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Friday, May 25, 2007

Clematis & Roses

The weather was splendid this week so I've spend it mostly outside. The garden is slowly becoming the paradise I wish for. New flowers are blooming everyday and I took hundreds of pictures, so it's hard to choose what to post, but for today I decided to show you some of my Clematis & Roses which are in bloom right now:

Above is "Auswife", called "Rosarium Glücksburg" in Germany and below is "Constance Spry" which is now growing on my rose arc. Both are English David Austin roses:

"Constance Spry" is a climbing rose and has a wonderful strong but lovely scent which makes me want to smell her all the time when I pass by:

Next is "Wenlock" also an Austin rose, she scents very good and doesn't the raindrops look good on her?

Next is "Clematis Pilu" climbing up on one of my little trees:

"Pilu" close up, after a warm summer rain shower:

Now this "Augusta Luise" a wonderful scented rose which I bought last summer and she's coming along so fine, see she's just unfolding her petals:

Climbing on the blue trellis (my dad made for me) is Clematis "Rouge Cardinal":

I love catching rain drops on my flowers, can you tell? ;-) This is "Rouge Cardinal" close up:

One of my absolute faves blooming right now is my "Eden rose 85", she has such big buds:

and unfolds her petals slowly as well:

She is voted for the world's most beautiful rose this year!

Then I have Clematis "Angelique" planted in a pot on my deck 2 years ago and it is still blooming very well also I think I should change the soil for the next season:

Here is "Angelique" up close and personal:

I did show you my Clematis "Nelly Moser" already in my last post she is still in full bloom:

Well I guess I better stop here or this post never ends lol!

In the next picture you see a little bouquet from my garden and one of the magazines I've offered to swap in my last post:
I'd like to thank all my blogging friends who have offered me to swap magazines, you are all so very kind! I swap Somerset Life with Jen Duncan and some other mags with Nature Girls lovely neighbor and friend TWT and with Andrea Singarella now, because they were the first to offer/answer, but there is always next month and new issues and I hope that you, who I can't swap with this time will still be up for a swap next time! It's so nice to meet bloggers more personal through real mail and swapping and have I recently told you that I love to swap? In my next post I have to show you all the gorgeous things I've got from a swap with the lovely Cari Craft today!
Happy weekend everyone! Carol xox


Anonymous said...

Ah Carol, BREATHTAKING!!!! I have no words for your roses and clematis -- they are simply beautiful.I just can imagine the scent, your garden must be a feast for all the senses. You are right Constance Spry is stunning. I think I am regretting making my backyard woodland. I am in love with your roses and am thinking that I must buy a house with more backyard so I can have both worlds; sunny and shade, roses and trees,lol. TWT

Leslie said...

Beautiful roses and clematis Carol! I am so impressed that you remember or keep track of all the names. I'm terrible about that. I love the English roses, and I think I have an Eden too, but my roses aren't blooming yet. Bought a truckload of flowers today to plant tomorrow. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend here! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your garden must be spectacular!

Vickie said...

I just love visiting. Your photos are breath taking. I can only imagine but your garden must feel like a little bit of heaven.

Lis said...

Herrlich, wenn es ginge müßte man die Zeit anhalten können! Der Garten ist einfach ein Traum und deine Fotos sind wie immer eine Augenweide. Ich finde dass Rosen und Clematis einfach zusammen gehören.
Schade dass die Edenrose keinen Duft hat, sonst hätte ich sie mir schon längst gekauft.
Schöne Feiertage, auch wenn das Wetter nichts Gutes verheißt.

Anita said...

Hi Carol!

Oh, guess what I bought this morning at the supermarket: that same issue of Garten & Wohnen since there is a special on campanulas!

Your roses and clematis are gorgeous!

I guess I should start looking for a nice clematis to plant next to my New Dawn climbing roses! I just discoverd several big buds to they will already bloom this year (I can hardly believe that since I just planted them in March this year).

Have a wonderful week-end!


P.S.: This is my first post with a new profil picture!

Naturegirl said...

