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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Garden update with more views & mail news

Dear blogging friends and readers, thank you for your patience and all the lovely comments you've made to my last posts, I know I'm long overdue with a blog update, meanwhile we have even reached the beautiful month of June! I was so busy last week, among other things I've had a "Good Charlotte" concert journey to Hamburg with my daughter (having another one tomorrow), so here is a big update post which will hopefully make up for the lack of blogging lately!

Mail is coming in and going out constantly these days. Above on the left side you see a piece of an envelope filled with magazines I've sent out to Jen Duncan last week! Jen thank you so much for the Somerset Life magazine, I love it and all the HomeCompanion mags from 2006, it was big pleasure reading them in my deck chair! I hope you'll get your envelope soon too! On the right side you see a paper back I've picked from the etsy shop of my very creative blogging friend Sandy, love your angel stamp on the envelope too Sandy! Not sure if I'll be ever able to use up your beautiful vintage wallpapers, but they are a great addition to my growing collection with papers from Jen, Heather, Lilia, Linda and now you, only with getting a wallpaper pack from Pam I had no luck so far, they are selling out just like a whirlwind each time!

Then in the picture above ( click on it to enlarge and see all the details) I like to show you the amazing amount of goodies, dear Cari Kraft has sent to me for our spring swap. Je spoiled me endlessly with magazines, vintage children books, 3 packs of glitter letters, a whole vintage scrabble game, collage scraps and papers, 2 tea dye ink pads, 100dreds of bingocards and so on and she also took one of her lovely polka dotted buckets in her two! parcels she's sent me and of course the beeswax bird spring ornament which had started our "little" swap lol Cari you are a real sweetheart and this swap was the biggest pleasure for me :D! See my daughter and I have already used some of the glitter letters (glitter is scattered all over our house now lol) in a big wall collage we did together last week. She chose the words "Motivation Proclamation" according to a song from her fave US Band "Good Charlotte":

Now as requested by TWT and some other fellow garden bloggers I like to show you some more view pictures of my garden! Firstly a view of my biggest border with the rose arc in the middle:

This is the right sight of the big border:

This gorgeous, very light pink peony is growing there in the corner under my hanging baskets and it made me very happy because it has never bloomed before:

Then this is to the right side of the big border where the self seaded foxgloves are blooming right now:

Hope you don't mind a few close ups of the border, here you see my white lupine with catnip and Eden rose:

My faves in the border at the moment are definitly the blue of the cat nip (Nepeta faassenii Walkers low) with the soft pink of the Eden85 rose:

But I also love the blue of the Veronica and the white Foxgloves with the dark red filling in the background!

One last blue shot of the big border:

I took this next view shot standing in my neighbours garden, this is her view into my garden at the moment:

In the foreground is my Augusta Luise rose blooming and in the background the Clematis Pilu climbing up the tree:

Augusta Luise close up (click on the picture to enlarge it and see her full beauty), just blooming behind the boxwood hedges in my right hand border:

See my freshly cut boxwood border on the right side of my garden, which means opposite of the big border:
I love taking pictures of my freshly cut boxwood hedges, this is the entry in the way into my neighbors garden:
You surely know that I love the "vertical gardening" (see the rose arc, the blue trellis, the tree climbing clematis, the hanging baskets etc, so when I saw this pink pot ladder which you can place where ever you like in the garden I just couldn't resist it. I had it on my patio first but now I placed it on the tree which stands exactly on the boarder to my neighbor Ullas garden and I like it much better there. My right hand neighbors can now see the pink ladder right through my rose arc which looks really great:
This next photo is the view when I stand on my deck at the moment. I took these pictures in the evening, the "blue hour", two days ago:

My big allium balls have grown more and are still growing, here's a close up (see our cat Sammy sneaking in the picture above lol):
I took this next view photo standing back at the cottage wall, in the right corner of my big deck:
This is the corner of the deck, I was standing when I took the pic above. I love my blue delphinum corresponding so well with the pinkish red of the "Wenlock" rose:

Well this was possibly my longest post ever, so I better stop here! I hope the pictures will not take you too long to load, if so you could possibly open another window meanwhile they load and come back when they are finishes loading?
TWT I hope this post has also helped you to locate what is growing where in my little garden!
Have a great start in the new week everyone! Carol xox


Lis said...

Auch wenn ich einige Fotos schon im Forum gesehen habe, schau ich sie mir immer wieder gerne an. Ich kann jetzt aber nicht sagen ob mir jetzt die blaue oder die rosa Ecke besser gefallen. Ich finde deinen Garten einfach nur wunderschön, egal ob blau oder rosa!

see you there! said...

Your garden is so LUSH. It is amazing to me what you manage to fit in and how you have everything so beautifully coordinated. Truly a work of art.


