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Sunday, November 05, 2006


So where does your inspiration come from?

I haven't had much time to blog lately because besides of all the necessary chores that just have to be done my head is brimming over with inspiration. Mine is coming from many things. Firstly from my garden and flowers of course. This week we've had the first two nights of frost and I have saved the hydrangeas to dry them inside as a long lasting decoration and have also picked my last Eden rose 85 and sweet peas odoratus for a cute little bouquet. Looking at flowers always inspires me, just look at the gorgeous colors of the hydrangeas:

As always just click on the photos to enlarge if you would like to see the bigger version!

Another thing that inspires me at the moment (must be the season!) is all that glitters and I took a few shots of my desk in my little studio today. When I see that, I dont like to do my housework anymore or even going to work ugh (thank God for weekends!), all I wanna do is sit at my desk and start crafting:

Also papers and patterns are very inspirational to me, like for you too I presume and it always makes me happy when I find some that I like. IKEA have had some really nice pattern papers lately and I got some from House Doctor in my fave shop Rosenrot.

Of course birds and eggs and nests are a great inspiration as well which are also standing for "Mother Nature", the greatest inspiration of all!

and last but not least I get lots of inspiration of other creative blogs like Ulla's, Niki's, Pam's, Delila's, Amy's Inspirico, Designer blogs etc.pp and from creative books and magazines. I've ordered Sally Jean Alexanders book "Pretty little things" a few weeks ago after reading about it being very good on several other creative blogs and was very happy when I finally got it this week :D It is indeed very inspirational! I loved seeing pictures from her gorgeous studio and reading her tips about collage, glass cutting and soldering. She really creates the most delicious and enchanting "pretty little things"! I can only recommend this book to you if you are searching for inspirations. I'd love to just jump into soldering jewelry and other pretty memorabilia after reading her book. Unfortunately I don't have the equipment for it YET and we have noone doing it here in Germany as far as I know. I would love to have a good instructor for my first steps. Ulla wouldn't you mind to fly over here and teach me and of course bring all your soldering equipment too lol ?

The only thing I found very strange in her book were her artificial white finger nails popping out on every instruction step picture. I wouldn't have thought of her as a woman whith such artificial nails, but I think she may have just had them because she wanted her nails to look good in her book.

Another good thing that has happened this week is that my "chocolate swap parcel" for my dear Canadian friend Nature Girl has finally found it's destination after over 5 weeks! Maybe you like to pop over and have a look at the gorgeous pictures she took of the content?


Lis said...

Uff, jetzt musste ich Google zum übersetzen zu Hilfe nehmen.
Wenn man deinen Schreibtisch anschaut, da glitzert es ja schon wie an Weihnachten.
Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß bei deinen Basteleien und jede Menge Inspiration für neue Ideen.

Naturegirl said...

Quiet reflection indoors with vivid colors in blossoms!
Your *~*~dazzling*~*~ myraid of creative and crafty elements *~*~delights*~*~ my eyes!
YOUR generous
*~*~chocolate swap parcel*~*~ certainly
*tickled* my sweet tooth!
THANK YOU once again for your generousity! Oh yes everyone please pop over to nature-trail as there is lots of ~*~*chocolate*~* LEFT to share! hugs NG

Naturegirl said...

OMG Carol I had to come back and Thank YOU for introducing me to the
inspirational charming whimsical world of Sally Jean!!!!{{{{{{WOW}}}}}I must have that book too!!

linda t said...

YOU inspire me!
Your garden pics inspire me!
Your photography is astounding!
Your blog makes me SO happy!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for the mention!....YOU inspire me! Your garden is so beautiful and it is reflected in your gorgeous art work!
Your worktable is a masterpiece in its self!

Becky said...

Yes, I saw the lovely gift you sent her. Very nice.

I love your hydrangeas! Wow, eye-popping beautiful.
How do you dry them? A special technique?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

arol, I have been away for the last ten days, and coming to your blog is like going to a castle of creative delights!! My oh my!! So many pretty things and kindness pouring ...Yippy!! You are too generous with us, treating us to such a feast! I love those matchboxes! Clever idea for Christmas ornaments!!

Rosa said...

Carol, those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Mine never are pretty like that. Pout. I'm going to have to look into Jean too. Sounds great. Regarding Bremen, we stayed at the Ramada right off the square. The view of the rooftops was breathtaking--my thing being archetecture. How lucky you are to be there!! Can't wait to come back.

