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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nothing but roses

Hopefully I don't bore you too much with my rose photos, but having a very hot and sunny summer this year (the whole opposite of the very wet summer we've had last year) I have never had more beautiful roses (I have 15 different sorts growing in my little garden at the moment) and I just can't get enough of them:

Isn't the "Eden rose 85" a real stunner? When I look at it I always think it looks so yummy I would want to eat it lol


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Well, your garden has made me a rose lover. I have purchased several over the past few weeks laregely because of your beautiful flowers. 4 climbing varities (one white new dawn, two pink new dawn and 1 royal star and garter and 2 "shrub" ones (claude monet look a like [it's called something else but I can't remember the name] and peace). I know nothing about roses so this will be a big learning curve for me. I find them very intimidating as they seem to be very fussy. But when I look at your gorgeous garden, I think to myself, boy if it works is it ever worth it. Can't wait to see more. Now if I could just find room to get one of those Eden roses.....lol. TWT

P.S. Two of the climbing roses I have planted in part sun. The man at the garden store said that that would be okay but everything I read says they need full sun? Do you have any in part sun that are doing well?

Sigrun said...

Beautiful, Carol. You can cook Jam with them, if you want to eat them.


Lis said...

Wundervolle Rosen, meine machen eine kleine Blühpause.
Die Annabelle muss nicht unbedingt im Halbschatten stehen, bei meiner Freundin steht sie sogar in der prallen Sonne. Schau mal im BA-Wü Thread nach da hat sie ein Foto gepostet, ihr Nick ist sonne06

Alison said...

Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my spot. My roses are losing all of their leaves. We have had so much rain and wind, but I'm worried that it might be another problem. The leaves were not being eaten and they did well last year...any ideas? They really just look like naked stalks with the remains of the roses.

Salix Tree said...

Luscious!I love all these, so beautiful. The color of the one called
lovelyluise is wonderful! And I agree, Eden does look like a sweet desert!
Still love the Monet Rose, my favorite!

Alice said...

We can't get enough of your roses either, Carol. In fact, I'd love some of them - would you mind if I came by about midnight with a pair of sharp secateurs?....lol

They are just beautiful and a real credit to you. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy them, too.

Maggie Ann said...

Your roses look like a dream come true. It must be pure bliss to see these every day....happy you!! And, your photos are so gorgeous, I was wondering if you are a professional photographer?

queendebbee said...

I'm inspired by your beautiful garden and flowers, too! I am also curious about what type of camera you use to capture such lovely photos? Would you mind telling us?
Thank you!

Naturegirl said...

We never tire of our prized roses nor
all your PINK beauties! So icecream
delicious looking! I see my friend and
neighbor "TWT" is one of your regulars!:) Your garden is always in our discussions of gardens!

MariaJ said...

We cant get enough memories for the winter so please continue. Its difficult to say which of these is most beautiful. I love them all.
Carol, we also had a wet summer last year and now its been absolutely opposite.

Carol said...

Hi TWT, I didn't know that you are NG's friend and neighbor :D, I was always wondering if you have your own blog too? I'm glad that I've inspired you to plant more roses! I've had New Dawn growing in part sun in my old garden and it was okay, but in my mums garden it sits in full sun and it always had/has more blooms. What I wanna say is that most roses do bloom in part sun, but in full sun they flower more and better. But hey I think better a few rose blossoms than none at all! Give them compost in autumn and spring, they love it! I hope you'll have as much joy with your roses as I have!

Al I'm not a jam eater at all, I prefer cheese on my bread!

Lis ich hab nur keine Sonnenplätze mehr frei, es ist einfacher noch einen Schattenplatz zu finden!

Alison roses don't like rain and wind, it is normal that they lose their leaves then, they want sun! Normally what you describe sounds like rose rust, the leaves are getting spots, then they are getting yellow and falling down. You have to pick up all the leaves from the ground, because the disease is living in the ground and coming back again next year, if you don't pick the leaves up.
Have a look here http://www.mainerosesociety.com/rosedoctor.gif and then when you find the right disease you can google it to find out what to do against it.

Salix the Claude Monet is my fave one too!

Alice you are very welcome! I can say that easily because you live so far away ;-)

Maggie Ann, no I'm not a professional photographer, but thank you for the comliment :D

Quendebee, no I don't mind at all. I use the Olympus Camedia C 740 Ultra Zoom Digicam and I edit my photos in Adobe photoshop.

Nature Girl and Maria thank you for your kind words!

I appreciate all your comments very much ladies :D

Dawn said...

These shots are so beautiful...I could never choose which one I prefer...

Robin said...

Such wonderful roses! I love them all!!!

ms*robyn said...

I love roses - yours are stunning. do you have problems with black spot? in my garden at the moment, I have daphne is full bloom and the perfume is heavenly

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

These are so beautiful! I`m so far behind in my garden. I`ll be back to drool.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

the aroma of your garden I can smell from here, BEAUTIFUL You!!

ning said...

Hi carol, these are Beautiful... really love the eden rose, I wanna have it in my garden but I can't find it in Indonesia :')


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