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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pink Garden days!

Dear blogging friends and readers I apology to you for the lack of blogging lately but I just can't stay in the house while we are experiencing the sunniest and warmest spring ever and my garden is blooming more and more.

My little lilac bush which I've bought last spring and planted in a big pot on my patio (no more space left in the garden) is blooming as well as my neighbors old big lilac and I can't get enough of this sight:

It smells so good!

My pink Wisteria is also in full bloom now. This is the sight when I sit in my deck chair and look up in the air, it's as if the Wisteria blooms are raining down on me:

Birdseyeview of my patio:

Of course Sammy is always enjoing the garden with me:

It's the first time that I've got this big Lavendula stoechas through the winter and it is also in full bloom at the moment. I love all the pink and purple colors blooming now!

Some hanging baskets and my potting bench:

Some pots:

And the view from the back entrance of my garden in direction of the cottage:
I have still not mowed the lawn because I so enjoy the white daisies blooming in the green grass

All the flowers in my garden have got big buds, here are just some examples from Sunday meanwhile they are even bigger and soon to bloom!
Like my Eden rose:

Or the snowball, here still green:

And a Peony bud, it's the first time my peonies got buds in this garden :D

Can you understand that there is no other place, even not my studio, where I like to spend my spare time more at the moment?

So how's your garden coming along?


Anita said...

Hi Carola! Thanks a lot for the lovly tour in your spring garden.

Oh it's crazy, while you are complaing of the lack of space in your garden - I am complaining about too many space! There's still so much empty soil over here that I do almost not know where to start first!


Margrit said...

Die Wisteria hat sich ja farblich gut an Deinen Bloghintergrund angepasst. :)
Wie gewohnt wunderschöne Fotos.
Viele Grüße

Naturegirl said...

Carol it took me fOrEvEr to download your site and I see now why..WOW! What a punch of blossoms and garden eye candy! You have a piece of heaven
on earth! I can just imagine the feeling sitting under your wisteria! Is that an annabelle hydrangea already flowering! Mine are JuSt starting to leaf out from the branch.I LoVe your potting table and oh so neat and tidy!! Is that a pot brush to right!I see you also have a ball similar to Anitas!
Here in my garden the roses are just poking through the stem. The peonies are about 8 inches above the ground level. All the early Spring bulbs are smiling! What a difference in our climates!
I totally understand why YoU prefer to be outdoors! I'm with you on that stay outdoors and enjoy the garden..we all understand!I am because of so much work in the garden visiting blogs less often.So now I must get out to the garden...Yipeee! hugs NG

Joanne said...

I can well understand why you don't want to be anywhere else but in your beautiful garden!

jen said...

Oh my gosh what loveliness you've surrounded yourself with Carol! Such a treat, this tour I just took of your picture-laden blog. So glad to have met you through Etsy. I am linking you to my blog now so I can check in routinely!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Amazing photos as usual Carol. Your garden is so perfect!
I am a Lilac lover too!

Everything in the garden is so forward this year. I am worried by August my garden will be all finished!....

Enjoy the weekend in your paradise!
Niki x

Merci-Notes said...

First, business...I have tagged YOU! 7 random weird facts/habits about yourself. Please come over to my blog to read the details...oh ya, and hopefully have a big laugh with me and my list of & things : )

Your garden is amazing!!! I love the size, perfect. I LOVE the daisies peeking out of your lawn and your peonies getting prepared to bloom...
What did you say your coldest temperature is? I love how you can put the Lilac tree in a pot..mine would die over the winter I think!
Well, Stop by for an almost blooming white lilac and the details on the tag!
With Kindness,

Erin Earls said...

I love to come sit in your garden. I see myself right there, smelling the lilac. So beautiful!

Twinkle Pink said...

It's taking ages to download all your pictures but am glad that I waited as the photo's of the garden are gorgeous. I especially love the view from the back of the garden down, so beautiful.

Lets hope the weather stays good.
best wishes Ginny

Kelli said...