Karen said...

So many photos and they are all lovely but my favourite is the one with the foxgloves and veronica. It's just a pleasing colour combination. Very nice! Hope you enjoyed the concert!

Anonymous said...

Carol you are beyond sweet!!! Thank you so much for all the beautiful views of your garden, I enjoyed looking at it immensely -- so much so that I think I will go back and take a more leisurely stroll and enlarge each photo and pretend that I am there. This is complete eye candy, I'm in my element. Hugs, TWT.

jen duncan said...

omgosh Carol! That garden is truly a work of art. I'm going to show my husband, "Look what can be done in a small space!" I really love it.
So glad to hear you got the mags. Was starting to worry. Isn't that Somerset Life just the BEST?! And how nice and generous was Cari Kraft!? My goodness it must've felt like Christmas there! Lastly, I adore the mural you and your daughter made. What a lovely home the two of you share. :-)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh those poor poor neighbors of yours...having to look into that garden night and day...you must make them something from all those vintage papers to sooth them LOL :)

dorothy in bc by the sea said...

Oh what a lovely basket of eye candy. Thank you Carol for posting more pics. I must confess to visiting your blog daily just to see if there is something new, and when there isn't I just cruise around and enjoy some of the older pics. What I wouldn't give for a guided walk through your garden. I have already been inspired to break down my huge unlandscaped backyard by putting a tall cedar/lattice fence on either side of my house extending 24 feet out into the yard to create a lovely garden room like yours...well probably never as lovely as yours but a good start and a lovely place to sit on my lounger, sip iced tea and read good paper arts magazines. Love your new pink plant ladder, how delightful, just what every cottage garden needs. Give Sammy a purry cuddle from my kitty Murffie aka The Murffman...............hugs, dorothy in bc by the sea

Laurie & Chris said...

Your gardens looks so pretty! Do you ever get a chance to just sit and look at how pretty it is or are you always working in it? Thanks for sharing such great photos.

LostRoses said...

I love the way your boxwood frames your garden, Carol, it's the perfect accent, like just the right picture frame to a photo! And wow, your foxglove certainly get tall. I don't think I've ever seen mine like that. Beautiful as usual!

Andrea's Garden said...

Hallo Carol, ich habe vor 2 Monaten auch meine ersten Buchsumrahmung gepflanzt unter eine kleine Weide. Mittendrin sind 4 Fairys. Bis jetzt scheint es alles gut anzuwachsen. Die Bilder deines Gartens sind wunderschön. Hast du deinen Rittersporn im Topf? Bei mir mag er ja nur an einer Stelle, wo ich es eigentlich nicht möchte und das wär vielleicht eine Lösung. (noch ein Topf mehr) *LOL* Wünsch dir eine gute Woche, Andrea

stadtgarten said...

Vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Bilder! Dein Garten gefällt mir unheimlich gut!
Meine Augusta Louise blüht nun auch endlich seit gestern.
LG, Monika

Sugar Bear said...

I love everything! Especially the peony (one of my favorites!), the vertical garden and the boxwood! I just planted a boxwood border a few weeks ago.

Salix Tree said...

The view from your deck is so lovely! Harmonious colors, and very inviting.
Augusta Louise is such a beauty, such a nice color! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden during the summer, always such a wonderful treat.

Rosemary said...

The concert sounds really fun.
Your garden is so pretty. I would love to take a walk in it sometime.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

You're probably so tired of hearing me say how much I wish you could come make a garden as enchanted for me! The colors are so wonderful together, and I love the way you do the heights.
It looks like you've been getting fabulous mail!!!

Naturegirl said...

Carol we all love coming to your garden ~with so much inspiration~
I have always loved the blue in the garden so you and I could make great neighbors!Your garden feels comforable and inviting..I want to just linger!What fun we would have going through all ~our magazines~ together! *BTW I mailed yours today by air should be there in a week and a half!
~TWT ~is getting much attention today as I posted for her today also!! MY peonies are here!!!Your pink is lovely!
Carol all your treats that came in the mail are wonderful!We all love you and your garden! hugs NG

Hillside Garden said...

Wow, was für ein langer Post! Dein Topf auf Stängel reizt mich doch sehr, kürzlich haben wir einen gesehen, aber nicht gekauft- ich verstehs immer noch nicht!
Schöne Sachen hast du bekommen, sicher genau das, was du dir gewünscht hast.


Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful photos, your garden looks wonderful! Thank you for all the lovely photos - pure delight!
Kim x

Merci-Notes said...

Where to start! What treasures you have now to create your art! And that is a piece of art that you and your daughter made! I love every bit of it!

