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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Don't you just love surprises? I do and I've got one! :D When I came home from work yesterday I found a parcel from my German blogging friend Lis. No swap! It was a surprise parcel, how exciting! I had no clue what could be in it.

The first thing I found was a beautiful rose card saying "from me to you" !

Then a wonderful scenting Christmas bag:

An enchanting spicy red organza sac:

A very delicious cookie speciality from the home town of Lis "Bad Mergentheim":

An then out came this fantastic moss ball which I was already admiring on her blog http://elisabethsgartenwelt.blogspot.com/.

Wow thank you very much dear Lis, you are a sweetheart and you have made me a gorgeous surprise with this parcel! :D

Click on the pictures to enlarge them if you wish to see them bigger!


Lis said...

Hallo Carola
Es freut mich dass dir die Sachen so gut gefallen, da macht schenken doppelt so viel Spass :-)

Anita said...

What a charming surprise! Moss balls are on top of my to-do-list. Unfortunately, it has been too rainy these days to get fresh moss from the nearby forest. This year, I'll try to add some ivy to the balls - special thanks to Lis for her inspiration!

maria said...

that's a cute moss ball. in my town (uppsala, sweden) there's a woman who make a lot of "garden art" (or what to call it?) with moss etc, she has her own little shop in the castle wall and it's so inspirational to go there. i just came to think of it when i saw this moss ball.
also, you have some really inspirational photos in your blog :-)

Cat said...

The moss ball is way cool. We don't have moss growing in Utah! I guess I could make a sage-brush ball! LOL.

These are wonderful surprises!

carolyn said...

You are a lucky girl, what a lovely surprise.

Naturegirl said...

A generous gift for one who gives much..it is fitting that *you* recieve.Lis has great taste and what a great friend to you..that moss ball..
*~I LOVE it!~* Enjoy it all.hugs NG

Deb said...

Lovely gifts. I make these moss balls as well but cover them with sea shells... they look so pretty in a dish by the bath.

enjoy said...

Das sind wirklich schöne Sachen welche Du bekommenst hast ;-) und die Mooskugel ist ein Traum!

War heute das Erstemal hier und werde Dich ganz sicher oft besuchen!

Lieben Gruss,


Sigrun said...

Also ich finde Überraschungsgeschenke noch viel schöner als Swaps, man rechnet nicht damit! Und ich hab auch eins bekommen! Mal sehen, was vor Weihnachten noch so alles eintrudelt. Herrlich!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Lovely surprises! I'm so happy to see nice things come your way.

Speaking of surprises, today is Rosa's birthday and I'm throwing her a little party in Merryville. Do drop by if you have a chance!

Carolyn said...

How nice was your lovely surprise to receive from Liz. Thanks for sharing it here for us to see. Love the moss ball.

Jen said...

It just takes my breath away! It's all so lovely.

Artsymom said...

That moss ball is so great looking and textural!

Everytime I see all your christmas bits out I am dying to get out my stuff! Of course moving next week is kind of stopping me! LOL


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