Rosa said...

Oh, and don't worry about the swap! I'll skip this one and be better on the ball next time. This just says I wasn't supposed to be in this one! I'll just let it go. Thanks for the offer though. xoxo

Deb said...

With all that wonderful glitter and ribbon and wrapping paper and bells no wonder you have wanted to spend time in your studio. I just love the glittery stars! and I noticed a precious little bird stamp amongst all the embellishments. I have also noticed "Sally Jeans" book mentioned on a few blogs ... no luck finding it here yet - but I will keep looking.

carolyn said...

Your flowers are still looking beautiful and I can't resist sparkly bits or birds and nests, lovely photographs.

MariaJ said...

Oh have seen that chocolate stuff...very delicious! So is that book you mentioned...and all your glitters...looks like we are sharing something together.

Daisy Lupin said...

I know exactly what you mean Carol, all I want to do at the moment is sit in my artroom at my desk and create, create, create. I am working on the postcard and ornament swap at the moment and it is such fun.

Sigrun said...

And I have forgotten to put my hydrangea-flowers inside! Now I can not use them for decoration. Bad.
Wonderful photos, Carol!


cityfarmer said...

Inspiration comes from a little bit of everything...the world around me, something someone said, a book title, a garden vignette...I had such fun posting the makeover of my back porch...think I'll do a virtual tour soon of my other cozy spots in the old farmhouse...

you inspire!!!!!!!

monique said...

Inspirations are coming from everywhere,fromnature, flowers, books, magazines, other peoples blogs............
You have placed some beautiful photo's again. I just love them.

Ulla said...

Carol - YOU are an inspiration! Lovely photos of your studio space, as creative as your garden is! I have a special seasonal package coming over to you this week, (along with the ornament exchange) you have given me some ideas of a few other goodies to add... Find me a group of students and a date, and I will try to come and teach in your 'neck of the woods'! That would be so exciting!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

For some reason my comments wouldn't post here last night when I visited Carol, but I too wanted to let you know that you are inspiring me greatly these days. I'd love to sit and play in your studio with you amongst all of these lovely things. Hmmm, perhaps I'll just stash myself in Ulla's suitcase when she heads off to teach that class...oh wouldn't we all have fun together? !!

angie said...

Carol, I've been checking out your blog and it's so inspiring. Today I wans't feeling well and your blog perked me up so much. I was inspired to bring some beauty into my garden room. Check out my blog at http://thepaintedcottage.blogspot.com/.

One day I hope to be a good as you.


abe/hap said...

Yes Carol time for you to start creating & sharing all your beautiful decorations now that we wont get to see your pretty flowers again till next spring. I hope it snows there soon as i love your winter garden shots :)

abe/hap said...

oh here's our new link I forgot to email it to you a while ago x0x

Vintage Collage & Quilts said...

I don't know what I love more - your beautiful flower photos or your glittery pretty crafted pieces. Don't you just love Sally Jean's book!!

Baby_Tease said...

Hi Carol, What will you do to the Hydrangeas? I mean do you just cut them and let them dry? What will you do with them? Kim.

Kerri said...

Those Christmas cones are very pretty. Looks like you have lots of inspiration and I'll look forward to seeing what you create next.
I love to put some hydrangeas in a vase for the winter months too. They're beautiful!

lindaharre said...

Carol.........I went to see the goodies you sent to Nature Girl! Wow......what a treat you put together. She is lucky to have had you as her swap mate:-D By the way, I am adding your blog address to my blog. I hope that is O.K. Let me know if you have a problem with that! Thanks, love, linda

Hannele said...

So lovely flower basket, I love it.

Gardengirl said...

The color's of your hydrangeas are gorgeous!! I feel the inspration from your studio photo's floating through the air. All the glitter and sparkle makes me smile.

Carol said...

Oh my dear blogging friends it was so beautiful to read all your many comments and I'm so happy when you feel inspired by my posts!

About the hydrangeas, they just dry in the vase, the water evaporates and then they dry. Sometimes I use them for a wreath, but usually I just like to have them in a container somewhere in one of my shelves or on the table or on top of a cupboard.

Linda H. thank you, of course I have no problem with that, I feel honored!

Ulla I've emailed you! Oh and I'm so excited about a seasonal package to wait for! Thank you!

Thanky to all of you for commenting!


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