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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Easter crafts and Spring decorations versus snow outside

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage my dear readers and blogfriends!

To start this long picture filled post I'd like to show you a photo of a swap that I did for my dear flickr friend Ann of  The Tin Rabbit. I showed you the wonderful treasure trunk full of Vintage delights that I got from sweet Ann in my last post. Meanwhile she has got her friendship swap parcel from me as well. I still added some things after this shot, but it is the only picture I did before sending it off to Texas. I'm so happy that Ann loved everything and that I could reach up to the high standard she set up. It was a true pleasure to swap with you Ann!

Last Sunday it was Antique market in our town and here is what I came home with:

Great finds are they? Lucky me :) and lucky Riley because

being a BOX"wood" cat he thought that I bought the white wooden box especially for him!

So he still loves his cosy bowl ;-) and while we decorated the cottage for Spring and Easter

and did some crafts like the embellished Easter Egg Chocolate Box above (notice the gorgeous millinery flower I got from a swap with the lovely Lorraine Lewis) and a little Easter egg cart for my gorgeous lamb from my sweet friend Madai (the beautiful Easter postcards are recent finds)

well while we've been really in spirit for Spring to begin, it snowed again! This long snowy and frosty Winter has decided it is not over yet. Starting yesterday in the late afternoon this is what we awoke to this morning:

And also I loved taking these sun filled pictures in my boxwood garden this morning, we are all longing  for Spring here in Germany.

Collecting clock faces and making little displays is diverting us and shows us how fast time passes

and that Spring will be here sooner or later anyway.
I showed you my beautiful family heirloom pocket watch before, I got it from my Dad and he got it from his Dad when he was 14 years old.

I took full advantage of the great light the Winter sun brought us today and took all the pictures in this post of my freshly decorated home.

The black &amp ;white C and the numbers 8, 6 and 3 are from one of my oldest blogging and swap friends Nicole of Small Treasures. You can find them in her Dawanda shop. (Click on the picture to enlarge it for more details)
The black alarm clock is from IKEA, the old square metall clock face I got from Ann and the round enamel clock face was my fave Christmas present from my dear daughter (she even got me two of these!)

And I finally got a good shot of the wonderful vintage inspired paper cone I got from Ann too.
I decorated it it with some dried flowers and a tiny spring nest:

Last week I got a belated birthday present from my middle sister who lives in the countryside. The bad weather conditions didn't allow us to meet up earlier. See the gorgeous stone girl on the stack of old books?

I love her! Thank you sis! Mwah!
The cute white plaster rabitt is from Nicky (Small Treasures) as well!

Another beautiful thing I got this week is a personalised & custom made stamp:

When I saw the personalised stamps my dear friend Anita ordered from here: http://blog.casa-di-falcone.de/

I just knew I had to get one too. I have this round scalloped paper punch and the round scalloped stamp is perfect for the punched out papers. It fits excactly inside. I played a bit with it thís morning as you can see in the photo above. I chose my favorite script Chopin for the "Handmade by Boxwood Cottage" and asked Anna to design me a boxwood in a pot with a little Robin bird on top. I think it came out totally enchanting!
Thank you Anita for introducing me to Anna and thank you Anna for creating and making this beautiful stamp for me :)

So let's continue to wait for Spring but don't forget to savour the moment!
Until next time I wish you all a happy month of March!
xoxo, Carola


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Hello dear Carola! Your vignettes are gorgeous! We woke up to more snow yesterday as well... will this snow never end?! heehee

What a beautiful swap you send off to the Tin Rabbit. I am sure she is thrilled with her German treasures! =) Have a wonderful weekend!

Debby said...

What a beautiful post. Love all your gorgeous goodies.

oldgreymare said...


Love that you posted so many photos this time, and all of them so pretty...and Riley...could he be any cuter? Wow that swap! No wonder you have been so busy!

Sorry I'm late on my email. We'll catch up this weekend.


TinyBear said...

Beautiful photos Carola - I love your displays and that is some great finds from the flea market.
Your swap partner is so lucky to get all those goodies from you.
Hugs, Tina

Anita said...

Oh, I don't know where to start with admiring all your wonderfull shots! Riley is such a cute cat... your clock faces add a great nostalgic look to your cottage and I hope it will soon get warmer outside so that your new stone girl moves over to your garden!

Congratulations to your new personalized stamp! Anna did a great job! It seems as if your one is a little larger than my round one. We definitively have to swap our personalized tags very soon!

Hugs, Anita

Barbara Jean said...

I have been strolling through your blog, and can hardly drag myself away. (and taxes are waiting!=)

Loving it all!


barbara jean

Tracey@glitterbugstudios said...

