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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Allium Hybride "Globemaster" Bulbs

The biggest bulbs I've ever had arrived yesterday woohoo I'm so looking forward to next spring now when my Allium Hybrides "Globemaster" will grow in my garden! I've ordered them over the internet, that has saved me a fortune. On the autumn market where I've seen them 2 weeks ago they wanted 9,76 € for only one bulb! I've payed 40 € for 10 bulbs now *BARGAIN* and I'm going to share them with my loveley neighbours.

And that is what they'll look like:



I have some more Allium bulbs ready to plant and these are 6 x Allium Christophii and 4 x Allium Giganteum, but they are all a lot smaller than the Globemasters are.


Sandy said...

I can hardly wait until spring to see them!

zephyr said...

if you have the space (they are short but wide heads) try allium schubertii...fantastic...much more airy than christophii, which i also love.

i have a dry head of allium schubertii in the house that is approximately 24" in diameter. that is the largest i've ever grown. also, they are marginally hardy for us here in zone 6.

zephyr said...

and i also meant to add
i love 'globemaster'
a wonderful allium
and mine have multiplied beautifully

Carol said...

I can hardly wait either Sandy, I'm such an impatient person *rolleyes*

Carol said...

Oh and Vicki,
I have never heard about Allium schubertii here, they sound as if I'll like them a lot, but we must have them, Schubert is actually a german name lol I will look out for them! And about the zones, I dont even know which zone we live in here in north Germany, does someone knwo where I can find that out?

zephyr said...

Hi Carol,

I found this http://www.uk.gardenweb.com/forums/zones/hze3.html
when I Googled "hardiness zones Germany" Perhaps it will help?
At least it might when you look at this link to see and read about A. schubertii:

For instance, in my hardiness zone our "Range of Annual Minimum Temperatures" is -10 degrees F to 0 degrees F, (but we are borderline with colder zone 5 temperatures). And like i noted, sometimes schubertii does not return for me, even though catalogs and other horticultural listings for this allium say it should be cold hardy to zone 5. Maybe there is another reason it does not return for me...there are so many factors in gardening. So many mysteries and wonders!

i did not mean to go on and on. But i hope these links are helpful.

Carol said...

Great links Vicki, thanks a lot! I learn so much from you guys. Okay so Bremen is inbetween hardiness zones 7 and 8 which goes from - 7 up to -18°C (deegrees celsius). We've never had - 18°C here, but I can remember that we've had - 15°C once! Normally it doesn't get colder than -6 to -10°C here and that just for a few days every winter. I see that it is getting much colder in your zone, that can be a reason for the alliums not to return sometimes. I'm freezing now!


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