Carol I'm ~in Florida~ and am going to book store to get ~Summerset~..it's not in
Canadian stores..I am picking ~two~ copies up...I can send to one of our other friends if you already have A COPY!
yOUR GARDEN IS WONDERFUL! aLL YOUR BLOSSOMS so beautiful!WOW! amazing how much further ahead of us your garden is! While here in Florida my garden I am sure is flourishing as the temps were to go up to 80
degrees! I can see that you are in the pink with your garden colors!It is always a treat to view your garden in full bloom! See you soon from Nature-trail!hugs NG

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Carol...please...come and help me with my "garden". (I use that term loosely...) I think you might even help improve my photography as yours is excellent...wanna SWAP gardens???

lindaharre said...

Carol......As always...your gardens and flowers are an inspiration! You take the most meaningful photos....I wish I had that talent:( Keep up the great work, it brings such pleasure to others like me:)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Carol, what a little paradise you have!
I love how the flowers look on your blue climbing trellis your Dad made you (he is so handy!)

Your roses are to die for this year, my Eden is doing so very well, too! Sometimes her blooms are too heavy for her, and she needs "help" holding them up!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather and your garden,it is heavenly!

Laurie & Chris said...

Your Garden looks very nice! I bet it smells soooo good. Have a glass of tea for me.

Deb said...

I love the blue trellis your Dad made you ... your flowers look so beautiful.

beth said...

wow your flowers are all so gorgeous !!! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments!!! I have been to germany before and loved it - it was so gorgeous there !!! my husband lived in berlin for 2 years -
anyways , have a wonderful weekend !!

Rosemary said...

Your garden is wonderful. The colors are so pretty. I love the blue trellis.
I will do a swap with you anytime you want to.
Have a wonderful weekend!

OhSoVintage said...

What an amazing garden you have and such beautiful photographs you take. You would be able to take plenty of pictures with raindrops on the flowers here in England this weekend!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol,
What a stunning collection of photos - you have such an eye!
I MUST get one of those 'Eden rose 85' roses - it is so perfect.
Hope you aren't having the torrential rain we are having today - it is a nightmare for some of my roses - they go brown and don't open. sniff.
Niki x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Carol

Roses and clematis - what could be better? Your photos are beautiful - I can almost smell the perfume of those roses!

Thank you for your comment. I'm afraid I've not been visiting too many blogging friends recently, but I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Sue x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Carol, your garden photos are a dream to look and and a joy to read about! So beautiful!

Your earring was sent last week, so you should receive it soon. I would love to do a swap with you someday! =)

Lallee said...

Carol, I am always so taken by the beautiful pictures of your flowers. Not only is your garden breathtaking, but your photos to show it off, too. Just wonderful.

Naturegirl said...

Carol I am home now and I ~*HAVE a copy of *Summerset magazine~
DO YOU WANT ME TO MAIL IT TO YOU? **EMAIL me** as I cannot send out email but am recieving them! hugs NG

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, these are better than looking through a garden catalog and day dreaming about what to plant. So, so beautiful!

Salix Tree said...

Eden Rose, what a beauty. The colors are so soft and lovely. Does it have a scent? I hope so.. I would like to have one.
And about my Allium Christofii, thanks for setting me right. It was mislabeled! It was sold as Christophii! I have always wanted allium Christophii, because I have a son named Christopher.
I had a funny feeling when it bloomed that it didn't quite look right. What a dissapointment. Well, there's always next year, and besides, it's pretty anyway!

Romy said...

Hallo Carol,
vielen Dank für deinen lieben Besuch und das Kompliment.

Deine Bilder sind bezaubernd und ich kann verstehen, dass es schwer ist bei all der Schönheit auszuwählen. Ich habe sehr oft das gleiche Problem.
Viele Grüße aus Schweden wo heute kein Feiertag mehr ist.

see you there! said...

Wonderful photo's of your lovely flowers. I'd love to be able to smell those roses.


sepia art studio said...

Carol, your blog is always a wonderful place to come to!

