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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Solder fever!

So what did I do for the last 2 weeks, while being such a bad blogging friend? Well apart from office working, gardening, house chores, taking photos, petting the cat, meeting friends and family, working on German supply packs for my Etsy shop, reading books about Australia etc.pp I have finally figured out the secrets of soldering jewelry yeah! It took me a few starts, but now I have the feeling like having found a whole new creating world and it's wonderful! I'm in a real solder fever and there is no stopping me at the moment, so of course I have to show you some of my works.

This was my first ever try month ago lol I had a wrong technique and took much too much solder ha ha! I did a few more tries from time to time and got better every time, but it wasn't really the fun I thought it would be after studying "Pretty little things" by Sally Jean and admiring all of Ulla's fabulous pieces and classes. I so wanted to be able to solder that I never really gave up the hope that I can do it. Then suddenly after a little help from my sister who once attended a Tiffany class I made this Marie-Antoinette piece and from that moment on to solder jewelry was and is really big fun for me!

I watch out for pieces which I can solder literally every where I go now lol:

Then last week I also found round glass circles (unfortunately the only glass circles I could find here in Bremen are 7 cm diameter, I'd like to find smaller ones and oval ones too) and made these:

Can you possibly feel my excitement? I always loved jewelry and now to have found a whole new medium to express my creativity is just such an awesome feeling!

I'd be even more glad if you'd like my works too!

Oh and talking about jewelry I wanted to share with you these gorgeous earrings that I have recently found in my fave shop "Rosenrot", aren't they just so pretty?

Dear Gardenfriends, don't worry, it's back to the latest garden photos in my next post!

Thanks a lot for all the good wishes for my sprained ankle, it's not swollen anymore and not hurting anymore so I think it is healed :D

Have a fabulous and creative new week everyone!

Hugs Carol(a) xox


Gayla said...

Oh, my goodness. The pieces just keep getting more and more beautiful. I love the photos and commentary on your blog. I have a passion for those little soldered pieces. Yours are quite artistic and unique!!!! I see how excited you are, and I agree!!!

Rosemary said...

Your pieces are beautiful Carol.
I wish I knew how to make those.
Thanks so much for sharing with us.
You must be very excited about them.

Lis said...

Kompliment! Die Sachen sehen ja wirklich toll aus und ich kann verstehen dass du jetzt voll im Lötfieber bist.Ich bewundere deine Kreativität und wünschte ich hätte auch ein bisschen was davon.

MariaJ said...

Perfect! I can FEEL your excitement over here! I know the feeling so well when you find a new hobby. I've done some Tiffany classes too so I know how many possibilities you have there. You have made such lovely pieces that one year I have to try something like that too. By the way remember to take care of you air conditioning.

sepia art studio said...

The soldered pieces looks beautiful Carol, i mean really really beautiful!! <3
My favourite is the Marie Antoinette <3 piece. Just gorgeus!

Your first try with the soldering looks like my first try couple of years ago. I got really frustrated and have not soldered since *lol*
But it has been on my mind, since i want to create some pendants.

see you there! said...

Another technique I'd like to learn. One of these days!

I think a person's passion shows in their work and your excitement shows in these pieces. Gives them a little extra sparkle.


Julie said...

Wow! You are right, you have figured out how to solder. Those are so beautiful! Hae you made any Christmas ornaments yet?

Sugar Bear said...

All of your pieces are just beautiful! I love your garden photos, but I also love to see your craft endeavors.

Kimberley said...

Carol, these pieces are beautiful! How talented you are, and how lucky to have found another way to express your creativity! I hope that you'll continue to show us pictures of your work :)


EVA AGNES said...

You have made some exciting and beautiful jwellery here.
I would like to have them all.
My heart goes beating when I look at the pictures.
Love Eva Agnes

Tracy said...

Oh Carol, those are lovely! I've had soldering on my list for a month or two now, but you beat me to it! I keep telling my husband that he needs to teach me how to do it so I can make some of the lovely things I've seen on blogs.

Rosa said...

Oh, I do, I do, I feel your excitement! Every piece is gorgeous! I kinda liked the first one, really. You could do something with it! So pretty!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh my gosh! You've been bitten by the soldering bug for sure! And it all looks so fantastic!!!!! Wow!!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Your jewelry is beautiful. Now, you have made me want to try to make some!

Naturegirl said...

Carol there's no stopping you now with this new found craft! You really caught on quickly and your works are
wonderful! You are extremely gifted!
I can feel your excitement and that's what we love about you!! You are passionate!!That's a good thing!
hugs NG

dorothy said...

Carol, you've been bitten by a good bug, your soldered jewellry is awesome!
When I saw the one that says margaret carnation my heart did a pitty pat. My dear Mums name was Margaret, she was born in January which has carnation as its flower and she really loved them. Thank you for the memory. Mum has been gone 13yrs now.

I was gifted that book and have been waiting till I can afford the soldering gun etc. Being on disability teaches you patience in many ways.......one of which is in acquiring new things, I want everything right now LOL!

I am glad your ankle is better and your in the creative groove. I check every day to see if you have posted :-)

Thank you sooo much for sharing.

hugs, dorothy in bc canada by the sea

Donna O'Brien said...