What a lovely box full of goodies! you are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Love all of your spring decor for your home and my daughter always enjoys pictures of Riley curled up in something or other! He is adorable. I always enjoy perusing your blog...so much eye candy!

Romeo said...

Wow Carol - what wonderfully beautiful eye candy!!! Thanks for sharing so much today!!! The weather here was beautiful today, but one can never have too much sunshine - your pictures were just that, a ray of sunshine!!

Please give Riley some extra love from me. And please don't tell him you didn't buy the box for him - I think he was enjoying it quite well. You wouldn't want to disappoint him would you ;)

Romeo and "her"

paperbird said...

Dear Carola you are ever so sweet. i have adored this post very much. Your images are gorgeous. The millinery flower looks beautiful on your sweet creation. I especially love the easter egg cart with the lamb. I would like to try to make that for my Artful Thursday project if you don't mind? Can I borrow your image to show on my blog giving you credit? Everything is beautiful- you are a talented girl :)

June said...

Hi Carola,
There are so many beautiful things in this post to comment about and it would take me all day. Such beauty all in one post. You really have the loveliest home and I know that I would feel right at home in it. If I were a cat, I would certainly choose the sill with Riley! What a pretty view he has from his perch. Are you getting excited about the garden? I am getting plans written down and pondering what to do with all the ones that need dividing that I didn't get done in the fall.
I hope you have a most beautiful Sunday,

Lori said...

Carol you always have the prettiest posts filled with the most amazing eye candy...your home is just lovely, filled with the prettiest hand made goodies...the parcel you sent to Ann looks amazing, i know she loved opening that up and exclaiming over every little bit...too cute the pictures of your kitty in the box...mr madison loves to be in boxes too, and shopping bags...

Tracey said...

Hello Carola! So glad I finally made it over here...sooooooo many beautiful pictures to look at!!! WOW! And I see we both have a love of old clock faces!

Happy new week ~

:) T

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh-I love your blog! It's beautiful! I look forweard to visiting again soon:).



LiLi M. said...

Hi Carol!!

I have been so busy with my collection blog project that I didn't have time yet to visit you, shame on me!! Your posts are always a feast to the eye! I love to go to the flea market in Bremen!! Those tattered charlotte dolls tdf! Your Riley is such a cutie! And your personalised stamp is gorgeous too, I had one made with my name, but there were not that many possibilities, I'm going to check out that site.
We had snow this week too, after a few very sunny days, we did expect spring but winter returned. Though we didn't have that much as you had, it all disappeared in 24 hours. Now we only want to have Spring!! Have a happy and hopefully sunny March!

Xela said...

Ach herrje hast du da ein Sammelsurium von schönen Dingen !! Die kleinen Püppchen sind ja süß und die vielen Ziffernblätter *schmacht*

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

I came to your blog through the Victorian Parlor and am so happy I did! Your home and your talents are amazing. And I have to say the snow scene was just beautiful. We live near Atlanta, Georgia and do not get much snow so it's always great to see beautiful pictures that others post. Looks like Riley found a new place to nap as well - I just love how cats can make themselves comfortable with any box, quilt, or in his case bowl:)

*Ulrike* said...

You received and purchased some really great things! Loved all the photos that you have shown here. Hopefully the snow will soon melt for you, and you will have signs of spring everywhere!

Natacha said...

Hi Carola,
You are really an inspiration to me! Your photos always reflect the seasons so very well.
You had a lot of snow. We had some but not that much.
I am wondering about these cute little dolls. I see them everywhere, but I have no idea what they were used for.
Your cat is adorable and funny.
Have a nice evening,

Merci-Notes said...

We are having spring here!!! I do love that beautiful winter garden photo though... the benefits of season :)
The swap gifts you sent out!!! ahhh I love this photo also and how it all looks so beautiful and fun together!!!
Guess what! My brother, the oldest of my parents 6 children spent his early days of life in a large beautiful laundry basket! Your cute Kitty Riley reminded me of this! I am going to show your post to Caitlin (my daughter) She will love to see Riley!
Tick toc tick toc :) Spring is probably ready to bloom at your home!~


Shari Replogle said...

Hi Carola,
I love your beautiful clock face collection!
Your stamp is wonderful especially with the scalloped punch. I always view your photos on flickr, I don't know why I didn't come on over to the blog before. It's lovely!

BellaRosa said...

Hello Carola, You have such a beautiful blog, I am so glad that Lorraine of Paper Bird shared you with us all :) I am off to see more of your lovely posts! Besos, Rose



Abby Rogers said...

I see that you have Great Britain listed as one of your interests! Perhaps you would enjoy my blog:


As often as possible I will post photographs of glorious vistas, charming close-ups, and interesting tidbits of life in Great Britain for the pleasure of Anglophiles everywhere!

