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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

~* A Christmas review & Happy New Year 2014 *~

It's a Christmas review in pictures mainly and I promise that I'm not going to bother you with too many words today:

Got this fabulous old galvanized Dolly Tub in the picture above for Christmas from my parents and for now I'm using it as a table for my galvanized bottle holder which I use as Christmas bauble holder right now. Of course they are both going to live in my garden soon.

I used all my colorful glass ornaments for this vignette cause a little color for Christmas doesn't hurt along all the whites and neutrals and I quite enjoy to look at it

A french Christmas cone hanging at the basement door

I made lots of paper and snowflake ornaments this season, many of them as gifts but some I kept for my decor:

And snowmen, like the little one above and the soldered double sided one which is hanging under the snowball basket below:

Some close ups of my vintage glass tree ornaments:

This years real fir tree in it's full glory above and below:

A view into the Christmas parlor on Christmas eve afternoon, just before the family arrived:

And these I took just yesterday because of the good light of a rare sunny Winter day:

My chandelier decorated as "couronne de noel" hanging over the dining table close up:

The dining table almost ready for Christmas eve dinner:

and again for Christmas dinner the next day:

Got to share a picture of the delicious vegan Christmas dinner with a Tofurky roast that my daughter made/created for us:

And another picture from yesterday when the sun shone into the house so lovely:

These two quite large antique Putz sheep were a Christmas gift from my parents too and the glass filled with old lace doilies and borders is a gift from my sister:

Some silver stars in a pressed glass bowl for New years luck:

And I added a Cari Kraft flash card Happy New New Year banner to my mantle arrangement:

Happy New Year 2014 dear blogging friends and readers!

Carola xoxo~

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Norsia said...

Hello Carola :)
It is a pleasure to see your photos. I'm excited every time you've posted something new on your page. I am delighted and inspired at the same time.
I live in northern Norway but there was no white Christmas this year. Maybe next year?
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

-Kjersti Nathalie

Fran. said...

Happy New Year Carola!! LOVE your house as always!! So pretty just like you!! XOXO Love Fran.

Laurel Stephens said...

Very beautiful! Happy New Year, Carola!

Asht said...

I wish you a happy new year
Your blog is lovely, thanks !!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello my dearest Carolinchen, Your decorations for Christmas and New Year are just beautiful. There are so many great details to discover. I love your vintage and handmade ornaments and the ways you display them. What a good thing that Riley is not interested in the tree or the ornaments.
The dolly tub was a wonderful gift from your parents. It looks great as a table but will be a fabulous addition to your garden decor as well.
Happy New Year, sweetie! Have a healthy, successful and creative 2014!
Big hugs,

Alexandra Eitel said...

Liebe Carola, dein Weihnachsbaum und deine Deko sehen klasse aus!
Ich wünsche dir ein tolles neues Jahr meine Liebe.
Hugs Alexandra

lala said...

Your home is absolutely magical!!! I love how it looked in the afternoon on Christmas Eve - so warm & inviting. So very pretty - makes me want to just snuggle up on the sofa.

Debra Oliver said...

It's all so beautiful, I always love coming to visit your magical home!

Lin said...

For some reason, my blogroll was still showing your Halloween post. I wondered why you hadn't posted your beautiful Christmas decorations, as you always do... turns out you did! And this year is just gorgeous!
Silly blogroll. Hope it updates next time, as I would be sad to miss anything you post.
Happy, Happy New Year,
Lin (aka Zuzu)

Maureen said...

My blogroll still shows your Halloween post too... so I took a chance and glad I decided to happen by; your decor was so lovely! Happy 2014 to you as well Carola!

Laura Turcotte said...

WOW--amazingly beautiful! Crafty Storage Ideas sent me over, and boy! am I ever glad they did!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello Carola,
I am happy to have visited you this morning as your home is always an inspirationg,,,garden too. Even thought the season has passed it was wonderful how you created such magic with your Christmas treasures.
How are things in the garden? Do you have snow?
Blessings in your day Carola!

Susan Clayton said...

How wonderful everything looked for Christmas! So nice to be enjoying this post at a time I can really examine and savor easy picture. Love it all. The photos are great- makes one feel like they could just step right in!


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