Carol!! Your name came up Sunday when we were at Lauren's house so I came to visit!Oh my!! So many things going on here- it will take me several visits to catch up. Wonderful things!!!And it's nice to "meet" you!
Donna O'Brien

The Rose Room said...

Hi Carol, they are absolutely gorgeous! I adore the Marie Antionette and the round circles. Divine!
Take Care

T=ME said...

Thank you so much for sharing your excitiment! Everything looks so beautiful! I am taking a soldering class in two weeks and now am really excited! Please keep showing and sharing your art.congrats! Terri

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You are doing beautiuful work. I love every piece!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Aha, so that was what you were doing all that time. :-) You're such a creative person Carola! I see that your soldering technique has improved a lot, well done you!

Ohhhhhhh, those earrings!!!!!!

Hillside Garden said...

Genau! Bad blogging friend!! ;-)

Die Anhänger sind ja total süß! Machst du auch welche mit falschen Steinen? Ich hätte da was für dich, wenn du kümmst.


Deb said...

Carol, your jewelry pieces are exquisite! You are very talented.
Happy to hear your ankle is better.

She Who Flies said...

You surely have been busy Carol! These are all gorgeous! Really. But your Marie Antoinette pendant is absolutely stunning! I've been wanting to try my hand at soldering since coming across "Pretty Little Things" and reading your post reinforced that. We already have a soldering iron in the house so hey, it might just happen soon :-)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Wow, such an inspirational blog,...
It really inspired me of leaving my comfort zone and have a go at trying different things!
Your blog it`s one of my favourites!
Kisses Kisses

Dawn said...

I would soooo love to learn to do this!
Love your new creations!

Margrit said...

Die sehen ja richtig schön aus. Ich kann verstehen, dass Du Spaß daran hast.
Viele Grüße

Mia said...

This is just amazing, Carol! I sure can feel your excitement, and can see why too...! I have never seen anything like it, but I do love all I see. And no wonder you are smitten. I would love to give it a go myself...

Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog and for telling me about the film about Beatrix Potter. I was aware of the film, but not aware that it is now available on DVD. I am so fond of romantic movies (like this one, by the sound of it...) and can not wait to got hold of one for myself. And once I find a film a like, I can watch it over and over again... As I am sure to do with the one of Beatrix Potter!

Jill said...

Oh Carol! They are fabulous!!! Isn't it fun? Another addictive hobby... oh my... there just needs to be more time in each day for us to do ALL the things we want!!!

BECKY said...

What a lovely blog. Such beautiful work you do. So glad I found ya.

OhSoVintage said...

I'm impressed. How wonderful to learn a new craft and this now opens up a new world of creativity to you. Do keep showing us your latest creations.

Becky~ said...

this is all so very very wonderful and
i do look forward to more gardening pix.

stadtgarten said...

Komisch, ich hatte einen Kommentar geschrieben, aber er ist nicht da!???
Schöne Sachen hast Du da gemacht, Carola! Ich staune immer,wie Du die Zeit dafür findest!
Ein schönes Wochenende, LG,Monika

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi there Carol, I'm sorry to be so long getting back to you. Yes, it's always fine about pictures. You are more than welcome.
Your work is lovely.
Take care.

Allison said...

Carol, I'm blown away!!! Your creations are gorgeous. You did such a great job. I'm really impressed. I love the soldered look and have purchased some pretty charms from Sally Jean. I also love the earings that you got. They are very, very cute. Keep up the great work Carol!! I just love it :o) Glad to hear your ankle is better. Sprained ankles are no fun at all.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Liebe Carola!!:)

Those are beautiful, is Bremen ever going to be safe from solder again?? Isn't it so true that when we have a new "wow, I love it!" skill, everything becomes something we can "do" something with!

Love your pieces, they are wonderful...

Barbara said...

Beautiful. I guess you need a steady hand and lots of concentration. Always nice to add new craft hobbies to our agenda.

Lallee said...

Oh...oh...oh....words are failing me! I can't think of an adjective good enough to describe how wonderful these are! I am amazed at how beautiful they look when you have just learned this craft. Congratulations!

La Tea Dah said...

Sooo beautiful! You have much talent. Thanks for sharing your creations with us. I enjoyed them!


Stampin' D'Amour said...

I just found your BLOG & I'm glad I did!! Great STUFF!!! I have bookmarked to stop by again!! :0)


MaryB said...

All of your pieces are fantastic! I see the soldering bug has hit you. Everything looks different to you now...as in what can be soldered to what...LOL I know you're very excited, as you should be, your work is wonderful.

lindaharre said...

Carola.... These are Fabulous! That is so hard to do......I am impressed! The first time I tried I dropped the solder on my leg and burnt a third degree hole:( I haven't tried again........Great Job!

JayJay said...

Hi Carola!

Entzückend, Deine Lötergebnisse! Das könnte mir auch gefallen. Woher hast Du die Technik? Ist es ähnlich wie Tiffany?

Das fasziniert mich total. Besonders die Marie Antoinette hat es mir angetan.

LG aus Riensberg

lauren said...

Carol they are all just stunning! How fun to learn this new thing. I want to learn it too, but I'm scaaaaared!

Have fun with this new skill, the work is turning out beautifully!

Sandy said...

Carol, You are so so multi talented! Love the jewelry, photos, garden, mixed media - EVERYTHING! Thanks for stopping by today.


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