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Friday, May 18, 2007

Allium love and a little photo shot with my antique dress form

Hello dear blogging friends and readers I'm glad you came back to see what's new at Boxwood Cottage! :D

Well last weekend I've had a little photo shot with my vintage German dress form which a dear friend was so nice to give me last year (see post from December 11th 2006 in my archives). She had no more neck, but my dear Dad has made me a new wooden neck that suits her perfectly which you'll see in the next pictures. This is a not so good picture that I took of her back in December 2006, still in my friends home and without neck, that's the way she was awaiting me decorated with some fresh ivy and a pink necklace and a welcome sign:D

I've had her in my bedroom all the time since I brought her home, but somehow I didn't really liked the place for her there, so while my dd was away to Lissabon last Friday I decided to bring her up in my studio corner in our loft room and so I secretly obtained another corner of our loftroom for my studio ;-), by putting some not so decorative things of my dd in another place and placing the dress form in the corner of a wardrobe which belongs to my studio space. Then I began dressing her up a bit. At first she's got this cameo necklace around her neck.

And then I tied some vintage borders and little paper roses (Can you recognise the lovely roses and the pink border you recently gave me for our swap Nicki? Hope you'll get your swap parcel from me this weekend too! And not to forget the vintage crotcheted border which was a gift from my dear friend Corey !) around her waist:

Ulla, Lauren and Nicol will surely recognize the prints of their gorgeous colloborative jewelry work that I pinned on my not so beautiful cheap IKEA wardrobe for inspiration (I so need an antique warderobe for my studio soon!). Wouldn't such a beautiful soldered necklace look wonderful on my dress form? *sigh*

So here she is now in her full beauty and it was a pleasure to have this little photo shot with her:

See her new wooden neck? I think my Dad did a great job making it look old too!

I just loved to decorate her with roses!

Well now I think it's time for a few more pictures from the garden as I promised you in my last post.
One of the first roses to bloom in my garden this season was this David Austin rose "Wenlock" which is growing in a deep, big pot on my patio, she has a very intensive deep pink color:

The pink and white striped Clematis "Nelly Moser" is my first blooming Clematis this season:

These are the last blooms of my pink Wisteria, it's almost faded now:

People who frequently read my blog surely know about my love for Allium blooms. Now it's the time of the year they are beginning to open their gorgeous pink balls. This ball is of my fave Allium The "Globemaster". The ball is still very small in this picture, their blooms are getting really huge as you can see in a picture from last year here.

These are 3 Allium Purple Sensation blooming like a family at the bottom of my rose arc at the moment:

"Lavendula stoechas" is still in full bloom:

Oh and the first peonies are blooming between my blue cat nip plant Nepeta x faassenii "Walkers low":

In the background of this picture you can see two of my three new wicker paravents, the pink blooming plant in the middle is a Thalictrum:

I guess that's enough pictures for today as I know they'll take ages to load for some of you, thank you for being patient!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! It's a sunny one here after almost two very rainy and windy weeks so I'm off to the garden now!
Hugs Carol xox
Oh btw some of you have asked me about my name lately, it's written and pronounced Carola with an "a" at the end in my language, but I really like being called just Carol! :D
Would someone of you lovely US readers would be interested in a little one to one magazine swap with me? I'd get you a copy of our most beautiful eye candy magazine Wohnen und Garten if you'd get me the latest issue of your gorgeous new Somerset life magazine! Or you just tell me which magazine you'd wish to get from Germany. I so need a copy of Somerset life and it takes ages until we can get it overhere. I'd be forever thankful to you!


Anita said...

Your dress form looks very elegant, Carol!

Oh yes, the allium season started and I am really looking forward to seeing them in fully bloom in your garden soon! Mine are getting bigger and bigger every day, too! (My latest post is on alliums, too)

Isn't it wonderful outside today? We just returned form the garden center, I found a very huge delphinium (and even more) and now it's time for gardening!

Have a happy day, too!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol.
I love your new studio corner - your mannequin is a wonderful addition. ! I love all of her pretty accessories.(I have just posted a photo of my mannequin - she is not a slim as yours!!)

Your garden shots are stunning (as ever!) what a fabulous place to spend the weekend....hope we have some good weather here in Europe!

