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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowflakes and a tiny Mr. Elmer Frost

Here are the snowflakes I've made so far, it's really fun making them. The idea came from Cat @ www.baumcat.blogspot.com and she proposed that if we would like to get snow soon, every blogger should cut out a paper snowflake and post it on your blog! Cat I'm in a snowflake fever now, will try out more and different pattern as soon as I find the time again!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I've been inspired to take the following picture of my Frosty the snowman pen (now called Mr. Elmer Frost because I so like this oldfashioned name) by a post of the talented and enchanting Mrs. Staggs, who is the owner of one of my favorite blogs A happy Miscellany. Have a look at her post of this Tuesday where she has shown us pictures of her utterly gorgeous "Mrs. Eleanor Frost" sitting on her lovely front porch!

Oh and I just saw her inspiring post of today, just go and have a look at what she has created now! :D And the snow has already made it to her part of the world too!

In other news, I'm quite happy to say that I've finally sent out all my swap parcels and hope that they will arrive at the participants houses soon! NG your's too! I have already got 4 lovely selfmade nostalgic Christmas ornament parcels (still 4 to look forward to :D) and all 5 collaged Christmas postcards. Please let me know when you have got yours! Oh and if you don't wanna spoil your surprise, you better don't go to Sandys Art tea life blog before you've got your parcel because she has posted her 8 absolutely fabulous ornaments there and I for one are even more looking forward to get mine now :D!


monique said...

What a great idea!!!!! We hardly get snow here, and when we do it's just a little bit and it's gone again in just a couple of days.
So I'm goinng to make some snow flakes too Ü.

Sigrun said...

Carol, wonderful photos. The children in our school makes snowflakes too.
The photo from the little man is so funny, I like it.


Nancy Jo said...

How cute is that pen snowman? Not as big as Mrs. Staggs lovely porch sitter but cute all the same.
I have never mastered the art of cutting out snowflakes, mine look like something from pre-school, or maybe not that good. Yours are very nice. now what are you going to do with them?
We will be having lots of real snowflakes here in the next few days, but the thing is you can't keep them like yours.So maybe I will get out my scissors and give it another try, but I have a feeling they will not be showing up on my blog.

carolyn said...

Snowflakes what a lovely idea.

Deb said...

So much inspiration!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

You are so sweet Carol. Thank you for the kind words. Your blog is a favorite of mine too. I love your snowflakes. My son and I used to cut out hundreds when he was small and decorate all of our windows with them because it's actually very unusual for us to have snow, especially this early in the season. Our biggest snows when we get them are usually in February. It's rained and the snow is almost gone. I'll get a picture next time. I'm optimistic that we'll have snow again at least one more time this winter!
I think "your Elmer" is so cute!

Daisy Lupin said...

I have got four lovely ornaments so far and four cards. It is so exciting but I am not showing anything on my site until we have all received everything. Unfortunately, I went to ART,TEA,LIFE and saw what was going to be arriving. I felt like a six year old who hunts for their christmas presents before christmas, not trying too hard to find them, knowing it would be a disappointment to really see them before Christmas. Never mind still some surprises to come.

Jen said...

Carol- I love your snow flakes. I want some too! Now, please don't make fun of me but what is the proper procedure to make them? How do you fold the paper to get the look you want?


Cat said...

Wonderful snowflakes! You are ready to decorate windows with snowflakes! I bet it will be snowing soon there! Yahoo!

I couldn't see the second picture (of Mr. Elmer Frost), but I will check back for a peek later.

Tabby said...

It's amazing how such a simple craft like paper snowflakes can turn out so pretty and be a charming addition to your home decorations. I did this a few years ago and still whip out the snowflakes (saved them)...they really can be pretty. Yours turned out great :).

Fiona said...

Got all of my collage cards. Just waiting a decent interval to post a pic of all the loveliness!

The Lone Beader said...

I love your paper snowlakes. I haven't made one of those in a long time....

Naturegirl said...

Oh my so much excitement in this post!
Where shall I begin whose site first..take a deep breath..ahhhh!
You had much idle time to cut out ALL these snowflakes! I do {{{NOT}} want the snow!hugs NG :)

Snowflake said...

Natural Snowflake Patterns http://www.papersnowflakes.com

One Crabapple said...

Isn't it addicting ?

The Snowflake making ?
I just tried ONE you know
And then I wanted to do it again and again ! it is so instantly gratifying !
I have to make more this weekend and string them up I think.


Wasn't it a great idea by Miz CAt??

Did you get snow ?

ANyway , Mr Elmer Frost is ADORRABLE!
(and how about that STAR ? I love that)

Will have to check out the link to her site. Thank you.

Congratulations on getting allll of your cards and ornaments out ! IF I felt like I had alot ! you must be completely poooped.

I am looking forward to getting my package ! How exciting to know it is on it's way !

oh I am a dummy I did not think about spoiling the surprise ! Oh well.....there you have it ! I was just so excited to have something to post and that I was DONE ! I rushed ahead adn did it.

Thank you Carol for coming up with such a good idea . This swap is very fun.

Love, S.

La Tea Dah said...

I love the snowflakes. . .and Mr. Elmer Frost as well! When I was a child, my sister and mom and I would have lots of fun making snowflakes out of paper. We'd sometimes dip them in white glue and then glitter. Wonderful memories. . .


MariaJ said...

Your snowflakes are wonderful...isnt that amazing how simple method and the result can be so beautiful.
I got all those Christmas swapcards as well (like other participants too?) and showed them on my blog yesterday. Enjoy your weekend and snowflakes!

Hannele said...

A very happy first of Advent to you, my mother made snow by paper.


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