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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pink swap news and other new pinks

I've finally sent out my pink swap parcel to Joy in Woodstock/Illinois yesterday. Hopefully she'll like it! The pink swap was organised by the lovely Sandy from http://arttealife.blogspot.com/ I'm going to get my parcel from the dear Mrs. Robyn :D of ex http://dailyparcels.blogspot.com/ who is now blogging here http://themeltingpot-thatisme.blogspot.com/ So Joy for the case you should ever pop in, here is a peek about what is on it's way to you through air mail now:

My new pink Penstemon:

and my new pink Phlox:

My pink Echinacea is also in full bloom now:

and David Austins Cottage Rose is also blooming:


PEA said...

Ooooh what wonderful items you found to send as a swap!! Your flowers are beautiful as always too!

Sigrun said...

Auf was für Ideen du kommst. Nach Pullmoll hätt ich nie und nimmer gesucht!

Bitte, krieg ich auch so ein Paket in Lindgrün??


Wunderful photos from the garden!

Joan said...

Hi Carol,
Your photos for me are my second garden with no Betty the greyhound!!!! LOL
joan in italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
What wonderfull flowers you have! I love looking at your pictures. I also love roses and yours seem to be so healthy. Really lovely.

Your photos are also very good, what camera do you have?

With best regards from a very hot Stockholm,

snappy said...

Lovely pink.I am waiting for the David Austin rose book to come through the post.I want to send you a pink panther for the theme, those ecinacea look gorgeous.on my wishlist now.

Naturegirl said...

Carol what a delightfully Pink post! I wish that I included myself in the pink swap but things are very stressful here with mother.The garden in all its glory both here and when I visit blogsites like yours are truly "stressbuster"..the pink is soothing for me to look at and the rose scents in toiletries are my favorite!! I can smell it from here... send some off to me! Thanks for clearing up confusion of"Roseneibisch" :)

ms*robyn said...

yours is ready to go tomorrow! I am so sorry for the delay but with school holidays here and I wanted to find one last thing to pop in to the box. it should be there in a week to 10 days.

ms*robyn said...

oh & I love your pink flowers - I think your garden is delightful, even in summer - lucky you. In summer our gardens suffer dreadfuly from the heat & dryness.

Lisa said...

mmmmm yummy pinkness!

Repellent Review said...

Lovely photos. My echinecea blooms didn't care for the early het we received here in WA. Those are pretty.

Alice said...

To be "in the pink" means that everything is alright. Your garden is definitely 'in the pink' and certainly alright. In fact, it's beautiful, even at the height of summer. Ours certainly don't look their best at that time of year. As Ms Robyn says "it's too hot and dry", especially the winds.

You mentioned in a comment to Kali about it being spring in Australia already. No, it's not here yet - that doesn't happen until 1st September. However, many bulbs begin flowering in late winter here.

Maggie Ann said...

Stunning pictures as usual...=)

Jill said...

Beautiful flowers!!

Shell said...

Mmmm, all that pink is totally delicious!

Hulda said...

Very lovely pink things - and great pink flowers too!

Cindy said...

You have the most beautiful garden! Love all the pink.

abe/happy said...

Hello Carol - loving your pinks
its still winter here but we are already having signs of an early spring, with lots of daffodils, & tulips showing their colours,

Our cherry blossom trees are in bloom with there beautiful pinks. Its amazing in the last 2 weeks the amount of purple, pink, blue & yellow flowers that have bloomed. Ive posted some pics of them on our site.

I feel sorry for other parts of Australia that dont seem to be in bloom yet.
Oh well roll on Spring !! YAY !!

Lis said...

Bei diesen Fotos muss man nicht lange nach deiner Lieblingsfarbe fragen, es ist pink. Hab ich recht? :-)

Sofia Barao said...

that's wonderful flowers you got there :) and the items you are sending are wonderful, have sent mine too can't wait to see what I'm getting :)

One Crabapple said...


YOur PINK Blog is gorgeous!

Your Pink Swap package EXQUISITE !

Did you do the collage work on the can ?

BEautiful - Joy will love it !
xxo - S.

Carol said...

I'm so glad that you all liked my pink post and that you've comment so numerous!

Al die Pullmoll hab ich auch nicht gesucht, aber als ich sie zufällig sah, musste ich sie einfach mitnehmen. Sie schmecken auch richtig gut! Wir können ja auch mal einen Swap machen ;-) Lindgrün könnte allerdings schwierig werden

To Linda in Stockholm, welcome to my blog! I'm using the Olympus Camedia 740 C Ultra Zoom Digicam!

Robyn thank you, I'm really looking forward to it :!

Alice and Val, thank yous for letting me know about the Aussie spring!

Hannele said...

Pink is my colour, lovely things.

Joy Eliz said...

Carol, I got my pink parcel today. It is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!! I love everything and will surely use every last bit!

Thank you sooooo much!


Carol said...

Oh Joy you are very welcome! I'm so happy that you've got it and like it :D that's great news!


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