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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tins, Crowns and Swaps

Hello dear readers and blogging friends!

I've finally gotten around to put my 3D magnetic collage tins up in my Etsy shop this morning, here are a few examples close up:

Further I've finished two crowns for the Crown and Tiara swap, I've mentioned in my last post. I just wonder why my crowns always look more like pope hats?? I'm not sure if one of them is good enough to send it to my swap partner Ele. I think I'll have to make another one, somehow more tiara like.

This crown is two sided and you can chose the side you like better to wear or show up:

This was my first attempt, knowing from her blog that Ele loves pink:

I'm not really happy with both of them yet, oh well!

I've also had some gorgeous mail from Andrea Singarella in my post box this week:

Ah there's nothing better than getting such beautiful mail, isn't it ?

Andrea has kindly send me my two fave US crafters magazines along with lot's of other beautiful goodies, like several sheets of her gorgeous vintage wallpaper, millinery flowers, velvet ribbons antique cabinet photos, vintage playing cards etc.pp! I totally love every bit! Thanks a lot Andrea! Oh btw I figured it took so long because it was opened by our customs duty. Who knows how long they needed to read through my magazines ;-) Anyway it was a pleasure to swap with you! I guess my parcel to you is still on it's way, but I hope it'll arrive at your door steps soon and that you'll love it as much as I do mine!

Here are some more close up photos of the goodies dear Andrea has sent to me! I can't wait for Andrea's webshop "One hundred wishes" to open soon, cause she makes the most wonderful creations with paper and vintage embellishemts one can imagine!

Lastly I like to show you a great find, which I came across recently. A very pretty wallpaper book from 2006. not vintage so of course, but nevertheless it has lot's of really gorgeous papers in soft lovely colors with toile de jouy, vichy caro, fleur de lys, polka dots, roses and other pattern, just everything a girl loves! :D If only I could stay at home all day and craft *sigh*

Then there is also something very sad which has happened in our blogging community lately. On Sunday our dear blogging friend Daisy Lupin aka Hilary from England has all of a sudden passed away after a short virus affection of some kind. That really came to me, as I'm sure for everyone else who knew dear Hilary as a big shock! I still can't believe it! Her daughter Lydia is keeping us updated through Hilary's blog: http://catsinthekitchenflorainthegarden.blogspot.com/ about what has happened. Bless Hilary, her family and friends which I send all my sympathies!
Let's enjoy every minute of our lives, now even more as before, as it can be over much too fast!
Carol xox


Jeannene said...

"Love your Work!!"

Your lovely little tin magnets...have so much detail to them I'll have to look more at that.

Your Crowns are lovely there is absolutely nothing wrong with them!! They do look like crowns and not like hats.

All your treats and goodies...you are very lucky to have such surprises.


Natalea said...

Gorgeous creations- all of them! Just wonderful! have a great day Carol!

EVA AGNES said...

Yur threedimension boxes are so stunning. Lovely items you make.
I saw you visited me and of course you can't read the language. But all the things I showed there is hamnmade by me. I like to do do things with my hands. Tomorrow there will be some more of that.
I do love eye candy so I will wait.
Love and hugs
Eva Agnes

Naturegirl said...

Carol you have been a busy lady creating and opening up presents sent from afar!! Oh and sending presents..I love my 2 new magazines..I can see from your wall paper collection where you got the paper to make a ribbon for the magazines you sent me!!
~Your gift~that YoU recieved is delightful and I am sure everthing put to good use in your creative studio!
So sad realizing the passing of Daisy..come by and see my tribute.
Peace to Daisy comfort to her family.
~Liebste Carola you know how I feel about you.Es umarmt Dich NG ~

Sue said...

Cute magnets, love the crowns and your wallpapers. What a beautiful bunch of goodies from Andrea.

So sorry to hear about your bloggr friend. I didn't know of her but feel a blog connection never-the-less.

Twinkle Pink said...

I waited a long time this time and have managed to get the comments box up .... yippeee! but not all the pictures:(

I don't know what it is, maybe because I use a laptop...?I always used to get up all the pictures? Anyway finally I can make a comment.

Well I love your crowns but particularly the pink one, it is quite unique and I love that bobble trim too.

I am sorry to hear your bad news.

take care and come back and visit soon.

