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Monday, June 11, 2007

Crafts, Swaps & Roses!

Hello dear readers,
I know it has been a long time again and my only excuse is that we have too good weather to stay in the house, oh and I'm back at work since last Thursday too and in the late evenings I was busy crafting. Please be patient if the pictures are taking long to load, just open another window keep surfing and come back here when they have all loaded, sometimes it helps to refresh the site too. I promise you won't regret it! Also if you don't like "eye candy" you don't have to wait ;-)

Click on the picture above to enlarge it to it's full size and see all the details, I took it yesterday!

This is what NG's friend and neighbor TWT has sent to me for our magazine swap! Thank you dear TWT the magazine is beautiful and I also love all the extras you've added! They are perfect for a gardener! Not sure if I'll ever be able to touch dirt with those gorgeous party garden gloves ;-) Btw your's and NG's swap enevelopes are on it's way to Canada!

Then I'd like to show you what I was busy creating lately! These are magnetic 3 D collage tins, which I'm going to add to my little empty Etsy shop this week! They will add a nice romantic touch to your fridge or any other place where magnets will hold!

I did my best to make them look pretty from the in- and the outside, using German Dresden borders, satin ribbon and vintage lace borders etc.pp!

I'm going to take close up pics of every magnetic tin for the Etsy shop descriptions though!

Then I was experiencing what else I could create with paper and mixed medias that I haven't seen around the crafting and blogging world before and I came up with the "apple collage" above and the "Victorian shoe" below which I could add to Etsy too if someone is interested in it:

This next picture I took at my mum's last week, just because I thought it's pretty eye candy:

Well then in the here calles "rose month of June" I can't resist but posting more actual pictures of some of my favorite roses in my garden, cause I feel they have just reached the high point of their beauty:

Eden rose 85:

"Augusta Luise":

Leonardo da Vinci:

David Austin's "St. Cecilia":

I'm looking forward to discover what's new in your blogs now! Have a happy week everyone! Carol(a) xox
P.S. Have you seen the new little banner pics on the right, in my side bar? I've signed up to two fabulous new swaps this week. First is Jenny's "Collage bit's and pieces swap" and the other one is Holly Doodles "Crown and Tiara swap". Can't wait to find the time to start! :D


Hillside Garden said...

Deine Gloves sind aber sehr schön! Hoffentlich kann man sie auch gut verwenden. Man hat mir mal ein paar richtig teure Stoffhandschuhe für den Garten geschenkt, sie sind zu groß und außerdem geht Wasser durch.
Die Rosen durfte ich ja heute schon bewundern!


lindaharre said...

I just posted some pics of my lillies and and to joke about my pics were inspired by yours....tee...hee!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ohhhhhh, those beautiful roses of yours, they are wonderful!!!!! And you have been very busy lately I see with making magnetic 3D collage tins, very pretty Carola!

BTW Love those new garden gloves, they are too good to use, aren't they? ;-)

lauren said...

Oh sigh...
Carol, every time I look at photos in your garden I turn off the computer and head outside to mine. It inspires me more than you will ever know. Each picture gives me ideas on how I can try to make mine more beautiful. I love all your vertical gardening and I'm always trying to figure out more ways to incorporate it. You always have so much inspiration for me in this avenue. Beautiful photos as usual and your little creations are just as sweet as your roses!


Sugar Bear said...

Beautiful photos as always Carol! I love, love, love the collage tins and can't wait for you to list them!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Carol,
Everything is beautiful! I love that you like to create new items! Your tins are especially lovely! My fridge is not magnetic though...hmmm.
Ok, I think you must be a professional photographer also, along with a graphic designer specialist! Oh and lets not forget Master gardener! Your photos of the roses are so beautiful that the aroma was almost scented the air!
I have two questions:
1) Can I add you to my "pretty places" on my blog?
2) Could you stop by my blog tomorrow and or
later this week. i have some very "BIG" news to
share that also needs everyones help! Also,
especially You and your Daughter will love to
hear about this event!! I hope you can come by
and help!

With Kindness,
p.s. are you in jenny's swap! I see the button for it!

kathywas said...

Carol..these roses are absolutely luscious! I can almost smell their beauty through the computer screen. They are so perfect in every way!