Love Niki x

monique said...

Your garden photo's are very beautiful!
The dress form looks lovely.

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Yes your dress form is beauuuutiful! Your father made the neck?! That is fabulous for sure.
I think we should all get together with our dress forms and play dress up with them one day! They are WAY better than barbie dolls!!!
I can't wait to see when you take her out in the garden one day.... bet that would make stunning pictures...

Anonymous said...

Love your dress "lady". She is well suited for the studio. I just can't get over how quickly your garden is blooming. Roses already!!! Everything is so lush and green and bursting with colour. I honestly don't know how you go to work each day, I would just want to play out there. I would be interested in doing a magazine swap -- Nature Girl showed me the German magazine you had sent her a while back and it was spectacular. I'm not certain if we get that particular magazine here in Canada but I would be happy to check for you. TWT

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Carol

I love the corner of your workroom and it is set off perfectly by your dress form. My favourite part about the dress form for me is the neck, it makes the form look WOweeee! Your Dad is clever!

best wishes Ginny

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Carol,
I went looking for the magazine the other day, but I couldn't find it.
Your dad did a wonderful job on your dress form and so did you. I like the idea of adding to over time. Your studio is so inspirational. I wish I had such a space. I've slowly been working on my guest room, but combining the two, sort of stifles me.
Love the garden as usual...especially that last photograph!

Mia said...

Oh Carol, your photos of your garden are just sooo beautiful. I long for my garden to bloom and to have some colour other than green... And I would dearly love to have some alliums in mine as well. But I do hope in a couple of weeks time my garden will at leat be in bloom... Your mannequin in just gorgeous. I love the way you have dressed her and the way she stands so perfectly at home in your studio.

jen duncan said...

Hi Carol- Everything looks perfectly wonderful. Let me know if you're still needing that mag and I'll find one for you.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Your garden is looking good. Loved the alliums and the roses. :-)

That dress lady is looking very pretty in her corner.

Andrea S. said...

Everything is soooo beautiful Carol! Love the dressform and I drool over your garden everytime!
I'll be happy to send Somerset Life if you'd like. (I'll throw in some other goodies too, just for fun!) Let me know.
Have a great day!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Carol! Such gorgeous pictures! I love your dressform...I have one that I must post on my blog. Yours is just fabulous!

I am loving your blog! Heather

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello Carol! Lucky you to have that dress form...I've noticed everyone is naming theirs!
Is there another magazine you'd like to swap? I'll play too!

Hillside Garden said...

Hi Carol, die Puppe sieht sehr elegant aus, auch die braune Farbe ist genau mein Geschmack.
Meine Alliümmer sind fast durch, im Moment gehen gerade noch zwei Große auf.
(So mal unter uns: psst... von der Taille deiner Puppe können wir nur träumen).


Naturegirl said...

Carol I want to stand next to your lady and watch you create!Oh the love and creativety that oozes from this site of yours! The flowers in your garden..GASP!Your studio double GASP!!
My friend ~TWT~ said that I MuSt get over here right now and see your post as we are experiencing not so warm temperature here..13C..certainly not warm and relaxing garden weather and we are both dreaming of blossoms to appear in our gardens... well I do have a few..but nothing like yours!!Will you be posting fall when we are just into summer! A wonderful post to visit as usual..
BTW I would Love to trade magazines with you..I love the German ~Wohen un Garten~ you mention...you spoiled me with one and I'd LoVe to have another!hugs NG

Anonymous said...

Love the lady, she beautiful! My garden is blooming too, finally. If you are still up for the trade, I will be happy to "play" with you. I have all the Sommerset mags available locally, and would love to send you one! I live in Oregon, western United States!


Rosemary said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
It was nice to meet you. I love your dress form as well. Your dad did a wonderful job on the neck.
Love your flower garden too.
I added you to my blog list.
I see a few people are willing to do the magazine swap with you. Let me know if you need any magazines sometime and I can swap with you.
Rosemary in California

Becky said...

I would love to swap with you also Carol. I am not familiar with Somerset . . . i must look for it.

I love all the purples and blues in your garden.

Lis said...

