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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage Christmas party part 5

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers and to part 5 of Vintage Christmas Monday!

I showed you a lot of my inside decorations & crafts for Christmas in my last 4 posts, but today I want to share with you my little garden. Just in time for Christmas we got snow and Riley, our tom cat is wondering about what's all that white stuff, he never saw it before.

It started snowing a little on Thursday and on Friday afternoon when I came home from work my garden was covered in just a sugery coat. I like that my little crabapple tree looks like it is decorated with red ornaments with the few remaining little apples.

Just some photos from around the patio and garden:

Doesn't the burlap bag looks as if Santa has forgotten it there? In reality there is a pot with perrenials in the bag to protect them from the frost.

A glass cloche on one of my garden tables:

I had to take a photo of Riley too watching me taking photos outside with this surprised little face lol

Then later on Friday evening we got more and more snow:

And this is what my little garden looked like on Saturday morning after a freezing cold night with minus 13 degrees celsius brrrrrr I took this photo from the roof top window in my studio:

It's freezing outside but it is so cozy inside the cottage and I love the view through the living room window and this gives me a really vintage Christmas feeling like in the old Christmas movies that I like to watch at this time of the year.

Almost all the peanuts and seeds and apples that I put out on my patio table for the birdies are covered under a white blanket of sparkling snow now.

But they still have the feeder to find something to eat. My garden princess is now wearing a snow crown.

I tried to take some photos last night when it had snowed even more, but they are all a bit blurry :

Well blurry or not I think you can still see how cosy it looks with the big red lantern lit and all the candle light inside of the cottage.

These last two pictures are from my kitchen window, taken from outside and inside

with the window wreath and all my little metall cottages lit by candles:

Please visit also Joan our VCM hostess here http://thepottingshed-anythinggoeshere.blogspot.com/
and all the the other participants listed in her blogs side bar!


I 'd be happy if you liked the little tour around my snowy home and with only 3 days left until Christmas (we celebrate on the 24th here in Germany) I'll take this opportunity to wish you all where ever you are in the world a very Merry and Peaceful Christmas!

See you again soon I hope!

xoxo Carola *~*~*~*~*~*


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Dear Carola,
I laughed out loud at the expression on your darling little cat's face. Your garden looks like an enchanting fairyland. I loved this post. We will go to the post office this week and your lovely treasures will be there. Thank you for your gorgeous posts and for sharing your lovely cottage and garden. A safe and joyous Christmas to you and your family. xx

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Carola,
Thank you so much for stopping by. I love your blog and did find it a few months ago but as scatter brained as I am forgot to return. We sooooo have many things in common....color palette,gardening,crafts and not least kitties! Our cats were a little shocked at all the snow we just got too. Poor babies!
Merry Christmas!!!

julie said...

Your outdoor winter scenes are just stunning, What a pretty sight to see. Merry Christmas...jukie

Lis said...

Dein winterlicher Garten mit all der schönen Deko sieht ja wieder mal ganz zauberhaft aus. Ich bemeide jeden der im EG wohnt und direkt in den Garten schauen kann. Aber man kann nun mal nicht alles haben und ich bin schon froh dass wir genug Platz um's Haus haben.

Jetzt wünsche ich dir ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute für 2010

LG Lis

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

Beautiful snowfall on your garden. We got narry a flake here in middle Tennessee.

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

Natacha said...

This post really brings me in the Christmas mood Carola. We have a lot of snow as well here in Luxembourg and because the children do not have to go to school and my husband has taken two weeks off as well, I really enjoy it.
There is so much love in every single picture you show.
I wish you and your family "Frohe Weihnachten".

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of your garden. It looks so inviting, even with snow. Riley looks quite content in his bowl. Happy holidays....

FredaB said...

This was a beautiful post and I enjoyed it very much. It is funny that you leave out so much stuff over the winter while I scramble to get everything inside the shed. I could probably leave most of it out and it would survive. Might try it next year and see what happens. I live in Chicago, Illinois where we can have very snowy and cold winters.

Have a great Christmas with your family and look forward to seeing your blog in the New Year.



Janean said...

it looks so perfect, it looks staged...well, except we know you didn't make the snow! beautiful. thank you for sharing it!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Auch zugeschneit sieht Dein Garten sehr schön aus! Der "Merry Christmas" Sack ist super. Santa grübelt bestimmt schon, wo er ihn wohl vergessen hat ;-).

