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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blue & Pink Garden

I took a picture of our blue sky for all of you who still have no spring weather yet:

Blue is one of my fave colors in my garden too, these blue bells and white daisies are growing in my front garden:

The Aquilegia (Colombine) is growing in my mixed border at the moment:

As well as these Forget me not's:

My rosemary is als0 blooming at the moment:

And this Lavender is almost blooming:

Pink daisies (Bellis perennis) in my front garden under the window sill:

Pink is my second fave color in my garden. At the moment I'm in love with my bleeding hearts:

And my pink tulips are in full bloom now:

When they are fading my big pink Allium balls are going to bloom here:

My little lilac bush is making my patio pink along with the pink pansies:

Pink pelargonium and blue lobelias on my blue iron table:

Pink ranunculus:

I also love the pure white ranunculus right now:

We are experiencing the warmest spring ever as far as I can remember with temperatures always over 10 degrees and often up to almost 30 degrees celsius (with just one colder day yesterday, that was shocking only 8 degrees brrrr, but today we were back to 18!) and my roses already have big buds and I can't wait for them to bloom soon! My pink Wisteria is also starting to bloom now and last year it has bloomed a whole month later. The bad side of the warm weather is that it hasn't rained for weeks and the garden is very very dry. I hope for some rain now (at night please)!
I've now sold almost all the items I had in my little etsy shop thanks to you guys :D and I have a lot of new ideas, but with the good weather outside theres not much time for my little studio of which we have just painted a part in a gorgeous turqouise & pink color (pictures to follow soon)! If we are able to get up early enough tomorrow we're planning a trip to the flea market.
Happy Sunday dear blogging friends and readers and a wonderful week ahead and hopefully good spring weather for everyone of you! xox


Anonymous said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning. Love it all. We have finally received some of your good weather here. 25 degrees today, hurray. Everybody was out starved for some sunshine. I can't get over the growth of your plants and the trees already with leaves???? The grass is just starting to turn green here and a few buds on the trees but other than that very dead looking. No tulips, daffodils etc. What a bizarre year for weather. Can't wait to see your studio. TWT

Lis said...

You have so many beautiful flowers that have come up to celebrate spring. I'd love to be standing in the middle of your garden viewing them all.
Jetzt staunst du, was? lol

carolyn said...

Beautiful photographs as always Carol.

Salix Tree said...

Lovely flowers. I like the lilac in bud. The white/pink striped ranunculus is gorgeous. I like striped and speckled flowers a lot.
Have fun at the flea market, I bet you come back with some lovely things.

Cat said...

You are blessed with many colors in your garden under blue blue skies!

I'm glad your etsy shop is doing well! It does get hard to give both the art and the gardening time when the air is warm and the garden is calling!

Southern Heart said...

Such beautiful pictures! I'm always inspired when I visit you~

Laurie said...

Thanks for the colorful flower pix, we have warm weather finally, but no flowers yet. Can't wait to see pix of your studio! :)

linda t said...

Is there anything sweeter than Bleeding Hearts!
Love your pictures sooo much... as I have said before Carol, I will never need to buy gardening magazines again, as long as you keep posting your lovely pics!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Carol - your flowers are stunningly beautiful! I am amazed that you have so many blooms already at this time of year! We just returned from a little trip to New York City and the temperatures there shot up to 80 degrees (F)! When we returned home, I had my very first daffodil just start to open (only ONE)! Thank you for the beautiful photos!

SchneiderHein said...

Ach wenn es doch endlich Regen gäbe, aber der Wetterbericht macht mir keine Hoffnung. Bei den vielen schönen Pflanzen schleppst Du doch bestimmt auch reichlich Wasser! Deine Variationen von Blau gefallen mir natürlich besser - Rosa haben wir schließlich in den Vorgarten "verbannt".
Danke nochmals für die Info mit der Magnolie. Kein Wunder dass ich durch Deine Fotos eine Ähnlichkeit erkannt habe - es ist eine Kreuzung aus kobus und stellata.
Liebe Grüße Silke

Yolanda Elizabet said...