Oh, I don't blame you for spending time in your gardens at all! What a wonderful, beautiful, magical place! I had no idea pink wisteria existed..yours is gorgeous! I just planted two purple wisterias but they won't bloom until next spring. I'm hoping my bleeding heart blooms this week. Thank you for sharing your pink garden pictures with us!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the heavenly scent coming off those lilacs. And look at the size of those rose buds and the peony. I can't wait to see them when they finally open up. Well I am happy to report that my garden is stirring to life as well. My hostas are springing up much faster then I remember in past years. My peonies are just beginning to shoot up and I hope that I will get flowers from them. To my surprise, my daylilies are really filling out and I even have a bud on one (this shouldn't happen for at least another month/month and a half). It just lifts my spirits but makes it very hard to go to work, lol. TWT

P.S. Please don't leave us waiting so long next time. I know you want to spend all the time in the garden but your fans want to see your garden too, wink!!!!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Sigh, So beautiful. I want to move in and live under your table out there. I won't make any noise. I won't bother you. I'll be good I promise...


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness! I've packed my suitcase and applied for my passport Carol....I'm coming for a visit before that pink wisteria has finished blooming. LOL! This is the first pink wisteria I've ever seen. It's so beautiful...I "need" one! 'Course where on earth I will put it, is another story!

Becky said...

Winter was very hard on my garden, but that's okay, I can push up my sleaves and go to work.
Your garden is heavenly.
You always inspire me!

Lis said...

Was für schöne Fotos! Besonders die Wisteria sieht klasse aus und auch der Flieder und und und.... Aber das erste Foto gefällt mir am allerbesten, das sieht so wunderbar romantisch aus.
LG Lis

Birgit said...

Super schöne "Such"-Fotos sind das wieder. Man muss (will) sich wieder gaaanz durchgucken, um ja alles zu sehen und nichts zu verpassen, weil eben alles so schön dekoriert ist. LG und schönes Wochenende, Birgit

Deb said...

Your garden is absolutely stunning! A little piece of paradise ... and your Sammy is so sweet.

moni said...

hallo carol, my english is not so good, sorry... I look every day on your Blog, i love it.

great.. moni

One Crabapple said...

O-MY ! How I love your wisteria and lilacs !


YES ! PLEASE ! stay in that beautiful garden and OFF the computer ! TAke lots and lots of pictures for us to keep enjoying.

Takes my breath away.

ENJOY ! (I can see you are !)

I can only imagine the fantastic artwork all of this sun and color and good smells will bring out in you....!

Don't forget to take your tea out there too !

Britt-Arnhild said...

It is such a feats for the eyes coming over to your beautiful garden. I can well understand that you have little time left for blogging.

carolyn said...

Your garden is as always looking very lovely but right now I'm totally head over heels in love with your lawn. Oh how I want daisies in the lawn.

Allison said...

Once again, your garden is such an inspiration. It's just gorgeous and I can certainly see why you would want to spend a good amount of time out there rather than sitting at a computer. Just love all of your pictures!


stadtgarten said...

Dein pinkfarbener Garten ist wunderschön!
Hat der Schopflavendel bei Dir tatächlich draußen überwintert? Hast Du ihn besonders geschützt oder war es Glück, weil wir keinen richtigen Winter hatten? Mir gefallen die ja auch so gut, aber einer ist mir im Winter schon kaputt gegangen, jetzt lasse ich es damit lieber.
LG, Monika

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

OOhhhhh Carol! What delightful photos! I am glad you are sharing your garden, as I don't have much of one right now. We had a little (ok, BIG!) problem with chipmunks eating all my bulbs. We only had a handful of daffodils, 3 tulips, and 1 little hyacinth open this year. At least the chipmunks don't touch my lilies and lilacs! But those won't open for another month or more. Even our trees are still bare! Just started budding this week. I think I need to go to Germany for spring! =)

Daisy Cottage said...

Carol, your garden is just so beautiful! Of course you want to be outside, it is heaven! The pink wisteria is breathtaking - everything is lovely, as always at Boxwood Cottage!

Connie said...

Your garden is my 'dream' garden...beautiful in every way.

see you there! said...

What wonderful photos of your delightful garden. I especially enjoyed the overhead view. It looks like you use every inch of your space and its packed with delight.


Eva Agnes said...

Der Garten ist super. So viele Blumen macht er wie einen Garten von Eden.
Viele Umarmungen
Eva Agnes

Mia said...

I just can not believe the beauty in your garden. I would just love to come for a visit and see it all "live" with my own eyes. Even though your photos are just stunning, but they just make me want to see more!

