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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mantlepiece transformation etc.

Hello dear blogging friends,

today I can show you the transformation of my faux mantlepiece, which my Dad has build me for one of my birthdays, 7 years ago.

This is what it looked like just before I've painted it on Friday:

I was thinking about painting it ever since I've got it and now I finally did it and I like it, yeah! What do you think about it in white? Should I paint the little black antique petrol oven also in white now?

Then yesterday, for my 44th birthday, my parents have got me a new mirror for the space above my mantlepiece, because the mirror I've used before was too small. I chose a high mirror, carved out of wood with an antique golden painting and this is what my mantlepiece looks like after it is freshly painted, decorated and with the new mirror hanging above:

The mirror has a lovely detail, it's an angel playing the flute, carved in:

Well and this is the round bird nest collage, that I was talking about in one of my posts below, which I had created the weekend before last weekend:

A big thanks to you guys for all the lovely comments on my Winter garden pictures of my last post, which I loved to read. The bit of snow is all gone and we're back to warmer temperatures again, around 7-10 degrees Celsius plus, which seem to be the normal Winter temperature this year.

My mum has got me lots of lovely spring flowers yesterday too, like Snowbells, blue Pansies, white Primeroses and white Helleborus and blue Hyacinthus, which I'm looking forward to plant and decorate during this week :D


Hillside Garden said...

Hi carol, that all looks beautiful, the white colour is perfect!

You have a very talented father!

Leihst du ihn mir mal? Der Spiegel ist wunderschön, ein wenig hoch vielleicht.


Lis said...

Wow, der Spiegel sieht ja edel aus. Er gibt dem Ganzen erst den richtigen Pfiff, dazu noch die türkisfarbenen Kerzen, very good!

Daisy Cottage said...

Carol, that turned out so pretty ~ what a special piece that your father made!

Henny said...

Toll wie edel der Kamin jetzt in weiss aussieht. Der Spiegel ist wunderschön, ich muß das sagen ,denn ich habe einen ganz ähnlichen 100 Jahre alt!


Hi Carol: Greetings from Arizona. I love it white. The diamond shapes really pop out. I like the contrast of the black and white.

stadtgarten said...

Das hast Du wieder wunderschön dekoriert!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch noch nachträglich zu Deinem Geburtstag!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday!
What a nice post with so many lovely pictures!

linda t said...

Happy Birthday Carol!
Love the transformation!
Very inspiring... making me want to paint a few things that I have meaning to paint for years!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol.
Oh, I wish I had known that it was your Birthday!!! I hope you had a lovely time.
I love your mantlepiece white, it is so fresh. I wouldn't paint the the little stove, I think it contrasts well with the white.

Love your birdy collage too!


ArtsyMama said...

Love the transformation! The white and blue is gorgeous. Your bird nest collage is just delightful!!!

Betty Jo said...

I adore your blog Carol. Your mantlepiece is gorgeous painted white. I really like the contrast between the white and the little black stove. You are an incredible artist; the bird nest collage is beautiful. :0)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Beautiful!! I'd leave the little stove black; I think it would get "lost" if it were white too. Very pretty! And Happy Birthday!!

Tracy said...

Carol, I love love LOVE your freshly painted mantle! It looks so fresh and clean, just wonderful. I would leave your petrol stove black like it is. I think it provides some nice contrast to all of the white there.

Naturegirl said...

Carol first of all~HaPPy BiRtHdAy~
The mantel looks wonderful painted and that mirror exquisette and sooo ~YoU~ with the cherubs!
Such a cozy space you have and thank you for sharing!hugs

One Crabapple said...

This looks GORGEOUS !

I love it painted white !

paint the little stove ? I don't know...I bet it would really look cute !!! either way this is looking like a picture from a decorating magazine to me !

That mirror is out of this world and BTW !

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! tho belated ! I am wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of all good things !

( I was not able to view all of the pictures...I have no idea why some do not come up - but glad I got to see the interior shots of the mantle anyway !)

Looking forward to seeing you and your plantings on next visit !


Jill said...

The mantle is beautiful! And your winter garden is delightful...as always.
Love the collage as well....enjoy your day!

Jill said...

Oh...I forgot!
Happy Birthday....isn't that Froeliche Geburstag in German????

zUzU said...

