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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My childhood toys, another swap and new garden pictures

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage and to another mixed post with garden photos, childhood photos and toys and a private swap. I'd like to start with a the private swap I recently did with my blogging friend Ginny from England. I made a two sided Welcome Spring pendant (see one side in the pic above) for Ginny but I was so in a hurry to send it off that I forgot to take a picture of the wrapping before, well in the next picture you can see the wrapping of Ginny's parcel to me. I tried to rewrap it for the photo. It's gorgeous old linnen and a beautiful tassel border which I'm looking forward to use in future projects:

And I'm so very happy that I got one of Ginny's wonderful shabby ruffled rose hearts that you see in the next picture! Thank you so much dear Ginny it is very much appreciated!

This Sunday there is no Show and Tell hosted by Cerri and Analise, but Miss Jessi over at http://www.scrappyjessi.blogspot.com/ asked us to show off our favorite childhood toys on May 1st. I'll be away on May 1st and the upcoming week will be very busy for me too, so I decided to do this post a bit earlier - actually today - because I don't wanted to miss out on this great topic, hope that's okay with you Jessi! Well seeing that I'm meanwhile 45 years old, this was quite a trip down memory lane for me which I thorougly enjoyed! In the first picture you can see my well loved childhood teddy bear, one of the few toys I still own, for today's photo he's dressed up with a little silver Dresden foil crown and Ginny's gorgeous heart. I got this quite big teddy bear for my second birthday in 1965, so in the meantime he became really Vintage (click picture to enlarge):

Then I own these pictures of a Christmas eve at my Grandparents (Dad's parents) home when I was almost 3 years old and got a fabulous police car (my Dad is a police inspector/commissar) and you can see how happy I was to get it in my facial expression:

Oh I wish I'd still own this car today, I think it looks so pretty! Here I am very concentrated on unwrapping another present:

In my childhood we often visited my other Grandparents (Mum's parents) who lived in the beautiful low mountain range "Harz" and there was always lot's of snow and I loved my sleigh:

and also my skates when I was a little older! We could go skating somewhere on natural lakes every winter when I was a child unless like today where winters became rather warm here in nothern Germany.

Now here you can see me on my 5th birthday (I already had a little baby sister then who slept in the baby bed behind me) very proud getting a beautiful bike and a doll named Petra with a bike seat so that I could drive her around, which was real fun:

And this picture is from a Christmas eve at home when I was almost 8 years old and when my sister (it's the more blonde one on the left, doesn't she look just too cute?) and I got gorgeous soft body baby dolls, see how happy I was?

I also was quite a bookworm as a child, I remember that I loved beeing sick at home when I could lay in my bed all day long doing nothing but reading. Last summer my mum gave back to me a few of my childhood books that she had saved and I already took pictures of them but posting them all here today would be to much, they would make a whole topic for themselves and I'll probably do one some time soon.
But now it's on to Spring! Yeah!
We have beautiful sunny spring weather since Monday and today it will get really warm with temps over 20 degrees Celsius which is over 60 Fahrenheit and my fave temperature. This next picture of a spring post card from 1903 that I found at the flea market recently is so beautiful that I had to show you a photo, the sheet music underneath is from a song called Spring love in English which I find so appropriate to my feelings these days:

It's finally back to my garden for me and to enjoy time in the wam sun on my deck:

All pictures should be clickable to enlarge and see more details if you like!
On Wednesday night we had a good rain shower and the next day suddenly it was all green again, I so love the fresh leaves in my trees:

I got a little crapapple tree for my last birthday and it is blooming now so beautifully:

Well to me spring is not only green, it is also pink/purple:

and feshly white like the ranunculus and sweet smelling primeroses on my patio table:

and of course blue and purple! Pansies and the smaller Viola cornutas are still my fave spring flowers to bring bright spring mood in my garden:

You just have to love their little faces, don't you?

Since last year you can also get frilly pansies here!

The frilly ones are called "Rococo pansies" and I find them absolutely unresistable charming:

Well I think 20 pictures should be enough for one post so I better come to an end and go outside to enjoy Spring! Hope you'll all have a wonderful spring Sunday or better week too!
Here is my new blog signature btw:


Lis said...

Eigentlich sollte ich das schöne Wetter draussen genießen, aber ich werde nachher zu einem Vortrag über Clematis gehen und bin daher nochmal schnell an den PC gehuscht.
Deine Kinderfotos sind echt niedlich, aber fehlt da nicht noch eine Schwester?
Was wäre der Frühling ohne Stiefmütterchen und Hornveilchen! Du hast so tolle Sorten und besonders die mit den gerüschten Blüten gefallen mir sehr gut. Leider hab ich die bei uns nicht gefunden, vielleicht werde ich mal welche selber ziehen.
Gute Erholung auf deiner Liege und genieße den sonnigen Tag!
LG Lis

Scrappy Jessi said...

