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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

White shutters for White Wednesday & my August garden

Welcome back dear readers and fellow blogging friends to another White Wednesday at Boxwood Cottage!
First of all I'd like to thank each of you who left me such heartwarming comments on last weeks White Wednesday post so much, it was such a great pleasure to read them! It's so much more fun to blog and share when you got such lovely response!

Well today I'd like to share with you my new wooden window shutters! Seeing that my big living room window has no real curtains to keep the sun out when whished or nosey eyes, I thought some flexible wooden shutters would be just the right thing and indeed it works out great! They are made from wooden lamella doors that you can buy in your local "do it yourself shop" and just paint them in what ever color you like. Of course I chose my fave creamy white again.

I can put just one in the window on the window seat or two. In the middle of my window is growing this enormous Hollyhock, so noone can look in there anyway, so for now I chose two pieces of shutters for either side of the plant. Notice my gorgeous new brocante bird cage in the picture above!

Oh I have such a thing for bird cages!
So this is what it looks like with both shutters put in place from further away. There is still enough light coming in, but noone can look inside and the sun is not blinding me anymore and the best is that I can still peak outside between the plants leaves he he.

So come on out on my deck, this is the view through the door:

Then when you went out and turn around you can see the huge soft yellow hollhock which wants to grow there directly in front of my window, in the little space between my terrace stones, every year. And the flexible blinds don't look so bad from the outside either, don't you think?

So if you'd like to see some more from my little cottage garden in August you might stay with me for a while longer. Some of you may remember that there were two large bushes down there in front of the rusty rose arc, so I could not see much of it from this angle, so last month we cleared the space complete with roots and all and filled it with fresh flower soil and compost and planted new perrenials and roses in the new flower bed.

Before we keep going further down in the garden let's turn around again and have little look at our tomcat Riley who found a comfy pillow on the bench and of course had to lay down there for a little nap :)

And also the roses are through with their first flowers now and it still takes a bit before most of them will bloom again, there are still so many other flowers in bloom!

I just love this view down my back yard and even better now that both of the big bushes are gone.

The Agapanthus or African Lily is my favorite at the moment and this year it even blooms in two different colors, in white and in blue! It bloomed only in blue last year and had only 4 stems, this year it has got 7 stems yay. Well I must have unconciously potted two different plants in the big pot, it's the only possible explanation I think. The white one is the only one fully in bloom right now so I think I'll have these gorgeous  big flower heads blooming for some more weeks to come :)

Right now I'm also tending my neighbors garden because she went on a little vacation, so I took some pictures from the view she has - through the wonderful viticella clematis "Prince Charles" which is growing along our properties border - peeking into my garden. Right behind the clematis were the 2 big bushes of a mediterranean snow ball and a cherry laurel that we just digged out. They really became to large for our small gardens and everything looks so much better and lighter and brighter now that they are away.

There you can see a bit of my blooming delphinium/larkspur and phlox in my new flower bed and do you spot the pink plants in the right upper corner of these pictures?

It's Cosmos and the here so called Spiderplant Cleome Spinosa which I grew both from seeds I had sown on the 30th of May in my zinc cold frame.

Pretty huh?

Oh and some of the cosmos flowers are even filled and I find them quite amazing! It's so fun and rewarding to grow annuals from seeds! I'm currently waiting for my Zinnias to start blooming too!

Well enough of the pink, let's have a look at something white in my garden again, my white trellis. See the soft high flower beside it? It's a chinese Thalictrum delavayi, a quite amazing plant that I have for a long time but it never grew so high before. It contains out of many very small soft purple tiny bells.

And further down the trellis beside of my Annabelle Hydrangea, my clematis Piilu has finally started to bloom:

It's one of the best summers for garden flowers in a long time here in Nothern Germany! :)

Well my friends, I'll stop here for today and if you're still with me, I suggest you to visit more White Wednesday participants over at Kathleen's blog Faded Charm!

Have a beautiful summer month of August everyone!

xoxo~ Carola

P.S.: My 5 years of blogging anniversary is coming up soon and I'm currently thinking about a give back, so stay tuned my friends!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hello Carola,
Your gardens are so so pretty! You have a green thumb...just like Evi!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Those flowers...Beautiful! Your living room is also gorgeous.


