!!

Thanks, I love seeing your garden etc. Lidy

Laurie & Chris said...

I love all the blue in the corner of your deck. It looks very nice. Your flowers look beautiful.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love all those blues in your top photo Carol. Love your crown too.
Your garden is always fun to see, and so are your crafts.
I've always appreciated the beautiful artwork and thoughts in that book. It's very special. I suppose that's why it's endured as long as it has.

Hulda said...

Lovely photos from your garden, your collages and swap. I can see your problem, I have the same some days, I have so much to post. :) I have the same diary from the english lady, it is so wonderful.

I have started to write some of my post in English again, I hope you will take a look some day.

Rosy Inspiration said...

Hi, Carol, Your garden pics are my faves, I love everything about your garden. I especially love the way you make use of every nook and cranny and no matter where you look, there's a gorgeous vista.

Clare said...

Hi Carol,

Your garden looks truly beautiful - I love that clematis!

The rose on my blog was grown from a cutting which I took from my mum's garden and the original plant dates back to the 1950s, so I don't know what it is called.

However, I recently bought a David Austin rose called 'Spirit of Freedom' and it is very similar in look and with it's beautiful scent!

Best Wishes

Clare x

Hillside Garden said...

Ich seh dich, ich seh dich! Das Buch sieht ganz entzückend aus! Bei mir blühen auch die Malven, aber die Wicken noch nicht!


Fiene said...

Hallo carol, nach wie vor, deine ist und gehört zu meinen Lieblingsseiten! So viele schöne Sachen, Garten, Blumen, Dekos, deine Swaps, Bastelarbeiten - alle durchweg eine 1!!!! Ich sage nur "Hut ab" - dein BLOG gehört absolut zu den besten was es gibt und ich wundere mich, dass du noch keinen AWARD bekommen hast!

Joanne said...

The Edwardian Lady book is one of my favorites - love all the pictures of flowers in it! Your garden is much farther along, bloom-wise, than mine is. Just beautiful!

Carol said...

Gosh you're garden is gorgeous.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

That crown you made is stunning! And the garden photos are always glorious! Now I see you in the last photo, and I must say you look soooo much like my Tante Ulla from Berlin (when she was young -- same long dark blond hair, she too has blue eyes). =) Hugs to you my dear friend!

Naturegirl said...

Carol you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful posts! Oh that first photo is so charming and perfectly set to showcase your garden treasures! The flowers in your garden just stunning! I am so pleased that you enjoyed recieving the birds as they had your name on them when I saw them...
I also sent Pam Aries one as she is a bird kind of gal too!
You certainly have a garden oasis where you can sit and enjoy the summer!
~Ich wunsche Direinen schonen Tag im Garten!~ hugs NG

She Who Flies said...

So glad the book arrived (with another package, yay!) when you needed a little pick-me-up and that you're enjoying it.

Isn't your garden a splendour?

And that blue crown is gorgeous. Such a great idea!

Karen said...

I'm here, I'm here! Hey Carol, I like your roses and your other beautiful plants, like the clematis and sweet pea and that pretty lavatera arborea.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hi Carol,
Have recently discovered your blog and I must say that it is a delight. Your garden is stunning, you must have worked very hard to make it so beautiful. Thank you for sharing everything. Pure bliss!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Carol! I think I like to read about all of the choices you asked about... I love seeing pictures of homes and swaps and gardens! It is nice to have a mixture of all! I love your beautiful crowns. You did a fabulous job on them and the the blue one in this post is my favorite color!!

also.. I spot the somerset life magazine there... oh how I love that! I read it over and over and over!! Did you enjoy it?

have a great day! Heather

JayJay said...

Dear Carol!
Please don't think about what to post. Just let us see everything.
Youre beautiful fotos show so delightful things und eyecandy. I wish to see it all.

Greetings from Riensberg JayJay

Lis said...

Gut hast du dich getroffen! :-)
Sogar im Sommer bist du kreativ, bei mir geht im Moment der Garten vor.

linda t said...

