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Monday, November 20, 2006

About short weekends and great swaps!

My oh my what a short but beautiful weekend this was. I should have go out in the garden to rake the falling leaves (my maple leaves have finally become yellow, but now they are almost all fallen down and very wet) in my front and backyard, but I've had so much more or even better things to do that I didn't get around to do this yet.

I have been to my fave shop "Rosenrot" and to IKEA getting some candles, boxes, gift wrapping paper etc. on Friday after work and then on Saturday morning I had to do the usual house chores and food purchases for the weekend, but I was interrupted by the mail man two times. An interruption that I love I must add! At first I've got my first "collaged Christmas postcard" from the swap I'm hosting and isn't it an extraordinary peace of art which my sweet Finnish blogging friend Maria has created?

In January this year she was so kind to send me the pattern for that gorgeous skate from a Finnish magazine and I had created this pair of skates out of cardboard. Do you remember? Now I really do love the special way how Maria has made the skate and used it on the collaged Christmas card. Thank you for making this swap so special and beautiful Maria, I love it!

Another great thing the post man has brought to me was the latest issue of the Somerset Studio mag! I'm always happy when I get this inspirational magazine :D

Well and then last but certainly not least I've got an envelope from a private swap that we did, contending my very own first ever copy of the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion mag and some lovely presents, that my enchanting blogging friend Nature Girl from Canada has kindly send to me :D Thanks a lot dear NG! :D

I was allowed to open them already and I did, but I'll show you the content in my next post along with another delicate little treasure that I've also got on Saturday for the "nostalgic Christmas ornament" swap which I'm hosting too at the moment, it also came from Maria from Finland.

There are some magical things belonging together in one post and you'll see why when I show you the pictures.

I've then spent the afternoon and almost the whole Sunday, only interrupted by some blogging, cooking and eating, in my little studio corner finishing off my Christmas cards and ornaments for the swaps which I'll sent of all this week *promised* and packing a parcel for a dear German garden forum and blogging friend who's birthday is the day after tomorrow. Suddenly it was Midnight *EEK*and I had to stop crafting and better go to bed instead in order to be able to get up for work today. The time has flewn by, I can tell you. Just why oh why can a weekend not be as long as a week?

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

P.S. Hm I really don't know why the picture of Marias beautiful Christmas card wont show up in the bigger version when you click on it, while all the other pics do. Have a better look here if you like.


Sharon Kay said...

You have been very busy and your yard with the fallen leaves looks beautiful to me. O live in Florida and miss the beautiful colors of the leaves. You have many wonderful things to open and it all looks wonderful and fun...

lindaharre said...

The skates are so cute! Love the card sent to you as well as your skates! Great ideas to decorate your garden for winter. You are such a creative soul:) You gotta love it!

monique said...

You sure have received a beautiful collaged christmas postcard.
Looks like a great magazine too!

Anita said...

Oh, how nice! Let me comment step by step:

1. I like the view from your window, your garden is still very colourfull nowadays with all the yellow leaves, green boxwood, your blue rose balls and all the other beautiful decorations!

2. I am going to write a mail to Maria straight away to ask her for the pattern of her skates! Great idea, both your red skates and her winter post card!

3. What is that Summerset Studio magazine all about? Vinatage and stamping? Sounds interesting. Does it come from the UK or the US?

4. Oh, another canadian magazine! I am already looking forward to your next post with all the other goodies NG send you...

Bon courage for all your next crafts!

Naturegirl said...

Carol I admit you are like ~*Santas little elf~* with all the preparation in making of gifts wrapping gifts organizing swaps giving and recieving of gifts..whew!....and you still have time to stage your packages for photos and post!...it is absolutely a ~*~*pleasure~*~* to send you *presents!*
P.S. the magazine is so YOU! Enjoy!

Maria did a great job on your card..*WOW*...Es umarmt Dich..NG

Lis said...

Mensch Carola, deine Aktivitäten arten ja schon in Stress aus. Ich schick dir mal ein Päckchen in das ich dir ganz viel von meiner Zeit reinpacke, ich hab ja genug davon ;-)

Carol said...

Thank you ladies! :D

Na Lis, wenn Du Dich jetzt ans dekorieren und Kränze binden machst, dann hast Du schon mal etwas weniger Zeit, aber so ein Zeitpäckchen wäre schon nett :D

Anita es ist ein US mag. Guck mal hier

und dann bei "more details" klicken, da gibt es ein Inhaltsverzeichnis und wenn Du weiter runter scrollst auch Bilder aus dem Inhalt. Das Mag erscheint 2-monatlich und ist ein bunter Paper Art und Mixed Media Mix. Für Dich als jemand der gerne näht und quiltet würde ich da eher das "Cloth Paper Scissors" Mag empfehlen, das liebe ich auch!

Hier ein Link dazu: http://www.quiltingarts.com/cpsmag/cpshome.html

Bzw wäre für Dich vielleicht sogar das "Quilting arts" magazine besser,
guckst Du hier:


Ulla said...

CAROL, I am amazed my package arrived so quickly! There is hope with the postal service! My little ornament has no name, perhaps you can think of one suitable? I love those old-fashioned skates, how fun! You always have such beautiful and inspiring things to share with us! Thanks Carol!!!

Becky said...

Such a fun filled creative weekend you had. Your leaves make a lovely blanket in your yard right now.
The Christmas collage cards are so unique.

Mrs. Staggs said...

These are 2 of my favorite magazines! I've been reading my copies this week too.
The card and those skates are lovely!
Our leaves are changing a little later than usual this year. Usually they have all pretty much fallen by now, but there are still a few left.
Thanksgiving in the U.S. is always the 3rd Thursday of November. Sorry I confused you. It takes a couple of days to prepare and lots of folks travel. We celebrate again the next day when everyone gathers for leftovers too...so all in all it does seem to last about a week!
I can't wait to see all of the lovely things you all have made to swap!

Anita said...

Hi Carol!
Thanks for all those interesting links, I might try to order one of the magazines... maybe for X-Mas....??

daisy cottage said...

Hi Carol! Wonderfully inspirtional post as usual with lots of goodies to drool over!
I always love visiting Boxwood Cottage!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol,
Can't wait to see what was in your parcel!
There is another weekend fast approaching for you to enjoy!


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