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Carola,
I just love the shutters and that beautiful, huge Hollyhock. Such a cottage flower for certain, just gorgeous there with all your flowers.

Your garden is beautiful, as is your home. I spent much time here yesterday at your blog, looking and being inspired by your homey, homey place. I still need to look at some time back (in years) at your other posts. I have to tell you, I am loving your blog to bits!

Have a happy week/weekend!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi Carola,
Your shutters look lovely in that gorgeous BIG window of yours!
Your garden is gorgeous! There are too many lovely things to mention!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!
Happy WW!
Hugs ~ Jo

Secret Garden Cottage said...

P.S. Your Riley is adorable, btw!! :)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello Carola, your garden looks as if there really are fairies playing happily in it. The shutters work perfectly. Riley must be the happiest cat in Germany to have such a brilliant garden to play in. xx

Rainy Day Fund said...

I have a bird cage addiction as well! Your shutters are amazing, as is your entire garden!

Ann said...

Hi Carola~
Your garden is just stunning! The flowers are beautiful. I lived in Germany for 9 years and was always amazed at the beauty of the flowers!
Thanks for sharing.
The Tattered Tassel

Cathy said...

Your flowers and gardens are just beautiful!! With our triple digits here in Texas, I am just trying to keep all of mine from burning up! Love all of you pics........Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

Sandy Mastroni said...

Stunning is the word ! and absolutely beautiful !
The shutters worked out perfectly .... and I love Riley too
also > Thank you SO SO much for visiting me
By accident I deleted your comment .... ha ha ....
because I had just put comment moderation on my blog and I didn't know what I was doing

I enjoy your blog so much !

oldgreymare said...

My Dear Carola,

Oh, I just love how wild and wooly and yet so carefully tended your garden is. That Hollyhock is a show stopper for sure.

Sue gave me the cutest little magnet from one of your favorite stores so now I have something on my fridge that reminds me of two good friends!!!

Happy White Wednesday!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh Carola, Dein Garten is so wunderschön und wild romantisch. Da würde ich jetzt sehr gerne sitzen, entspannen, Deine Blumen beschnuppern und Riley zuschauen. Die Shutters sind klasse und auch genau nach meinem Geschmack. Deine Fensterdeko gefällt mir überhaupt super gut mit den tollen Vogelkäfigen und all den schönen Windlichtern, die von der Decke hängen.
Viele, liebe Grüße und einen angenehmen Tag,

Faye said...

What a beautiful home and garden. I love your garden! The colors are so vivid and bright! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could find you! I'll be sure to stop back again and again. I want to look at all of your posts!

Your blog is one of my favorites!!!



32˙North said...

Hi Carola,

What a charming home you've created - I think that's the tallest hollyhock I've ever seen!


Rebecca said...

Lots and Lots and Lots of pretties to look at!

Regina said...

Hi Carola,
Wow!! Bin total begeistert.Eine tolle
Idee mit den Lamellen...gefällt mir sehr gut und deine Fensterdeko mit all den Windlichtern und Käfigen traumhaft.Die weiße Blumenbank gefällt mir auch....hast du sie selbergebaut?
Dein Garten mit all den schönen Pflanzen und dekostücken einfach toll
Deine Stockrose ist ja gigantisch
und wie ich sehe wachsen bei dir auch Trauben,so ein natürlicher Sichtschutz sieht einfach immer gut
Liebe Grüße sendet dir Regina

Burlap Luxe said...

Way too much beauty over here, I enjoyed my visit and you inspired me!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

The window is beautiful. I love all your birdcages. But I will have to say your gardens are gorgeous. It has been so hot and dry here that no ones gardens are looking good this year. So refreshing to see a lush garden like yours. Thank you for sharing, Sherry

June said...

Carola I could stay here all night and soak in all this beauty. Your August garden is full of delights. The blooms are stunning and I am in Heaven here.
I love your shutters. They will be the perfect solution to your sun blinding problem. They look just wonderful there amongst the bird cages.

Fran. said...

Oh Carola, I love your cosmos!! Mine never did come in!! Oh those bunnies!! Your shutters are perfect, and the Hollyhock is growing in the most perfect spot!! Riley makes the best garden cat!! Isn't it funny how the cats always seem to want to be in the pictures!! Your gardens look like they are from a magazine!! Take care, XO Fran.