Viele, liebe Grüße


Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

Oh wie schön!!! Dein verschneiter Garten sieht sehr schön aus! Ein richtiges Winterwonderland.
Riley guckt soooo süß aus dem Fenster. Ach, was ist er groß geworden !
Ich konnte hier bei den letzten Posts leider nicht kommentieren. (?!?!) Jetzt geht es zum Glück wieder. Mir haben die vorherigen Posts auch sehr gut gefallen. Du hast alles wunderschön dekoriert. Meiner Mum hat es übrigens bei deinen Eltern auch sehr gut gefallen. Schön, dass ich durch deinen Blog auch einen Blick in ihr weihnachtliches Haus werfen durfte.
Liebe Güße

Heidi said...

Carola,how enchanting and lovely it all looks!a winter wonderland! Merry chritmas to you! :) heidi

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Love how your garden looks with the coating of snow. Riley is so adorable! Thanks for participating in Vintage Christmas Mondays this holiday season.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

xo Joan, your hostess

Jill said...

I love your garden! It's so enchanting with the blanket of snow, and I imagine it is without the snow also!

Diane said...

The garden looks lovely covered in snow, what fun! Have a Happy Holiday. Thanks for the beautiful pictures I sure enjoyed myself tonight. Hugs, Diane

Anita said...

Lovely snow pictures of your home & garden, Carol!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

XoX, Anita

Lallee said...

What a beautiful wonderland! I cannot imagine temps that low, living here in Florida. It all looks so enchanting. Riley is growing up so fast--what a handsome kitty he is becoming. I love the photo of him in the bowl looking out.
Merry Christmas, Carola!

KathyBaker24 said...

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Naturegirl said...

Liebste Carola! Everything continues to be so magical in your garden of delights! A few especially the one of your cat in the window is a purr-fect Christmas card!
May you delight in the season of JOY!
Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to you!
love and light Anna xo

My home said...

Liebe Carola,
Dein Garten ist immer wieder eine Augenweide!!!! Hier ist der Schnee schon wieder weggeschmolzen....leider!!!
Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Ich freue mich schon auf die neuen Posts in 2010!!!
Ganz liebe Grüße Barbara

Deb said...

Your garden looks so pretty all covered in snow Carol. Riley looks adorable sitting in the bowl and looking out the window :-)
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas ♥

Les Cotrions said...

Merry Christmas Carola and happy and creative new year!
Big hugs

Charlene said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We just started getting some snow 7 I have been running out & taking photos! I don't remember a Christmas Eve with snow!!! Our gardens looks so similar!!!! I found you through Madai today. The things you sent her were so pretty. Merry Christmas! I'll be back!!!! Charlene

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Carola, Dein Garten ist ein Winterwonderland, sehr schön! Fröliche Weihnachten ~ everything looks beautiful and oh so cozy. Merry Christmas, friend, hope you enjoy both your Christmas days with those you love. xoxo Lidy

Rita said...

Hi dear Carola,
I've been so busy with work, family and occasional blogging that didn't have all the time i would hav liked to visit all my favorit blogs - and yours is surely one of them! I hope you had a wonderful and joyful Christmas and wish you a happy dance into 2010. may the new year bring you and yours health, happiness and prosperity and lots of hapy blogging

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh lucky you, to have received such a lovely dusting of snow in time for Christmas. It all looks so pretty and festive, and your sweet Riley is a charmer, Carola. I especially like the photograph inside the bowl.

I wish you a peaceful, and very happy days in the new year, my friend.


Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Wow...talk about a Winter Wonderland. I didn't know cats went outside in the snow! Your home is beautiful. Have a wonderful New YEar!

DreamsInPink said...

We did not get snow this Xmas and I was SO dissapointed. Last year we were dumped on for days! So, thank you for sharing all those magical, snowy photos, I absolutely loved them!! I must visit back with you soon. Happy New Year.

oldgreymare said...

Don't know where to start, The angel with the crown, the crab apple tree. Oh my!

I simply HAVE to photograph from outside my home too. Whenever I am done decorating any room I always go outside and look at it from that viewpoint, and I can instantly see what is out of place or where I need to add something. Old designers trick. Now I just have to photograph that way too!


Alicja said...

My sweet Carola!
I wish you all the best for 2010!!!!
Let the health, love, peace be always with you!
I wist you a lot of inpiration and wonderful creations!
P.S. Your garden looks like dream!!!!

issa said...

Your little garden is beautiful
and kitty is so cute !
La Multi Ani !
issa :)

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carola!! Wishing you, your daughter and your lovely cat a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year! I haven't been here for a while, as I caught a terrible cold, I was just one of those comic figures, you know those in cartoons, sneezing violently all day long. When I recovered I was so behind in blogland that I decided to take a break, to prevent sitting behind my computer for days. Now I am catching up. Hoping that 2010 will be a very creative year, so that we can continue to enjoy your blog!

The Tablescaper said...

They are all beautiful photos, but the one of Riley looking out at you is priceless.

- The Tablescaper

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit here, but I will be back soon, because I really like the way you are writing, it is so simple and honest


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