In the Netherlands we need some rain too. It's so dry everywhere, the earth has cracked already. It's bit bit strange to have summer weather in spring but I am enjoying it and so do you I see!!!

We like the same plants and colours Carol. Lovely pictures of a very pretty garden.

Two of my roses are flowering already: Moonlight and Madame Alfred Carriere. Usually they flower at least 4 to 6 weeks later.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Stunning pictures Carol. I do agree, it has felt like summer for weeks now. However, today it rains, the garden needs it desperately and actually it feel so good to take a stroll around outside and enjoy the freshness. If the truth be known, I need it too, to get on with a few things indoors that have been neglected whilst the sun shone. Enjoy your week. Marion

see you there! said...

What a wealth of beautiful flowers you have in your garden. I'm impressed with all the blue you manage to have blooming at the same time.

I would love to go to the flea market with you... I seem to have misplaced my airline ticket tho, LOL!


Ragged Roses said...

Such beautiful photos and flowers! this weather is amazing but it has changed here today, cloudy, cooler and a drizzle of rain - like you I want rain at night!
Kim x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol,
Beautiful flowers and stunning photos as always!
Aqilegias are one of my favourites.

Can't wait to see what you found at the flea market.
Look forward to seeing your studio too!
Niki x

Tussilago said...

Hello Carol.
This is my first visit to your blog!! I do like all the wonderful photos you take...and all the garden decorating you are doing is greate!!
I`ll be back for more inspiration...I like your style..
We still have snow this far up north of Norway...so it is a good and warm greeting to my garden loving soul to loook at your photos...

Britt-Arnhild said...

So much beauty!

I have started a garden blog. Welcome over:

MariaJ said...

Its so amazing how much there already are blooming. Your roses having big buds and mine not even leaves yet...I just have to sigh for all your beautiful photos. Our weather goes upside down every other day. Warm and cold, rain and sun...all this is our weather now.

Daisy Cottage said...

Simply beautiful, as always Carol! I could look at your lovely garden and pictures all day.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

I just found out you are from Germany. I lived there until I was nine years old. No wonder I love all of your beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!

Becky said...

I love blue in my garden too and bleeding hearts are most lovely! I have a little plant of them.

Yes, Carol, I am doing fine. Thank you so much for asking.
I am not home yet but will see my garden on Wednesday! Yippeee!

Sugar Bear said...

Your garden really is a dream land and so inspirational to me as I start to make my blank yard into what I hope will someday be a showplace.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Your garden pictures are always so beautiful! Do you even have one single weed? Hehhe. You should consider submitting your pictures to a calendar! Heck, make one yourself - your flowers are just beauuuutiful!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi, everything looks great, and I hope, to visit your garden sometimes! ;-)


Twinkle Pink said...

Carol it's all gorgeous!

Well done with Etsy - I'm proud to be one of the first on Etsy to get those beautiful egg cards - I saw some of your cards on Jenny's blog(Everyday is a holiday), I loved them too. Can't wait to see what you do next!!

Weather not to great here. We've gone cold with some rain. But it is supposed to improve by the end of the day.

best wishes Ginny

Anonymous said...

Hello Carole,Your garden pictures are so inspiring, better than recent gardening magazines i have bought!Thankyou for listing the flowers names as this has made it much easier for me to pop along to my garden centre and get exactly what i want !! Kindest Regards May x

Mia said...

Your beautiful photos of all your lovely flowers are just amazing! And I can not believe that all those flowers are blooming already! We have also had a warm spring (despite the odd snowfall), today I actually started pruning my roses (several weeks ahead of the normal schedule). Blue and pink are my favourite colours as well, both in my garden and in my home.

monique said...

What a beautiful and inspiring garden photo's.

Allison said...

You are a very talented photographer - seriously, when I look at your photos they look like they are professionally done! The flowers and plants you have are so vibrant and beautiful - a real paradise.



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