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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cozy candlelights and treasures

When I came home from work yesterday afternoon it was already dark outside and cold and windy so I started to light candles and vanilla scenting tea lights to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house:

And you know what, suddenly this brought me in the spirit to go and search for some of my Christmas decoration boxes. Normally I don't start doing this before the 15th of November, but yesterday I couldn't wait any longer and got out some of my treasure boxes. I feel the same excitement every season when I open the boxes and see the content again after being hidden for almost a year. I took some photos of all the color, sparkle and shine to share this feeling with you:

These are all pictures blogger is going to let me post today. I took a lot more, oh well.

There are also more boxes in the basement and on top of my bedroom wardrobe waiting for me to open them, but I will do this step by step until by December 1st I hopefully have opened them all and spread the content throughout my cottage.


pinar said...

wonderful photos.. so cozy.. by the candlelight..
I too have an urge to place the decorations this year.. but I am retaining myself..
I loved the glass ones.. blue and cler glass.. no I am a liar.. I can't choose.. they are all soo beautiful..
enjoy ..

patti said...

I am de-lurking! I love your photos, your cottage looks so cozy! I really like the Christmas cones and collages you made recently. They are beautiful & you are very talented!!

Dawn said...

Your cottage looks very inviting!!!
Thanks for sharing all the photos..

Naturegirl said...

Your home is a beautiful place to relax aglow with candle light and Xmas ~*~*sparkle!~*~* Your ornaments are divine!

carolyn said...

Gorgeous photographs. I love your Christmas things and am looking forward to seeing more. Especially love the glass birds, are they vintage? I have 2 from my Grandmother's tree sadly their tails have long gone. They were always one of my favourites.Thanks for dropping by the other day, hope you found something to your liking.

Daisy Lupin said...

Thank you for the birthday greetings. Robyn has won Blog of the Day Award, thanks to everyone. Your treasures are so beautiful, I look forward to seeing your photographs of your cottage when it is fully decorated.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

The candles do indeed give a cosy glow- what a lovely thing to do...thanks for sharing the photos.

We now have a German style Christmas market in our local city, which I love to visit towards the end of November. (In Bath, Somerset, UK.)

monique said...

Your christmas decorations look beautiful.I'm looking forward to your fully decorated cottage by christmas time.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh what a lovely ambience you've created!
Your Christmas things are lovely. I've only just brought out my cornucupia and turkeys. We still have the Thanksgiving holiday ahead of us...at the end of the month, but come December 1st I will start my decorating for the Christmas season.
Just keep reminding me to take it step by step! Thanks Carol!

Lis said...

Sehr stimmungsvolle Fotos!
Mir scheint, du kannst es gar nicht mehr erwarten bis du so richtig mit der Weihnachtsdeko loslegen kannst ;-)

Leslie said...

I'm de-lurking too! I love your blog. It's the first one I check everyday (I am always disappointed when there's no update!). I love the pretty cones you made. I have a blogger account that is of my art journal. My regular blog is here: www.xanga.com/lesliedon2000
I hope you'll visit!


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