How much do we LOVE Sweet Peas??!!! Thank you for sharing one of my favorites Carol!
LOVE the metal birds too! Nature Girl is such a generous sweety!
What a treat to visit your colorful garden every week!

Salix Tree said...

What an utterly cute little birdhouse, that blue one in the first pic. Love the Augusta Louise and the sweetpeas are wonderful!
Hoping you get some nice weather soon, it's calmed down a little bit here for us, but still not very warm.

Lallee said...

A perfect post. When you asked what do we like to see most, I was going to answer EVERYTHING. I couldn't choose between your garden, decorating, and crafts. They are all equally wonderful, Carole. Your tiara is just beautiful!

miss*R said...

Hi Carol - coming over to say a big THANKYOU for your kindness and support over the past few weeks - it is so much appreciated to know that there are so many kind people out there.
ps- love the crowns, they are deligthful ! xo

Sue said...

Oh Carol, What beautiful eye candy. Love the foxglove painting.
Life At Home

Anita said...

Hach, ich bewundere Deine Sommer-Kreativität! Ich lege im Sommer fast immer eine Bastel-Pause ein, mir fehlt dann dazu einfach die nötige Ruhe und Muße!

Das Natur-Buch ist ja toll mit den Zeichnungen! Ich hatte früher ein altes Biologie-Buch von meinem Onkel, aus den 50er Jahren. Ich hoffe, das findet sich nochmals wieder beim Dachboden-Aufräumen!

Deine Lavatera arborea gefällt mir sehr - ich hab auch einige Malven ausgesät am Rosenbogen, bin schon ganz gespannt wenn sie endlich blühen!

Vor ein paar Tagen mußte ich übrigens geschockt bemerken, daß eine meiner Stockrosen am Zaun PINK blüht!!!! Wo ich doch pinkiges Pink überhaupt nicht mag!!! Die wäre was für Dich, Du würdest sie liiiieben! ;-)))

Ist dieses Wetter nicht frustrierend? Ich komme mir vor wie im Herbst!

So, wir gehen jetzt auf Gartentour, hier ist "Offene Pforte"!

Viele liebe Grüße,

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Your tiaras are wonderful. Well, of course, all of it is really wonderful! What a pretty posting, thanks.

Birgit said...

Ich bewundere Deine Aktivität. Du scheinst rund um die Uhr kreativ zu sein. Schläfst Du auch mal? Wenn ich Deinen Blog besuche, ist mir immer etwas nostalgisch zumute. Aber das ist sicher gewollt. Natürlich wieder sehr schöne Fotos, besonders das mit der Glasglocke ;-).

Carolyn said...

Hi Carol, as always such a pleasure you are. Love the sweet peas and yor new birds, and all the pics and your refelction in the mirror. I have the same white bird :-) Your garden is a heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your garden. The color you painted the wood pieces is brillant. You have such an artistic flare. Everything is beautiful. You must have people coming to see your garden all the time. I too really enjoy anything you post!

Daisy Cottage said...

Don't know what I love most, but the tiara is GORGEOUS! Hope you are having a wonderful summer Carol!

Jill said...

So many lovely photos.

Ele said...

Oh how I love everything in your post. I love the details you put into your art. Your garden is gorgeous and they way you decorat it, stunning!

stadtgarten said...

Wunderschöne Bilder, wie immer. Leider braucht mein PC manchmal recht lange, sie alle zu laden.
Meine Augusta Louise hat zur Zeit wohl eine Blühpause - überhaupt habe ich den Eindruck, als würde sich der Garten schon mit Riesenschritten auf den Herbst vorbereiten. Und das ist so schade, denn eigentlich liegt der Sommer ja noch vor uns!
LG, Monika

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Great mix Carola. Love those birdies from NG, what a lovely present!!!

Sweet Peas are one of my favorite flowers that I grow every year. Who could do without them? And they are scented too!