I love the 3D magnetic tins that you put together. What a clever idea! Can't wait to see the close-ups!

Love your Victorian shoe, as well! The colors are beautiful.

Jean said...

Your roses are absolutely beautiful1 You take wonderful pictures.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol, What a busy girl you've been! Those little mini magnet collages are just adorable - don't forget to let us know when they are in your shop!- I want to visit!

As ever your garden photos are just dreamy **sigh**


Joanna said...

Your garden is looking wonderful as ever. I love the roses I expect they all smell yummy too.

Lis said...

Wenn ich noch öfters die Edenrose zu Gesicht bekomme, werde ich vielleicht doch noch schwach, seufz!

Deb said...

Hi Carol
Your roses & latest creations in your studio are just gorgeous.

Jeannene said...

"Hello there?"

Just found your lovely, and most beautiful site from (sepia art, by Delila's.) She is such a Lovely person indeed!!

I added you to my list, your site is so pretty and is sure delightful to read!!

Please come visit me some.


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

love these sweet little tins! what a fun idea!!!

and your roses are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

MariaJ said...

Your garden really looks like its at its best. I'm so happy you share all this magic with us! That Eden rose is my favourite...soooo charming. Oh and you have created something personal and your own, thats very difficult sometimes but you have succeeded great! Clap, clap, clap..Well, these swaps are really nice but this time of year I just cant think anything else than my garden. I can create something yes, but its usually all to my garden. Hey, we got rain today! Yeeee! Also the weather isnt so hot anymore but I'm just happy about that cause now all the bloomings last much longer. Hugs and enjoyable crafting time!

LostRoses said...

Perfection, indeed! Your garden couldn't look any more gorgeous.

And your little tin magnets are very clever and sweet. But what is an Etsy shop? I've missed something somewhere!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Miss Carola,

wunderbar! Absolutely astoundingly beautiful. Your garden and roses and crafting, all of it!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Carol....
I empathise completely. These glorious days are surely for the garden and may I say, yours is looking particularly beautiful. Oh my! your roses are exquisite. I’ve just featured a few of mine in my last posting, do take a look, I hope you enjoy them.

I love your latest craft creation too, the magnetic tins are just lovely. Love - Marion

Birgit said...

Deine "St. Cecilia" von Austin ist aber auch überaus schön. Die Eden 85 ist ja eh mein absoluter Favorit, auch wenn sie nicht duftet. Aber die Blüten sind in jedem Stadium ein wahrer Traum.
Du hast nach meiner Austin-Rose gefragt: Es ist die "Englands Rose". Austin hat sie zu Ehren Prinz. Dianas gezüchtet, allerdings nur ein einziges Jahr in Europa vertrieben. Ich hatte das Glück, sie vor ein paar Jahren auf einem Gartenfestival kaufen zu können.

Deine anderen Fotos: Wie immer, tolle und romantische Ideen. Einfach klasse.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh Carole! I love the magnet tins and the apples and the boot! You're so wonderfully creative!!!

Mia said...

One day I would just love to come and visit you and your garden. Do you host an open garden day? If no, then you should consider it... The beauty of it all is beyond words! I love the first picture (as I do all the rest as well). The one of the pink roses in a blue and white polkadot jug on the blue and white mosaic table is just lovely, too. And the victorian shoe you have made was special and pretty. Do enjoy your delightful garden and the lovely warm summer days.

The Rose Room said...

Your garden is glorious! I have so enjoyed viewing it. And... love your craft work, especially teh Victorian Shoe. Clever you.x

Mrs. Staggs said...

Everything's lovely here today! 'Course I knew it would be, it always is Carol. Wow, you've been really busy and have made some wonderful things! Your swap gift is very nice too. I've been enjoying that magazine and just bought the latest issue yesterday. They've been putting together some great stories and creative ideas lately.
I love that "Eden" rose. It's especially beautiful. Have you figured out that "smell" button for your computer yet? :>)
Take care.

Andrea's Garden said...

hi Carol, die Eden ist auch eine meiner Lieblingsrosen (hab ja noch nicht viele) :-) Aber die blüht so toll. Du warst fleissig! Hübsche Dinge hast du gebastelt. Wie du dazu immer die Zeit findest? Hut ab! LG Andrea

Michelle Anderson said...