Your garden is gorgeous!!! Your photos are like strolloing in your garden! All of the wonderful plants! I can not grow fox glove from seed and from the pot is ify!
Have fun at the concert!
With Kindness,

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Thanks for this nice and long post with lovely pics! I don't mind being your neighbour with that kind of view. ;-) Love that pink ladder, very pretty!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It is all so beautiful! The pale pink peony is especially lovely. Its petals look almost transparent.
I continue to be in awe of your photography Carol!

Mia said...

I just adore your garden, Carol! It must be fantastic to have all this beauty around you (your neighbour is lucky too...) and to know that you have created it all. I love all the flowers in your garden and the way you have put them together. And your photos of all this beauty are stunning, as always.

Renee said...

Love the Twinkle Type I so want some of that I love sparkles. Your garden is so beautiful, you have done a great job with it!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh my goodness, so so beautiuful! I LOVE the pretty foxgloves and your gorgeous peonies!


Ann said...

Photos are great, and the garden is absolute lush inspiration! I keep thinking that if "someone" could just take my perennial garden in hand (my predecessor was a gardener extrordinaire of perennials, and unfortunately, I'm obsessed with veggies) -- it could be the paradise you have cultivated! Thank you!

Cabs said...

WOW! That is ONE FANTASTIC garden. Thx for sharing all the shots.

I am working on a huge wooden painted water can for my garden. Have any suggestions for a garden poem to letter onto it?


lindaharre said...

Carola...........your garden photos always thrill me! I can't imagine how wonderful that is first thing in the morning with your cup of tea and nightie:) A little bit of heaven!!!!

anete joaquim said...

Your garden is one of my favorites! It's so beautiful and imaginative! And I also love your vintage works. Good luck!

Hannele said...

Lovely white lupine and everything..

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

It sounds like you've been blissfully busy and my isn't everything just looking beautiful at your place?

Niki said...

Just ran across your blog. Great job w/ all the pictures! http://nikisventures.blogspot.com/

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Carol! This is all so very beautiful! I LOVE your foxgloves (well, I love it all actually)! The blues, especially, are all so vibrant! And what wonderful treasures you received in the mail, too!
(My great grandfather used to live and work in Hamburg!)

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Carol! Your garden is so very beautiful ~ absolutely breathtaking! And your mail treasures...I love them all! xxoo, Dawn

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Carol! Your garden is a paradise. One of my favorite books I bought while living in Holland was called "the Little Paradise" and your garden is the embodiment of that.

Vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Bilder! Ich wünsch dir eine gute Woche, mit viele "Sunshine"!


DebraK said...

Your garden is too beautiful for words! I love it all! It looks lovingly tended to ;)

Maddie Can Fly said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I aspire to get one even half as good looking as yours!

Leslie said...

Wow Carol! Your garden is stunning and so inviting. I wish I could be there to see it in person and to smell all of the wonderful fragrances that I'm sure must linger there. Thank you so much for sharing your flowers with us.
Oh, by the way, the nests did arrive -- two days ago I think. I love them! I immediately placed them in my wire tree. I will see if I can get some pictures up on my blog soon.
And yes, I'm so excited about attending Silver Bella in November. It will mean flying to Omaha, but I have family there, so I'll visit with them after the event. It is too bad that you won't be joining us!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What beauty in your garden Carol! It must feel so cozy, like your owm little sancuary.


Laureline said...

Carol, what a talented, exuberant, happy gardener you are! I would LOVe to see your garden in person, to note all the colorful details and smell the wonderful smells and feel the grass underfoot!
It makes me happy, too, to think about.

MariaJ said...

Finally here! Been a little bit busy with my projects (one you can see on my blog but theres few more coming...)but had to stop for a little break and come here. Oh your foxgloves!!!Beautiful, Super! I love them so much too, mine have buds now.
Can you leave your paradise at all during summer? Haa your ladders are so cute and funny!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness...I keep coming to visit and each time I am more amazed than the time before. Your garden is simpley breathtaking...I can't imagine the work you put into it. I can tell it is your passion and you love every second of it! What an inspiration!

Ladyseashells said...

All your work are beautiful Carol. It really shows that you put alot of thought to each of your projects. Im glad that u share it to us.

Birgit said...

Dein Garten mit der ganzen Deko ist einfach ein Traum. Ich entdecke viele "alte Bekannte" bei Dir, die auch bei uns stehen. Sehr schön auch, wie Du Deine Buchshecken schneidest. Gefällt mir mit dem Kugelbuchsecken sehr gut. Schönen Sonntag noch und liebe Grüße, Birgit

Sheryl at Friendship Cottage said...

Absolutely beautiful gardens! Thanks for sharing!













arootdigger2 said...

gorgeous. so many lovely pictures.
I wonder what you used for that Plant ornament stake. Blue bulb? Vase?


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