... i can not wait to someday plant garden full of roses, violets, sweet peas, hydrangeas, wild flowers and pionies!

jen duncan said...

Breathtaking, Carol. You have created such a perfect place of beauty. So glad I can stop by here and enjoy your garden once in a while!

Becky~ said...

I come back here again and again,it is so lovely. It warms my soul.
I think I'll plant MORE roses and climatis now.

Connie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers, especially those roses.

Mia said...

Oh Carol (I think there is a Smoky song by called "Oh Carol"...) I just can not believe the beauty of your garden. It must truly be paradise. I love all your photos of your lovely roses, just as I love roses i general. But to see them bloom in the garden already... I just found the first rosebuds in my garden a couple of days ago (and that is early for my garden...) but it will take quite a while before I see any flowers (usually the first will start blooming aroud midsummer, 24th of June).

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Thank you for this wonderful treat Carol. It is obvious that you love roses and clematis just as much as I do. ;-) Pilu is absolutely adorable and I'm going to buy her too.

Hope your back will be better soon!

Barbara said...

So beautiful. You have many the same as mine. A few of mine are coming out and I have started to post them but mostly they are not in flower yet. We have been having so much heavy rain and high winds these last fews days. So we are a bit behind you.

exile61 said...

Hi Carol, danke, dass du in meinem Blog vorbei geschaut hast. Bei MsG lese ich seit Jahren deinen Thread als stille Leserin. Die Eden mag ich auch sehr gerne. Ich denke, bei uns werden es mit den Jahren noch einige Rosen mehr werden. Ciao, bis demnächst mal wieder. LG Andrea

stadtgarten said...

Toll, Carola, Du hast die Augusta Louise, die ich mir aus Rastede mitgebracht habe. Ich habe sie ja noch nie in echt blühen sehen, aber die erste Blüte geht wohl in den nächsten Tagen auf. Wenn sie dann auch noch so toll aussieht wie auf Deinem Foto!!! Klasse!
Deine Stilleben mit der Wohnen und Garten sehen auch wieder so toll aus. Ich habe mir die Zeitschrift erst heute mittag gekauft - vorher wäre ich wegen der Vorbereitungen für die Feier ja eh nicht zum Lesen gekommen. Aber heute werde ich es mir gleich mit einer Tasse Tee zu Hause damit gemütlich machen.
Bei dem nasskalten Regenwetter zur Zeit kann man eh nichts besseres machen!
LG, Monika

lauren said...

One of the things that most inspires me about your garden is the shots of blue throughout. It is so unexpected when your eye lands on the blue glass balls and the trellis your Father made for you. My garden is purple, green and white with shots of bright pink. It's my goal to incorporate that blue the way you have--with the accessories. It is just so strinking. I think of your garden when I am in mine or shopping for mine. When my garden grows up, I want it to be like yours! :)

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Everything is so beautiful! I just want to come and live in your garden. You truly have such a talent. The roses are my particular favorite!

Birgit said...

Schöne Fotos von der Eden 85. Ist meine absolute Lieblingsrose. Sie steht gleich 2 x bei uns. Die Cl. Rouge Cardinal und die Rose Wenlock gefallen mir außerordentlich. Also: Merken! Wie immer, alles wunderschöne Fotos bei Dir. Liebe Grüße Birgit

Tina said...

I love your beautiful blog...your garden is to-die-for! I'm a fan!

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you thank you for such lovely photos! Roses are my absolute favourite and I particularly like the Eden Rose. We're waiting for our first rose to bloom and our clematis has just opened.
Kim x

Gardengirl said...

Your flower photo's are georgeous !!!! I love David Austin roses and have three in my garden. I saw a beautiful coffee table book at the bookstore with full page pictures of the Davis Austin roses. I look at it at everytime I go to the bookstore.

dorothy in bc by the sea said...

Wow Carole, what a beautiful garden spot you have created, your little oasis of beauty. I too am in love with your roses and clematis, and well everything I see in your photos. Please keep inspiring us.....and enjoy some lazy summer days on your deck chair with a good book, while you inhale the beauty of fragrance I am sure is there in your garden.
dorothy from bc canada

Ulla said...