P.S. Your pictures are beautiful!

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

I am not lying when I tell you my heart is racing after reading through this post. I don't know where to even begin. Okay, at the top. Your swap, oh that photo. I just want it all. Your treasures from the flea, the little shoes, Charlotte's, etc. My kind of goodness for sure. The kitty cat & your photo's....too cute & talented. Your plate rack display. Well, I do have the Ikea alarm clock I'll have to look for the rest so I can copy the whole thing. Finally, gotta say that cone is Beautie - ful!! Lisa
PS Your on my blogroll now, should have had you there ages ago.

Birgit said...

Wow Carola. Was für ein super toller Post! Deine Swap-Partnerin wird sich sicher ganz doll gefreut haben über Dein tolle Päckchen.
Riley ist ja eine wirklich niedliche Fellnase. Süß wie er da in seiner Schale träumt.
Tolle Dinge hast Du vom Antikmarkt und Deine österliche Schäfchen-Kutsche ist einfach nur hinreissend. Dein Stempel von Anna ist erste Sahne. Ich habe auch einen von ihr bestellt. Sie macht einfach klasse Sachen.
Hier scheint es ja endlich Frühling zu werden. Freuen wir uns darauf.
Liebe Grüße

lauren said...

Is there anything more wonderful than your garden?? Sigh... snow, spring, heat, I always love seeing it. And then inside of your sweet little cottage is just as fabulous. Thanks for always sharing pics of your world my friend.

Jeany said...

Hi Carola, I found your blog trough tina, and I'm very impressed, such a nice pictures, from everything, indoor, outside and your lovely Cat. I'm loving it. Best wishes from Jeany from Germany.

Wren Cottage said...

Hello sweet, sweet friend!
It has been way too long that I've stopped and visited your world...life has been so topsy turvy~~~ but now that I'm here it all melts away :)
Your blog header and the new format is breathtaking! Your photographs gorgeous as always!!
And your gatherings, omg, they are just amazingly beautiful!!! I LOVE all the pretties that you've received from your friends through swaps, wow, what an amazing lot of treasures! I have the little egg cart you made me right here and it is the most adorable thing I have for Easter, I love the way you put your bunny on the flowers, that is really cute!! Your sisters gifts are so special, that bust is to die for!!! How sweet she is, but then again who wouldn't want to spoil you? ;)
I hope you are starting to see glimmers of Easter, I am so excited that it's here!! I can't wait to play and to see your garden in it's full glory again (although it looks totally dreamy in it's winter attire :)
Sending you my Best Wishes for a beautiful Easter and Spring!!
Hugs to you sweetie and one for your sweetie pie mum too :)
Love you!!
XOX ~ your friend always ~ Madai
PS ~ I started another little blog ~ a very humble and simple one because of time constraints... no pressure and no comments... just a place to visit only if you have time... http://www.cottageoflostplay.blogspot.com/

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Liebe Carola,

What a joy it always is to visit you, and your darling home. Love your cat....such a sweetie. Hope spring will soon arrive so that we may all enjoy your beautiful garden again. xoxo Lidy

Eileen @ Star's Fault said...

Carola, so beautiful as always. Our garden here is also covered still in snow, and we are waiting for Spring to arrive in Alaska. The daylight hours are getting longer and the sun is melting a bit more every day, but I can't wait for the trees to bud out and the smell of new green things everywhere.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Katy Noelle said...

Your displays are so beautiful and creative as are your wonderful, wonderful photos of them. I love the bunny with the cart and absolutely LOVE the clock faces! Your lady on the mantle is very pretty! It was very fun to visit your site today!

Love, Katy Noelle

peggy said...

what a lovely post! you take such wonderful pictures and your displays are just great!

koralee said...

Just found your oh so lovely blog and so glad I did!!! Your images are amazing..and I adore all your Easter happiness you have going on. Off to visit some of your past post and see what I have been missing...will be back for sure. xox

Naturegirl said...

Carola! You have so much to show and tell each time I pop by for a visit! It has been some time but that's just how life is..we get so consumed and then where does the time go!!
So your images are just as delicous as always..your home so full of creativity!I can see your passions in each and every photo! The image of your cat in the bowl..Precious!!! You should frame and place somewhere in your cottage!
((((SNOW))))) no way....sending you some of our sunshine your way!
There is something so pretty and calming though looking out at your snow garden!Soon my dear Carola..you'll be outthere digging!
love and light anna xo

The Tablescaper said...

Such beatuiful treasures and such beautiful creations.

- The Tablescaper

Web design Philippines said...

The wooden box suits him. I think he likes it so much.

Betsy said...

Beautiful images and the crocus is so pretty - Mine didn't come up this year.


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