I always enjoy seeing your flowers in bloom. I thought you might enjoy my new blog. My flowers are getting a late start due to a cold spring but I have ornaments to look at too.
Michelle A.

mosaic queen said...

Your garden is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! I also Love to garden and find myself outside tending to it instead of working. However, it is starting to heat up here (110 degrees) so I must get up very early to get things done. I'm thinking of buying several umbrellas to protect some of my plants from the heat!

Jeannene said...

"Thank you dear Carol, for visiting me!!"

I hope you come back and visit soon, would love to get to know you, you have such lovely taste's and enjoy reading you blog!

Love your "ART and FLOWERS!"

Blessings to you,

tlc illustration said...

Carol - what a breath-taking garden you have. (Mine is suffering from neglect - a year-long, every-minute project that is just starting to ease up... I hope to get back to it). Especially the roses.

Thanks for visiting my blog. At least you get to GO to Italy in the fall! I'd love to go again. It was amazing.

info@sweetyesterdays.com said...

Your garden is exactly what I want to wake up to each morning. It is beautiful, now could you please come and make mine look exactly like yours? LOL
Your blog is so interesting, I'm so glad I came across it, and your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Of course I will have to return.:)

Anonymous said...

Carol looks like your magnetic tins are a big hit!!! I love them too and I am so happy that your parcel arrived quickly and that you like it. As for your roses, no words. Just stunning, stunning, stunning. I'm just in awe of all your talents. Hugs, TWT

Gypsy Purple said...

These are all so lovely!!!!

Naturegirl said...

Hello Carol ~NG~ here...where do I start with my comment! Boy oh boy you have been BuSy in your studio creating!! Your garden is luscious as ever to view! I love the pinks and purples oh I love everything about your garden!!
OMG those roses how beautiful each and every one but although I LoVe pinks I do love the look of the orange rose!!! Your moms eye candy
surely pops! Carol enjoy the weekend read your Romantic Homes magazine and relax in the oasis you have created for yourself! hugs NG

KT said...

What beautiful garden pictures! Your blog is very pretty and inspiring.


madrekarin said...

Hi, Carol! I just love your tiny magnetic tins! So sweet! And the roses are just breathtaking! Bring on more eye candy! It is a delight to behold. :)

moderncountry said...

Hi Carol! Sorry making this comments so late, but i have been bussy. I have a lot to cath up i see. You are showing some fantastic pictures today!! Lots of adoriable flowers,( they look so big!) and i can`t stop looking at the magnetic 3 D collage tins you have made! Fantastic!!! I did not know about your talent. I am stunned...
And what a lovely gift you received :) I also enjoy swapping and the iteams i have received has given my home a beautiful touch..
I am looking forward to next post already and thank you for visiting my site now and then, hug :)
Enjoy your weekend!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Carol! Oh you have the best pictures! I love those sweet tins..great idea! And your flowers are just gorgeous.


Leslie said...

A feast for our eyes once again Carol! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us and I'm heading over to Etsy to look for those adorable tins!

Dawn said...

Nobody does eye candy like you, dear Carol!!!!

Karen said...

Lovely roses and pretty things. A visit to your blog is always eventful, Carol!

tina said...

I love your blog and garden...OMGOSH! SPECTACULAR! Absolutely enchanting...Tina

carolyn said...

Beautiful photographs as always Carol.

One Crabapple said...

Those tins are really wonderful Carol !

I think my favorite picture in this set
If I had to pick !!!
is the one with the pale pink roses in the blue pitcher...oh that one just feels so fresh and pretty.

Thanks for the lift !

stadtgarten said...

Deine Augusta Louise gefällt mir so gut. Ich habe ja auch eine, aber die geht momentan farblich eher mehr in die pinke Richtung und passt nicht so ganz gut zur Charles Austin, die ganz in der Nähe steht.
LG, Monika

Deb said...

Carol, a visit to your blog is like opening a wonderful magazine. Everything is lovely, and those roses are just amazing!

Barbara said...

The garden picture was so beautiful and worth waiting for. I just felt myself walking in it.

Lallee said...

Your path looks like it is going to a secret enchanted garden. Your roses are fabulous! Your tins are so sweet. I hope you do really well on etsy.


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