It seems that we have the same Lavatera. :-)

Lucky you to get such a lovely book from Chantal! RAK indeed! :-)

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Carol, I love to see your treasures but am always inspired by your garden too. I love those birds. You are lucky with your blogging friends.

I received Somerset life and studio today. I ordered them a few weeks ago from the US. They are full of inspiration.

By the way I LOVED your crowns but I am a bit of a princess ..;)) and I ADORE the tiara - since your swap partner is taking a crown will the tiara be up on Etsy:)

best wishes Ginny

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as always Carol. You make lovely art and keep a lovely home. Glad you are having a good summer!
jenduncan (dot typepad dot com)

She'sSewPretty said...

I can never get over how gorgeous your garden and your pictures are! Love the little peek of you in the mirror too!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Carol~Noritake has a set of dishes that has the designs from this book. That is the set we got for our wedding. There are cross-stich books too...I stitched some birds to match my dishes.

Mia said...

So many lovely photos of your garden, various swaps and your craft. I always love yur garden photos, not only is your garden a dream, but your photos of it are just as gorgeous. I am also very fond of the book by Edith Holden, so you are lucky to have been given it (I am still searching...)

lindaharre said...

Carola......Thanks for always sharing a part of yourself! I love the pic with you in it.....you remind me of my step-daughter (whom I LOVE) in this pic!! YOur garden always blows me out of the water.....ha..ha!! and....those darling birds.....are they painted or covered in fabric? hugs, Linda

Julie said...

I am so glad I found your blog. It is so AMAZING!! I love your gardens. I have just stared to blog and am so inspired by yours!! Thank you!

Katie said...

How fun to visit your garden and home via your blog! I can't even tell you the circuitous route I took here -- one blog after another, click click click. Glad I found you!

Kimberley said...

Carol, your gardens are lovely and your creative spirit apparent in every photo! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Cat said...

I would have a hard time deciding too! It's all so lovely.

Nadine said...

Hallo Carola,

das sind wieder wunderbare Fotos, die einem die trüben Tage richtig versüßen.

Ich freue mich schon auf Bilder, wenn das Wetter mal wieder besser wird.

Übrigens vielen herzlichen Dank für deine Glückwünsche in meinem Blog.

Liebe Grüße,

LostRoses said...

Carol, Your lavatera is so much prettier than mine which I posted yesterday. Such a deep color of pink! And I love the red clematis, I never seem to get one that is really red. I'm going to have to find Cardinal Rouge.

Yes, I see you in the picture, you appear to be about 22 years old!

Andrea's Garden said...

Hi Carol, sparkling crown! Die ist aber hübsch geworden. Mir gefällt, wie du deine kleinen Gartenecken immer wieder umdekorierst. Außerdem sieht deine Terrasse immer so supersauber aus. :-) Wünsch dir eine gute Woche. Andrea

Steffi said...

Wunderschöne Gartenfotos!Total klasse!Ich habe deinen Blog durch Zufall beim Stöbern in anderen Blogs gefunden!

LG Steffi aus HH

Allison said...

Oh Carol, everything is just lovely. Your garden is amazing! The wonderful items you received in the post must have made you so happy. The crown you made is so wonderful - I love crowns. Your swap page is also very lovely. And so enjoyed catching a glimpse of you in the final picture - you are so beautiful!!! :o)


Sue said...

Your posts are so full of beauty. Love the way you use blues in such an interesting way. All just lovely.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

My mom & I gave each other this book years ago with inscriptions written inside so it's very special to me ~ mine has always been on my living room table & it's my very favorite book!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, found you thru flickr and now I'm here at your blog and am speechless... everything is just beyond beautiful!Extraordinary! My husband and I are avid birdwatchers and have so enjoyed your bird pictures, especially since we always wanted to see bluetits and little robins so that was a super special treat! I see that you love the Country Diary book.. have you ever seen the video they made based on the book? I know you would love it!!
your garden and all your pictures are just breathtaking!! thanks so much for sharing your world! Geez, so much for being speechless ;o)lol...
xo ~ Madai ~ Wren Cottage














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