Oh Miss Carol! =^..^=

.:: HaPpY::HaPpY::BiRThDaY ::.

It sounds as if you had a lovely day ... Your mom and dad gave you the perfect gifts! Angels and flowers!

The mantle is yummy in white! Always scary to paint wood and then when you do ::poof:: MAGIC! So very pretty. I like the little stove black ... The contrast of black against white is dreamy perfect. Besides, I bought a vintage stove someone painted blue ... and t seems that it does'nt really work in the long run to paint them. It made it look wrong. I wish it were the original black and need to restore it. Someday ::grin::

Oh! Something is coming soon to you ... & a little treat from my garden too. (No it's not Chichi.) ::giggle::

Watch for the mail truck!
=^..^= birthday kisses! love, zU

Anonymous said...

Hallo Carola,

das weiß sieht super aus (wobei ich aber fand, daß das naturfarbene auch was hatte).

Es scheint, du hattest einen tollen Geburtstag, alles Gute noch einmal nachträglich.

Übrigens, die Deko auf dem Kaminteil sieht einfach genial aus und er paßt so gut in den Vorsprung, wirklich gelungen.


Mia said...

How lovely your mantelpiece is in its new white colour - and a beautiful mirrow too.

Regarding your comment in my blog - yes, the jug is from House Doctor, but the bowl is from Green Gate.

judypatooote said...

Hi Carol, I would leave the little stove black, it gives good contrast... I love it white....knotty pine use to be all the rage, but painting over things is now the in thing to do......I love it.....my dad made me a cupboard and it was in solid oak.....well I debated, but I painted over it white, and then did the frame of it in sponged barn red...and took the door off so just the shelves show...... it is pretty cool.....judy

MariaJ said...

I think I missed something! Happy Birthday Carol anyway! I think your new look of your mantlepiece is much better than the old look. I also liked the mirror and your collage! Well, is there anything I DONT like, no, ever.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How beautiful! You and your father are VERY talented and I find your blog so inspiring!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Happy Birthday! Best wishes for your health and happiness in the coming year Carol.
The flowers sound like the most beautiful combination...all blue and white. My favorite colors!
I like your mantle painted white and the height of the mirror is perfect now!

Sharon Kay said...

Love the fireplace white. We just bought a white fireplave for our country cottage condo. love the look of the white. All your pictures are wonderful.

Gypsy Purple said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Great work on the fireplace..I myself would leave the oven...a little black always works for me in decorating


Betzie said...

Hi Carol,
I love your mantel painted white, great great job. I also adore your collage...my favorite colors and so charming.
I say keep the black stove...the white makes all the other colors stand out...I've been dying to paint my bedroom dresser white, but I'm chicken! It's a pine...did you just do one coat? Did you prime first? Not sure HB would go for it, but I love the look.
Happy B=lated Birthday!

Clare said...

It all looks very lovely, the mirror is beautiful and I love your little stove in the fireplace!

Margrit said...

Hallo Carola,
ich habe neulich schon mal einen Kommentar geschrieben, konnte ihn aber leider nicht abschicken. :(
Die Collagen tragen wieder Deine Handschrift und sind sehr schön.
Ich würde den Ofen nicht anmalen, da ich glaube, dass es zu langweilig aussehen würde. So ein Kontrast muss schon sein. Wie gewohnt, tolle Deko.
Viele Grüße

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Belated birthday wishes Carol. I love your fire surround and quite agree that painting it white was the right thing to do. Its looks terrific and now the gilt mirror above it makes a stunning feature for your room. The little black fire looks just fine as it is, and is defined beautifully now with its white background.

Love your bird collage too.

gena said...

Happy Birthday Carol! welcome to the 44 club! I love your fireplace, what a clever Dad!

Jeanette said...

Gday Carola. I just popped in for a visit.
Happy birthday from Ausralia
Love your Mantle dad made looks nice painted white .
Take care I shall return to see more

Carol said...

Thanks a lot for all your enjoyable comments and birthday whishes dear blogging friends! I'm glad that you like the mantle in white too and I will follow your advice and leave the little stove black! xox

tongue in cheek said...

Stunning in whtie and that mirror!!

Deb said...

The mantle transformation looks great! I'm looking forward to doing a similar wood to white transformation with my kitchen cabinets sometime soon.

Hannele said...

44 is marvellous age (I know :)


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