I know I can always find BEAUTY here! Breathtaking and wonderful - you do live in a wonderland!!! Hugs to you...!

MariaJ said...

Roses and Clematis, my favourites. Cant there be anything more beautiful. I'm having a holiday this week and I've been working like a mad in my garden. (but I love it)I didnt remember I have so many empty pots waiting in my storage...The weather has been warm +20 C but cloudy. Well, thats been good for all my new plants I've bought. Thank you for your beautiful pics. These give me a lot of hope...My Nelly Moser is 10 cm long...Funny thing occured in my mind: do you already have a feeling summer is going too fast. I have!

moderncountry said...

What a fantastic garden you have!! It looks like my drem garden!!!!!
Roses and clematis are some of my favourites, well they are my favourites. Gosh, i would live in your garden :) I love all the pictures, and the colours, well, again my favourites :)I also love working in the garden ( awful lots of love now, lol ) I find it relaxing and it is almost like a meditation. Thank you for visiting me, and of course you a more than welkome back :) Aina

moderncountry said...

My dream garden, i mean..

Merci-Notes said...

What an absolute beautiful garden you have! How big is it! From here in blogland it feels very large and full AND at the same time intamate and cozy! Lovely.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us Carol. I love that eden rose 85, if i got the name corect!
have a heaven scented night!
With Kindness,

Hillside Garden said...

Hihi, wie gut, dass ich bei dir die Zeitung sehe. Ich hab mir keine gekauft, ich lese sie in letzter Zeit nicht mehr. Hier liegen noch vier aus England, die ich auch noch durchackern muss. Zur Zeit gibt es ja draußen genügend zu tun. Gestern waren wir Abends noch mal draußen, da hätte ich dich so gebraucht! Die kleine Buchshecke hatte es nötig, und wir haben uns so dämlich angestellt.


tongue in cheek said...

Hi Carol,

I cut the dead heads off exactly how you told me too. And guess what...I know you know, yes! They are blooming again!

Your garden flowers, or should I say WONDERLAND
is stunningly beautiful!

linda t said...

Oh Carol, as always I am in awe of your garden creations! Your photos literally take my breath away! We, in blogdom have been awaiting your 'paradise' and sooo thankful you are sharing such beauty for all to enjoy! I will be gazing upon them often in the days ahead.

Allison said...

Oh my, not only are your flowers ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, but you are an amazing photographer - and you're right, the rain drops DO look great on your beautiful flowers.


DebraK said...

Just happen to stop by, your roses are beautiful, clenatis too!

Hannele said...

So nice photos.

She'sSewPretty said...

gorgeous roses and beautiful photographs!

Eva Agnes said...

Even if you already have 51 comments to your beautiful updating of your blog, I just can't pass it without saying something.
Breath taking!!!
Wonderful, stunning garden and pictures.
Thank you for showing it to us.
Love Eva Agnes

blueberry hill said...

What a lovely post! Just have to tell you that I plan to go to David Austin Roses next week in Albrighton, Wolverhampton. You mentioned the "Wenlock" rose - we go to a village called Much Wenlock in Shropshire which is totally beautiful. We visit the pottery there and walk through the village, pick up treasures at the market and have amazing milkshakes at Carol-Anne's. I would thoroughly recommend a trip there!

Ginger said...

I came across your blog on cottage living fourm a couple of days ago and could not find it again. I even posted on there help finding your wev page. ( no replies ) then just today I remembered I book marked it I was so happing. I just love your garden I can just see myself walking in your garden and looking at all your beautiful roses and everything else. I have a eden rose and its my favorit. I have it in a pot and its not blooming as well as I would like so I am thinking about putting it in the ground.
I think that I would like to visit the place tha blueberry hill was talking about it sounds beautiful, I will have to check out that rose Wenlock. Is it a good rose? I will be visiting your post as offten as I can, thank-you

Alejandro said...

I loved your blog, i learned something about roses, you are lucky to have such a beautiful garde. I'll visit you later. Grettings from Mexico!


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