We have also had a dry spell (several weeks), but finally got some rain last night. But today the sun is shining again, and I will be off to my garden. Hope to be able to show some photos soon.

judypatooote said...

I'd say you have the most beautiful garden i have ever seen. You must spend alot of time in it.. I never would have thought to keep a lilac bush in a pot....but what a great idea....i have one large lilac but it doesn't have that many blums...i think i should have trimmed it....and i have a couple miniture lilacs with white blums....well thank you for the tour through your garden...you can be proud.....i would be.....

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love the lilac and the wisteria, very pretty! It's weird and wonderful weather we are having and I can understand why you want to spend as much time in your garden as possible.
I do that too! ;-)

Finally, today the rain came!


I come visit your blog garden when I want a breath of fresh air. I sit with my hot tea and enjoy the view. BTW, I have "tagged" you to play a game where you list 7 interesting facts about yourself. You can visit my blog for the details. Thanks! - Teresa

LostRoses said...

Carol, no wonder you don't have much time for blogging, you have to tend to your beautiful garden! But isn't that the way it is - in the winter we have more time to blog but no flowers to write about. Now we are very busy. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos, such a storybook setting you've made!

Ragged Roses said...

Can fully understand why you'd prefer to be in your lovely garden rather than in front of a computer. Thank you for such lovely photos, everything looks beautiful.
Kim x

Eva Agnes said...

Danke Schön Carol!
Die Bilder waren nict meine sonder von Michael Gillberg in Bremen. Ich hätte gern solche Bilder machen können... :-)
Michael Gilbegrs Seite:
Alle andere Bilder auf meine Seite sind von mir doch...
Umarmungen Eva Agnes

Verena said...

Hallo Carol,
oh natürlich kann ich verstehen, dass du im Moment lieber draußen bis als im Haus! Mir gehts ja grundsätzlich auch so, leider ist das Wetter im Moment etwas "april-mäßig". Auf deine Eden Rose bin ich schon sehr gespannt und die Fotos von den vielen großen Flieder-Büschen sind herrlich! Schade, dass es keinen Blog mit Duft-Funktion gibt :-)!
Liebe Grüße, Verena

Hillside Garden said...

Carola, bei mir lädt das leider elend, das ist heute schon der dritte Versuch! Ich liiiebe deine rosa Bilder, und den Blechkasten hab ich die Woche schon irgendwo gesehen`?? Wir sind nicht alleine, und trotzdem einzigartig!


FrenchGardenHouse said...


Your garden looks wonderful! I am so glad that you have had such lovely weather. It is time to spend lots of time outside.

Thanks for showing off your gorgeous floral delights!!!

lauren said...

So stunning Carol, I could look at the photos a million times!

You are where you should be.

Barbara said...

The flowers and your garden so beautiful. I think you did the right thing in enjoying yourweather. During our recent warm and sunny spell I workded indoors on chores and blogging and now it is cool and raining(which we need badly as it has been dry for 8 weeks) I am wishing I had enjoyed the sun more.

Poppins said...

What a lovely garden! Beautiful pictures! I envy you... :)

Betty Jo said...

Enjoy your summer; blogging can wait until winter. I'm having a difficult time staying in long enough to blog myself. Carol your photos of garden and flowers are always food for my soul. They are sooooooo gorgeous!! xoxo

Lallee said...

When pink and garden are in the title, I know there is going to be some eye candy. I wasn't disappointed. Wow! I have trouble staying inside this time of year, too.

Vickie said...

If my yard was as wonderful as yours they couldn't get me out, I'd never leave! Everything is so gorgeous. I'm going to have my husband look and tell him see you can do this right? rather we can.
By the way, I'm having a small give-away at my site if you care to visit.

Jill said...

Your garden is just delicious! So beautiful! No wonder you spend so much time out there! My garden is comming along...had a late freeze...so things were a little slow...looking better now! Enjoy your little piece of paradise!

tongue in cheek said...

You are the fairest flower in your garden.

ina said...

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Joan A Hamilton said...

Hi Carola,
I absolutely love your garden and wish I could sit in it and paint all your beautiful flowers and pots.
Really enjoyed your blog!
From Canada - Happy Spring!


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