Best wishes Ginny

AnastasiaC said...

your creations are just beautiful! we are swap partners in Jenny's bits & pieces swap - Im almost finished your piece! hope you like it!!

Rosemary said...

Your little tins are so cute. I think your crowns are smashing.

So sorry about your blogging friend. That is so sad.

lindaharre said...

Your crowns are gorgeous! Love the regal look they have:) Just beautiful......as are your darling little magnets:) Great idea!

MariaJ said...

I cant think your crafts could look any better. They are full of tiny sweet details and love them all. You got a wonderful parcel from your swap friend...and your tapestres look beautiful as well. Its nice we both updated our blog at the same day and both have mentioned Daisy in the end. Today we celebrate a big Midsummer festive in Finland. Its like Christmas in the winter (without presents though). I will travel to the cottage with my family, the weather is just perfect for this special day, shining and warm. Hugs Maria (I will swim today in the lake so goodbye my old winter fur as we say here)

Mia said...

I think you have every reason to be pleased with the crowns you have made. They look just gorgeous! I also love the little tins you have made, so pretty! And what a lovely parcel with lots of goodies you have received from a blogging friend.

Jeannene said...

Hi Carol,
Just wanted you to know on my blog today I have displayed a wonderful form of decor. I hope you will stop by and take a look!!


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hello Carol

Thank you for your lovely message on my blog. I can't believe that I haven't visited yours for the whole of June (where has that time gone?)! Your garden looks beautiful this year - the roses are fabulous, and everything looks so lush and healthy.

And you've been so busy with the tiaras and tins. What a talented girl you are.

Sue x

oldflowers4me said...

hello darling friend- your crowns are divine, im sorry about your friend daisy lupin , i shall light a white candle for her...isnt andrea just so beautiful..la.la.laaa.love jo.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Beautiful crowns you've made, Carol! And that package of papers is just LOVELY! I'll bet you want to craft all day long now!

So sorry to hear about Hilary - although I'd never visited her blog, my prayers are definitely with her family.

Gena said...

carol you are so clever! I love those crowns! and yes I too feel very sad about Daisy Lupin,my prayers are with her family also.xx

jessi nagy said...

Carol, you rock!!!
I love these crowns! so pretty. your blog is beatiful! Im in jennys swap too. what a blast. can't wait to everyones finished projects! take care!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Carol... are you crazy? Your crowns are each sooo GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutly adore the creamy one and you made the back look just as good as the front!! and the PINK one is sooooo pretty!!! I would be honored to recieve such a gorgeous crown!!

I love all of your pretties you recieved from Andrea... so yummy!

I am so sorry to hear of Daisy. I did not visit her blog but my prayers are certainly with her family. so sad.


Andrea's Garden said...

Hallo Carol, ich musste so lachen, was du über deine Kronen geschrieben hast. Sie sind doch hübsch - Remember - "We are the Pope" as one of our German "National Enquirer" type papers said. :-) Schöne Scrap Papers für deine Vintage -Kreationen hast du bekommen. Das macht dir sicher viel Freude! LG Andrea

Ann said...

I love your crowns. Yes, they do look a little like mitres (Bishops' or Pope's hats), but being a priest, I love them -- especially the pink. And your use of the tins -- how clever! I save tins, so you are an inspiration!

Sugar Bear said...

I think your crowns are just lovely! Your tins are so beautiful and very creative. I will keep Hilary and her family in my prayers.

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

I love your crowns and that package from Andrea- Wow you are one lucky lady!

Rosy Inspiration said...

Hello, Carol,

I've just started blogging. Saw your blog, love your garden and craft. Thanks for sharing, very inspirational. I'm a rose fanatic too.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

You are so talented! Great work and your blog is very inspirational! LOL from Sweden

Merci-Notes said...

Oh my! To loose a parent is so hard. My heart goes out to her daughter and family left behind.

With Kindness,

Allison said...

Carol, love your crowns!!! So much lovely detail! I'm taking notes so that I can make my own crown.


"Maggie" said...

Your crowns/tiaras turned out beautifully! I am enjoying your garden photos too and trying to hang on to the last summer month...so fleeting. We have high temps for 2 months now, in the 100's most days.













arootdigger2 said...

Love your crowns, your work is good.


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