OOHH my sweet carol!!
what beautiful pictures!!!
You were just the most gorgeous child!!! you and your sister!
O my gosh, that bike with the doll seat. to fabulous!! ive never seen anything like that. that is so cool!!all your toys were amazing! would love to see a post about your books someday!

Your gardens are magnificant.
all that purple! love it all.
i love that rusted crown!!! beautiful! you have really worked hard on your gardens and it show!!

Have a great vacation!

thanks for coming to my toy party! it was so fun seeing you in your childhood. you are still just as beautiful inside and out!!!

Have a great week.


Karen said...

Oh, I love your sweet childhood pictures. I must say something about the image of your sister when you were getting the dolls. She looks just like a Japanese anime figure. You look well-pleased with all your gifts. Oh, and my mom used to dress me and my sister in matching outfits too, so you just reminded me of that. :-)

Birgit said...

Hallo Carol, komme gerade von Lis und war neugierig auf Deinen neuen Post. Wurde nicht enttäuscht. Einfach wunderschön und so süß die Kinderfotos von Dir und Deiner Schwester. Deine Hornveilchen- und Stiefmütterchen sind einfach nur dekorativ, vor allem von Dir in Szene gesetzt. Du kannst das einfach super schön.
Hier war das Wochenende auch wunderschön und fast schon sommerlich. So weit entfernt wohnen wir ja auch nicht.

Schönen Sonntag Abend noch und viele Grüße, Birgit

barbaras countryhome said...

Hallo Carola,
es lohnt sich immer Deinen Blog aufzurufen. Einfach schöne Bilder. Bei dem Foto vom Teddybären mußte ich schmunzeln. So einen habe ich auch noch. Sie sind einfach nur schön. Die Gartenfotos sprechen für sich. Klasse.
Schöne Woche, liebe Grüße Barbara

Joy said...

Hi Carol,

What wonderful childhood pictures, I really enjoyed them! And your blooms are gorgeous!! Fab post!


Sugar Bear said...

Your garden photos are such an inspiration. I wish you could help me get mine in shape! What fun toys and photos!

Luna said...

Ach die ganzen Kinderbilder, wie schön! :o) Meine hieß übrigens Anja !
Ich mußte herzlich über das Police car lachen. Süß!
Dein Garten ist toll. Alles lädt zum Verweilen ein. Hoffentlich bleibt das Wetter so schön.
Wünsch euch einen schönen 1.Mai.
Liebe Grüße

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

I love seeing your childhood photos! I'm sure there are many memories behind each picture. I also loved seeing your white rinucula flower--so pretty!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Dear Carol - what precious little children you and your sister are in those photos! Your soft-body dolls brought back memories, because my Tante Ulla's parents would visit us from Germany every year (Ulla is a close friend we call aunt, so her parents were not my actual grandparents)... anyhow, they brought us dolls just like the ones you show, in the early 70's - coming from Germany, they were probably the same type of dolls!!!
Your garden photos always inspire me! Happy Spring! =)

dwxitk said...

what delightful photos.. you and your sister were so cute.. your garden is beautiful thank you for sharing it

Stephanie said...

What a little doll you & your sis are in these pics! Thanks so much for sharing your memories & your toys! Please visit my toys when you get a chance ~ I have so many I had to do TWO posts!

Angelic Accents

bluemuf said...

What a lovely post. I really liked the pictures of you and your sister.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

You were such a beautiful little girl!

mendytexas said...

Gorgeous photos!! I love all the sweet memories you shared with us!

fated follies studio said...

those are beautiful flowers. i lovedice skating. your pictures are awesome!


Alisa said...

Aww, what a cutie you are!!! And your garden... absolutely divine! Thanks so much for sharing.

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Your photos are so adorable! I love the bike seat, I've never seen one before! This party was so much fun!

Have a fabulous day!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Carol.....

I’m sorry not to have been in touch for quite a while, for no other reason than sometimes other things just take over in your life. Of course gardening is priority now that spring is here at last. I guess like you in Germany, winter has been slow to release her grip on us this year, but now we are enjoying those longed for warm sunny days.

I hope you are feeling better Carol. As always your pictures are an inspiration and how lovely to see the ones from your childhood, what precious memories they hold. Fondest Love - Marion

Naturegirl said...

Ahhh...lovely reminders of the so many wonderful garden images I've always enjoyed coming by your blog!
Oh how sweet those childhood images and that teddy...so adorable!! hugs NG

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

What fun pictures! Oh to be young and have a bike seat for our dolls! That's my favorite picture of your's! I love the one of you with your sled, too!


TheSingingBird said...

so glad i stumbled onto your blog...your garden photos are just stunning! i think you should sell them on Etsy! :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Could the two of you BE any cuter?? so sweet.

And here are the fabulous "carolinchen" photos we all love. So happy you are in the warmth of Spring again, and can enjoy your beautiful garden.
xo Lidy


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