Evi said...

Carola, I think the shutters are a great solution.
I am thinking of putting plantation shutters in my maine bathroom. I love the look of shutters.
Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!!
This has unfortunately not been our best Summer here.
So I enjoy seeing other gardens even more!
Did you have any luck with Laura?
Hugs, Evi

Shannon said...

Hello Carola,
I have just found your blog and Love your cottage and your garden! Such inspiration. I have just started a new cottage blog and cant wait to see more of your charming pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Love the shutters!

Lis said...

In deinenm Garten blüht es ja wirklich üppig, da kann man ja fast neidisch werden! Hier regnet es seit gestern Nachmittag ohne Ende udn dementsprechend sieht auch der Garten aus. Alles hängt am Boden und ich bewzeifle ob sich die mesiten Blüten wierde aufrichten werden.
Die Idee mit den Läden ist echt super, egal ob jetzt jemand reinschauen könnte oder nicht :-)

LG Lis

Växthusmadam said...

So glad to have found your blog! Your garden looks wonderful! I see a lot of things in your garden that I have in mine too!
I´ll come back and look again!

milka said...

Carola, u have a beautiful home and garden. And i like your shutter ;)


HI, just found your blog ,glad i have , your garden is so beautiful ,i keep looking at your pictures, i can almost smell the scents, will folllow you from now on! bestest wishes,Linda.

Marie said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog, I just found it and am star struck about how beautiful your home and garden is! Everything looks wonderful and breathtaking. I'm now your newest follower.

FredaB said...

Hi Carola

Your garden is just beautiful and all the pots on your patio.

I too like bird cages and have them throughout my house.

I have been reading your beautiful blog for a couple of years and really enjoy it.



Devon holiday cottages said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You make me realize how beautiful nature is.

Mélanie A. said...

I love your home , the inside and the outside

Mitzi Curi said...

Carola, I love all of the eye candy on your blog. You have a wonderful knack for filling up empty spaces without looking cluttered. Lovely!

Simply Bungalow said...

So many wonderful things...I love them all!

Gail said...

Your garden is so lush. I view your blog when I need a mid-day respite from the busyness all around me.
Thanks for sharing your garden and lovely photos.

Jacqueline said...

What a lovely room and garden! I am visiting from Maison Decor who nominated you for a lovely blog. You do truly have a lovely blog and a lovely home and garden.

We just removed huge 8x8 shutters from our master and don't want to throw them out. I think I am going to place them in the garden and let them age beautifully. You've inspired me.

*Ulrike* said...

Simply beautiful! What a lovely view to enjoy during the summer. We have been just too hot here, and plants have been struggling to survive. I have so enjoyed looking at all of yours though!

LiLi M. said...

Are you eating the grapes already? Mmm mine didn't have any again, this year...he will have his last chance next year, but we did have figs! I can recommend them! Thanks for your tip on the initial band, but of course I was too late! I have some with L only though. I just had a lovely vacation, the schools start tomorrow again :-(
Enjoy your garden, hope that we have that long summer that we had in 2009!

Theresa said...

your garden is just stunning! Thank you for sharing it's beauty with us! Theresa

The Urban Chic said...

Carola, your garden is more beautiful than ever. Sorry I haven't visited sooner. I wish I had your green thumb and your knack for putting things together just right to ocmplete a beautiful serene garden. Hugs, Pat

molly- See you downtown said...

Your cottage and gaden are lovely and inspiring, Carola. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Coco Coterie said...

Would love to visit the garden than go to work today. :) Have a lovely day ~

Laura Haviland said...

Oh my goodness,I just adore your blog. YOUR GARDEN TAKES MY BREATH AWAY,BEAUTIFUL !!!
Thank you for sharing..

Kris Nataro said...

I really get inspired from your flowers

Merci-Notes said...

OH Carola!
I LOVE your Garden! One, mind you just one of my favorite spots is the white trellis with your Hydrangea, Snow Ball and your beautiful cute Clematis!
Ahhhh, I feel so refreshed and renewed... i think i breath in the beautiful air from your garden for you photos are just that lovely!


Wall Flower Studio said...

Hello Carola,
Your gardens and your blog are charming!
Am very much enjoying my visit!


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