So eine Taille wie die Puppe müsste man noch haben, beneidenswert :-)
Deine Fotos sind wie immer eine Augenweide. Bei mir blühen jetzt auch schon etliche Rosen und der Garten wuchert allmählich zu. Durch den Regen und die Wärme der letzten Tage ist alles förmlich explodiert, aber mir gefällt diese Üppigkeit.
Allium Globemaster brauch ich unbedingt noch, ich finde ihn einfach grandios

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Carola,(which is a very PRETTY name!!)

I can't decide which is more gorgeous, your girl (your Dad did a great job!!) or your garden, everything looks just so beautiful.

WIshing you lovely sunny days to enjoy the garden. Your Nelly Moser is fabulous!!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Carol - your mannequin is just lovely and your father did a wonderful job! And your flowers as always are beautiful! I have never been able to grow allium very well, but I have tried! (PS - I will be making your earring this week - sorry I have been so very busy lately!)

Ragged Roses said...

The mannequin is really beautiful, I bet you had great fun dressing her up! I love alliums too, mine haven't appeared this year so it was good to see yours looking so lovely.

Deb said...

Wonderful mannequin & your garden looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sharon Kay said...

Every thing you do you do so well. From the home to the garden to the camera. You are a very talented person my friend......Sharon K

Cat said...

How fun scrolling down thru these delicious pictures! Nice displays and beautiful flowers!

Deb said...

Your mannequin is a beautiful work of art now, and your dad did a fabulous job. I love all the pictures of your garden ~ it's very inspiring!

Verena alias Cery said...

Wunderschöne Alliums, Carola!!! Die kommen im herbst auch ganz sicher in meinen Garten! :D Auch sonst traumhafte Bilder von deinem wunderschönen garten, ich hoffe, meiner wird auch einmal so schön :) Wann gibts neue Bilder??? :D

Verena alias Cery said...

Da hab ich doch glatt was vergessen *lach* Zeigst beim nächsten Mal deine Rosen? Da bin ich besonders neugierig drauf :)

Leslie said...

Hi Carol,

Your vintage dress form and your garden are beautiful. Inspired me to look for a form of my own on eBay, but can find nothing as wonderful as yours.

I would be happy to trade magazines with you as well. It looks like you have the Somerset Life covered. You will love it. I have been enjoying my copy.

I just discovered your blog and have added it to my favorites.


MariaJ said...

Your dressform is breathtaking! I've always wanted to have it too but until that I admire yours!!!
Sorry been so late with my reply but you know me and my garden. I hardly come inside for a sleep, haa.

Clare said...

Hi Carol,

Your mannequin is a beauty and you have decorated her so well!

What beautiful garden photos; everything is looking so pretty! Here's to the good weather conitinuing!

Clare x

Lallee said...

I think she has found the perfect home in your studio. Your father did a beautiful job with the new neck and she is adorned fit for a princess. I think I'll go back and linger in your garden now....

stadtgarten said...

Herrlich, all die lila-blauen Blüten in Deinem Garten.
Was machst Du denn im Winter mit dem Schopflavendel, buddelst Du ihn aus, oder wird es bei Euch nicht so kalt?
Gute Idee mit der Schneiderpuppe als Deko.
Hab Dir im Forum ne PN geschickt (die kann man ja wenigstens schreiben und lesen z.Zt.)
LG, Monika

Sugar Bear said...

I love your dress form. Your father did a great job with the neck! Your garden is so lovely. I can just imagine how magnificent it must be in person.

lauren said...

mmmmm...it looks delicious in your garden Carol! Wont it be wonderful to play out there after you have had so much rain? Wish I could visit it in person--I can imagine it smells wonderful too.

Looks like you have the magazine thing covered...?

Karen said...

A lovely post for catching up with you Carol. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I really think your dad did a great job on the neck for the dress form. He is quite a handyman!

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh what a perfectly beautiful dress form! And of course she is all done up in gorgeous style ala Carol! Enjoy her - how I wish I had one like some of you lucky ladies!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, you have a luscious garden!

tongue in cheek said...

With a bell on her toe she is ready for the ball!

Lovely as always. xoxox

Allison said...

Your dress form is beautiful - and the embellishments look soooo good!! And of course your flowers are just stunning!!



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