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Monday, December 25, 2006

Our Christmas tree and some German traditions

Hello dear blogging friends, neighbors and readers,
I hope that you are all spending a joyful Christmas time with your families and friends!

Because in Germany we don't put our Christmas tree up before the day before Christmas Eve (I guess that you know that we are using real fir trees which are bred/nursed on tree farms, especially for becoming Christmas trees and if you buy and put it up too early in the warm house it would lose it's needles before the season is over) I couldn't show you any photos of our tree so far, but since two days the little one is up (my cottage is too small for a big tree and I have to bring it upstairs in our loft room, cause I have no space for a tree in our actually living room downstairs, no problem though seeing in winter we're spending most of the time, especially the long evenings upstairs anyway where the comfy couches, the tv, the pc and my studio corner are situated) and we're enjoying it's festive sight now:

The picture above is taken at night with the real candles lit (another German tradition is using real candles!) and below in daylight only with the few electrical lamps I have installed and the top star lit:

I did not find the time to show you some festive craftings I had finished during the last 2 weeks before Christmas and because Blogger is very generous to me today, concerning the upload of photos, I'd like to post them too. As you can see I loved playing with old music sheet papers and old german scrap pictures, because they bring me in the right Christmas mood. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see more details:

(see Maria, I've used your gorgeous tiny pink heart for the collage above)

The next one is made out of a CD:

The paper wreath below actually is a paper Advent calendar which I have bought years ago, but I think it is still very pretty:

My daugther and I traditionally spend Christmas Eve (it's when Santa brings the presents in Germany) at my parents house (sometimes like this year also with one of my sisters and her husband joining us, so we have been 6 people for the Christmas Eve dinner and the "Bescherung" which is the German word for the "handing out of presents"). My mum is always organising it all and she is creating such a wonderful warm and festive atmosphere that my daughter would not want to spend Christmas Eve anywhere else. And oh my people I've got some wonderful Christmas presents which I'm going to show you in the next days, or so! Today we are going to have Christmas dinner at my other sisters house with my parents coming over and we are celebrating with my nieces etc. and we'll be 10 persons, so we need a big table. Everyone is bringing some yummy food so that my little sis is not having to do all the work alone.

We'll that's ist for today, again I'm wishing all of my blogging friends and readers from all over the world a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays! xox


Clare said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and your daughter, your tree looks beautiful - how wonderful to have real candles! I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful photos in the coming year! Clare x

Lis said...

Du hast ja unser deutsches Weihnachtsfest hier wunderbar beschrieben.
Ich hoffe du hast noch ein paar ruhige Tage die du im Kreise deiner Familie verbringen kannst.
Happy holidays for you

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hi Carol....
Beautiful festive pictures and gorgeous cards. I wish you and your family a joyous time to-day and a very happy new year. Marion

Anita said...

Your ornament cards are great! I'll try some more in the coming year (where do I get those music sheets from??)
And I wonder what you got for Christmas .... oh yes please, show us your some of your gifts!

I got many new fabrics and I already have many many ideas on how to use them (not only for lavender hearts) ;-))

Joyeux Noel et bisous!

Anonymous said...

Fröhliches Weihnachten (I hope that is Merry Christmas,lol)Carola. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful Christmas tree and love that you light it with real candles, how special. And as for your crafts, just gorgeous especially the pink one. Well I'm off to my family Christmas dinner and I can't wait. Lots of good food and company. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Hugs,TWT

Britt-Arnhild said...

Merry Christmas to you Carol.
Your music work is beautiful.

We have real trees here in Norway also, this year we have pine. I love it's smell.

ArtsyMama said...

Your tree is gorgeous and your handmade items are absolutely stunning! WOW!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful inspiration:) Happy Holiday's to you!!!!

JayJay said...

Hi Carola! Just found your english blog. It's so beautiful seeing all your vintage things and crafts. As well as your pretty littel garden. Merry XMAS for you and all readers too. I'm from Bremen city! Hope to see more fotos and learn from your gardening und crafting.

Henny said...

Danke für deine Wünsche Carol, nun haben wir das "schlimmste" ja schon überstanden.
Ich hab mir einige Ornaments gspeichert um sie abkupfern, ich brauch ja immer gute Ideen, du hast sie, ich brauch sie!
Eine feste virtuelle Umarmung schick ich dir dafür!!

Jill said...

Merry Christmas! I absolutely LOVE your collages. They are beautiful. Your tree is lovely and so festive. I hope you and yours enjoy every moment of the holidays!

lindaharre said...

Carol......I wish for you the happiest New Year! I absolutely love your blog, your photos and you art! I adore your garden and all the wonderful specimens you publish. Keep up the good work in 2007 and stay in touch! holiday hugs, Linda

gena said...

Merry Christmas Carol! everything looks wonderful! I hope you have a lovely time,
Blessings to you and your daughter xx

nel said...

your blog is always a beautiful feast for the eyes! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sheila said...

Thank you for the kind wishes you left for me..x
It seems you have had a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to photos showing what Santa brought for you.
Best wishes for 2007

Rosa said...

Everything is just beautiful. So festive and colorful. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a blessed 2007.

Sioux said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. What beautiful photographs.

I am interested in where you live...my grandfather came from Rechtebe...in 1888.

Baby_Tease said...


I have always loved your art work. AND my favorite tree is one with candles. I have had blown glass candles clamped on the ends of the branches of my tree for years because I could never find the actual candle holders that clamp on. I finally found them 2 years ago, but I am afraid of a fire. I adore your tree. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos and traditions with us.

Frivolitea said...

I love to see your Christmas decorations and crafting. Everything is just wonderful. Happy Holidays!

Suzanne said...

The tree is just lovely! I have been searching for the real candle holders for ages, they aren't popular here in America so maybe have to find an importer.

The collages are lovely too--it's exactly what I do with my old sheet music:-)

Suzanne said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I have enjoyed, all through the Christmas season, every single picture of your lovely home and garden, and all your beautiful crafting and collage cards! It has been a delightful experience to visit here! Merry Christmas! Claudia

Maggie Ann said...

Carol, I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful Christmas tree. Its a delight! I like the way you use old sheet music...one of my favorite things too. Happy Christmas to you!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Merry Christmas to you and your daughter! Your Christmas looks beautiful, the candles and your art work! Always festive chez toi!!


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