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Monday, July 24, 2006


Just to let you know that I've answered all your questions in a big comment under my last posting! xox


Sofia Barao said...

Hi Carol, and thank you for all your comments and yes I'm okay now and hope everything will be better soon :)
As for the business cards, I would love Delila to do some for me but I'm needing more than 250 for the exhbition plus all the other exhibitions that I'm planning to do, so I guess I would not have enough money to pay for it, that's why I need something functional/cheap and pretty :)
Oh yes the hot weather is becoming suffocating around here and you are so right, the heat from the south is dry that's why even in my country 40° degrees in Alentejo area wasn't suffocating like it is here....me too can't wait for september to come :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol for the great advise. I was off again to the garden store staring at David Austin roses this time, plotting what I could remove to make room for it/them. Luckily the store was closing so my woodland plants are safe....for now. I have been bitten by the rose bug for sure.
Thanks again. TWT

crafty said...

Good job it's a BLOOMIN' hot summer.
Just fantastic, I've got no chance to have a lovely garden, we recently adopted a retired racer irish greyhound and she keeps digging up the garden trying to catch the lizards. I've actually started a blog for her

http://boden betty.blogspot.com

keep well
joan in italy

crafty said...

mistake on url


you can see a photo of my sorry you got a dog looking garden !!! LOL


Anita said...


Me too, I can't stop looking at your lovely garden photos. Very inspiring!
Thanks for your remark on my salvia farinacea. I really appreciate your comments and advices, I still have a lot to learn!


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