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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nostalgic Heart Swap!

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Click on the link for the bigger version of the photo above!
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.My German garden friend Anita owner of the beautiful blog "My Country Cottage" is searching for participants for her "Selfmade Nostalgic Heart Swap"! This sounds like so much fun and everyone who ownes a blog can participate! I'll sure do! I have already tried my first nostalgic heart collage which you can see in the pictures above and below:
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Click on the link to see the bigger version of the picture above!
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Selfmade hearts made from fabric are as welcome as paper hearts, what ever suits your creativity, so don't hesitate, head over to Anita's blog http://ein-stueck-garten.blogspot.com/ and read her post from January 18th for more information and let her know that you'd like to participate! I'm looking forward to swap with you!
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Yesterday I've also finished this "Valentines paper girl":

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and a round Bird & Nest collage which I'm going to show you in my next post because Blogger won't let me post anymore pictures tonight. I'm quite happy that I had time to spend in my studio corner for the last two days, don't you just love creative weekends too?

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Anita said...

Carol, thanks a lot for mentioning my swap. I am looking forward to swapping with you and hope there will be other who fancy joining as well!

Your heart as well as the little girl look great!

lindaharre said...

Carol.....YOur Vintage Valentine is beautiful! Would be so pretty hanging in a window:) Love the doll also:) Thanks for your comments on my blog. Always love hearing from you! Linda

RoseMary said...

Hi Carol, I have been lurking around your blog (and enjoying it!) for months now. Your crafts are always so beautiful! I just started blogging a week ago and I have been tagged. So, I am tagging you! If you'd like to participate, please come to my blog and take a peak.

Lis said...

Ein herziger Post. Kannst du mir mal bitte verraten wie du die kleinen Herzchen zwischen den Fotos fabriziert hast???????

Hannele said...

Schöne Herzen.

monique said...

Hi Carol,
I haven't been able to use blogger for a couple of weeks. I don't know what was wrong with it! But I really hated it.

I'm glad to found out it's finally working again.
You have some lovely posts with beautiful photo's. At least I still was able to watch my favourite blogs sometimes, just wasn't able to post anything.

The swap sounds great!!
I will go and take a look at her blog.

Guess what happened...... I had not received all the christmas ornaments( 3 where missing) , today the postman brought me a package from Daisy Lupin. It has been on it's way from 21 November!
I'm real glad to receive it.

stadtgarten said...

Wunderschöne Herzen hast Du gebastelt.
Du hast immer so tolle Ideen, ich wünschte, ich hätte die Zeit, wenigstens ein bißchen was davon als Anregung zu nehmen und auch mehr Kreatives machen zu können!

zUzU said...

Goodness. You've been a buzy bee! =^..^=

Don't you just love paper dolls?
This little one is adorable!

I have an affinity for Valentine's Day
Hearts and flowers ... What could be better?

Chocolate maybe. Can't forget the chococlate!

I've been playing with things for Valentine's
Day too ... But mostly ideas must just sit inside
my head or be placed inside a book for now...
But I love the paperdoll idea!

Of course at my cottage, the paperdolls are
all of tiny animals ... and I'm the one playing!

I'm forgetting that blogger likes to dump
me out ... so I'd best hurry off and click send ...

Love you! =^..^= zU

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Carol,
Your hearts are beautiful and I love the paper valentine girl.
I took a peak at Anita's hearts and they are beautiful too.
I would sign up for the swap, but I"ve committed myself to a few other projects and don't think I will have enough time between now and then.
I do love creative days and need more of them!
I'm looking forward to your nest. Your bird collages are some of my favorites.

cityfarmer said...

Yes, I jsut entertained a creative weekend...wil be posting my finished master bedroom soon on stuffintheburbs...

You all have me beat a country mile.

Naturegirl said...

Carol you continue to inspire us all with these wonderfully happy pink colored projects that you do so well! I am joining in the fun w/ Anita !
Glad that you made time for my ~friendship tea~ yesterday!
Hugs NG

Sigruns German Garden said...

Schade, dass du nicht nähst, Carola. Dann bräuchtest du nicht nur das Wochenende, sondern die vier-Tage-Woche!

Al :-)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

WOW Carol, You have been a busy girl! The heart is so beautiful - I love the rose in the centre.

I would love to join the Nostalgic Heart Swap, but as I make my living from crafting, I just can't afford to loose the time at the moment...hope you understand. Good luck with it, swaps are great fun and whoever joins will be glad that they did!


carolyn said...

Carol these are absolutely delightful, you really make me want to have a go at this myself, maybe I will but not as a swap as I'm useless with deadlines and time constrictions.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

These are absolutely beautiful! You do such lovely work! Such gorgeous colors and designs. I am so pleased to have found your blog. My grandfather and his family were from Germany (Nauendorf originally, then Leipzig).

creani said...

fein was du da wieder gemacht hast Carol! Liebe Grüße*Nicole

Birgit said...

Schon wieder ein so schönes Herz! Die Herzomanie scheint ausgebrochen. Lange werde ich es nicht mehr aushalten, dann muss ich wohl auch eines anfangen. Es würde so gut an den alten Bauernschrank passen. Liebe Grüße, Birgit

MariaJ said...

Lovely paper girls Carol!!!Isnt it nice to create something different.

Rona's Home Page said...

What a beautiful Valentine.

Anonymous said...

How wonderfuly creative you are!

Verena said...

Wow Carol, ich wünschte, ich hätte nur ein bisschen von deiner kreativen Ader! Wirklich wunderschöne Dinge, die du entwirfst. Ich wünsche dir auch weiterhin so viele tolle Ideen und die Muße, diese umzusetzen.
Liebe Grüße, Verena

Jen said...

Your Valentine girl is so sweet! I love the idea of the heart swap. How wonderful that you've had a couple of days to play in your studio.

One Crabapple said...

Your Nostaligic Heart is beautiful ! I love it !

And your paper doll is quite a delight too !


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