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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sweet summer days and I have two "one to one" swap offers!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage in July dear blogging friends and readers!

At first I'd just like to show you a few impressions from my summer garden

And then some of my latest solder works

I've swapped 3 of these pendants with lovley flickr friends and kept one for myself to wear

Here you can see me wearing my pendant:

Can you ever get enough of roses? I surely can't and I love to bring them in the house freshly picked from the garden like the Rokoko roses in my picture above. Below you see a close up of my beautiful English David Austin rose "Heritage":

And as always in summer I have to show you another picture of my beautiful Eden85/Pierre de Ronsard rose:

Another rose bouquet freshly picked on a rainy Sunday to bring the garden inside:

Here I spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon with roses and beautiful home and garden magazines dreaming up new decorations and garden corners:

Talking about beautiful magazines I have a swap to offer to two of you, I'd offer you one of these beautiful German garden-living-creative magazines

and one of these brand new round pendants:

if someone of my dear US blogging friends would be so kind to send me the latest Somerset Life magazine (July issue) in return and from another one of you I'd be so thankful for the last Somerset Life issue with the pink glass glitter bottle on the cover!

They are so hard to come by over here and you'd make me very happy if you'd swap them with me! Just leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll get back to you asap!

Also I like to thank you all very much for the lovely comments you have left on my last posts, they were such a great pleasure to read! :)

Have a beautiful new summer week everyone!

Hugs Carola xox


stadtgarten said...

Hallo Carola,
Du hast wieder so schöne Dekorationen und Bilder gepostet. Schön, dass man jetzt mal wieder öfters was von Dir bzw. Deinem Garten und von Deinen Kreationen sieht.
Liebe Grüße, Monika

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there beautiful girl.
long time.
gorgeous pictures.
hope all is well.

Wren Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Friend!
I will go this weekend and see if I can find you the issues you are looking for! I will let you know Saturday what I find, ok?!
I adore your new pendants!! and of course you know how much I love admiring your roses!! The Clematis is soooo beautiful!! Beautiful post as usual!!
lots of love to you dearheart!! and if you think of anything else that is on your wish list drop me a line!!
xoxo ~*~*~ Madai

LiLi M. said...

Hi! Sorry I cannot help you. We share the same problem; those issues aren't available here either and are so expensive when you let them send by a company. Your garden is sooo beautiful! We had such a nice garden wheater in June and the first week of July. I hope it stays like this till November! Have a nice week!

LiLi M. said...

Oops and of course I like your new pendants very very much, just forgot to say...

Naturegirl said...

Carola I can see that you are enjoying all those wonderful roses you grow in your garden!Wonderful images of scenes from your garden and lovely vignettes and a small peek-a-boo view of YOU!
I have surrounded myself with frills from my garden as I prepare all my details for our trip to Europe. I will be emailing you soon.hugs NG

Dawn said...

What a delightful post!
Happy summer days, Carol!!!

Jean said...

So glad for your new post and photos. Impressive as usual. Could I borrow you and your garden ideas for a couple of weeks in the good old USA? If only it were possible. You are one creative lady. I wish I could help you with the magazines but I have never seen or heard of them before. I love your new creations too. Have a wonderful day. Jean in Roanoke, Virginia

Anita said...

Congratulations Carol, your new pendants are so lovely! And I especially like the third picture of the little cute terracotta girl next to my pottery rose balls! She's so sweet!

By the way, I just made the plant markers for your roses, you should get them by the end of this week at the very latest (I still need to finish reading your magazines!)

XoX, Anita

Rosy said...

Hi, Carol,
You are getting so very good at making those soldered pendants, I think they look better and better each time. Love them all. Your garden is gorgeous as always, I love visiting here.Thanks for sharing.

Birgit said...

Hallo Carola, bei Deinen Posts komme ich jedes Mal ins Träumen. Dein Garten und Deine Deko sind jedes Mal wieder ein Erlebnis für die Augen. Macht großen Spaß, sich hier in Deinem Blog umzusehen.
LG, Birgit

Lis said...

Was für wundervolle Fotos du hier wieder zeigst, einfach traumhaft schön! Dieses Jahr war ein besonders gutes Rosenjahr und alle haben prächtig geblüht. Ich bin allerdings immer zu geizig mir Rosen oder überhaupt Blumen aus dem Garten in die Wohnung zu holen, da schaue ich sie mir lieber draussen an. Ausserdem meint Leo dann immer, dass er an ihnen rumfressen muss, lol!
LG Lis

Daniela said...

Hallo Carola!
Wie immer wundervolle Fotos aus deinem Heim und Garten! Deine Leseecke sieht wirklich sehr gemütlich aus. Da würde ich auch ins Träumen kommen.
Deine neuesten Kreationen gefallen mir natürlich auch sehr gut.

LG und eine schöne Woche wünscht dir Daniela!

Paul Sears Photography said...

gorgeous & well shot - your work is presented really well

Lola Enchanted said...

Very very pretty pictures!!!!!~

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Carol!

I can help you with the current July issue of Somerset Life if you still need it. Not sure if I can still get the other one.

Beautiful garden as always and the pendants are fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Dear Carola,
stunning garden pics. I love the colors of the roses, must be tended well to grow so big.
Your art is great and I hope to see more soon.
aloha Lilla

marga said...

Love your blog.
You made some lovely pendants.
Lili M. asked me too say hi.
Have a nice weekend.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Carol, it's so nice to have a little garden visit with you! Hope you are enjoying the summer, I have so enjoyed your garden.
Especially your Eden looks gorgeous this year.:)
xo Lidy

EVA AGNES said...

I simply adore your pictures of roses. That is such an amazing flower. never seem to get tired of them.
Hugs Eva Agnes

Trish said...

Hi carol, I have given you an award hun, please have a lok at my blog for details xxx

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carola! I'm always impressed when I visit you! I've never seen so wonderful flowers and roses!!!
I cannot help you with the magazine...I can't find it in Italy!!! I love your pendant too!!!
Have a fantastic week end and enjoy your gorgeous garden!!!

Carrie said...

Beautiful flowers and garden views. Were you able to find someone to swap for the Somerset magazines yet? Let me know.

Do come for a visit to my blog when you have time. See how my garden is beginning to develop:

mendytexas said...

Oh my gosh...your soldering is totally amazing!! What gorgeous creations! :)mendy

Rosemary said...

Hi Carola,
I haven't talked with you in such a long time. I'm so glad you visited my blog.
Your blog is pretty as ever.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

primrozie said...

Hi Carol. You are doing a beautiful job creating those pendants. I enjoyed looking at them.

mendytexas said...

Your newest soldering is just amazing! I love the new shapes you are working with. I have been soldering lately too...getting inspired by your goodies!

Lynne Laura said...


Wondering if you sell your pendants...also if you ever want to swap with me for something for a pendant, ask away! They are stunning.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

One Crabapple said...

No I really CANT ever get enough ROSES , as you might have already guessed...

Your pendants make me SWOON

And I want to BE IN that picture at the very head of this post.....


Candylei said...

Hello! What a beautiful blog. I just happened to type in Australia garden blog in google and yours came up first. I feel like I fell into the magazine "Victoria". It's so beautiful. I love roses, too, and gardening! I'm going to be checking back often.


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